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  1. Ah, easy fix. I forgot to change the material in Unity (since the yellow/white throttle glow material only lives in there). Can you tell which camera angle I was using when I pushed those two parts in game?
  2. I use the Engine Ignitor, Mandatory RCS and Persistent Rotation to achieve exactly that.
  3. I honestly have no idea what's going on with it, the imported animation plays fine in the little preview window, but not in the main Unity editor or in KSP. I wound up having to redo the animation in Unity itself. Should be working now. Been going through a lot of bugfixes and issues from Github today. I did just add one little part, a standalone version of the VHF antenna on the LM.
  4. Forgot to post yesterday, but there is now a mesh switch for the SLA to have payload adapters for the AARDV Block 1, Block III+ and Block IV mission modules.
  5. INT-21 and straight wall S-IV instrument units are now available. They're a simple B9 mesh switch on the S-IVB IU; I figured it wouldn't be helpful having 3 nearly identical looking parts in the list. Also, if anyone hasn't heard the whole spiel, the green/pink discoloration on the textures should be much better on release. The current textures look bad for <complex technical reasons>.
  6. I'm not sure there's much we can do about it. Paint patterns like that are more a function of how the model was unwrapped for textures, rather than the texture themselves. I don't think the part was unwrapped in such a way to make an asymmetric pattern possible.
  7. Yeah... as far as I can tell, it was a pretty marginal LV that they stopped looking into pretty quickly. Boosting it solves some of the issues but not all of them. I don't know why we'd remove the J-2T 400K? Uh... y'know, I might not have even put in new performance numbers, I was so busy dealing with some other issues that part was giving me.
  8. There was definitely some weirdness when I was working on it? I thought B9 switching thrust replaced the original value, but in my testing it added the value. Sounds like it should have been the former? Blugh... EDIT: @derega16or whomever it may concern, I updated the config to have the proper double thrust for the full length version. Let me know if it performs as expected? In my testing it showed as having ~11k thrust (3870 kN base + 7740 kN B9 switch), instead of 7740 kN like it should be. Of course it's also possible it's the UI on Mechjeb/KER that's messing up.
  9. I even have a picture of what they were thinking. With that said, if people have like, trusses or other adapters they want for Saturn payloads... sketches are cool It's all good lol Anyone wanting to be upset on my behalf... uh, don't. Could use the standalone docking target too, I think?
  10. Maybe? No promises. And yeah, a lot of this winds up just being "hopefully we'll be able to make things better in KSP2"
  11. "Toasted" is for the Skylab Apollo, which started turning brown after several weeks of space exposure. The SM is somewhat metallic but not in the same way the CM is. With the limited amount of ability we have to control and represent metallic materials in KSP, we're going to keep the SM using the current shader. It will shine, but not reflect.
  12. That's literally not even a Barbarian... speaking of things that space nerds are widely aware of but don't really get It's actually mockup hardware for the real LDC, or at least one of them... from SpaceLaunchReport:
  13. F-1V would be cool in general. I'd have to make sure it somehow could be used in S-1D EDIT: Since I'm looking at the AJ-260s right now, it occurs to me that it might be useful for like... air-lit Saturn 1C, with a solid 0-stage.
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