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  1. My recollection is that it was work on the collider performance, and I recall doing some of the testing on some of the parts for that and them being published - eg the toroidal tank one. I don't recall any work on changing specific postions/sizes/scales that weren't performance based, but I am only one of the team. Will have a look in some spare time here for more info/bug reports for things like that docking port collider
  2. Like @Loren Pechtel noted its because its not a transfer between to planets orbiting the same common parent - tat said I do wonder if I could tweak it for that cause it could be cool. Ill put ot on my rainy day list
  3. If you can share a save and the log file with me I'll look in to both issues
  4. Thanks for the heads up Gordon. Just been reading this and double-checking the how to doc for the above as well with @technicalfool and we do need to update the DEP part of that for sure. In response to your notes there: DEP - the options there are two in the how to's copy the contents to a non-system folder or disable DEP for KSP - we'll edit that out UAC - We dont advise turning that off (as far as I can find) or advise changing the perms our advice is a copy in a non-system folder Program Files - as above Windows 10 - is all good - we both develop and text on that as one of our OS'es The DEP one is edited out now and if we find others then happy to help fix em up for sure. Thanks for the questions
  5. Apologies for the lack of feedback in here, been pretty busy in Real life, and Kerbal life. I plan to get some KAC love in this weekend though so heres osme feedback Snooze - I like that one - am sure can add something Ill double check the edit one - it might be possible to open it up if its not currently the sunrise/sunset ones could be worked in if I can grasp the maths - the commnet one not such an easy one as would have to estimate when all the legs of a commnet branch will change in the future (dont forget the alarm clock is simply counting down to a time - not monitoring status changes) - thats not to say its not possible, but it may be beyond my maths skills A save game and the kogs would help heaps yeah might need some more on this one - in the debug toolbar you clear the input locks and some stuff goes wacky? and you get a core game error from the UIMasterController? Ill test this one on the weekend as well, but if you can share a log file that would help heaps
  6. If you download the prerelease you can see the current process in action - they are KSP Fonts and cfg files in short, and once we get all the buttons nailed down we have an article to publish on modding and adding your own languages for just such purposes
  7. Longbow was my inspiration for it
  8. I thought I was seeing things till you said that!
  9. Dunno about conspicuously absent. I've offered (if I cast my mind back, so maybe not recently), and I know how useful I find em . I'm hoping to get the OK for it when time and direction allows. In historical news that warp to stuff is kinda funny - both Felipe and I did that at the same time (I wasnt on staff then) so we ended up with two similar things at the same time.
  10. Ask questions, provide opinions, get involved in discussions, that's all good my friend. But, the judging and 100% certainties you can't know from one announcement of an item under development and a list of features is my point. It might just be a grammar/language thing for some of it, but thats cool too. I think you might have an incorrect impression Squad has of the modding community or its relationship with modders from some of that post, if you've gotten the impression from somewhere that that part of the community is not being taken seriously then please PM me some details and I will happily take up that baton and run with it. Everything we do involves consideration for modding, from the loading screens to localization and expansions, from the direct interaction between modders and devs to work on bugs to exposing more functions so modx can bear more fruit. If we didnt have that understanding it wouldnt be where it is today, and why explaining its importance is kinda moot. Rest assured its not forgotten and please PM me details of where you've seen that misinformation
  11. 100% optional is my understanding
  12. Saw that yeah, just felt I had to clarify the assumptins in that one. BTW, you havent ripped squad off, you've got enjoyment and value for money - me too
  13. @JeeF does make a few good points, but also skipped over (or assumed) some points that cant be known unless you work for Squad. I'll leave most of it alone, but the one that bugs me is this "To take something already developed by the community with hard work, incorporate back into your product and sell back to the community is just cheap". There are items in there that cant be achieved through modding, and also items that can be, but are improved (I think) through implementation closer to the core code, being made available to all without needing mods installed (yes not all people use mods) or additional components. Actually I do have a second one ""If they had worked harder..." is something you can only know from inside; and I do know how much work people have spent on the expansion, how much thought and planning has gone in to make it a worthwhile effort for people who play with mods, as well as without mods, and discussing value for money. If people don't see the value then they wont purchase it - and that's their right. Lets keep the assumptions to a minimum and we should all get through this fine. On modding, the expansion is optional, and being developed that way. As a modder I know I'll keep making/maintaining my mods for stock game, and add expansion pieces where it makes sense, but not exclusively. That said its my choice as a modder to do that, and each modder gets to make that choice, and the people who play their mods will prompt, ask, cajole, demand, beg, etc for the features.they want in the availability scope they want - as has been going on for years. I have faith in the community, the modders and the discussions we have here that people will work together to keep modding on.
  14. Sure, so one of the things that is likely to change is the class name (so Localization.Format) - which means we don't have a fixed in stone function that can be used. Thus the advice to wait. We aren't sprinting to a release date, and we want to share as much as we can so you dont waste time, your and ours patience my friend
  15. ah - good call - yeah I misread that one Let me look when I get back home