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  1. I think engine nozzle bells should flex. Could you code some of the engines to do that?
  2. What about adding right-click support so when you are on EVA you can select elevator up/down? Its so annoying to have to bracket out of craft and switch from craft to kerbal and back to craft again.
  3. Huge BAD with the General crew access elevator. There is no way to select the crew access points (2.5m , 5m, off) so that crew access on the bottom of tower is possible. You can only open a "hole" for the elevator at the top of the tower. The programming is only allowing the access points on the bottoms of any tower height. Also there is a missing stack node where you COULD get around this by stacking another General View Access tower and omitting the base.
  4. Same issue here on 1.7.1 . This is an issue with RP0. Can someone avail what config inside RP is doing this ?
  5. Can I use this on my 1.7 install with RSS and RO? I do understand I will have to place the pads manually, but need to know if it is supported other than the coordinate system.
  6. Any chance you will do non-mobile or static pads and use KK to code them in our Real Solar System Florida area? I would like a premade Cape Canaveral with all the pads. Then using your modular towers I can just build the mobile parts ?
  7. Love the new updates! That atlas V thing is cool and take a bit of time off your hands! When you get all these NASA towers done, are there any plans do all the physical pads? Heck we could have our very own Boca Chica someday!
  8. Any reason for a collision box right at the elevator entrance so the crew is blocked from getting on the elevator using the Saturn Angled Base piece?
  9. Lets talk Mechjebs Landing Guidance and RO Quit frankly this feature in mechjeb is a outright disaster when using realism overhaul engines. Im trying to get a set of Raptor engines to achieve powered landings using Mechjeb so I dont have to play suicide games with the suicide burn timers. How do I get rid of that delayed engine startup? Mechjeb hates powered landings because it does not account for that delay. I also had to get rid of the limited ignitions as mechjeb was just firing all the ignitions like a machine gun! Basically I need the Space X Raptor engines from KK Lanchers pack with the ITS ship to land like it needs to.