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  1. AlphaAsh

    KSR Airports for Kerbinside Remastered

    Whilst using a single collider mesh should theoretically eliminate some issues (holes), it is in fact, a bad way to go. I always divided larger models up with each mesh with its own collider and put up with the other issues this creates (lips). Why? Make a 6000+m runway with a single mesh and a single collider, and go drive on it. You'll find out. There is definitely an issue with the engine and massive colliders - they end up with tears in them, which are often bigger than any hole you might have made yourself. And they are intermittent, suggesting it's the physics calculations between small part colliders (usually wheels, undercarriage etc.) and the massive collider that are the problem, and bugger all you can do anything about. edit - And yes this applies to low-face meshes, like a basic block, as well. And no the tears don't always seem to appear on edges either.
  2. AlphaAsh

    KSR Airports for Kerbinside Remastered

    I never could track this down when I was working on KK. I've always suspected it's a conflict with garbage handling and video drawing. The common symptom was you'd make a base, go to KSC, select the base and then promptly spawn on an invisible runway, where the colliders worked fine. Only a restart of KSP sorted the issue. @Ger_space may have more up-to-date info on this, if it is related. This is extremely insightful and I'm pleased to see you have formalised it from a technical perspective. This issue is something all static modellers should be aware of, especially when making larger statics, such as runways. It's also why sometimes it is better to break up a larger model into multiple meshes.
  3. Beg pardon? I amended the licence so that @Eskandare can reverse-engineer old art-assets. I'm happy to extend that exception to the OP. Whether they do or not, is not up to you. Many of the old art-assets are sloppy models anyway, and best binned. Don't be a douche.
  4. AlphaAsh

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    Yes you can. You have my permission. Link this post if that's queried. I am happy for you to re-use the models and textures and any other element of the artwork, modified or unmodified.
  5. None taken. KerbinSide's art-pipe was quantity over quality and done in SketchUp
  6. AlphaAsh

    Majestic Trials on Greenlight

    We've got a beta of a demo being released to a Steam group for testing later today or more likely tomorrow. If you're reading this, and you like turn based tactical games in fantasy settings, I'm 99% certain that you're exactly who we need in that group so let me know if you want to help and I'll get you hooked up.
  7. AlphaAsh

    Majestic Trials on Greenlight

    New extended gameplay video for Majestic Trials, based off of the current pre-alpha development build:
  8. AlphaAsh

    Majestic Trials on Greenlight

    Greetings fellow Kerbal maimers. Some of you are probably aware I've been crazy busy working on mods for annuver space game, Stellaris, and now, finally, I've started work on a second indie release, this time a PC game (because no bugger bought that game I made for mobile platforms). It's got wizards in it. So, yeah no space. Or kerbals. But, yeah, wizards. It's on Steam Greenlight and I would love your support in getting it greenlit. Assuming you like wizards. You like wizards right? Wizards. There's a video on YouTube here:
  9. Welcome to paaaaaaaaaiiiiin. Do a forum search for my attempts to get RT and KK to like each other and feel free to raid my GitHub for some dodgy hacks that don't work
  10. AlphaAsh

    [1.1.2] Kerbin-Side (v1.1.0) & Supplements

    A little, yes. There is. KerbinSide Core. Which Ger_Space has rights on too. edit And he ninja'd me about it already.
  11. @Ger_space PM received. Posting here for certification. Please do and with my blessings. Thank you for picking up the baton. RE: Kerbin-side All art assets are copyright myself, but I give YOU, only you, permission to modify and distribute your modifications of Kerbin-Side. This does not dissolve the copyright and you must include credit and retain the current licencing. Have fun! EDIT - Link this post if you run into any conflicts regarding licence transfer or copyright.
  12. @ozraven I assumed your nick on spacedock would be the same as here. PM me if that isn't the case. Cheers sir.
  13. @ozraven Do you have an account on Spacedock? I can get you added to the permissions for KK so you can publish there.
  14. No, there is no easy way to identify which instance is which. The issue you're having doing it through the editor is that all the instances are saved to core cfgs. Your changes ARE saved, but not to the pointer cfgs, which then take precedence when you restart KSP. Another way you could handle it, is after saving with the editor, exit KSP then delete all the pointer cfgs. This will then leave you with all the instances in core cfgs. Restart KSP and then delete instances you don't want through the editor. Save. Now the core cfgs will be up-to-date. If you then want pointer cfgs, you will then need to create your own with the export features of KK.