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  1. I hope they're rechargeables.
  2. [Placeholder] [Placeholder] v [Placeholder] [Placeholder] v [Placeholder] [Placeholder] v [Placeholder] [MiffedStarfish]v[Alphasus] [Spartwo]v[Darkowl57] [Joseph Kerman]v[Zekes] [Scriptkitt3h]v[Frozen_Heart] Is everyone happy with that? Edit: hang on I forgot Shadowgoat, that's nine. Ah.
  3. Oh look! It's TheEpicSkewered!
  4. how bout I go against alphausus or someone? as we have already battled 3 times. And I think you forgot scriptkitt3h and frozen_heart.
  5. As I was watching a documentary on American military aircraft, a thought struck me: if planes are chosen to be used in competitions, why not do it that way on the forums? So I came up with this. Weekly, I will give out loose specifications and requirements to build planes, and then put all entries for that week in a poll, for people to vote on the best ones. It will work in two parts, the first part being the voting, and the second part being the plane completing an "assignment" I'll prepare a save of. The winner gets a shiny badge I will make in paint, and possibly get to choose the next set of specifications. Mods will be allowed, but will be voted on in a different category. Without further ado, here is the first set of specifications: Week 1: Class: Light bomber You are to design a light bomber designed to be able to fly inter-continental solo missions, with one refuel stop. It should carry at least 4 Radial ore tank bombs, and have at least a crew of 2, with the IVA providing front and back field of view, to spot interceptors or missiles. Rear mounted weapons would be good, but definitely not necessary. Weight: maximum 35 tons Speed: at least 200m/s under 10km Payload: at least 4 full Radial ore tank bombs Range: at least able to reach the desert continent with one re-fueling stop Crew: at least one pilot and one bomb-aimer, possibly a gunner, if your plane has a rear gun I literally thought this up on the spot in 5 minutes, so any suggestions/feedback would be very appreciated. I hope you enter!
  6. Are we going to get this tournament started then? How many people would be doing it, and how many people are ready for it? Also, what are we going to do about weight classes? Most will be negotiable, but some people build ships with completely different tonnages to others that I don't think it could work.
  7. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Thats bececause they havent uptdated yet. I'm sticking to 1.2.2 until scatterer and eve is uptdated. but the cheat menu doosent have a rendevous function. Edit: yes it does. Silly me.
  9. Right now, the only things I want in the game is multiplayer and new parts.
  10. 1.3 is out! Multi vessel action groups! A whole 3 parts added with asteroid day. Ummm... wordy things... Yeah, multi vessel action groups are the only thing I'm excited about. Just have to wait for EVE and Scatterer and hyperedit to uptdate, and my turret should live up to its potential!
  11. I could be wrong, but I thought that was caused by EVE or scatterer, as I only started seeing it after I downloaded those mods. Edit: it's hyperedit, ignore this. Anyway, I'm really excited for multi vessel action groups and bug fixes that I have thankfully never encountered and never will have to, and... that's about it.
  12. Oh that's strange, I must have accidentally used a photo of a prototype version or something. You can see them here in this picture:
  13. Basically, what the titles says. Discuss the weirdest bugs you have encountered, and whether they actually benefited you or not. Mine was a good year or two ago, in an older version that I can't remember exactly. But first, some backstory. I make stock combat vehicles. A lot of stock combat vehicles. I was testing a new missile that consisted of 40 seperatrons and a massless part, so it was gonna go FAST. So I loaded up the missile, fired it vertically, and it accelerated faster than anything else I had ever built. I'm not really sure why, but all the seperatrons were bouncing around and slowly moving farther away from the attachment point, but I instantly forgot about it when the missile hit around 750m/s. There was suddenly a 2-3 second lag spike, which confused me, so I switched to some other vehicles around the space centre to try to find the cause. They were all broken, and I realised that somehow, the missile hitting 750m/s had detached EVERY SINGLE joint from every other joint on every craft within load range. Most people would be annoyed at all there crafts suddenly being destroyed for no apparent reason, but I was absolutely ecstatic. My only thought wa something like "omg omg I made a stock (except for editor extensions) nuke or something omg omg they'll probably build statues of me omg" Once I had recovered, I found that the missile reliably did the same thing every time, and within a week, just when I was placing them on everything and phasing out my old missiles, a new uptdate came out, I unwittingly uptdated and it broke the missile. I then went into a spiral of depression. Sorry for the wall of text, please share and discuss any sort of weird bugs you have encountered.
