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  1. Hello Patsch. Thank you. Yeah I was trying the run this on KSP 1.8. Btw will try that new KS3P as I have issues when I run it with AVP config for KS3P. I am getting 8 bit KSP graphics But I discovered that Bloom is doing this issue in KS3P. Bcs as soon as I turn off bloom my KSP looks as it should be.
  2. @Daishi Wau those new Univeral Sorage. What are you using Blender and Substance Painter ? Those textures are really high quality.
  3. Sorry for double post. So the culprit is KSP3P addon. I do not know how it brake or something. As i am using that patch version of KSP3P I found here on the forums with that AVP config. Will need to check again what happened as I am not aware that I was changing something in KSP3P configuration at all.
  4. Yes as far as I remember yes. Sorry not sure I was trying so many different options today to TSHOOT what is the issue.
  5. Yeah it is fun Looks my PC is some old Comodore 8 bit And yeah as soon as I remove either AVP or Scatterer all is fine. Well I reinstalled both mods today a few times already. Looks like I will need to re-install whole KSP1.8.1 again. And will try to install all mods one by one. But first I will start with visual ones to see which one is the culprit if I will have the same issue after total reinstall.
  6. I need a small help. Can somebody tell me what is going on here ? Yesterday it was looking normal. All I did today was installed the Sunflare from stock Suns of Maar. I am using AVP with EVE and Scatterer and KSP3P. Was doing some TSHOOT. As soon as I remove Scatterer it will look normal. As soon as I keep scatterer but remove AVP it will look normal. So looks like some config in AVP is not working with scatterer ?
  7. Hmm as soon as I put your stock config for KS3PP my KSP is crashing when I should see the main menu items. IT will do the loading of mods fine and as soon as it should be showing the Main menu options it will crash without any error or log.
  8. Ok , I have a question. Can I somehow override AVP's scatterer settings ? Scatterer is not using my settings from scatterer but the AVP's ones. EDIT: Hmm looks like to remove the AVP scatterer config is a bad idea. Have quite nasty artifacts in game Ok so what I need to disable to get rid of them but to keep my scatterer config ? Or looks like AVP is not possible to use some scatterer feature maybe Shadows for terrain ?
  9. Hello guys so I bought a Breaking ground dlc and updated my old KSP 1.5.1 to newqest one 1.8.1. But I want to ask. For ground textures what to use ? In stok KSP not JSNQ should I use stock new remapped ground textures or still KSPRC ground textures are better ? For JNSQ I assume the JNSQ mod already has the new ground textures right ?
  10. So this great mod no longer works and no longer updated since 1.5.1 right ? Pitty
  11. Can I use this with reshade or not at all ?
  12. SO two questions. 1/ Ad - Astra is only for this JNCQ or I can use it with stock Kerbin too ? 2/ As Bosun asked. Is it possible to use it wiht KSRP or with new stock ground textures ?
  13. So which one do you guys prefer ? AVP or AD-Astra ? I am donwloading mods for my new KSP 1.8.x play and do not know which one to pick.
  14. Ok a few questioisn if I may. 1/ This is not working with version 1.5.x I assume ? I am still rocking this version in my career I must say. 2/ What is the flight experience ? Ascent is without any issues like rolling to the side after doing roll program ? And what about some descent ? No let us try spinning hat is a good trick durint re-entry ? 3/ I saw someboedy posted that it is not working wit hMechJeb autopilot - Ascent or docking ? 4/ There is some new autopilot for this shuttle ? I saw some screen from manual to use something different for ascent ? Thank you
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