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  1. I want aliens, big mean ones coming to eat all the Kerbals, and they'll have to turn their space program to a war footing to defend themselves (with good realistic physics limiting it all). What I don't want is such a game in KSP!
  2. I have to confess: in my early days I crashed so many rockets and dropped so many toxic parts around KSC that to this day, other than some very hardy grass, there is not a living thing anywhere near it.
  3. kBob

    I'm very, very sad...

    I wish we'd had internet when I was in school, would have saved me from having to sneak in those books into the boring useless classes. Best thing I did was skip senior year of high school and go straight to college...highly recommended, in the meanwhile work around it Banning it during lunch is especially stupid. In my day had to fight to be able to bring a calculator to class.
  4. I always thought the patch work colors were part of the charm of Kerbals. As to orange, maybe they are partly color bind? ;). But given the new choices it seems like one of them should be consistent for those who prefer a more orderly space program.
  5. Oh yeah, have to be scaled down, it was 50km long--well beyond the physics range of KSP. But if they add rotation to the ability of the mission builder (as mentioned in OP) it would be interesting see if the challenges of landing dead center on the end of a rotating cylinder could be simulated. There was also the fun of trying to intercept an object moving at high speeds through the solar system.
  6. Good idea, I always wanted to recreate Rendezvous with Rama, but this looks like a lot of fun too! Have to pick up this DLC soon so I can imagine myself participating in the future of space flight (in 2001, oh well the future isn't easy to predict).
  7. kBob

    KSP Future DLC Ideas

    KSP: Sky Gods. Give us a bunch of airplane parts (like props), weather (at least winds, so gliders too) and places to go (airports and some eye candy). And contracts to fly Kerbals around (auto pilot needed) the planets (the ones with atmo of course). And an air plane construction hanger. I'd sell a kidney to buy that DLC.
  8. Well why move the old threads? Leave 'em be or let the authors create new ones (they can put a link at the end of the old one). But going forward it would help a bit. I've seen this done on other forums, after a time things start to look more organized. This certainly seems to be a case where KSP's popularity is hurting...who'd ever have guessed so many mods five years ago?
  9. Have you tried the Windows (I imagine Mac and Linux have this also) volume equalization setting? (In control panel click on sound, click on the icon for your speakers/headphones click on properties and then click on the enhancements tap then click on the Loudness Equalization check box.)
  10. kBob

    KSP player learning curve

    For me it was pretty simple. Once I wanted to go to the Mun and farther I realized petty quickly I'd need to be able to calculate dV unless I wanted to over engineer (and over spend once money became a thing) everything. So I looked up dV on this forum to find the equations and examples. Then I go look up dV on Wekipedia, NASA etc. to see how doing it in KSP compares to real life. And from there it just keeps happening, I run into some obstacle. look up the KSP solution and compare it to real life and so on--like Hohmann transfers (and usually having done it the KSP way sets you up for understanding how it works in real life even though things may be simpler in KSP). It's also nice for bushing up on mathematics skills that I've let get a tad rusty.
  11. kBob

    Your Unusual Tricks of the Trade

    Hmmm...that was actually a pun . I did quote the post I wanted. I just want to know why I should use a canard when I don't normally. Edit: I think the answer will be to easily shift the COL and COM in the right places with a useful control surface...but I don't generally have that problem, at least not on the simple aircraft I build.
  12. kBob

    Your Unusual Tricks of the Trade

    Isn't that a canard? Or please elaborate, with pics if possible. I understand what it can do in real world aviation, they've been around since the Wright flyer, but in KSP I've never used one (but I'm a big fan V-tails). (And for those who need a bush up, the wikipedia article on this has a pretty good write up along with some nice examples of RL canards).
  13. kBob

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Never mind, working now, must have been a glitched session.
  14. kBob

    please.. how to transfer purchase to steam?

    Easiest to just create a shortcut to ksp_x64.exe (probably in x:\steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program where x is the drive steam is installed on), no game hours count (though your previous count stays, no idea if steam has a way to reset to 0, be nice if it did ). This also avoids accidently starting in 32 bit mode. Your other option is just say you forget and left KSP running in the background for a few months ;).
  15. kBob

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    It looks like there is a problem with some settings? I can't even get to settings it's greyed out. I was hoping there is a setting so I can set the default sort to time not likes (I get very confused reading things out of sequence ). Is this just me or what? Using internet explorer which I prefer but I could use a different browser if this is a know IE problem.