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  1. Hello, after the release of realism overhaul on CKAN I've built myself a new Realism Overhaul installation. So far everything works good. But I have two issues, which seem to be scatterer related. I'm using RSSVE updated for 1.3.1 but unfortunately the thread there is closed When launchin a rocked, the landscape gets covered by a blueish nebula. This disapprears when getting higher up. And after reaching a height of > 140km, scatterer seems to not be active at all. Also this disappears when reaching a certain height. https://imgur.com/a/E6mLD Someone has an idea how to fix this?
  2. Is this mod compatible with 1.3.1? Edit: Nevermind, there is a branch on git which apparently is working. Trying it out now. https://github.com/KSP-RO/TestFlight/tree/dev
  3. Is there a way to produce more debug output? I currently try to install around 100 mods using a CKAN file on Ubuntu. Unfortunately currently a single not downloadable file seems to be able to block the whole downloading and installation process. CKAN creates the files in /tmp, downloads almost all of the mods and then gets stuck. There seems to be simultaneous downloading, but even the successful downloads get blocked by the faulty ones. Why not just move at least the successful downloaded mods into the cache for the next try??? Then at least it would be possible to narrow down the list for the not downloadable mods with a few tries. Currently you just have a bunch of randomly named files in /tmp where you not even can tell which file belongs to which mod. Edit: Canceling doesn't seem to cancel the downloads. If your installation gets blocked by an unavailable file you can cancel and the gui reacts accordingly. But when you check the files in /tmp after doing this, you can see that the downloads suddenly continue.
  4. Any forecast, when a RO version or 1.3 or 1.4 is gonna hit ckan?
  5. Can't wait to play KSP/RO again. I switched to linux a few months ago and unfortunately 1.2.2 has an issue witch lets most of the available window manager crash, since then I didn't play it anymore. But in 1.3.x it is supposed to be fixed.
  6. Hmm... now everything seems ready for 1.3.1? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A7gQkIiQKi0VtRecE6p86KCKuoawZPdzk7NlaxssRJ4/edit#gid=0
  7. Following this spreadsheet since a few weeks - not much happening there anymore?
  8. Is the current version of RVE compatible with the current EVE from CKAN? Becaus I can't get the clouds to work
  9. Hello, thats not the problem. The problem is that the rockets are not pointing straight up as in the VAB when I roll them out on the launchpad. In the VAB they point perfectly straight upwards, on the launchpad they are (including the launchclamps) 3 to 5 degrees offcenter. If it is still not clear I can come up with screenshots later today.
  10. Hello I have the issue, that only the first rocket gets placed with straight up launch towers. All following launches are slightly pointing away from mid, making a launch with early unguided rockets almost impossible. Anyone else encountered this issue?
  11. Hello, I've put together a 1.2.2 Realism Overhaul install today. The only mod that is still missing for my perfect luck is mechjeb. No matter if ckan oder manual install, stable or dev-version, Mechjeb doesn't show up ingame. Does someone have an idea?
  12. Ckan supports the feature. But the mod developer has to take care of the versioning because only he can know, which version of his mod works with what version of ksp.
  13. Hello. Downloaded RP0 manually from the master branch, but every starting item in my campaign is flagged as non-rp0. Did I get the wrong version? Thanks!
  14. Yes, I can. But ckan, recognizing KSP as version 1.2.2 could also only download compatible mods. If not so, ckan would have no reason to exist
  15. Hello, i've built myself a RSS installation based on 1.2.2. Apparently ckan grabs the most recent version of KIS and installs it. But the latest version of KIS seems to be incompatible with KSP 1.2.2 which leads to a crash. Would it be possible to put in a working version of KIS for 1.2.2?
  16. 1. As far as I remember, I too did my Venus landing with a lunar rated heat shield. 2. I took a deep dive with a periapis of around 60 km while beeing on a flyby trajectory. The heat shield survived. 3. Yes. Due to the air friction you only will need a small one. 4. My above mentioned reentry too steep and some of the instruments got destroyed due to the high g-forces. I wold try it with something around 80 to 90 km. If you are in a orbit, you can tip into the atmosphere very gently, since you don't miss anything, if you have to do several passes to get suorbital.
  17. Yeah, all those glitches in the physics engine of the real world...
  18. That would brake the game in its current stage. How would you perform an EVA? Cluttering your ship with ladders, which have to clip though everywhere, just to provide ways to reach every neccessary point? And how would you safe a kerbal, which gets blown into space by awesome KSP physics?
  19. Does anyone have a recent version of this textures? Unfortunately every source seems to have been taken down
  20. If you want my humble opinion: I believe, that most users use Ampyear only to get an overview of the power consumption and don't care much about the other features. At least I use it that way and I don't even tried the other stuff so far. Compared to that, Ampyear does quite alot changes to the save file (at least I've read so, didn't try it so far), making the removal of the mod difficult. It provides also alot unneeded complexity in GUI and usage - against the motto "one job, one tool". Don't get me wrong: Your mod is the best for its job I know this far, I am grateful to you providing it, and you have every right to make this mod as you like. But I think, this thread is also here to provide feedback for you. And my feedback is, that a simple window showing the power consumption/production, maybe also the dark times of orbit, and doing nothing else, would be sufficient to me and most of the users. It could also be, that I am totally wrong and that the additional features are used by most of the people. In that case: forget what I've said.
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