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  1. I wouldn't call that covered by NDA HebaruSan. We spent a bunch of time trying to minimize the impact the release would have on Mods, and there's a lot that were handled as mentioned above, but with grammar and gender rules in particular we had to make decisions in a couple of areas that would have an impact. In those cases we made changes so that KSP AND Mods can use the fields in translated versions and the grammar will still work - for example in some languages "the Mun" doesnt apply, but with the new structures it comes out right for everyone. We did document it all up at the time and share it with the prerelease to try and minimize the impact, but rest assured the changes we did make were made trying to minimise update requirements and make things best all round
  2. might be a misunderstanding there that bug is passed the QA stage, didnt make the cut for todays release. I know Roy is dying to get back on it
  3. A little slowly/busily ?
  4. Nah, If I can forget X does that in KAC, anyone can I reckon
  5. Im assuming your update occurred because your using steam. You can adjust the steam client a few ways with respect to updates to try and prevent that in the future. If you want to go back to 1.2.2 via steam then you can go into the app properties in your steam library, go to the betas tab and select the previous_1.2.2 channel and steam will download the previous version.
  6. No not the case usually. Console games the patches/updates are typically free - eg 1.1.0 to 1.1.1, but a new edition might cost money - same as PC games. As this is a new "edition" of KSP some people were worried they'd have to rebuy KSP v1, @Badie is just reitearting owners of the first exdition console game will get this new edition for free. Hope that helps
  7. I've thought long and hard about whether I should post this in this thread, but if its the wrong place then feel free to move it my friendly moderators. Porkjet did a bunch of work with KSP. Amongst which he did a bunch on the plane parts and it went into stock. He started on some similar stuff in rockets working with some testers and ideas and then moved on to other pastures. That WIP was then released for people to use and Squad put that piece of work on hold indefinitely - which has been clarified in a previous KSPWeekly. If that work kicks off again then I'm sure it will be announced I've not seen PJs discussion pdf held up as a standard for style/asthetics, and as it wasn't finished (for he rocket parts) I'd not assume it as a standard for future rocket parts. The idea of people following that is not a Squad one to my knowledge - but I am on the dev team, and not the art team - people seem to use the term Dev quite loosely at times. Anyways, don't want to start another round of discussions on it, just wanted to share some info that might clarify for some peeps. Now we can get back to discussing what happened this week
  8. Adjustments to (what we call) the static files does have some more looking at yes (eg KSPedia, textures, etc) . We are bound, in a sense, to some of the existing constructs and KSPedia is a good example - the "screens" are prefabs and the text is positioned visually; To automagically swap the text for all languages simply does not work as things like Russian have much longer text it it will overflow the images, etc thus why the stock ones are done through layout work to get them all fitting prettily. The ultimate solution may involve any number of ideas. As before this is under prerelease and we are still working on things, so please keep that in mind
  9. Sadly John Clarke passed away just last month - very funny guys
  10. It's his 'stralian sense of humour yes, pretty sure devs are allowed to joke
  11. Nice catch peeps. I missed that one too will see if can get a fix for that in 1.3
  12. Wow, some sweeping statements in the last page or two. To hopefully help out on one of em the part failure mechanic is being built for the expansion and we do read all your feedback and value it. To my knowledge there is no plan to enforce part failure on people globally and if its in a mission then the creator will have decided to do that; if the part failure makes the mission suck then people wont play it and its a moot point is my take on it. I can see it being useful in many game modes, but cant give you definitive ins and outs at this point. There's some really nice ideas in here about partial failures - some of which Ive seen chatted about already - but all good to read. Re the staff type comments do try and keep in mind that people have weekends, so "laid these fears to rest right away" does depend on devs not taking a weekend break in this case (and its a long weekend in a few places), and for the "failure is a failure re previous dev team", I;m not quite sure where that's coming from - I've seen this on lists of things to work on for as long as Ive worked for Squad - so it really depends on which previous dev team (or dev) is being commented on there.
  13. Understood entirely my friend. The KSPWeekly is one purpose and the idea of the dev blogs is to be a bit of a different focus - just need time to do both
  14. You nailed it in one, we have a list of some topics and started on some more, but with Pre starting its been a new level of busy-ness. Thanks for the poke cause we do need to get some of these out the door, just balancing time
  15. My recollection is that it was work on the collider performance, and I recall doing some of the testing on some of the parts for that and them being published - eg the toroidal tank one. I don't recall any work on changing specific postions/sizes/scales that weren't performance based, but I am only one of the team. Will have a look in some spare time here for more info/bug reports for things like that docking port collider