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Found 8 results

  1. A bit more balance for career and science mode, a different tech and contract progression, as well as some useful probe parts and RemoteTech configs! Modding is a lot of work, if you are interested in the continued maintenance and development of the SETI mods, please consider supporting them via patreon. By accepting contributions (funds and code) via patreon and forum, I consider it to by my responsibility to not let the mod die because of my desinterest and thus to orderly hand it over before that happens. I also consider it to be my responsibility to not let the mod and thus the contributions be the object of trolls, who misuse permissive licensing to wreck the mod and it's intent of providing a balance and ground work other mods may rely upon, as is so often the case in other modding communities. edit: Thank you very much, @Aelios, @nobodyhasthis2, @eupraxo, @Daelkyr, @Rime Pendragon and three anonymous patrons (forum names) of the SETI mod project! The Scope, Economy & Tech Integration combines and tweaks existing mods to provide a somewhat coherent gameplay experience. 1. Scaleable complexity/difficulty, openness to mods (from Deadly Reentry to RemoteTech and KSPI) 2. More reasonable tech tree progression - Unmanned Before Manned - Start with non-recoverable probes and SRBs, continue with airplanes, LFOs and chutes, manned spaceflight comes only after that - Fuel Tank diamater increases before engines, use tweakscaled adapters and engine clusters - Fuel Lines later, should discourage bad stock habits: Use smaller vessels/smart design in early to mid game, instead of asparagus motherships - UbM works with stock and CTT, it simply moves parts around to start with probes and makes the general part progression more sensible without much difficulty increase. 3. Part & Science rebalancing - SETI-Rebalance - Action groups available from the start, fixed cosmonaut costs, higher contract limit (needs CustomBarnKit) - Some part rebalancing to fit the probes first progression eg rebalanced RemoteTech dishes, probe core rebalances - Magic reaction wheels nerfed (still magic, but much less powerful), but you can opt-out from this by deleting the (empty) SETIrebalanceReactionWheels folder - New Parts and textures, mainly by LordAurelius (HRB, SurfaceSampler) and SwGustav (Procedural Textures) + procedural probe core and lightweight airplane cockpit - Simple science experiments (eg thermometer) can be transmitted for 100%, recovery yields 100% for all experiments - MaterialsBay and MysteryGoo have different masses, sizes and science payouts - Fuel tank & SRB rebalancing along the lines of procedural parts - Command/Cockpit parts rebalanced in terms of mass/monoprop/etc. Though most spaceplane cockpits have integrated monoprop storage, it is empty by default - Some other rebalances, eg more EC storage in command parts 4. More reasonable contract progression (not developed anymore) - SETI-Contracts - It is actually quite a process from the first probe reaching space, to the first manned orbit and the first mun landing - No more "land on duna" after your first mun contract 5. New and derived parts to fill in the gaps, mainly contained within SETI-BalanceMod - SETI-Greenhouse as a seperate download providing a greenhouse mainly for TAC Life Support or just for the looks - Hybrid Rocket Booster and Surface Sampler Experiment by Lord Aurelius, available as a seperate downloads as well - New Procedural Textures by SwGustav - Optional replacement of clutter parts (eg adapters) by procedural parts (eg procedural structural part) - Procedural ProbeCore/HybridRocketBooster - Simple probe core and lightweight airplane cockpit for SETIctt 6. User (and beginner) friendlyness ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETI basically supports all mods, which work for Stock/CTT, although some might benefit from rebalances. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All downloads are modular but independent, so you can just install "Unmanned before Manned", but you can also combine it eg with "SETIcontracts", "SETIrebalance" and "SETI RemoteTechConfig". SETI-Rebalance - Mod Pack The main mod pack. All you have to do is pick SETI-Rebalance in CKAN, "Apply Changes" and click "apply" 3 more times for dependencies, recommendations (all selected by default) and suggestions (non selected). That's it. A working game, which is much better than stock. Currently recommends CTT + UbM. Meta Mod Pack overview (Link to Textfile on Github) Some of the mods recommended in this meta mod pack might not be marked as compatible by CKAN for the current KSP version. It is recommended that you check on them manually, eg kerbal engineer works and is recommended. