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  1. Oh I mean Im still gonna see how fast I can get things to go haha. And yeah.. I do think orbiting lagrange points would be cool but it's probably better for performance to keep the bodies on rails... I might be wrong about that.
  2. Cool. Didn't know if there was a plan in place to make a new official forum or if this one would serve both projects going forward. I actually quite agree Squad has been super receptive to community feedback and I hope that continues with KSP2.
  3. I tend to agree it might make things more complicated than necessary to model special relativity. Im sure they can just set engine power and interstellar distance such that getting above ~.3 c is unlikely.
  4. Hey btw is this forum the official venue for feedback and conversation about about KSP2? They mentioned how much they appreciated the community built up around KSP1 but I haven't seen anyone from Star Theory chime in here, just the Squad folks.
  5. I’m also a Mac user so I’d love to see it. Does anyone know if there’s something screwy going on with apple? It may be a coincidence but I’ve seen two games recently promise Mac support and then either cancel or drag things out with no word on why. Frostpunk was particularly annoying cause they’ve taken a lot of folks money for a Mac release scheduled for last February and aren’t giving refunds.
  6. I think this is kind of the difference between managing logistics and micro-managing logistics. There's still the implication that growth will enable new kinds of resource gathering, presumably fuel sources at the very least, and Im hoping whatever might go into LS and habitation would be as dead simple as it could be while still being something worth having. I guess what I'm saying is it's no fun to come back and find your colony dead, but it's also no fun to have empty game mechanics. There needs to be something going on, some carefully balanced system of trade-offs so players can chose to, say, stick with a low-population LFO mining operation or scale up to support bigger and better tech--or better yet--have parts and pieces to swap between different strategies, converting fuel to life support or vice versa to enable more colony growth or more fuel output. If there are no trade-offs there's no game and it's just a zero-stakes sandbox sculpture.
  7. This is a legit point. In almost all my saves since 2014 or so I've been setting up bases on Duna, Eve, Laythe, Vall, etc. The main issue is the huge disparity in warp-times between interplanetary and local KSOI missions and I can imagine a similar jump when going interstellar. If you're always busy locally it takes a long, long time to do anything significant at Jool. While I still think colony mechanics should rely on something that at least calls attention to real-life LS and ISRU I'm inclined to think demanding frequent resupply is out. Hopefully its something like set up some starting infrastructure, let things grow over a few years, come back, expand, repeat. I also hope maintaining balance is at least a little challenging--resource processing and recycling, greenhouses, habitation, nurseries, etc.
  8. Ditto. I'll be pretty bummed out if colonization doesn't employ some kind of simplified life support and habitation mechanics, some way of meeting kerbals basic biological needs. It's one of the most important aspects of real-life space travel and adds so much to gameplay, (urgency, time-based mechanics, etc.) Im cool if they make it possible with some planning and ISRU to make things self-sufficient so we can set it and forget it. Just put consequences on a toggle for players who'd rather build sandbox set-dressing rather do some resource management.
  9. There was some mention of this in the dev trailer I believe, that accommodations would be made to make really large stations and bases.
  10. It looks fantastic guys. So excited to see this <3
  11. Yeah I've been waiting on Frostpunk port for the better part of 6 months and Im pretty convinced this is because of Apples relatively recent suckitude. I love their interface but this is probably the last machine I buy from them.
  12. Very odd. It worked fine for me too. Did you try the .pkg?
  13. I haven't had time to read this whole thread like I normally do (apologies) but as a data point I do appreciate having to do a bit of noodling over these props and the understanding of their flight physics/characteristics. It's been a little while since I really learned something new from this game.