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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    Ima just post a lot here now. TS Elliot lookin good over Duna. Whats in the box??? But first a pit-stop Load up the DAV on Ike with OX and Fertz... Pretty happy about the Dunacom rapid install: Meanwhile... I've felt like my poor Minminers could use a place to take a shower, Also loading up for Eve in a few weeks. 4 crew to the surface and back with LS. Fortunately its not too hard to make an SSTO EAV: The dongle on the top is so I can survey and land it remotely before the crew arrives.
  2. Awesome! And also, randomly, I learned something:
  3. Hey, guys. Is there still a node I can copy to get cirrus clouds over Duna?
  4. So Im probably stuck in 1.3.0 for the duration of this save (for non-scatterer reasons) but man I wish I could ditch those halos. Is there a 1.3.0 compatible version that fixes that? I know I haven't attached a log or anything and no biggie if not. Just curious.
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    So some fun stuff arrived at Duna today. Duna Advance, communications and site surveying before bertha shows up. Im sure this aerocapture wasn't strictly necessary, but its always fun to expose sensitive equipment to light plasma. Duna com sats out, I should probably go for tetrahedral constellations in the future. I've got a landing zone picked out at the rim of the Northeast basin but kinda want to check it out for a nice flat spot. Pwetty Aw Wally's so cute: Yep. Its flat. Ike Surveyor on the way out: Also remind me to put the big dishes on something that doesn't occlude so much next time. Here she is. This on the other hand worked out great. I don't know if it makes sense but I'd love to be able to repack these.
  6. Depends on the mod. Often folks end up waiting months for their mods to come up to speed, and if they're using parts or content that get abandoned completely they're stuck where they are or they've got to surgically extract the broken mods from their saves. I was pretty bummed when this was abandoned.
  7. The real bugaboo is when mods get abandoned, often meaning players have to chose between abandoning saves or not upgrading.
  8. Solution to aerobraking huge ships.

    I was mostly joking about the aesthetics. She's a fine beast. Good to know about the cos losses though, Im sure Im overly resistant to splayed engines.
  9. Career mode: Fly to minmus, 140 log messages.

    Sorry, man. Its a known issue and they're working on it:
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    I never post here. Here's a few images upgrading stations and getting crewed up/fueled up and stuff for a couple of big missions to Eve and Moho in 50 days or so. Robert Frost Station upgrade from the janky Munbuoey I'd been using. Crew em up! The Night Bus returning to Mark Strand Station, Shuttle Tydirium back to base: Trick is, I think, to line up your dry COM and COL, so you can shift your fuel to control your pitch: Mohosquito on the scene, Mmmm roasty potatoes... Honestly after the inevitable plane change mining asteroids seems barely worth it. Tanky Tanky out to Minmus for the reup. Really cant get over Nertea's work. I like that these look like viruses. Sylvia Plath Station looking much more habitable,
  11. Yeah MKS is just way too much. I think there's a big gap though between what one might consider near-future crewed spaceflight and full-on colonization. I mean in Elon Musk's wildest dreams they're not fabricating any kind of machinery from materials mined on mars for a long, long time. They'll be Sabatiering fuel and stuff, but all of that equipment needs to be shipped from earth. So if we're translating that kind of near-future engineering into Kerbal, you're really only talking about adding habitation and life support, which I think can be abstracted down into something pretty manageable. Kerbal is all about rocket design, but if you're sending 3 kerbals to Duna and back in an MK1-2 you aren't really engaging with anything like the realities of spaceflight. Factoring flight duration when designing payload is a pretty real (and to me, fun) engineering challenge that rolls pretty neatly into the core game.
  12. Solution to aerobraking huge ships.

    Maybe its the scale that Im working at but I haven't really needed the 10m shield for anything but interplanetary braking. Right now Im running 2 reusable 6-crew personnel busses and a 10k LF tanker. Both can get by on the 3.75m shield. And man while Im asking for things squad will never make stock Mech Jeb's aerobrake predictions are the only way to live.
  13. Solution to aerobraking huge ships.

    Oh I did that once, If you point yourself retrograde the sepratrons send the mounting gantry into back into the atmosphere. Which was fun, but as Blake points out in the end I found even a heat shield with with all its ablator burned off does just fine over and over again from Minmus (or most anywhere else).
  14. Solution to aerobraking huge ships.

    *Winces* Haha jk thats not bad. I feel like the splayed out engines would irk me though? What we really need is a stock ballute to offset the drag.
  15. Solution to aerobraking huge ships.

    That's so ugly though, rite? I cant bring myself to such means.