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  1. Okay, so, I teleported everything with an ext. ladder to orbit and tested: MK3-9 Oribital Command Pod - Kerbals seem to slide without user input on the vertical section. PPD-20 Shanty Habitation Module - Seems like a 12 degree offset from center on the ladder. Reskinned Mobile Processing Lab - Kerbs climb the ladder face-out, which is impressive but probably wrong. Also they tend to slide away from the hatch without user input. PXL Pressurised Conical Storage Container - A little bit of slidey biz on the vertical section(s). PPD-1 Heavy Command Module - Sliding at the plane transition point (this all may be related to shifting modules/planes, forgive me Im not a programmer) MK4-1 Command Module - Automatic sliding on ladders, difficult/impossible to climb between both planes. Reskinned PPD-12 Cuopola - It seems impossible to grab hold without flying away. SCATTER-1 Service Airlock - Visible ladder/grab bars but cant climb. PDT-8R 'Pier' Station Core - Visible ladder but cant climb. As a note, exterior ladders aren't even usually necessary, but come in handy for KAS and especially with landers on which climbing up and down becomes important for ingress/egress/repacking chutes etc. Several modules have no ladders or incomplete ladder sections, just something to keep in mind for balance.
  2. This is pretty amazing, Nertea. One thing I've noticed is some strange behavior w/ kerbals on ladders. They end up climbing backwards on the re-skinned mobile science lab and tend to slide up and down on their own. I've noticed the sliding with the 7-crew pod as well (Near future spacecraft I think?)
  3. Think of it like a semi-autonomous probe. Kerbals don't fly themselves, your ability to fly them is a stand-in for their autonomy, which, handily, gives the player something interactive to do. I like the service bays. They could be less clunky, but I've usually got a bunch of science gadgets and junkola to fill them with. Not that I don't clip from time to time, but its nice to have access.
  4. The larger probe cores also have better Kerbnet performance, if you're into that kind of thing.
  5. Cheating Rules

    Edit: Ah, yes. What slashy said. It lands empty and gets refueled on the surface. Easiest just to test it full to iron out an efficient staging profile.
  6. New Stock Parts

    All of the 2.5m parts are bad, but the decoupler is really, really horrifying. I'd also love to get a compliment of low-profile adapters, 2.5 to 3.75, 2.5 to MK3, and this thing: needs to hold fuel.
  7. I'll also add Better Burn Time is brilliant. Thanks, @Snark!
  8. Ksc targeter

    ^This is what I do. I agree KSC should just be a fixed, targetable marker though.
  9. Cheating Rules

    I finally downloaded hyperedit to test my eve ascent vehicle the other day. Oh, the terrible, terrible shame.
  10. All good info. Thanks, guys. I still tend to think its worth patching something like this for smoother, more intuitive play. Its another one like dV, seems like a really critical piece of the gameplay that's been left out, but I do get that its more complicated than it immediately appears. God, console folks, how do you live?
  11. Rovers are useless

    Yeah I mean there are folks out there who just like tearing around (I do), but I totally agree it would be nice if there was an in-game incentive that encouraged using rovers. Personally I think the best mechanic would be another layer of scattered geological features (crystals, geysers, fossil beds, even volcanoes) that you could land near and then scout out on the ground.
  12. There it is! Im off to read the thread, but it really seems like much of this should be stock. We need this and basic dV way more than we need new parts. (Also KAC, precise node, docking port allignment... )
  13. This has been an annoyance so long I'd almost stopped noticing it, but why do you have to throttle all the way up for KSP to calculate burn times in maneuver nodes? Shouldnt it know/assume you will be firing at full throttle and base the burn time on that? Even weirder, it gives burn time estimates after you throttle, and then forgets them if you leave and come back to your ship. Maybe there's a mod that fixes this. Since I started playing like 5 years ago I just do a calibration burn every time. Seems crazy we have to do that.
  14. One small bit of feedback: the ptd-c observation window is available for rescue contracts but doesnt have a hatch. Im not sure how the contracts select rescue capsules but it might be good to take it off the list or give it a hatch in the back.