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  1. One more things guys. The docking adapter that it is bundled with this mod from SSTU mod , does the light on docking adapter work for you ? Bcs I do not have this option at all in the right click menu when I click on docking adapter
  2. Guys may I ask you ? Why the docking port from SSTU and its lights are not working. When I right click on it there is no option to turn on lights on it. I have the plugin for it but maybe I need to add some other things from SSTU ? I am using only SSTU plugin and from space shuttle from Radar docking port and airlock but as I wrote there is no option to enable lights on the docking port at all. Thank you
  3. Thank you for the information. Really nice screenshot Anti-aliasing 8x in game or new scatterer ? And one more thing does it support dx9 or I have to be on dx11 for all scatterer features to work ?
  4. Just a fast question. Can I use the newest version of scatterer in ksp 1.5.1 or it will not work and give me errors like mad ? Thx Btw this screen here how did you get so good graphics ??? What are your settings in game options and in scatterer options ? And what mods were used ? Bcs on that back of that space plane it looks like PBR textures is now on in KSP ?
  5. Yes Briso pls. Looks like Radar dropped. Looks like curse of Space Shuttle took over him too. Simmply this mod can not live for long each patch... I still have issues with ascend mainly. I somehow fixed the re-entry but still it is not optimal but at least shuttle is no more doing " let's try spinning that is good trick " anymore...
  6. So we need to wait till 1.6 or so when you will release some updates ? Have you tried that ascent and roll program ? Do you have same issues with Orbiter trying to get on top of the fuel tank when SRBs are separated ? And during roll program shuttle wanting to go all direction to left or right ?
  7. Jovzin

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    @SQUAD Guys I think this Aero hotfix messed a few things. During ascent I have issues with both shuttles from Cormoratn Aerotechnology and his CA MK3 shuttle and from DECQ/Radar shuttle system. Both during ascent and roll program are trying to first go to side and after boosters separation they want to roll to left to make external tank to be at the bootom and shuttle/orbiter on top. And it is odd bcs both shuttles have these symptons and both shuttles were created by different ppl. . So I do not hink that it is problem of one shuttle.
  8. Hmm so I tried CA MK3 shuttle and it has same issues as this Shuttle. During ascent the shuttle wants to do roll to right or left whatever pick your side. And when I separate boosters it is even more noticable that shuttle wants to roll to left I think so the ET will be at the bottom and the shuttle on top. I have to do corrections like mad during whole ascent profile on both shuttles ( CA MK3 and this one ) So I think maybe @Squad screwed some aero settings a bit ? Bcs how it is possible that 2 different shuttles from different creators have the exact same problems during ascent. And CA MK3 shuttle has even gimbal in boosters.
  9. Hello @bewing Thank you for your reponse. I watn to ask you one mor thing. Do I need to have the same settings for CoL and CoP ? For example I see in Cormorant Technology's Shuttle that in the wings, elevons, Tail, there is the same numbers for CoL offset and for CoP offset too. For example from CADelta : CoLOffset = -1.6, -0.4, 0 CoPOffset = -1.6, -0.4, 0 Do I need to have same numbers too with my wings and elevons and tail control ? Thank you
  10. I re-opening this. I was playing for last week with Space shuttle stock configs. I managed to get a much better re-entry so it is no longer flipping or doing let's try spinning that is a good trick. I did it via adding a bit more weight on the front ( cabine and airlock) as before the front was too light so during that 40 degree pitch on re-entry it starts flipping and going to spin and out of control. Now it is a bit of opposite. The re-entry si good no flipping or spinning but due to added weight to front ( I removed the monoprop from OMS and engine mount and put it only to front cabine) the front is a bit heavy and when atmosphere is starting to hit the shuttle I am having a hard time to keep that 40 degree pitch. It is simply going down and when I manage to keep at least 20 degree pitch I am happy. I have to use RCS and keep pressing E to keep that 20 degree at least. So as you can see via config I was able to put CoL to the center I think And CoM is in the center too when the monoprop is empty in front. But due to added weight as I wrote the shuttle tends to put the nose down and not holding the pitch as I want. So I was thinking what if in this case of shuttle I need to have CoL a bit either in front of CoM or a bit behind of CoM ? That somehow it can not be in the perfect center with CoM in this case. Could it be better so it will keep that 40 degree pitch during re-entry ? Or simply I need to still play with weight in the front parts to makethe weight more even between front weight and back weight ?
  11. Hi guys. So after of 5 days of playing with configuraiton for all shuttle parts I managed to have quite nice re-entry without any flipping or "lets try spinning that is a good trick" issues. I added some weight to cabine and Airlock and moved all monoprop from back parts ( engine mount, OMS pods) to cabine. Now the issue is that the front is a bit heavy And during re-entry it was hard to manage 40 degree pitch bcs nose was heavy so the front had tendency to move down Still playing with it to find the right spot so it will not flip ( due to heavy back ) or nose going down ( due to heavy front). Btw for those elevons, I was asking bcs as I saw the MK3 shuttle from Cormorant Aerotechnology has the elevons separate. And outer elevons work as roll and pitch and inner elevons as pitch only. So I was thinking if we can maybe split the elevons too on the Space Shuttle, so it will be the same and maybe improve stability even more during ascent and re-entry.
  12. Hello guys, I want to know which axis on CoLoffset is up/down left/right and forward/backward ? CoLOffset = -1.875, 0, 0 Example above this would move the CoL closer to CoM or more behind or ? I need to know which axis I need to edit to move the CoL muych more closer to CoM with a spaceplane/shuttle. Thank you And what exatly is CoP ? ?? Thank you
  13. @Radar yeah with both. Empty carg oadn with some OKS station thing inside cargo. It is doing on both occasions. Btw I wanted to ask if somebody knows. The orbiter elevons/ailerons they were separate or were function as one ? Like roll was done by the outter elevons and pitch was done by both inner and outer elevons or ? Somehow I can not get the info how those were working. If inner and outer elevon was function together as one bit elevon or they were separate for some functions like roll ?
  14. Exactly this. It is driving me nuts. Cause as I wrote earlier I was playing with many shuttles from different authors in my KSP career and I know there were few which did not have this issue. I was abel to do 720 degree roll with them and they were heading straight up. Now If I try roll program it is going like crazy to the sides.
  15. Thank you very much. Now I am long user of Space Shuttle in KSP. I remember using Rocket2gun's shuttle and than it was Cephius's shuttle after that Dragoon001's shuttle and after that I think it was MikeNZ's shuttle and now it is DECQ's shuttle. But somehow the shuttle that we have now is such bad to control. Like right now my ascent is such a horrible experience even with Mechjeb2.. As soon as I start to the roll program , the shuttle is going out of the center and trying to go left or right. It is not keeping its nose straight in the center. It feels something like you have flat tyre on one of your front wheels and it is automatically trying to turn left or right based on which tyre is bad on your front wheels. I do not know why crap. I remember the old shuttles were much muych more stable during roll program. Like I was able to do 720 degree roll and shuttle was keeping its straight course without issues. Like in this video he is doing roll and the nav bal cross hair is still in center. Rally do not know what could be the issue now