  14. First of all, I would like to credit @Azimech for the inspiration to build helicopters, and luigijitsu 1 whose rotor shaft design I built and modified off his tutorial. Thanks! Yesterday I was thinking about a book on helicopters in vietnam I'd read, and this gave me an idea for a challenge that I'm working on right now. I needed some form of VTOL transport as a sort of "stock" vehicle for the challenge, and though I had LOADS of jets lying around, I had just read azimech's incredible Titan helicopters post, and the challenge would be styled like a military mission and would be generally cooler with helicopters. I downloaded azimech's Selene, and after skim reading the manual, I eventually managed to get it of the ground. However, I found it incredibly hard to control, especially without my joystick. I wanted a simple, stock helicopter for my challenge, and though it was a kerbal engineering marvel, it just wouldn't fit the challenge. (Also using someone else's craft for my challenge didn't seem right) 2 hours and more testing than I had ever done on a craft,enter the Extraction helicopter: It has a simple startup routine: 1: DO NOT TURN ON SAS. Control your primal instincts. Stage once and THEN turn on SAS. 2: switch to the rotors and hold down Ctrl E. (if you don't hold down Ctrl it doesn't work) after around 5 seconds you will see the main body rise slightly of the ground. Hold for another 3 seconds and then let go and switch back to the main craft. 3: You are flying! Helicopters are very different from conventional VTOLs though, so don't try to fly under the KSC bridges just yet. You will crash ALOT the first few flights, (unless you've flown ksp choppers before) but after getting a feel for the craft you will be doing extraction missions under fire all the time. SAS slows and eventually stops the rotors, so hover quite close to the ground, switch to the rotors and turn it on to land. To take of again just turn it back off. Action groups: 1: toggle forward jet 2: toggle ladder Stage: fire missiles Depending on how long you kept the rotor spinning, you can nearly perfectly hover by holding down B. To fully change elevation you must switch to the rotors and by tapping F. The missiles are incredibly weak due to trying to keep weight down, though they will probably destroy wing plates. Through testing I have found that the rotor is 100% reliable if you don't do anything to silly with it. "Come back!" Don't come down to hard on landing though, as the tail can catch on the ground and occasionally the battery holding the rotor in place can be destroyed. Parts: 90 Mass: 7.77 tons Crew: 1 Delta-V: Infinity and beyond! But only in atmo. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4jiyhgdu65b6c6z/Extraction helicopter.craft?dl=0 Feel free to use this in anything as long as you give me credit. Enjoy!
  15. I don't think the challenges can rely on mods.
  16. Or, to switch to a specific vessel, you could Alt+Click it. Removes all hassle from cycling.
  17. Maybe an "alternate power methods" challenge, where you have to get as high as possible without using engine parts.
  18. It might look a bit wrong due to the camera angle, but it is definitely Stock. I don't have any part mods installed, just EVE and scatterer.