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tech Tree mod: Download: Unmanned before Manned v1.2.2.1 (for KSP 1.2.x) - former 1198 Adjusts part placement for Stock- and CommunityTechTree. CTT is recommended with UbM. Start with simple SRB rockets, have early access to rovers and planes and the Mk1 pod only at a 45 science node. General compatibility with all mods. Not tested with Realism Overhaul. Dependencies/Recommendations/Suggestions (Link to Textfile on Github) The CKAN install meta mod pack formerly available with UbM is now available with SETIrebalance, while UbM just recommends some basic mods. Main SETI mod: Download: SETI Rebalance v1.2.2.4 (for KSP 1.2.x ) - former 484 Rebalancing masses, science, reaction wheels and much more, for a much more coherent gameplay experience. If you delete/do not install the SETIrebalanceReactionWheels folder which comes with the download, you can opt-out from the reaction wheel rebalance/nerf. SETIrebalanceMaterialsGoo from the SETI support mods below is highly recommended to go with it. The CKAN recommendations and suggestions form a meta mod pack, which can be installed with 5 clicks. Dependencies/Recommendations/Suggestions (Link to Textfile on Github) SETI support mods: Download: SETI Contracts v1.2.2.0 (for KSP 1.2.x) - former 742 This is the independent contract campaign. Using a probes first tech tree is recommended, like the ones above. Dependencies/Recommendations/Suggestions (Link to Textfile on Github) Download: SETI ProbeParts v1.2.2.1 (for KSP 1.2.x) Provides new stock parts (using stock models) for the 0.625m probe diameter. Including heat shields, inline RCS, solar panels, shielded docking port, new engine configs and inline probe cores. Strongly recommended: SETI Rebalance above and a tech tree which makes sense, probably every tech tree which is not stock... Download: SETI RemoteTechConfig v1.2.2.0 (for RemoteTech 1.8.2+) This is a SETI config for RemoteTech, adding ground stations, changing the KSC range to cover the whole kerbol system (when not obstructed), setting signal delay to false and tweaking some colors. Required Mods: Remote Tech Download: SETI ProbeControlEnabler v1.2.2.1 (for RemoteTech 1.8.3+) This is a SETI config for RemoteTech, allowing probe control without connection. Thus a connection is only required for science transmission. Unfortunately this may remove the built-in omni antenna from probes (but not from manned command pods). Required Mods: Remote Tech Download: SETI RebalanceMaterialsGoo v1.0.9.0 (works fine with 1.2.x) This is the SETI Rebalance MaterialsBay and MysteryGoo MM patch, so that those 2 experiments can not be collected anymore, which makes them much more balanced in terms of mass/science payout. Best used with SETIrebalance. Strongly recommended: SETI Rebalance above Download: SETI Greenhouse v1.2.2.0 (for KSP 1.2.x) A diagram of the cycle for TAC Life Support can be found near the end of this post. With it you essentially need only 10% of the water and 20% of the food which is normally used by a kerbal. For USI Life Support it provides a recycler for 1 or 3 kerbals as well as an agroponics converter which is able to use the mulch of 1 or 3 kerbals + 10% margin. Required Mods: none Licenses: All Rights Reserved, except for mod specific config files and the redistributed plugins, which follow the original licenses as stated in the download and their respective threads: The plugin ModuleManager by ialdabaoth and sarbian is distributed under CC share-alike license. The KSP-AVC mini-plugin is redistributed under the GNU General Public License. The CommunityTechTree by Nertea (Chris Adderley) is redistributed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license The SETI-Greenhouse configs are distributed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, except for mod and part names (ARR). The model and textures are public domain from zzz The Mk1 Inline Cockpit from KSP 1.0 is redistributed, for which all rights are reserved by Squad Contributions: AutoPruner config by SwGustav, standard hiding of unused parts based on suggestion by Olympic1. Procedural Stack Decoupler Textures by SwGustav Hybrid Rocket Boosters based on concept by Lord Aurelius Lots of feedback from Svm420 Procedural Probe Core heavily based on config by SwGustav Part volume adjustments for KIS inventory by Enceos Real Fuel Stock Tank Prices for Real Fuels by karamazovnew, not included in SETI-Download, but works very well with it Hybrid Rocket Booster compatibility for RealFuels by Chonner Telemetry and Science Experiments by Lord Aurelius Various TechTree configs by theonegalen SETI-RemoteTechConfig based on ground station placement by reddit user texasyojimbo SETI-RemoteTechConfig color coding inspired by frango9000 SETI-Greenhouse config fixes by Lint ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unmanned Before Manned Adjusts part placement for Stock- and CommunityTechTree. CTT is recommended with UbM. Start with simple SRB rockets, have early access to rovers and planes and the Mk1 pod only at a 45 science node. The CKAN install meta mod pack is now available with SETIrebalance, while UbM just recommends some basic mods. