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  1. Im pretty sure the Wolfhound is based on the AJ10-137 for the apollo service module. Its RL Isp is around 315s, just for reference.
  2. I know there are performance reasons why this probably cant happen the way some folks wish, so yeah, its tough. The kind of automation Im most interested in isn't actually having the computer fly the ship, but in streamlining other parts of the UI to reduce repetitive clicking. There are some additional piloting skills that could could be nice though, like holding angle to horizon for long flights, holding position X,Y,Z to make for easier hovering, etc. I feel like its an important part of the game that players are still engaged and not just watching the computer do things entirely for them, but thats a personal preference. I didn't delve too deeply into kerbal skills in the OP but yes, I would love to see them more fully fleshed out. A big part of that would be some kind of stock KIS/KAS, allowing engineers to swap out parts and make field modifications. Not only would it be a fun mechanic, but it would save a lot of missions that started with "oops I forgot to put a ladder on that". Just some thoughts off the bat on extending Kerbal skills past level 3: Pilots: - Hold angle to horizon - Maintain velocity - Hold position X, Y, Z - Landing zone prediction - Conics factoring drag (aerobrake prediction) - Time to impact/intercept/reentry/exit atmo Engineers: - Link/unlink field struts/fuel hoses - Attach/remove solar panels, antennae, struts, etc. - Repair overheated/damaged engines/reactors - Maintain COM via fuel redistribution - Reassign action groups in flight - Remaining dV readout in flight Scientists: - Perform resource value test in MPL - Take surface feature core sample - Level based bonuses to sample value - Level based bonus to anomaly discovery chance - Level based increases to greenhouse efficiency (if LS was ever implemented) This is a great point. You can see all of the things you've collected in the Archives but its pretty hard to make use of. Its listing the things we have, but what I really want is a list of what we don't have so I can see what I've missed and whats still out there to get. Thanks, Kerb. Im not hurt though.
  3. Pthigrivi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    This is awesome.
  4. Pthigrivi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I've had so little time to play lately. Oh life. Decided to take the Dunabago out for a spin last night. Landed the hab near 4 biomes. I don't know how yall have the patience for Elcano challenges. 20km and I was spent. Found some rocks. Good jorb, Val. Also sent out Anne Sexton, my Eve Mothership. Damn that Liberator puts out some heat. Those two bombs on the side carry research and mining trucks for the surface crew. Also got my first big VASIMR drive up in orbit. And my Moho lander... Lookin pretty in pink Especially at Moho I should probably power this thing with PV panels instead of a nuclear reactor, I just worry about getting caught in a night-side burn without enough batteries....
  5. Pthigrivi

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    Still gotta check you're parallel, which is why others have said camera is important too.
  6. Pthigrivi

    How do you come up with ideas for names of missions?

    Oh Im such a dork. I've got this string of poets going, TS Elliot, Mark Strand, Anne Sexton, etc. Flags are all fictional characters from dorky books. Minmus is Harry Potter, The Mun is LOTR, Duna is ASOIAF. And then I've got a bunch of randos like my tug "Trash cat", "Tanky Tanky" and "Dunabago".
  7. Pthigrivi

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    Nice lookin station, Djr. Good work!
  8. Pthigrivi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    @BadOaks I really like that reusable lander. Where's it got its legs hidden?
  9. Pthigrivi

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    We're phrasing things differently but Im surprised by how similarly most experienced players are doing this. Unless you're axially docking 2 small vessels and can SAS lock on target with both your breakdown above seems best.
  10. Just curious, how long abouts did it take you to go from zero to a complete tech tree? How did the progression feel? What bogged down and what seemed too easy?
  11. Pthigrivi

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    Depends what you're doing. If you're pulling up to radial ports on a station its nice to check that you're nice and perpendicular on the way in.
  12. Pthigrivi

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    Is there a mod or key-binding to switch views straight up/down/left/right on your vessel? Damn that would be handy for this.
  13. Pthigrivi

    Career-mode and Mods

    Im playing career with USI-LS, reactors, and a bunch of Near Future stuff (plus KAC and a bunch of flight data mods) and I've loved it. I did tweak up some of the difficulty settings, mainly lowering the funds penalties which reduces some of the building upgrade grind. Im not always 100% on board with RD and Nertea's career game balance but its worked out. Next save I'd like to play with KCT and see how that effects things.
  14. Pthigrivi

    How to prevent collisions?

    Wow, really? Thats like a 1 in a million.
  15. Pthigrivi

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    I've never used RCS build aid, but some general placement tips: 1) Generally I use RCS blocks in groupings of 4 snapped N-E-S-W around the module's core. That way tapping I, J, K, and L always thrusts with 2 blocks in the direction you want to go. 2) On smaller vessels place your 4x grouping of RCS blocks around the anticipated COM when docking. On larger vessels you may need 2 or 4 sets of 4 RCS blocks. In this case too you want to balance these around your COM, rather than the geometric center of the vessel. This should keep things from rocking and rotating when you mean to translate.