  19. Don't make claims you can't prove.
  20. What? No. What part do you think is tweakscaled? @qzgy thanks, I'll edit that in.
  21. October 1946: Vought F6U Pirate The Vought F6U Pirate was the company's first jet fighter, and the first naval fighter with an afterburning engine. However, due to the period of rapid technological advancements in the field of jet planes, coupled with a relocation of Chance-Vought's production line during the construction of the Pirate, the F6U was rendered almost obsolete by the time the order of 30 was finished. Operational History After a demonstration, the Pirate was deemed unfit for operational use, due mainly to it's underpowered engine. No more orders for the plane were placed, and the 30 already built were relegated to training and development flights. They were take out of storage later though- for use as static ground targets. Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/zqevn17zi80g81s/Vought F6U Pirate.craft?dl=0 The replica is very stable and easy to fly, though the mass is quite far back, so watch out for tailstrikes on landings. The engine is thrust limited to 60, keeping just under the speed were Ksp shows sound barrier effects. Due to part limitations, I was not able to include an afterburner. Tomorrows craft: @Munbro Kerman's D-558-I
  22. Expect the Pirate early tomorrow, I'm going to start working on the write up right now.
  23. So... my AAAAA-1 Turret? The one that can be precision aimed, fitted to just about any ship, and destroyed the KSS Wasp in one shot?
  24. Thanks. Just to let you know, you don't actually need the loadmeta. file, the game generates that itself when it is loaded.
  25. Hello and welcome to the one, the only, Fish Technologies Stock Craft Repository! This will show all my up to date crafts, with downloads. I have separated my ships into category's, though some category's currently are just there as fillers until I'm next at my computer. (Disclaimer: a lot of these descriptions were written as kethane station descriptions, and don't make immediate sense in context. I'm just to lazy to uptdate them.) Space Warships Ships in this catagory uasually won't be designed to enter the atmosphere and land at any point. (Though I have dreams of a lightly armoured SSTO VTOL dropship) EX-7 Hyperion Class Destroyer The Flagship of Gaia Fleet, The Hyperion is the most powerful vessel in the F-Tech aresenal, packing 18 I-Beams In two reloadable and swappable missile pods, 6 individually mounted G3 Torpedoes, the main weapon of the Fleet, and the new experimental G4H Heavy torpedo, capable of tearing ships apart in one shot. And if it doesn't, There's a second one. It's experimental hull structure allows it to take multiple hits and even lose entire sections and keep fighting. it has two escape pod located in rear bays capable of deorbiting and landing on atmospheric and very low gravity worlds. All in all, it should keep F-Tech secure against competitors and help HKA in their goals. Parts:750 (sorry) Mass: 143 tons fully loaded Crew: 2 Delta-V: Don't know Download: F-Tech EX-7 Hyperion EX-11 Atlas Armoured Strike Fighter Commissioned by the Duna Initiative, The EX-11 was designed to work in conjunction with the EX-9, wherein the Eos would scout out and identify targets in sensor Stealth mode, and call in an attack squadron of Atlases, then reveal itself and engage from the back lines. The Atlas is one of the most resilient fighters of its weight class, due to its capital ship grade plating, and only weighs 14.9 tons. It carries 2 salvos of I-Beams that can be precision fired with the targeting iron sights, and 2 experimental G5L Light Torpedoes designed for use against lightly armoured targets. It may be suitable for carrier operations, as it is only 6 by 6 square metres. These fly in squadrons of 3, and due to their specialist abilities only 3 squadrons have been built, with one given to HKA to work with the Eos. Parts: 135 Mass: 14.9 tons Crew: 1 Delta-V: don't know but built to be regularly refuelled. Download: F-Tech EX-11 Atlas EX-12 Ares The Ares is the smallest non-fighter ship in the EX line, weighing only 14.3 tons and clocking in at only 120 parts unloaded. Even so, it is fully armoured with capital ship grade plating. The key feature is its extreme versatility, it can fulfil the roles of anything from a Luxury Space yacht to a light freighter to a gunship, and