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  1. The Connected Living Space Integration seems to have some serious problems. I get null reference exception spam in the logs, and the overview in the Editor is completely broken and provides no info. Example of log spam:
  2. Hello! Apologies if this is a difficult question to answer, but I was wondering what the "strange ways" radiation around multiple stars means, as stated in the OP. I am very interested in using this mod alongside the Kcalbeloh System pack, and would even be willing to write configs for it for anyone else to use, but since that pack includes multiple stars I would like to know if problems would make that unviable. Thank you for your time, and this very cool mod!
  3. @AtomicTech Main thing to report: the Juno and Goliath sounds work great, but the Juno has no visuals. Waterfall recognizes it and displays "JunoFX" but says that module has 0 effects on it (apologies if the terminology is wrong, not too familiar with waterfall) Additionally: the Dart (aerospike) has no waterfall effects, just the stock plume Full report: the kerolox plume on the Cheetah engine is slightly clipped through the nozzle; all three plumes on the Vector are totally broken (purple cylinder instead of effects), the Rhino has no effects at all, the Wolfhound is partially broken (small purple line inside plume), the Juno has no effects at all, the Dart has stock effects, and additionally, idk if you intend to do any RestockPlus engines, but if you do, the Cherenkov has only stock effects. If not mentioned, assume it's fine.
  4. Before the evolution of trees, massive fungus formed forests, although they didnt have the classic toadstool shape. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prototaxites
  5. I'm certainly still hyped. I do think wrt the requirements that they maybe are being conservative about "minimum" but regardless, it's early access, we *knew* it was gonna be unoptimized.
  6. I'm fortunate enough to already have a computer that hits these requirements, but I do wonder how well it will run on a computer that meets the min specs but with an older/worse graphics card. Are they just being extremely conservative? Would a 1080 be able to handle it reasonably well at min settings, but with lag while in atmosphere or in certain situations? I feel bad for all the people who won't be able to join in the EA at first at least.
  7. I agree with everything you said, except that the explosion video you linked just looks silly, why is it totally overexposed and blinking like a strobe light lol
  8. Not to mention it also makes cutaways in areas other than windows
  9. Absolutely gorgeous, I'm so excited!
  10. I can't think of a single video game, ever, that has actually volumetric explosions. I'm sure some exist, but I genuinely can't think of any.
  11. I can't wait to see Minmus's flats as glass now. I hope they're shiny
  12. I just wish the "Hype train" thread was for actual hype, not doom posting.
  13. Look at the Eve video. You can very clearly see that mountains and hills farther away are purple-y compared to nearby ones.
  14. FR tho, you can see atmospheric scattering in that clip, its *there*, people complain over so little
  15. In a month, someone's gonna have to replicate this thing as close as possible and see if it would work at all
  16. The width of a human hair is much smaller than one mm, and you can see hairs move smoothly and clearly.
  17. I see no reason to assume the big white tank is for LOX. I just assumed it was like, the largest possible size H2 tank- especially since its similar to some tanks from Nertea mods lol. I'm most interested in the engine- afaik, we were only aware of one new NTR before this, in addition to the NERV. So if this is indeed a new NTR it seems like big news to me!
  18. Sorry, no offense intended, but this is not correct. The RD-180 runs on RP-1 and LOX, not Hydrolox. It's proportions of fuel to LOX is completely different. RP-1 is super dense compared to Hydrogen, which is why that tank is so small. An engine that runs oxygen rich simply runs with more oxygen than the optimal stoichiometric ratios- regardless of if it is Hydrolox or RP-1. So they are correct, In a hydrolox engine, the hydrogen tank should pretty much always be bigger than the LOX tank.
  19. That's a (presumably) new fuel tank and engine!
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