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  1. Love the new updates! That atlas V thing is cool and take a bit of time off your hands! When you get all these NASA towers done, are there any plans do all the physical pads? Heck we could have our very own Boca Chica someday!
  2. Any reason for a collision box right at the elevator entrance so the crew is blocked from getting on the elevator using the Saturn Angled Base piece?
  3. Lets talk Mechjebs Landing Guidance and RO Quit frankly this feature in mechjeb is a outright disaster when using realism overhaul engines. Im trying to get a set of Raptor engines to achieve powered landings using Mechjeb so I dont have to play suicide games with the suicide burn timers. How do I get rid of that delayed engine startup? Mechjeb hates powered landings because it does not account for that delay. I also had to get rid of the limited ignitions as mechjeb was just firing all the ignitions like a machine gun! Basically I need the Space X Raptor engines from KK Lanchers pack with the ITS ship to land like it needs to.
  4. Does this work when you launch things one-by-one like the TDRS communication sats? Does this account for the phase angle of the first TDRS you launched , then give you a maneuver node to resonate with it? I have so much problems trying ot keep a 120 degree spacing between 3 TDRS's
  5. Ive noticed there are Dragon v2 space craft anywhere for past.90 . Laztec one is so old that the FPS is 1 fps its incompatible now. Im looking for a realism Dragon v2 if someone wants to help out. Maybe Kart is making one? I have no clue. Oh and I will not do a stock-alike as there are a few out there.
  6. My surface and orbital surveyor scanner says it scans for -water -minerals -exotic minerals nitrogen -karbonite -ect. But how do I get these resources? AFAIK the parts in game do not harvest those, only ore. Are these fake resources?
  7. Do I really really need the dependencies? Ive read the functions of the dependencies but it says they have no function.
  8. After the shuttle towers would be willing to work on the vintage pads like LC10-14 (Atlas, Titan II), LC26 and LC 17 ?
  9. Anyway I can disable CO2 poisoning in the config? My kerbals are dying from invisible CO2 levels.
  10. Anyone ever try landing the Shuttle by gliding only and actually landing at the official landing strip without ever using the OMS? I have done this successfully ONCE out of 18 flights so far. There is serious mathematics and algebra involved it seems to land this thing with zero engine use from de-orbit burn. Anyone have any pointers for me to have a more success rate? Im tired of the "authorized" water landings LOL
  11. This launch had ignited a mass emotional feeling for me. Literally I was screaming and yelling and crying and I never do this with neighbors living in the apartments next door. No matter who you are, your will break down and defy your own rules cause this launch was historic to the max. No sporting event will ever unlock such an emotion. Conrats Space X and god speed!