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  1. Sherlock says your primary source of income is academia, t/f?
  2. My understanding is the reason you don't want the whole craft to spin is that spinning spaces with very low radii make astronauts VERY dizzy. (Think about those vomitron fair rides that make you stick to the wall and imagine spending weeks or months in that.) So any part of your craft with a radius less than 20m (for humans) should be stationary.
  3. Pthigrivi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Woo! My Jool colonization mission w/ LS finally underway. Unlike SOME people I like caravans. First up the Juno, a Laythe mothership: Some POIDH construction shots: Next up, the Lionfish, a Bop, Pol, and Tylo lander that converts into a Vall mining rig: And some support craft including a VTOL SSTO shuttle for ferrying supplies and modules to and from the colony on Laythe: Somehow this save has taken nearly as long in real time as in-game time. Not sure that's a good thing.
  4. Others may have longer limits but I tend to think drives over 5-10km are pretty grueling. A rover autopilot function would be helpful, but Im not really much more excited about watching the computer drive for miles on end than doing it myself. That's why I think part of the solution should be special classes of science-able ground scatter, something you could see nearby or on the horizon and that would both add visual interest and gameplay incentives for reaching and studying. The trick is to make them rare enough that you might want to drive rather than walk, and not so rare that you're driving forever to reach them.
  5. Pthigrivi

    A official Rss Support

    Yeah I mean I'd love to play with RSS but tend to agree that the toy solar system is basically baked into nearly every aspect of the game and it would require much too much effort than would be worth it to scale up now. I'd much rather see the planetary surfaces brought closer to life and realism in other ways that had a more direct way of opening up gameplay. And it is indeed a bummer that Making History didn't really pan out as hoped. There were a lot of people back then saying the contract system was fundamentally broken and just wanted to define all of their own mission parameters. The thing is you can already do that--its called sandbox--so spending a huge amount of time and effort to codify free play may not have been as worthwhile as it seemed. Glad we got some cool historical parts, though.
  6. @Raptor9 It seems my sarcasm radar is temporarily malfunctioning haha
  7. In career with less than 3* kerbals it can take a while to fill a big miner. I usually have dozens of concurrent flights so tend not to watch my mining ops. I do kind of wish the cutoff was 1h rather than 6.
  8. Pthigrivi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I just love your inventive designs And @Triop I've just never seen someone have so much fun not going to space
  9. I've built a bunch of decent size stations and I've never found I needed to autostrut. Usually the culprit is multiple SAS wheels working against each other and resonating which can shake a station to death. You can solve this by just leaving SAS off on your station and killing it if it stays on after you've docked. You can also kill any wobble or rotation by quickly turning on and then off time-warp in a pinch. And it certainly helps to use Docking Port Sr's whenever you can.
  10. Pthigrivi

    Realism in Stock KSP

    I don’t know I went to architecture school. Its basically 5-6 years of emotional abuse and sleep deprivation and if you don’t quit they figure you’re committed at least.
  11. Thanks! Yeah this is just a stock contract.
  12. Pthigrivi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    That's a great execution @TrooperCooper
  13. Hey quick question: do the science SSPXR science labs count as "research labs" in base building contracts?
  14. Pthigrivi

    Parts looking for love

    Another thought as they move forward on parts updates, these boys: would be nicer if they took on a look that worked well with both plane fuselages and rocket stacks, and if they slid open or accordioned to keep their radial profile down.
  15. Agreed. And I've found straight-up oxidizer tanks useful too.