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  1. Thank you for looking into it and getting in touch with them! Seriously appreciate the initiative Another new part - the Kadley telescope! Based on the Hadley 3D-printable telescope designed by the KSP forums' own @Maffif! The Hadley plans are available for free online - it's a really cool DIY project for any 3D printing hobbyists! More info available here.
  2. the mysterious drill... (and the new sample container, which is more just for ground clutter/RP tbh...) Surface Electrical Properties experiment, technically supposed to be paired with the weird experiment antenna on the LRV
  3. Well, that and asking NASA to create an entirely new crew vehicle with an uncertain future when Apollo is RIGHT THERE and capable of completing the very limited objectives they were aiming for...
  4. Those two modules should attach directly to the bottom of the capsule decoupler, no retro module is used. The OAMS system performs the deorbit burn. I initially thought I'd seen a diagram of the 'cylinder' Big G that still used retro solids, but that turned out not to be the case.
  5. Very early alpha of the new Big G is also up, but I'd hold off until me and Rodger can finish polishing the configs a bit more.
  6. A couple new surface parts on their way! Apollo Lunar Surface Drill, Sample Container, Surface Electrical Properties experiment
  7. I was lazy and assumed someone else would ask - what's MOOSE? I like your kitbash a lot better than all the real C-8 drawings.
  8. If it stays around that level we can cover all our subscriptions + some money leftover for replacing peripherals as needed. I might need to try and get the funding to go up a little for KSP2, since we'll probably need a substance license to make parts that are visually in line with the stock ones.
  9. You'd need to copy the .mu files, .cfg files, and textures (probably the ones for the command modules?) from an older version, into the Apollo folder of your current BDB install. Or change the file directories in the cfgs.
  10. I wouldn't do the XLR-99 unless the entire X-15 was on the table, which isn't something I have time for at the moment. I've thought about it as a possibility for KSP2.
  11. Slow work on the Big G revamp, like the conical version there will be a plethora of aft configurations to enable use with any docking port in the mod! Most of the remaining work is in the custom structural adapter you'll need to attach this to the LV. There will be 1.875m, 2.5m, 3.125m, 3.75m and 4.25m variants for that purpose.
  12. More Big G work - gotta split this SM into two parts, figure out adapters, and more... https://www.twitch.tv/cobaltwolfy
  13. I have added blue/gold handle switches to the decoupler and SM. I have added white variants of the docking and eva lights, as well as all of the Apollo RCS blocks.
  14. Well, responding directly to this - I'd rather do a real lander proposal than something that could be bashed into one..?
  15. Good point, I don't think anyone thought of that. Can't you connect the arms to the higher parts of the rocket? Or do they just visually connect I don't think we've ever looked at the heat tolerances of the Apollo legs cus it's never been in question before haha There might be some parts that affect framerate, the Saturn stacks seem to have a bit of trouble with yellow clocking, but generally no. 500F S-1C is possible and I've been meaning to get to it. Not sure about 500F S-IVB or Comet, I'd have to see what the UVs look like
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