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  1. I had the same issue with CA shuttle and with this Briso's Shuttle. During re-entry it was helll to fly it. So I did a few changes and now it is better. The only problem is now I can not keep 40 degree AoA only 20 degree but at least I am not doing let us try spinning that is a good trick anymore Now I have a different issues. During ascent it is quite hard after the roll program right after launch to keep shuttle stable. It is trying to go to the side. And whne I release the SRBs it is trying to put the External tank to bottom and shuttle on top. But I can somehow manage it with really hard manual piloting... Mechjeb is out of question for ascent bcs of the issues... Playing stock only no RSS.
  2. Man I found today this : Do you think it can help a bit to have even nicer texturs ? Looks like it is free to use and not paid.
  3. Oh man thank you. May I ask a few questions ? You are using stock parts as base and only re-textured them ? Or DECQ's model and upgraded textures ? Or it is complete new models and textures made by you from scratch Blender or 3dS Max ? I assume for textures creation you are using Quixel Suite or Substance Painter right ? Bcs those textures looks great. Btw wish you luck finally some nice new Stock Space shuttle. Pitty that old KSP Shuttle is no longer supported. I mean this one here : This was nice mini stock shuttle but no longer working as far as I know. Happy taht you are now making new stock shuttle. In case you need some help with moddeling or texturing a few parts I have some spare time so can help. Maybe finally I will be able to use this thing here, on your shuttle, that I was making for DECQ's Space Shuttle to make it a bit scifi It is still lurking somewhere on my external HDD... EDIT: Oh man those VFX engine particles on the shuttle on that picture #3. Wau really great. Such a ncie work and detail... I need to learn a lot still in this 3D modelling world
  4. No problem man. I am mainly playing stock so sorry to btoher you with that :) Will try to be more polite next time :) Thank you anyway for your support.
  5. Crap why only that ...... RSS still. Some love for Stock KSP version pls ?
  6. Thank you for the tip. Did not know about this function
  7. GZ, my boy Sampa Do you have some videos or web pages ? I used a lot Digitaltutors in the past ( now called pluralsight ). It helped me a lot to learn 3d modeling and texture creating. If you have pluralsight sub I can give you some links to some videos I used to learn. Wish you luck. It is a slow process to learn 3d modeling and texturing mainly if you have some RL stuff to take care of ( kids, wife, household )
  8. Guys I have a qustion. I se t MKS Tundra Agriculture module to Agrophonics in VAB. And can I change it to something different like Cultivate when the module is already in sapce docked with station ? Or I have to bring another MKS Tundra Agriculture module with this Cultivate setting set ? I must say I am quuite bit confused here with those different modes of some MKS modules
  9. And for those that use normal stock Kerbal system and not .... RSS things ? Sorry I never liked RSS so hope you will release some stock KSP version 1.6 for Shuttle too ?
  10. I have a question. Can I somehow filter or made an exception for ships with fuel cells ? Like on one ship I have electricity for 1 day and 3 hours but I have there fuel cell so that ship has EC always for 1 day and 3 hours due to its battery capacity. And if I warp time in space center I am getting issues that TAC LS thinks that EC is out on that ship that I am not controlling. I have to jump to ship each day so TAC LS will update its calucaltions for another 1 day and 3 hours. Is there some option or filter where I can set that do not alert me for this ship about EC is out ( due to having fuel cell on it ) Thank you
  11. One more things guys. The docking adapter that it is bundled with this mod from SSTU mod , does the light on docking adapter work for you ? Bcs I do not have this option at all in the right click menu when I click on docking adapter
  12. Guys may I ask you ? Why the docking port from SSTU and its lights are not working. When I right click on it there is no option to turn on lights on it. I have the plugin for it but maybe I need to add some other things from SSTU ? I am using only SSTU plugin and from space shuttle from Radar docking port and airlock but as I wrote there is no option to enable lights on the docking port at all. Thank you
  13. Thank you for the information. Really nice screenshot Anti-aliasing 8x in game or new scatterer ? And one more thing does it support dx9 or I have to be on dx11 for all scatterer features to work ?
  14. Just a fast question. Can I use the newest version of scatterer in ksp 1.5.1 or it will not work and give me errors like mad ? Thx Btw this screen here how did you get so good graphics ??? What are your settings in game options and in scatterer options ? And what mods were used ? Bcs on that back of that space plane it looks like PBR textures is now on in KSP ?
  15. Yes Briso pls. Looks like Radar dropped. Looks like curse of Space Shuttle took over him too. Simmply this mod can not live for long each patch... I still have issues with ascend mainly. I somehow fixed the re-entry but still it is not optimal but at least shuttle is no more doing " let's try spinning that is good trick " anymore...