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETI Contracts SETI Contracts are not developed anymore, but should still work. Please do not use other general contract progression packs if you use the SETI ones. The "Initial Contracts" spin-off is not developed anymore, though you can still get it from here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SETI Greenhouse Inline greenhouses (models by zzz) supporting 1 and 3 kerbals. Works with TAC Life Support, without it, the parts just look cool on space stations. USI Life Support configs outdated at the moment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SETI RemoteTechConfig ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOD Suggestions (please see linked documents below the downloads for specific recommendations): Linked mods are tested with SETIctt. Any mod for stock/CTT should work in general, but might provide OP parts too early (eg science experiments at the start). Info/Comfort Mods - CapCom - mission control center on the go - Contracts Window + - user friendly contracts window - Crowd Sourced Science - more varied science texts based on contributions - Docking Port Alignment Indicater - exactly what it says - Editor Extensions - deals with many annoying limitations of the stock editor - Enhanced Navball - ghosting, sliding and scaling features for the navball - Exception Detector - lots of mods and unsure about the culprit? That little plugin gives you directions. - Fusebox - electric charge tracker and build helper - Kerbal Alarm Clock - dont miss your burn - Kerbal Engineer and/or MechJeb - information is key to understanding and successful missions - KSP Alternate Resource Panel - better resource overview and staging ability in map view - KSP-AVC - automatically checks for mod updates, essential for being up to date with bug fixes - Landing Height - displays distance between lowest vessel part and terrain, instead of stock CoM and terrain - Lights Out - lets you switch off the lights in the VAB to test the vessel mounted illumination - Nav Hud - heads up display - Nav Utilities - provide navigation information, eg for your runway approach - Pilot Assistant - exactly as the name says, very useful for atmospheric flight - Precise Node - precise maneuver nodes for much less fiddlying around - Quick Scroll - VAB/SPH scroll with your mouse wheel - Quick Search - VAB/SPH search for parts - RCS Build Aid - very useful for correct RCS placement - S.A.V.E - automatic backup system - Science Alert - get alerted when science experiments are available - Ship Manifest - massive comfort and gameplay improvements, please turn on "realism mode" in the settings - Toolbar - this toolbar by blizzy78 is essentially required for many gameplay mods - Trajectories - landing predictions, adjusted for planetary rotation and atmospheric drag - Transfer Window Planner - InGame frontend for - Waypoint Manager - Heads-Up Navi instead of the annoying switches to map mode - Wernher Checker - shows a check list in VAB/SPH for energy source, communications and so on Gameplay, Minor Mods - Action Groups Extended - Action groups are available from career start - Auto Actions - automatically activates action groups (including SAS) and set throttle on launch - Background Processing - power generation and consumption, if the vessel is not active - Connected Living Space - for more realistic station/vessel designs in terms of crew parts - Custom Barn Kit - fixed kerbal hiring costs, action groups from the start and so on (with SETI-BalanceMod) - EVA Fuel - kerbals take monoprop from your vessels and use it as EVA fuel - Final Frontier - kerbal individual merits - Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - less wobble, but has gained a reputation to cause game instability - (Semi-) Saturatable Reaction Wheels - more realistic reaction wheel behaviour - Stage Recovery - with a balanced economy, saving/recovering funds/stages is recommended - Stock Bug Fix Modules - fixes annoying stock bugs Squad does not care about - Take Command - launch kerbals in external command seats, especially useful for early KSC rovers with SETIctt - TAC Fuel Balancer - shifting resources around within a vessel - Throttle Controlled Avionics - essential for powered landings and VTOL! - Toolbar - this toolbar by blizzy78 is essentially required for many gameplay mods - Tweakable Everything - adjustments of part settings - Tweakable Wheels - adjust the braking power of landing gear and wheels, to stop you from flipping over - UbioZur Welding - weld parts together to lower the part count and drastically enhance vessel stability, does not work on procedural parts Gameplay, Major Mods - Contract Configurator - contract packs are recommended (eg the great Anomaly Surveyor contracts) - Deadly Reentry - the flames are not only graphics anymore, think about your descent profile and dont forget your