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  1. Pthigrivi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Woo look at that baby cook! VTOL SSTO for upcoming Laythe colonization mission:
  2. Well, Squad isn't actually talking about it, just us. If it ever did happen it would I'm sure be toggleable so you wouldn't have to use it. If you never have you should try it though. It's fun and really adds a whole new dimension to the game.
  3. Pthigrivi

    Reusable rocket

    Ahh the divine mystery of flux. The eternal question of reentry is: to suffer intense heat for a short time or mild heat for a long time? That's the difference between the apollo capsule and the space shuttle. You'll find that a shallow reentry--so long as you can control it--is survivable by most parts with a surface max temp. above 2000k. Also keep in mind that heat shields have exceedingly high max surface temperatures even when their ablative surface is expended. I often use them completely depleted for interplanetary aero-capture.
  4. Pthigrivi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Just about maxed my shuttle finally. Time to upgrade? Then realized I'd spent almost an hour making staffing decisions.
  5. Pthigrivi

    Minmus mining techniques

    ^Mostly that. There was a recent discussion on this with a lot of great examples here:
  6. Pthigrivi

    Reusable rocket

    Sure! Its a great way to go. I personally recommend re-entry wings, allowing you to slow down gradually in the upper atmosphere and glide to an altitude at which you can pop the chutes. Keep in mind landing something like this is still tricky. I've found circularizing at 80k, then bringing my PE down to 55k over my target landing site works well. You'll want to start facing radial out until about 55k, then transition to 45 degrees. Once you're through the plasma you can try to trim out to a gentle glide. You can also try keeping a fuel tank at the front and rear of your rocket and pinning them so you can move fuel up and down to control your COM. Results may vary, good luck!
  7. So much great stuff. I actually love most of the art--what can I say, I like a dash of color. Super glad to hear about a bit of a stats pass as well. Any chance we'll see some re-shuffling of the tech tree as well? The placement of a lot of these structural parts has always seemed a bit haphazard to me.
  8. Woo! It may be a while but can't wait to start a new save with this.
  9. Gameslinx these are so completely gorgeous. Sorry if I missed it but will these get biomes and resources eventually?
  10. Seriously, Nertea's made like 3 full DLC's worth for us.
  11. The short answer is of course its possible. The deeper question is would the result really be worth it? To Pecan's point we would lose the common experience and resource of fellow players tackling a similar set of challenges. This is easily overlooked, but is a really important part of building common community resources that make the game surmountable.
  12. But Vanamonde, without bickering, nitpicking, wild speculation, or off-topic semi-preposterous feature requests what will we even talk about?
  13. The trick with this is you want science to be exhaustible, that's why its lumped into biomes. Once you collect data in a given biome a couple of times its essentially mined out. (I'd personally like this even more strict by making science returns 100% on recovery so we weren't encouraging repeat missions to the same place, but that's a nitpick.) I like what you're saying about making a visible goal, though. Perhaps if we had a biome overlay in map mode it could display a heat map showing how much remaining science is available to collect from each? So lets see, in the last page we've now asked for a flight planner, a science overhaul with biome overlays and volcanoes and a bunch of new planets, no sweat!
  14. @swjr-swis Thats interesting, and goes to maybe a deeper question about menus saving their states when you switch from screen to screen. I think the default in a new save would have to be with them all closed, however, since a lot of people are playing on laptops and would barely be able to see the rocket with everything open. It would save you the job of re-opening them each time you loaded a vessel though. I've also thought this. One thing they could do is to use slightly varied and randomized values for science from biome to biome encouraging players to map from orbit before picking a landing site. For instance the the Northwest crater would be worth 10% more, munar poles 20% more etc. And if Im being really greedy it might also be cool to place surface features and a special class of randomized ground scatter that carried science bonuses in a few randomized biomes.
  15. So this isn't exactly right. Its a question of screen real-estate. You really only want information on the screen that is immediately necessary for the task at hand. You can imagine, for instance, having the altitude and time to AP, PE, AN, DN, plus all craft dV, TWR, and resource values for every active flight simultaneously on the screen. It's all data, but its not data that you necessarily need all the time or would want to just ignore. You don't even really need tabs for all that all the time. I do generally agree that in this case given the really quite elegant execution its a good thing to have per-stage dV listed by default from the beginning. I'd also love to have a tab that would show AP and PE in flight mode and have altitude automatically switch to radar when you switch focus from orbit to surface. But thats not to say as a blanket thing that withholding information from the player is always a bad thing. Totally agreed that we shouldn't abandon career mode in our thinking, and this goes both to unlocking game features and information. While I'd prefer to see dV listed per-stage all the time, I could see, for instance, the drop down for TWR only display for Kerbin, the Mun, and Minmus until the latter two had been landed on, at which point more detailed information for other planets would be unlocked. The same could go for dV budgets and transfer windows. This goes to the exploration process, not just unlocking parts, but unlocking information players need to progress to the next step in the game's development.