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  1. Honestly might be the best option. There's a couple other things I could make too. The antenna, camera, surface gravimeter.
  2. I'd prefer not to? I try not to add hidden nodes and stuff like that if I can avoid it. Engine mounts at least have a consistency, and the LM is borderline unbuildable without it. But for a simple cylinder module? I'd rather just let people adjust with the translation gizmo as-needed. No plans for it, but that doesn't preclude me waking up with a cold sweat in the middle of the night and a deathwish to make rover parts. It's happened before but I wouldn't hold out hope for it. I'm kinda really nervous about it, seems like a lot to go wrong trying to make those parts work with the folding and all that. The J-2A-2 had to be made into a separate part. For those wondering - one of the things that prevent us from combining engines with B9 is deployable engine nozzles. That's why the RL-10 extending variants are separate too, for example. That's really neat! I think it would be better with the Titan variant of the Thor tanks for the "core" there? Might look way cleaner than stacking a bunch of those upperstage tanks.
  3. Are you using the switch on the SLA for the support trusses? I think I decided against custom fitting the nodes in there so that it would be easier to use those SLAM variants for other stuff.
  4. They don't really acknowledge it in Eyes, and I think the art just uses the SLA because that's the model the artist had. I'm pretty sure most of the AARDVs and modules used Saturn 1C, just with a Skylab-type fairing - that was the "standard" fairing for Saturns in real life, it just only flew once. Europa V didn't fly for at least another 20 years, I think.
  5. I'd appreciate it, yeah. Thanks also for the update to the USI configs, I need to merge it in. Please feel free to keep contributing (please)
  6. That's be more my bag, but yeah it's something I want to look into adding. Maybe solar panels on the inside of the petals. Uhhhh if I remember, yeah you just set the equipment rack to have the aft rack mesh (so it looks right), and then surface attach it directly on. I think right clicking the subsat, it should have a built in decoupler you can use. If I remember I sorta just left the subsatellite stuff half finished. I wanted to make a few different versions but it seemed like a low return on investment since they don't really have a gameplay purpose. Can control point be changed with a PAW option? I can look into adding one if it's doable. D'oh! If anyone's curious, that's what happens when a single mesh object has more than one material assigned to it. In this case, I'd guess there were two materials that both used the LM Ascent texture, so I didn't notice. Easy fix! I am going to try and add a toggle for the 'air conditioner' so that the hatch can still be used. As Zorg said, we're looking into adding options for controlling boiloff for longer voyages. But uh, we probably need some help with code if any experienced KSP modders want to help... Yeah, we added the Radial Attachment Point so that the MDA (or whatever) could be configured for whatever docking configuration you needed without a ton of different parts.
  7. More work on LM Lab, may also try Orbital Combat on stream afterwards! https://www.twitch.tv/cobaltwolfy
  8. My suggested solution for people that don't want to "waste" crewed CSMs, is just to try and do something like this. Which we may or may not need to add a part or two to enable. Basically some form of Apollo tug. I do agree @OrbitalManeuvers it all seems quite wasteful for the actual capability you get, the more I read about this stuff. But hey, this is KSP - we get to do all the cool stuff that the suits wouldn't fund IRL!
  9. Oof, yeah, I meant to include that but I forgot since all my tests had the ascent stage, which also has probe functionality. This, tbh. If I can find more information on them, yes
  10. Yeah they're separate transforms so I just need to add variants that combine the extra AES taxi/truck bits with the J-class mesh. I honestly wasnt sure how useful it would be with the addition of the rover ramps.
  11. Yeah I specifically made sure to set it to 3 in the cfg first thing since I knew I'd forget otherwise. I THINK what I'm going to do is - the Taxi can carry 3, but the LM Shelter can only support 2. There will be other hab/shelter/base stuff coming that lands via LM Truck that will support 3 crew.
  12. LM Shelter and Taxi. Sorry that these pictures kind of suck? Still a bunch of stuff to do before I put these on Github - sorry for the wait! I just really don't want people to have Shelter but not Taxi or Truck. The orbital lab LM I probably won't sweat getting in game with these, but I want people's first experience with the AES/AAP surface LMs to be the full package. Also I don't know why the flag transforms are glowing in these pictures? But I will have to fix it since I think they're now broken on the descent stage for all variants.
  13. I didn't even notice that was in the image, yeah I'm not including the coat closet there. With that said, the LM Shelter would always land by itself uncrewed in any scenario. The crew would arrive via LM Taxi. And yes, that means the LM Shelter probably has a CSM with it that has to find a mission after they let the Shelter begin it's descent alone. Alternatively, I'd be open to making some parts to let an Apollo tug be used instead, launched like this: I think you're just going to have to live with that and not look too closely
  14. That's just the way it looks, I think the angle isn't helping. The tube from the LM pressure vessel and the airlock is much narrower than the airlock itself.
  15. Oh you got me all worried for nothing haha. I saw your post and was like "I thought I specifically fixed that the day before release for that user!" Had me looking through the configs last night for what I missed, I thought I'd forgotten to mark the antennas+solar panels as node attachable. Glad you just hadn't seen the updated version
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