heatshield - FAR - THE Aerodynamics mod, consider reading the BasicAircraftDesign guide - KIS - Kerbal Inventory System - kOS - Kerbal Operating System, sriptable/programmable control parts - Remote Tech - Probes need a working com connection to be controllable, consider adding RemoteTechXF and reading the great RT Guide! - Remote Tech XF - addon to RemoteTech, which lets you point antennas even if you dont have a connection - Ship Manifest - massive comfort and gameplay improvements, please turn on "realism mode" in the settings - TAC Life Support - kerbals require electricity, oxygen, water and food, do not mix with USI Life Support - Tweak Scale - for more variety, not balanced for everything (eg 70% Mk55 engine works ok, but normal engines do not scale nicely) - USI Life Support - kerbals require electricity and supplies, do not mix with TAC Life Support Procedural Mods - B9 Aerospace Procedural Parts - you do not need to research the stock wing clutter parts, if you have those installed - Procedural Fairings - if you prefer more comfortable, better looking fairings compared to stock - Procedural Parts - just more flexibility for designing your vessels - Real Chute - procedural chutes with in-game auto-configuration menu (which needs action groups, normal chutes are still available) ModPacks spanning multiple categories - Dr. Jet's Chop Shop - from radial liquid tanks with inbuilt decouplers to lots of great Mk2 adapters, a deployable skycrane and roverbodies - HGR - lots of 1.875m parts from command pods to engines - KSP Interstellar Extended - if you want an epic game complete with nuclear reactor types, microwave beamed power, massive radiators and cryogenic tanks, this is it! - Lithobreak Exploration Technologies - command, landing legs, cargo and so on - NearFuture - Mod packs from construction to command and solar, all are supported - Ven's Stock Part Revamp - fills in gaps of the stock part catalogue, in terms of parts and texture quality Aerospace - Adjustable Landing Gear - there are config files for variants/different sizes of those landing gears in the linked thread - B9 Aerospace Procedural Parts - wing clutter replacements - Fantom Works - more KAX like parts, thank you theonegalen - Kerbal Aircraft Expansion - prop and heli engines, overwrite with newest firespitter.dll for compatibility - Mk2 Expansion - new Mk2 parts, like decoupler, battery, engine and reaction wheel - Mk3 Mini Expansion Pack - new Mk3 cockpit and RCS nose cone for stock Mk3 cockpit - Mark IV Spaceplane System - whole new aerospace system, complete with cockpit, engine pods, cargo bays and tail ramp Command Parts - ALCOR - Advanced Landing Capsule for Orbital Rendezvous, 3 kerbal lander capsule with exceptional IVA (links for IVA dependencies outdated in OP) - Corvus Command Pod - Gemini style 2 kerbal command pod - K2 Command Pod - Gemini style 2 kerbal command pod - Taurus HCV - 7 kerbal command pod and stuff around it Cargo - 6S Service Compartment Tubes - 2 compartment fuselage fairings, overwrite with this Firespitter.dll for compatibility - Cargo Transportation Solutions - Cargo bays and cages for rockets, use TweakScale for different sizes - Mk1 Cargo Bay - small spin-off from Cargo Transport Solutions, only one part but provides double nodes and fits inline (also tweakscaleable) Robotics - InfernalRobotics Plugin Rework - It moves, strongly recommended: InfernalRobotics Model Rework - InfernalRobotics Model Rework - provides ActiveStruts as well, requires InfernalRobotics Plugin Rework Rocketry - AB Launchers - 5m Energia parts - Atomic Age - more nukes and active heat sinks - Cryo Engines - high ISP chemical rockets - RLA Stockalike - part pack providing lots of engine choices for ION, LFO and Monoprop, as well as RCS thrusters and more Science & Space Exploration - DMagic Orbital Science - More Science - SCAN Sat version 10.0+ - procedurally generated terrain/biome/resource maps - Station Science - orbital research stations that are useful and make sense - SXT MiniPack - MiniGoo (0.625m inline Mystery Goo) Stations/Bases/Resources - GingerCorp Stock-alike Station Hubs - 5 and 8 point hubs, fitting in with the stock 6 point hub - Kerbal Planetary Base System - modular bases without mks/oks resource complexity - Kethane - the 1.0.4+ version of the original resource extraction mod - KipEng Low Profile Structural Hub Set - lots of hubs and other structural parts for space stations - KipEng Universal Docking Ports - docking ports which can dock to smaller size ports - SETI-Greenhouse - greenhouse for TAC Life Support and USI Life Support, otherwise just cool looking part from zzz - Station Parts Expansion - lots of great stockalike parts to build up your space station or large interplanetary vessels - USI Karbonite - mineable fuel resource - USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) - base and station modules and gameplay system - USI MKS Lite - lighter version of the mod above