swap between functions instantly. It accomplishes this by means of a centralised 1.25m docking port and a range of six stock modules. Due to the simplicity of the design, it is simple to create custom modules for extremely specific purposes, just start it of with a 1.25m docking port and make sure the profile isn't wider than a 1.25 part. Out of the box it comes weaponless, but I reccomend attaching atleast two G5L Torpedoes to the radial docking ports for protection. They won't stop anything bigger than a fighter, but you don't want to be engaging anything bigger than a fighter without the weapons modules. It features a targeting sight for lining up shots with the M3 9 I-Beams attachment, and any sort of precision heading adjustments. Dropship Configuration Transport Configuration Deep Space Configuration Light Freighter Configuration Patrol Configuration Warmonger Configuration Downloading The file in the download is different in that it contains two subfolders. Download both. The folder entitled "Craft" contains the craft file, which should be pasted into your save as normal, and for the folder called "Payload Subassemblies," you should paste all its contents into the "subassemblies" folder in your save as normal. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q98oom6nhzxlpon/AADc7nLUt5wlT_XBlt2uxu8Ka?dl=0 EX-9 Eos Advanced Stealth Gunship The EX-9 Eos is the first of a new generation of scout warship, placing as much importance on stealth and sensor systems as on weapons. With Thermally sealable Engines Pods: (sorry Spartwo, the Ketan is just too cool) EC jamming flares and a 100% reliable planetary scanning system: A prototype long range sensor-masking protocol, (I will keep it workings secret, but I reverse engineered it off the QSS Itself) it will make even locating and rendevousing with it hard. Even if you do, it is the first F-Tech Vessel to feature full light and heavy Kinetic Absorbsion plating and its thin design structure can cause phasing missiles to pass harmlessly through. Though it places more focus on stealth, it certainly dosent skimp on weaponry, featuring three bursts of I-Beams and four G3 Torpedos capable of subduing larger capital ships, all in all giving it an arsenal capable of rivalling an EX-2. If you can get past it's defences and punch through it's armour, it will seperate into two Fully Armoured segments, each with two G3 Torpedos and capale of sustaining power and movement with 4 Ion Engines that can run at full power. (Any parallels you are seeing between this and Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are completely unfounded. ) With all these features at 40 tons and only 350 parts, it truly is the Dawn of a new class of vessels. (heh. See what I did there, cos Eos is the Greek goddess of the dawn and its funny haha)Action Groups:1: Propulsion Systems2: Short-Range EC Flares3: Planetary Scanner4: Rear Docking Port5-8: G3 TorpedosAbort: Data dump and Emergency Engines Downlo- Actually, I think I'll keep this one to myself. EX-5 Oceanus Class Assault Carrier The first of a new fleet of vessels, the Oceanus was constructed using the funds earned after the GMI tax was lifted. Due to the previously unthinkable scale of the ship, it was assembled in orbit. (Translation: doesn't come with a lifter, sorry.) It carries 3 EX-3 Recon fighters and is powered by 8 LV-N nuclear motors. This vessel was not gifted to HKA and answers to F-Tech, though it has been assigned to work in conjunction with HKA's space navy and its crew defer to Commander Cadmus for most military operations. Parts: 720 Mass: 189t Crew: 4 pilots (rotating around 3 fighters) one engineer and Admiral of the F-Tech fleet Gilad Kerman. Delta-V: Don't know, will edit in later. Download: F-Tech EX-5 Oceanus EX-6 Chronus Escort Picket The Cronus was designed to be a cheap but effective escort to the heavyweights of Gaia Fleet. To lower the cost as mining operations hadn't quite started bringing in big profits yet, it uses a experimental chassis design in which it uses a large, angled plate to deflect shots impacting the top, and Multiple layer thick plates to protect the internals on the bottom. It carries four heavy torpedos, and though its armour isn't going to stop a bomb, it will protect it against a respectable amount of unguided fire. Being remotely controlled by technicians aboard the Hyperion and Oceanus, it can be thrown