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  1. I don’t think I’ll need to add new experiments. A lot of these are actually tests of systems that would fly on later missions, so they can use those experiments. There are a couple stock ones, like the atmosphere experiment, that don’t currently have coverage in BDB.
  2. I didn't really plan to make X-15, it just... came out of me one day. The thought of making an updated X-1 is kind of appealing, as is the family of cute little lifting bodies, but there's always lots I want to make and each thing takes more time than I'd like. Committing to making something means several months of dedication so I have to prioritize what I choose to work on. Once X-15 is done, I really think I owe you all a Viking. At this point my specific process feels like such a tradition I can't change it: I go to this page, type what it should say in english, and copy whatever gets put on the other side. The fact that it results in gibberish is kind of the point - for one, you don't know what kerbal writing looks like! and two, it means any text that's baked into the textures is as meaningless for English readers as it is for everyone else. I'm not sure the X-15 is really... up to that task. But I'm sure people will make it happen regardless. I'd rather not make every part have an ablator module though. Among other things that would add... many tons to the weight of the craft. If someone really wanted to make an extras patch they could.
  3. It's actually a tag applied to the individual collider objects in Unity, and can't be changed from cfg or in game at all. I should clarify - I'm making experiments for each location, I'm just not sure how many or specifically what. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh if I have any productive time in the near future it's going to be getting X-15 stuff in game. Which seems like it will be wayyyyy more work than I expected. That's... interesting. I'll have to take a look. Thanks for the tip - managed to snag a copy for $16. I also have a copy of The X-15 Rocket Plane: Flying the First Wings into Space by Michelle Evans. I tried reading a few pages in bed before I turned off the lights, next thing I knew it was 1am. It's much more focused on the people involved in the program than the technical details.
  4. So, there's three main places for experiments: 1) The payload bay behind the cockpit. 2) The wingtip pods 3) The rear of the plane, above the engine and behind the vertical stabilizer. On X-15A-2 it's a helium tank, but a number of other experiments flew there. As for what specifically will make the cut? Hard to say quite yet.
  5. Super belated answer, but the existing SNAP-29 wouldn't work as a standalone I think? Since it's made to fit to the 4.25m cylinder. I'd have to make a completely separate part I think. No, Invader is too busy making real rockets in real life
  6. Honestly? Great question, I'd love people's input on this - again, bearing in mind, that none of these parts have "standard" cross sections, so interfacing with other part families is a bit off the table unfortunately... Nose - will have the functionality from the stock Fly-by-Wire part. Also includes a switch for the early (spike) and late (Q-ball) model nose. Cockpit - not sure how to break this part up, or rather, if I should. I could see splitting it at the front of the canopy, which would leave a dedicated gear and RCS part to go between the cockpit and nose. The cockpit includes the APU generators and a small cargo bay which will have some dedicated experiments made for it Here is the current cockpit part on it's own. The question is whether this should have the front 1/3 or so split off. Alright, already gotten some significant feedback off-forum about this. I'm going to split the gear/RCS and the cockpit. So here's what the cockpit itself looks like now. Fuselage - the big kahuna. No good way to split this up IMO. It's never going to match other bulkhead profiles. Will include at least one length switch to represent the X-15A-2, but I don't think I want to add more. Engine - One of the only parts that will be normal, since it should have a 1.25m attachment ring. I think this will be a dedicated "X-15 engine" part with the early dual XLR-11 config, the XLR-99, and the XLR-99 with extension for the delta wing variant. As you said, other parts like the wings are fairly self explanatory. The only notable thing is that the control surfaces for the vertical stabilizers will be separate parts, with the bottom one having a decoupler and parachute for recovery like the real thing. Anyone have thoughts? Particularly any that aren't asking me to rip things apart and do a lot more work, which I kind of figure the reaction to this will be?
  7. I'm doing a white version (what do you mean metallic?) and I'd like to do one in the style of the "modern" Apollo CM but I really don't want to be the one to make it.
  8. Not very legoable, I'm afraid. The parts will be split up but that's mostly to ensure there isn't too much going on with any one part. The problem I quickly ran into with the X-15 is that the cross section changes along the entire length of the craft, so it wasn't something I could make compatible with other bulkhead profiles. However I hope that I'm able to add enough variation that it's still fun to mess around with!
  9. Launching it will be up to the user, I'm sure you all will come up with some weird ideas and make me uncomfortable.
  10. No, sorry. Once you start seeing screenshots of stuff in game, we'll be close. Both part sets have a lot more left to do than it might seem.
  11. Yeah, BDB was never meant to add new functionality to the game - I'm an artist, not a coder, so we've only been able to take advantage of functionality that's in the stock game or comes from one of our few dependencies. The science experiments can't even be broken out into their own mod. Most of them use texture sheets which also contain all the other textures for the associated probes/crafts. You'd still need massive textures for parts that are only using small portions of them. Not happening, sorry. The last thing I want to spend my free time doing is repackaging and reuploading and other busywork. I enjoy making stuff, what people do with it after I release it into the wild is up to them.
  12. I don't think we've added stuff to the Science folder since... back before BDB was a dedicated historical rocketry mod
  13. It's uh... well, when I was working on the Redstone, around the same time I saw some close up pictures of a Long March 1 rocket? And I really wanted to make an engine like it. Of course, having 4x the power of the normal Redstone was too much, so I just scaled it down to something reasonable for LVs of that diameter. It's an entirely made up part I came up with one evening. I had typed up a reply to this, then went back to the previous page and lost what I'd typed. But the part quoted by @Razgriz1is correct. You can go into Gamedata/Bluedog_DB/Parts/ and delete things there on a folder-by-folder basis. The "ProbesExpansion" folder can also be pruned by subfolder. You can even delete late-game stuff, like Apollo and Saturn, at the beginning of a save and then add it back in later.
  14. I honestly have no idea. We inherited it from the PEBKAC mod back in 2016 or so and I've never really understood what it does.
  15. I did get an alpha for the Mariner 8/9 parts up a few weeks ago. Apart from that, nothing much - we have all been on an unplanned hiatus until me and Zorg started picking things up again recently.
  16. I feel much better about not wanting to make Balls Eight then. From what I've read, the definitive plan would have been to use Saturn 1.
  17. At this rate, it sounds like I will be making multiple swappable experiments for the 3 different locations (payload bay aft of the cockpit, the wing pods, and aft of the dorsal vertical stabilizer). Goo would be good, even better would be a micro materials bay - very in line with what the X-15 actually researched. What RP-1 experiments are you talking about? Anything that would be worth adding directly to BDB for the X-15? No, 2AS attached the solids to the booster skirt - it's one of the only "structural" parts of the whole rocket. It's specifically the main colliders on the balloon tank sections. By the way, @Zorg, were you planning on continuing that setup with the new parts?
  18. On that note... I do have some plans for giving it useful, maybe even unique, science abilities. X-15 flew a number of different experiment payloads. I was lucky enough to find good source images for some, though I'd like more info on them.
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