Utility - Omni Lights from B9 Aerospace (folder B9_Aerospace\Parts\Utility_Light_N) - Heat Management - more radiators and stuff, thank you theonegalen - Kerbal Attachment System - Usefull stuff like harpoons - Landertron - Auto-suicide-burn retro-rockets - OSE Workshop - build your KIS parts in space - Radial Engine Mounts - SigmaModExpansions - Antennas especially useful for OuterPlanets - Stork Delivery System - Delivery frames - USI Survivability Pack - Airbags and floaties, currently no DERP pod (will have to figure out real chute support first) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Balance/TechTree mods with different foci: Modding brings diversity, so everyone may play the game according to their own preferences. SETI was created, because neither of the existing mods offered this gameplay, however they might be what you are looking for, if SETI is not for you: Currently there are 2 very coherent gameplay projects/mods, which amount to total conversions: Better Than Starting Manned - complex rebalance/conversion from missions to gameplay dynamics, limited mod support Realism Overhaul / RP-0 - total conversion geared towards realism, from scale to planets and parts Tech Tree mods (incompatible with SETI-CommunityTechTree, but compatible with SETI-Rebalance, SETI-RemoteTech, SETI-Greenhouse and possibly SETIcontracts): Engineering Tech Tree - A tech tree based on engineering/scientific principles that is challenging to unlock yet fun to play through Open Tree -A rebalanced tech tree w/ more choice + clearer development + mod support
  2. I have a problem building a new unmanned satellite for a mission. I tried once launching the saved ship design i used for another mission and when the orbit was identical i noticed that the new unmanned satellite wasn't ticked. Then i even tried with testing new ships, built from scratch and different names, even flags but no result. I've found nothing that help in any similar case...any ideas? screenshot: Thanks in advance
  3. Tired of the same old stock career, which lacks balance and incentives to really consider your spending and design choices? Modding is a lot of work, if you are interested in the continued maintenance and development of the SETI mods, please consider supporting them via patreon. SETI-UbM Career Challenge Tired of the same old stock career, which lacks balance and incentives to really consider your spending and design choices? Where funds are piling up so fast, that they are at best only an early career issue for facility unlocks, but not for vessel design. Where even early career science is so abundant without farming, that it does not really matter what you unlock next. Where design restrictions beyond the 30 part 18ton limits are pretty irrelevant. Where contract progression is a bit too procedural. Where you routinely put a kerbal into orbit with one of your first launches. In a 1 kerbal capsule (0.8tons) which is much, much more mass efficient than the later 3 kerbal capsule (4tons). Where all powerful magic reaction wheels fix every control issue right from the start, so you never have to think about it. Where you don't need any life support at all for manned missions, but have to consult a calculator/spreadsheet to find out your commnet sat ranges. And so on... Well, it is pretty impossible to change everything. But if want a bit more balance, a bit less basic mod install hassle and a bit more incentive to design efficient vessels, while being willing to learn and adjust to something different than stock, this might be for you. What is the challenge? Play career with a specific meta mod pack and game settings and thus face decision and design challenges: What mission to select next, and is it really necessary to unlock a tech node or rather save the science in case a later mission needs specific tech? Spend the funds on a facility upgrade, or rather keep them as a reserve? How to control your vessel without magic reaction wheels (you will get them later for convenience, after you are able to do it without them)? Is it worth it to send a 1ton probe with all the expensive experiments for this flyby mission, or would a 300kg probe suffice, and then bring the experiments on the landing mission? etc. What designs do you use to complete the contracts (SETIcontracts are numbered)? How much tech unlocks did you need for them, what are their costs, masses, part count and dV? Would you use them again or design them differently the next time? I'll start with 2 of my designs 02.1 18km Manned Altitude mission, 14500funds, ~5tons, 23 parts: Jet engines are below the wings, in hindsight the tail is too exposed for landing on a dirt runway, and it needs more roll control). 03.0 Orbit Kerbin, 4800 funds, 6tons, 17parts, 3200dV + ~700dV from monoprop: First artificial satellite, no magic reaction wheels (because at this tech level you do not have any). INSTALL: 1. Make a clean copy of your KSP folder, so it does not interfere with your other careers/updates etc. 2. Make sure that your GameData folder is empty except for the Squad folder. 