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  1. I have not that much knowledge of the soviet space program but I find it very interesting. What spacecraft is indicated here? It almost looks like a soviet kind of apollo spacecraft.
  2. Looks awesome, exactly what im looking for with my new base on Duna.
  3. Does someone have the craft files for the rockets? Especially for the N1. Thanks
  4. You have still any plans to update this to 1.2.2? Thanks
  5. Does someone have the craft files for the H2A, H2B and the H3? @hraban Are you planning to make the CZ-2F?
  6. What is the launch escape system for the soyuz?
  7. Does the mod contain an external camera or is the only way to use the feature is to download hullcam mod?
  8. This mod looks really awesome, I got already pretty much mods installed and this mod is around ~230 mb, will it make my ksp slower if I also install this mod on top of all my other mods?
  9. When does the Dragon V2 gets fixed so my kerbals can enter the pod again after going out?
  10. Does the new tantares include the progress? I can't seem to find it.
  11. Is it me or does the dragon cargo pod have no propulsion system? I can not seem to find it. Thanks
  12. Awesome, thank you so much for the release, great job. Time to build the beautiful MIR station.
  13. Thank you so much for the help! I followed everyones advice and I just went to my space station, docked and returned to kerbin runway again! (BTW my first ever space plane landing on the runway, I always failed and landed on grassland).