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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, So I'm in orbit around Kerbin, setting a maneuver to do a fly-by of the Mun, which is set as my target. After deleting a few botched nodes I managed to set one that could work, with some adjustments. I clicked out of the node, and it disappeared. I tried setting another one, and found that I couldn't select any portion of my orbit, nor could I select the Mun to unset it as my target. I was able to select parts of my ship in staging mode (for example, I could run experiments, extend comm devices, etc.) It first happened last night. Of course, I assumed it was a RAM issue so I closed out, cleared the cache, and went to bed. This morning, nothing changed until I fully upgraded mission control, assuming my node-setting capabilities were limited. I was able to set nodes again, for a while. Then the same thing happened. Embracing uncertainty, I went ahead with my fly-by and collected science, and completed the contract. However, I found that after escaping the Mun's SOI, I can't even select any part of my ship! A true nightmare scenario when on a science binge. Luckily, this was fixed by exiting to the main menu and reloading, but the maneuver problem persists. It's not exactly a game-breaking thing, but a degree of certainty is always nice in a game with such a small margin for error. Plus, it's time-consuming enough without learning the math and doing your own calculations.
  2. Hey there! So I have recently came upon a bug, which is a kind of strange one. As you an see by the title, when selecting a target it will instantly unselect, but that isn't the strange part. The strange part is that not all crafts do this, some always do and some always don't. I thought it was a certain part at first but couldn't find one that was in common (except docking port). It's really weird because I have used these mods many other times and this is the first i've come across this issue. So I hope some of you smarties out there can find the fix to this, I would appreciate it a bunch! Thanks! Mod list: Edit: Found the issue, for some reason the Ven's Stock Revamp docking port is the cause to this strange bug... Ill have to find another docking port to use.
  3. Hey, so I posted a similar thread in the mods category, but I'm not sure that was actually the best place for it. I have a simple question here. I it possible, stock or with a mod, to target contract orbits? My vision isn't that great, so I've always relied on Kerbal Engineer to tell me when I have a launch window. Now that I've been running a career game, I'm starting to get orbit contracts, but I can't for the life of me seem to launch close enough to a node so I don't have to do a huge correction in orbit. Any ideas or suggestions?
  4. Hey all, just a quick question. Is there a mod that allows contract orbits to be targeted? I have such a hard time determining lauch windows and the like without a target. I couldn't find anything with a google search, but I thought I might be using the wrong keywords or something. Thanks!