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  1. Sorry for the delay in responding, but I was waiting until I had something to show... Minotaur C is also coming. Funnily enough, the one thing I haven't started on is the Orion 38 + avionics, the one thing shared between all these LVs!
  2. Last I heard, all Kerbalism cfgs were maintained on their end. No plans; I'm actually not intending on touching the Peacekeeper parts in this update. We will have to see, I think that kind of stuff is mostly @Invaderchaos's department. There's also a chance that we'll see other modders take up the task of making modern probes, which I'd be happy to see. Personally I'm much more interested in the Saturn/Apollo era stuff. EDIT: Oh, forgot to add, here's an update on the Minuteman III GCU. It's all modeled and UV'd and I just started texturing it last night when I ran out of steam.
  3. Redstone 1 is really throwing me here. There was only one Redstone, or at least, none were numbered.
  4. Not sure what you mean? I know some of the Minuteman photos I've seen have a sort of flared skirt on the bottom that I was thinking about doing, yeah.
  5. That would pretty much just be... the Orion 50 X..L..T..S...something. And an adapter to attach to the first stage. ... and a new guidance section/fairing base... I'll think about it. ... oh god that's just a scaled up service module in the middle isn't it
  6. Some of the Minotaur parts are now in game, still working on some more parts for the family
  7. If I understand @msp307's question, they were asking why the in-game thrust is half of what's in the config (which seems to be for RO, judging by the fuel types)
  8. Unfortunately, you cannot delete my email notifications! We're not in a place to start BDB2 quite yet, but I have the Minotaur started so I may as well finish it. (For anyone else who is curious)
  9. Dakota - thanks for the responses. If nothing else, I hope to be able to have a continuous dialogue between devs and the modding community moving forward. I believe there was mention, years ago, about providing some sort of spec-sheet for creating parts? Offhand, things that part modders would want to know to start working: Information on the shader (ie can we start working using the Unity Standard PBR shader as a standin?) What maps are required/used (diffuse, roughness, normals, etc)? How are they organized? How do the player color palettes work? I assume there is a mask texture. What standards are in place for things like part diameters, side counts for stack parts, texel density, etc. What should we expect in terms of interiors moving forward - are IVAs expected to be integrated directly into pods' exterior models? Are windows meant to be opaque? While it's still a bit early to be trying to get large amounts of custom parts in game, those are things that would let artists start preparing assets while we wait for more information. Things like the Unity workflow, configuring the parts, and other technical gameplay things like colliders and solar panel setups can wait until a later date.
  10. Well, obviously we'll have to wait and see how things shake out. But we're moving forward on the assumption that the 'clean slate' will lead to a much better game in a year or two's time. Ha, I've definitely thought about Pegasus/Taurus, but I wouldn't hold your breath this time around. Some day, I'm sure... Thank you! I'm certainly excited and we have some ideas for the new systems (colony parts based on old moon base proposals, anyone?)
  11. Minotaur 1, basically the first two stages from a decommissioned Minuteman, then the upper stages of a Pegasus XL. The later rockets in the family, IV and V, are already in the mod. (Minotaur II and III are suborbital target vehicles for ABM testing) I got sniped by @DaveyJ576
  12. Weird to think that this will be the last set of parts for BDB1 ...or not, I don't know, depends on how modding for KSP2 shakes out this year...
  13. That's correct - the Orbiter's core has some pretty significant differences (the fuel tanks are nearly double in size, for one). I am... somewhat notoriously lazy when I get parts in game. I did actually put in the effort to change the default names, but the real names/descriptions were definitely not updated. Yeah, I have no idea what that thing is... The one I added is mostly just me removing the lander-specific equipment, like the radars, and pieces that would have clipped with the solar panels. The fuel tanks are longer and the structure is slightly different, but other than that it's really just a hypothetical configuration.
  14. Surveyor "B" Orbiter parts have been added. Not a lot of info for it, I'm curious what sort of builds people can come up with for greebling it. The types of experiments it'd include are mentioned in the image below.
  15. Seeing people make such beautiful things with our parts is part of what keeps me going, thank you!
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