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  1. ah - good call - yeah I misread that one Let me look when I get back home
  2. I know this is a little old, but forgot to press post - sorry C = Toggle IVA Mode , then V to change seats in IVA mode, or change external views in flight mode
  3. I'd highly recommend waiting till we have nailed down all the pieces here. We have a doc to share, but wont be till we have stopped making changes and wouldnt want anyone to feel theyve wasted time unravelling stuff that could change and then feel theyve wasted time because of it
  4. The plan currently is to stay on the 5.4 version that is in the prerelease
  5. One expansion mate - with multiple components/features/things
  6. The plan is that the last downloadable version will be the one on curseforge now for 1.2 , and no new download for 1.3, but integrated to stock. Unfortunatly that dialog was a casualty in the localization, and an old version of the dialog displayed. It will be solved in the next build and the current localization build you have is It may at that yes, will do our best to maintain parity, but not with mods installed inside the prerelease, only with saves from 1.2 and the matched version Sal has posted some thoughts for you in the ticket:
  7. Nobody said this is the final list of languages my friend, dont be too disheartened I'm hoping for more over time too
  8. I'l guarantee you that some mods will break due to some field names, but we avoided that as much as possible The idea is that saves should upgrade correctly and work in the new version, but - and its the usual prerelease "but", thats the intention for the final release, there is more testing and work to go before 1.3, so keep backups before you try it and we apprecoate as much feedback as you have time to share
  9. Everything gets brought across to the new fonts yes
  10. "for those of us that both want a challenge and care about looks" might be applying too big a sweeping statement there I'll write these down for looking at for sure, see what I can get in with the time available
  11. It will be added during the prerelease period Its in the two settings menus currently - Main and mini in game Thats a cool idea, let me see if we can find a free key Its currently a boost value (see the Op), but I'll see how far we can dimm it too
  12. explained it much better @terwin thanks
  13. The Mod included the SENTINEL telescope that can fulfill contracts of discovery. This inclusion will add that type of contract and part, but you can still play the wau you want - it will be another type of offered contract that you can bypass if its not important t you
  14. Sure can, subimt as many as you like on that thread