3. Install CKAN (thank you very much CKAN team, this would not be possible without you! @Olympic1, @linuxgurugamer, ...) 4. Search for and select SETI-Rebalance, nothing else, and then click "Apply changes" and "Apply". 5. Leave all recommendations checked and click continue. Select all suggestions with a click in the lower left corner and click continue. 6. Wait until all those mods are installed and start the game to check out if it works. 7. Missing at the moment is AnomalySurvey mod from @nightingale (not yet updated to 1.2.2), it provided a very nice diversion from all the other contracts. Visiting the island, the pyramids and the mun arc and so on... OPTIONAL: 1. Install visual mods, in ckan or manually. Planetshine and RealPlume are already installed with the recommended mods. 2. I use CKAN config installs of Stock Visual Enhancement at the moment. It produces some flicker on the start screen but works in game. Choose at your own discretion. 3. Of course you are free to add mods like kOS and KCT, I have just not tested playing with them for some time 4. Other contract and part packs might integrate well (CTT is used anyway), I simply can not guarantee it (eg NearFutureSpacecraft configs, and InterstellarExtended mostly uses the later tech tree which is not affected) CAREER SETTINGS: There are no changes to any mods necessary. Just a list of changes from stock (what to expect) and how to alter them. And then the career start options to get a challenging, yet not annoying game. Please provide feedback on the challenge here and/or gameplay/technical feedback on the SETI/UbM mods in the SETI thread linked above. I would also like to thank all the mod authors who made this meta mod pack and thus this challenge possible! 1 House rules 1.1 TweakScale can bridge part catalog gaps, or it can remove the challenge to tinker with your design, use with restraint. 1.2 No excessive science (KSC, Mun, Minmus) and funds (completing new contracts with existing vessels) farming, if you want a challenge. This is a guiding framework, not a rigid corset. You can farm KSC and science hop minmus, but if you are not interested in tech progression and decision challenges, why not start with lots of science and funds in the first place? KSC science can be a fun rover aside, if you just need a bit more science or are really not interested in surveys with aircraft etc. As with every open world game, self control and role playing are advisable for certain experiences. 2 Facilities 2.1 Action Groups, Maneuver nodes (from Mission Control) and 2 strategies are available from the start. 2.2 Kerbal hiring costs are 60k, fixed. 2.3 Many facilities have more levels, no size restrictions from the launch pad (only mass restrictions). 2.4 You start with 3 contract slots, 30 parts and 9ton max vessel size, and R&D can research nodes up to 40 science. 2.5 With efficient designs, you can gather science from "High above the Sun" (SETIcontract 04.2), i.e. leave Kerbin SoI without any facility upgrades. Though I would recommend the first tracking station upgrade to do a flyby of Mun and Minmus. 2.6 So be considerate how you use your funds and science and how you design your vessels. 3 Contracts 3.1 The SETIcontracts are numbered, and may depend on earlier SETIcontracts completion to be available, but you can check their requirements in MissionControl 3.2 For the full experience, I recommend reading a little ahead, eg looking at the contract hierarchy picture in the SETI thread. 3.3 Sure you can complete the Mun flyby contract and then accept and complete the Mun landing contract with the same craft. The contracts are a guiding framework, self-control might result in a more fun game. 4 TechTree 4.1 Use search function in tech tree (thanks to quick search mod by @Malah), if you do not find the part you are looking for. 4.2 Unmanned start, rovers @engineering101 for 4 science (you can place Kerbals in the command seat), planes @stability for an additional 4 science. 4.3 No reaction wheels until miniaturization, use fins, winglets, RCS, gimbals, etc. until then (Unmanned before Manned Challenge mod). 4.4 No fuel lines for a long time and later 2.5m engines, use engine clusters and efficent rocket design until then (Unmanned before Manned Challenge mod). 5 Part rebalances 5.1 Background processing is one of the mods installed, so take enough battery capacity with you 5.2 Many masses, costs and entryCosts are rebalanced, many experiments can be transmitted for 100% 5.3 Many small things, like larger integrated batteries and smaller + radial materials bays. 5.4 Magic reaction wheels are nerfed considerably, you can manually delete the SETIrebalanceReactionWheels folder if you really want the stock ones back 5.5 MysteryGoo and MaterialsBay are not inteded to be collectable (SETIrebalanceMaterialsGoo). If you want to science spam in the late game, the StationScience Cyclotron? can help with that 6 Special Parts 6.1 SETIprobeParts provides a bunch of useful stuff, especially for the early career, eg engines, tanks, etc. 6.2 Cyclindrical probe cores, which are better protected by 0.625m heat shield and have inbuilt thermometers 6.3 RCS tanks with built-in thrusters and small linear RCS 6.4 Early Mini Alkaline Fuel Cell @survivability, once activated, only uses resources when there is EC demand. 