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  1. Thats perfectly fine by me! Those kerbals have to wait much, much longer after all!
  2. Why is everybody so aggressive here? I just wanna talk about a cool game I'm looking forward to
  3. No pics, but today in my science playthrough I put my first Kerbal in orbit (had to be jJeb, ofc) and then helped my dad land a plane I built!
  4. 1/10, I recognize your location text. Its funny!
  5. I spent 6 hours trying to make a plane I can land in FAR. So satisfying when I did it B)
  6. Its fairly consistent. The only thing other I'm doing online is on my phone, and isnt very bandwidth intensive, so I don't think it would have any effect.
  7. Hey, anytime I try and download this mod, the compressed folder is incomplete- whenever I try to open it, it gives me an error message saying "Windows cannot open this folder. The Compressed (zipped) Folder (folder directory) is invalid." This is the third time ive tried downloading it, and its the same every time. Im starting to get frustrated. This is the only download that does this, Ive successfully downloaded several mods before and since. Any help?
  8. I'm at the download screen in the store, but it's not there; it's saying that the latest release is still 1.1.3. Am I missing something, is it just for Steam right now?
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