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  1. There isn't really a "replica" engine in the fairing, (there was, but I took it out) just a nuke to get the engine bell and bring the mass back. I think your confusing my MiG with the totm one. As for parts, most of my stuff is fairly high, I'm very committed to shape so I end up using small science parts and things like that to get uneccesary details. One version even had wing fences I made with these parts: But I cut them as it didn't look right and was creating unneeded drag.
  2. The MiG should do fine then, what extra parts there are mostly in the fairings. Oh that reminds me, I think it comes in at about 99 or 100 parts, so a lot more reasonable than the Hornet.
  3. Mine didn't work so well...
  4. I have a XFV-12, if no one else is building it. Nice plane qzgy.
  5. Here it is, my MiG-17. I swear to god, if FAR breaks it... https://www.dropbox.com/s/288g5bfzec78dxp/Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 BD.craft?dl=0
  6. Apologies for the delay, I had a big barbecue which completely disrupted my sleep schedule. The winner of the rocket plane competition is @Vexnium, take it away!
  7. As I was watching a documentary on American military aircraft, a thought struck me: if planes are chosen to be used in competitions, why not do it that way on the forums? So I came up with this. Weekly, I will give out loose specifications and requirements to build planes, and then put all through a assignment to prove it can fulfil its role, and finally put entries for that week in a poll, for people to vote on the best ones. It will work in two parts, the first part being the voting, and the second part being the plane completing an "assignment" I'll prepare a save of. The winner gets a shiny badge I will make in paint, and possibly get to choose the next set of specifications. Week 1: Light Bomber Class: Light bomber You are to design a light bomber designed to be able to fly inter-continental solo missions, with one refuel stop. It should carry at least 4 Radial ore tank bombs, and have at least a crew of 2, with the IVA providing front and back field of view, to spot interceptors or missiles. Rear mounted weapons would be good, but definitely not necessary. Weight: maximum 35 tons Speed: at least 200m/s under 10km Payload: at least 4 full Radial ore tank bombs Range: at least able to reach the desert continent with one re-fueling stop Crew: at least one pilot and one bomb-aimer, possibly a gunner, if your plane has a rear gun Voting poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/13090973 Winner: @NotAnAimbot's RBF-6 Longbow Week 2: Military Transport Proving mission and voting poll: Winner: @Servo's C-120 Meridian Week 3: Naval Fighter Proving Mission and Voting Poll: Winner: @sdj64's FX Falcon Week 4: Cloud Seeding Plane Proving Mission and Poll: Winners: @Speeding Mullet's Mullet Dyne MD-82 Twin Equinox and @Vexnium's A107AH Hinox Week 5: Poll: Winners: @Vexnium's CA179S Mass, @Ozelui's Wasp and @NotAnAimbot's MDL F-2F+ Super Predator Week 6: Amphibious Aircraft Poll: Winner: Winner: @Vexnium's CA600N Humpback Week 7: Poll: Winners: @Joseph Kerman's Gilder and @Bob_Saget54's Falcon Mk1 Week 8: Rocket Plane Poll: I hope you enter!
  8. <gasp> how did I not know this? 80% of my subassemblies are going in the "Missile" catergory...
  9. Last night, I had the best dogfight experience I've ever had out of any game I've played with stock and BDA. It involved 3 MiG-17, and a F/A-18C Hornet, and involved such tense occurrences such as: Running out of ammo, Mid-air collisions, and running out of plane.

    I took fifteen plus screenshots, and they're just uploading to imgur, so expect a full write up later, probably in mission reports.

  10. There isn't away to rename a subassembly, but you can get around this by selecting the subassembly you want to rename, dropping it in the subassembly drop box, then naming and writing the new description, and then deleting the old one. And what do you mean by "subassembly catergories?"
  11. Windows 7. I've been using it for pretty most of computer using life. I took have a windows 8 laptop, which I find just a hassle disguised behind a fancier UI, and I'm afraid to touch windows 10.
  12. I've built that one, and I've got the entire post ready to Ctrl-V into this thread.
  13. Working on my MiG-17 right now. I'm trying to make it ultra-realistic, accurate amounts of ammo, same top speed, etc. only probelm is BDA dosent do russian missiles, and I can't find an analogue for the K-5.
  14. This is for expiremental planes, if you look up "Jet of The Day", the precursor to this thread, you should find it around page 4 to 5.
  15. Damn. Just saw the thing about the Spitfire II. FAR is buggering up all my planes. Could you try changing the elevon authority from 150 to 50 or 25? I would, but I can't test FAR.
  16. Ok. As my Hornet didn't work, I've started building other planes. I have a 1:1 MiG-17, I'm planning to modernise it with air to air missile etc. Is it still ok to enter it? Maybe you could have a catergory for replica planes or something.
  17. The video isn't working. Have you tried out my Spitfire II?
  18. Built a 1:1 MiG-17 replica. And discovered the wonder that is BDA manual gunfights.
  19. Oh. Now that's veeeeery interesting. Maybe it could be simplified by building a cage of cubic struts around the scanner, then putting a 2.5m part in front of that? The you have a wheel with perpetual motion.
  20. The tires were stolen by the leader of the enemy side, in a devious plot. Angelo's car probably has a bomb in it.
  21. Here is my entry, the F-Tech G6 F-2 Spitfire II: A Spitfire II on the runway prepping for take-off Spitfire IIs destroying Iron Falcons, it's rival in the skies The F-Tech G6 F-2 Spitfire II is a generation 5 twin engine tailess Air Superiority Fighter. It weighs 11.75 tons, has a part count of 100, and the civilian version can fly at speeds of up to 800m/s, and pull turns at 60Gs. And I have no clue if it will work in FAR. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ouwkg7o7npff5iq/F-Tech G6 F-2 Spitfire II.craft?dl=0 If it works, credit me in the video please.
  22. Oh, sorry. I was confused because it wasn't before.
  23. Using flaps I have managed to make 2 internal bays which carry 2 Hellfires each. This has however, severely decreased Aerodynamics performance. Could I use another variant without internal bays, as I have have shown that I can carry internal missiles? (I will have pics in an hour or so)
  24. Here is the poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/13475179/r
  25. Hmm. The episode was good, but the homepage and the forums in the video degraded the quailty quite a bit. Also, if you don't want to do music, you could do voices instead. Just download audacity, record yourself saying a bunch of things, reverse it, up the pitch around 20%, and you have authentic kerbal voices to add to your video.