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  1. Proving it will disintegrate before it hits the surface. Truly epic.
  2. @OHaraThis is super helpful, thanks. I like the ‘on rails’ solution as well. And I think the immersion argument is the best Ive seen against sneak-peeking.
  3. @OHara Agreed, I think that all works fine locally at a small scale, and I do think in your time you should not see craft that do not yet exist (except perhaps bases for space allocation purposes.) Vessels that exist in your present but have been altered in your future would need to be ghosted and non-interactive to avoid paradoxes. What Im saying is if you're saving those moves anyway, wouldn't it be helpful as a player to jump forward in time temporarily to see the state of things at the time of your anticipated arrival? I think this is especially important when considering interplanetary an
  4. Id also just add that Squad has some incredibly bright people who went out and solved problems and created new gameplay that no one had ever conceived of before so I wouldn't necessarily discount all of KSP's inefficiencies to 'these guys are amateurs'--(forgive me for tone-infill). As others have mentioned KSP 1 has grown far, far beyond its original aspirations and its not surprising 10 years later things are pretty bogged down. It is incredibly fortunate that Intercept has been able to see how KSP 1 dealt with these challenges and has the advantage of hindsight to hopefully fix a lot of th
  5. Right, but we don’t necessarily know how ksp 2 will go about it. You also dont have to record every bump of an rcs thruster, just the location, vector, and configuration after exiting from the active vessel. Im not a programmer and this may still be too much but it seems to me like yhe most robust and useful system. With any luck they’ve anticipated the “How do I see craft in the future” problem and found a way to jump ahead and back to see where things are and when things are so you can plan rendezvous.
  6. The fundamentals look similar but I get the sense career/science mode is getting a pretty significant overhaul. Im definitely excited to see what that will start to look like.
  7. I have an easier time thinking about this kind of thing when I draw it out. I have no idea how difficult this would be to program, but it would be amazing if these multiplayer saves were a continuum of edits and players could scan forward and back to see whats happening at any given time and hop in and make edits as they like so long as they weren't breaking causality.
  8. It could also be that some resources like ore are easily collected from the surface, but others like uranium need deeper drill rigs. This might be too much to wish for but maybe from an orbital scan players know the general vicinity where these rarer resources can be found and could start a base in that area, but if they wanted the best output they would need to scan more deeply and build a nearby mining outpost and then set up surface trucking with the milkrun system.
  9. - Nursery modules with artificial tide pools full of Kerblings that look like little green mudskippers. - Crops in greenhouses that look like popcorn on the cob, waffle cone broccoli, candy-cotton, etc. - Kerbal pets. Some unique ones can only be found on Laythe and in other star systems.
  10. We had a zoom meeting with clients and someone decided to replace the conference room computer with one that has no microphone so we had to quickly switch to my station to present. I unplugged my headphones so we could all hear and this played for about 12 seconds before I could get Spotify to quit.
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