into battle without risk of kerbal life. Parts: 250 Mass: 46 tons Crew: none Delta-V: don't know Download: F-Tech EX-6 Chronus EX-3 Class Recon Fighter (Disclaimer: currently the picture and download for the EX-3 are slightly outdated. I will uptdate this and post the newer links as soon as I can.) The EX-3 was developed as a long range assassin style fighter, capable of taking out capital ships with its twin heavy torpedos. It also packs 4 i beams for lightly armoured targets. A modified variant is also available with the canards removed for carrier use. Mass: 17t Parts: 125 Crew: 1 with drone Co-Pilot Delta-V: don't know Download: (currently doesn't have launching stage, will uptdate soon) https://www.dropbox.com/s/9owe6b2d7ho9uhm/F-Tech EX-3 BL.craft?dl=0 EX-2 Multi-Purpose Automated Strike Vessel Extremely versatile, the EX-2 is designed to be able to elimate a wide range of targets and has 3 different weapon types to accomplish this. The drone pilot means it can be thrown into combat with reckless abandon, and with the option of remote control it does not suffer from glitches. Mass: 44.5t Parts: 250 Crew: None Delta-V: don't know exactly, around 2000m/s Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2tivsrsgu9rytl/F-Tech EX-2.craft?dl=0 WARNING: every ship down from this in this category is outdated, bordering on obsolete. They're fun to play around with, but if you want to test some warships or something like that I wouldn't use them. Paradox Class Patrol Picket The oldest ship in the F-Tech fleet, the Paradox class is designed from the ground up to eliminate smaller, lightly armoured targets and as such does not have any guided weaponary. This puts it at a disadvantage against larger vessels but even so one shot from its 6 I-Beam missiles could potentially cripple an capital ship. It also has dual klaws for scavenging weapons severed from destroyed hulks of ships, a feature unique to F-Tech's fleet. All this combined means the Paradox is perfect for defending your planet while you jaunt over to Duna to rescue an employee. Action groups are in the description. Parts: 175 fully armed (not including launching stage) Mass: 38.5 Crew: 2 Delta-V: sorry don't know exactly but around 2000m/s Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxnul1nucb3a0rg/F-Tech Paradox Patrol Picket.craft?dl=0 Quantum Leap Class Frigate The Quantum Leap is built to fulfil multiple roles, with 8 I-Beams ideal for taking out fighter and light patrol vessels, and 4 guided heavy missiles designed to disable larger capital ships. Heavy armour means it can absorb most I-Beam shots with only superficial damage, and LV-N engines mean it can travel longer distances than heavier warships. All weapons are reloadable with docking ports. Action groups are in the description. Parts: 350 fully armed (Not including launching stage) Mass: 61.2 Crew: 2 crew 4 passengers/prisoners Delta-V: not sure exactly, around 2000m/s Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1gf49a6gqd4tak/F-Tech Quantum Leap Frigate.craft?dl=0 Paradigm Shift Class Battlecruiser The Paradigm Shift was designed To be used in the long run, every weapon can be swapped or reloaded, making it the most versatile vessel in the F-Tech fleet. It carries 2 RSC drones designed to reload the weapons pods and, in the worst case scenario could be used as guided missiles. Action groups are in the description. Pats: 535 fully armed (not including launching stage) Mass: 117.2 (not including launching stage) Crew: 4 Crew, space for 8 passengers/prisoners Delta-V: Don't know exactly, about 1500m/s Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfrrc9lhkw3d8kj/F-Tech Paradigm Shift Battlecruiser.craft?dl=0 Alot more will be added soon. Planes, Helicopters and SSTOs Extraction Helicopter Please read this crafts post for full flight manual and detailed overview. Parts: 90 Mass: 7.77 tons Crew: 1 Delta-V: Infinity and beyond! But only in atmo. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4jiyhgdu65b6c6z/Extraction helicopter.craft?dl=0 Work in progress Ships in this catagory are still being built and tested, and therefore (mostly) won't have downloads. EX-7 Hyperion The EX-7 Hyperion has just finished construction and has now entered the testing phase. If you have any suggestion or anything, please post them! The images somehow got corrupted slightly, I just went through and replaced them all.