6.5 The Hybrid Rocket Booster by @Lord Aurelius is more expensive than an SRB, but you can throttle it 7 Remote Tech 7.1 KSC range 900Gm, equatorial ground stations cover keostationary orbit. Defined in SETI-RemoteTechConfig mod. 7.2 Signal delay is off by default, you can turn it back on per in-game RT settings or just refrain from manually controlling vessels outside of Kerbin SoI. 7.3 If you want probe control to depend on an active connection, just uninstall SETI-ProbeControlEnabler mod via ckan. Otherwise you only need a connection to transmit science, comsats are still useful for comfortable science transmission beyond equatorial Kerbin orbit. 7.4 RT antennas are relabalanced, most stock dishes are not rebalanced yet. Usually too heavy/costly/EC consuming for their range/cone. 8 TAC Life Support 8.1 Recycler descriptions amended, so that you know what fraction of the original resource demand is necessary. 8.2 US recyclers are for 1 kerbal, small TAC ones are usually for 3 kerbals, 2.5m TAC ones are usually for 9 kerbals 8.3 SETIgreenhouse provides a food recycler, please consult the graphic in the SETI thread on how it works. 9 Career start options
  4. Hello I can't finish my Mission. It tells me: launch a new unmanned satellite that has an Antenna and can generate Power... I did this many many times before. but since I got some new version here, what happens?: The funny thing is that it was checked just before I had launched. and now I'm in Orbit and it's unchecked... This is the second time I'm bringing this sattelite up there. Apparently I don't know how to launch an unmanned satellite that can generate power anymore...I was actually done with this? what is going on
  5. Hi all, I suppose this could be a MM patch? I don't suppose anyone has written this or would mind writing one? I have lost a couple of probes because I forgot to set the auto option and save the EC. Thanks
  6. im planning to send (another) unmanned rover to duna. this time im planning to launch a bit bigger one than last time. that first mission was a partial failure-rover was so slow it took it minutes to travel 100m and it was extremelly unstable. by now i cant even control (due to communication networks) it and it has barelly any science to collect (im playing in sandbox but science data like pressure, g force and temparatures is still interesting to a nerd like me). ill just get to the point: i need a new rover but i have no idea where to start and how it should look like. it would be great if someone could share his .craft file. i want this rover to be able to travel at relatively high speeds (15-20m/s), have some science onboard and overall just look cool. i also want it to be unmanned. im ok with using any mods (i already have 30+ of them). if u r sharing .craft file just plz tell me which mods did u use. thanks for sharing and helping me (and the others)!
  7. Probe Control Room This mod adds a mission control like room to all unmanned vessels. The internal interface is functional and depends on Raster Prop Monitor. Features: IVA for all vessels Numerous MFDs to track all critical flight systems Fully interactive Compatible with both stock and blizzy's Toolbar mod License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0 This mod is a continuation of work originally by @Tabakhase and models by @Albert VDS and others in the community Release Thread: Requirements: Module Manager Raster Prop Monitor Recommendations: ScanSat Vessel Viewer Docking Port Alignment Indicator kOS Note: This mod includes Mini-AVC for remote version checking Downloads Working on getting it on SpaceDock Current Release: 11/13/2016 Initial 1.2.1 Release
  8. Probe Control Room This mod adds a mission control like room to all unmanned vessels. The internal interface is functional and depends on Raster Prop Monitor. Features: IVA for all vessels Numerous MFDs to track all critical flight systems Fully interactive Compatible with both stock and blizzy's Toolbar mod License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0 This mod is a continuation of work originally by @Tabakhase and models by @Albert VDS and others in the community Development Thread: Requirements: Module Manager Raster Prop Monitor Recommendations: ScanSat Vessel Viewer Docking Port Alignment Indicator kOS Note: This mod includes Mini-AVC for remote version checking Downloads Working on getting it on SpaceDock Current Release: 11/13/2016 Initial 1.2.1 Release