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  1. Eh, it just confuses me. I don't like the reflector antenna setup all that much. I t used the simulation thing in the VAB and had a bunch of white lines pointing at a large dish and then I tested this by teleporting the ship to orbit and had no connection. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to use real regular antenna with it too, but in any case, I'd rather just use my regular antenna without having a butt load of reflector and line antenna thingies cluttering up my comm area when I'm trying to find regular antenna with a specific range on them. I don't like these reflecting antenna, they just make no sense to me. I use Omni antenna for short range stuff within a small distance of a planet, and satellite dish antenna to point at planets. This is good enough for me. I looked at the files to see if it was just a simple parts folder I could delete, but its not, its got other antenna in there too that fill in the gaps. I didn't want to lose those. Just these bizarre bouncing antenna. EDIT: I'll try once more just to see if I can make it work, but ultimately its unlikely to be something I'll ever use in the first place. Even if I make it work. I just don't like it. Kinda makes my ships ugly and lopsided. If you are in the reddit KSP discord, you can give me a poke there to talk more about it directly if you want.
  2. Is there any chance you can add an option to this mod to disable the odd reflecting antenna things? These are cluttering up my communication tab and I have no idea how to use them, as they are rather complex and confusing. I tried them out and they appear to do nothing. Even after I pointed like 8 of them at the reflector dish or whatever it was called. No connection of any kind. I'd just like to disable these antenna since I don't know how to use them. Would be nice to see some sort of in game config screen to disable or enable parts of the mods. Like a Near Future control panel button or some such.
  3. Ah, I thought it was cause of it showing this thread and you as the author. Ah, I'll check then. I just installed everything that had "near future" in the title with "Nertea" as the author when I was on CKAN. Since all of them link to this thread and not a specific detailed thread I didn't bother reading anything on them.
  4. Hmm, I'm not sure... I think one of the mods modifies certain tanks to allow me to change the fuel that they have within them yea... I can't remember which one though.. It would be nice if this could be made compatible. I guess they'd have to make the mod compatible on their end though because they would need to scan the tank after this one applies its research to the tanks. Right? Ah yea, Configurable Containers: Am I right in the assumption though? That it'd take the mod that makes the tanks switch fuels, putting in some sort of fix on their end? P.S. I'm in discord if you wanna chat me up there. The Reddit discord that is. Or poke my discord, `Vas#1890`. Boy I sure do have a lot of your mods. xD
  5. Alright, thank you, I'll go ahead and remove this mod then so I can drop 1.6 off the list without worry. I know it doesn't uninstall the mods, its just hard to see when you sort by compatible and CKAN neglects to show mods that are older than your compatible selection when installed, on the "compatible" tab. I like to scroll through the list of compatible mods on occasion.
  6. Got a request for you, any chance you can update the version file for "Near Future Propulsion Extras: Reduced Thrust Configs" so that it shows as 1.9.1 or "any" in CKAN? I'm trying to uncheck all 1.6 and 1.7 mods because I've been getting a lot of critical errors and such so I want to drop the "KSP versions" from having 1.5 through 1.9 checked to just 1.8 and 1.9. This is one of the last mods that has 1.6 as its version number. I know its just a config so I know it should be compatible with any, which is why I was just hoping you'd change its version number in CKAN. I've got every one of your Near Future mods on there.
  7. I'd like to see this updated to show as 1.9 in CKAN so that I can remove "1.6" and "1.7" from the list of compatible mods without having this one disappear from the list. So far it seems like this mod works perfectly so it should be possible to just update it to say "any" version really and never need to update its version number again. I have no idea how that works though, as I tried to look at other people's mod versions and I don't quite understand how this all works. Anyway, I was just hoping you'd update the version information so CKAN will let me see it without having to keep 1.7 checked anymore. In discord this was what one person said about it;
  8. Ah, 1.7, that explains why there's a large amount of errors in the KSP logs related to this mod. [ERR 02:34:59.425] Exception handling event onVesselWasModified in class ModuleIRServo_v3:System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at InfernalRobotics_v3.Module.ModuleIRMovedPart.InitializePart (Part part) [0x00009] in <1886c2a334854b74853be7fb07236d62>:0 at InfernalRobotics_v3.Module.ModuleIRServo_v3.OnVesselWasModified (Vessel v) [0x0009d] in <1886c2a334854b74853be7fb07236d62>:0 at EventData`1[T].Fire (T data) [0x000b0] in <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0 [EXC 02:34:59.427] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object InfernalRobotics_v3.Module.ModuleIRMovedPart.InitializePart (Part part) (at <1886c2a334854b74853be7fb07236d62>:0) InfernalRobotics_v3.Module.ModuleIRServo_v3.OnVesselWasModified (Vessel v) (at <1886c2a334854b74853be7fb07236d62>:0) EventData`1[T].Fire (T data) (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) EventData`1:Fire(Vessel) RemoteTech.Modules.ModuleRTAntenna:AddTransmitter() RemoteTech.Modules.ModuleRTAntenna:SetState(Boolean) RemoteTech.Modules.ModuleRTAntenna:OnStart(StartState) Part:ModulesOnStart() <Start>d__297:MoveNext() UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr) Just a heads up is all on the errors.
  9. I was looking through my log files, because my game crashed and apparently didn't create any crash report or log files or anything for it and I noticed a huge huge volume of errors coming from this mod. I was wondering what they mean. I'll share a couple here but its the same error throughout the file and its just insane how many there are. [ERR 02:33:22.785] [KRnD] updatePart(C3.RTank.06): System.Exception: no original-stats for part 'C3.RTank.06' at KRnD.KRnD.updatePart (Part part, KRnD.KRnDUpgrade upgradesToApply) [0x00070] in <c3c5f99852404d74b80f1fed7bbae96f>:0 [ERR 02:33:22.785] [KRnD] updatePart(C3.RTank.08): System.Exception: no original-stats for part 'C3.RTank.08' at KRnD.KRnD.updatePart (Part part, KRnD.KRnDUpgrade upgradesToApply) [0x00070] in <c3c5f99852404d74b80f1fed7bbae96f>:0 [ERR 02:33:22.785] [KRnD] updatePart(C3.Tank.01): System.Exception: no original-stats for part 'C3.Tank.01' at KRnD.KRnD.updatePart (Part part, KRnD.KRnDUpgrade upgradesToApply) [0x00070] in <c3c5f99852404d74b80f1fed7bbae96f>:0 I'm just looking through to see if I can clean up some errors to prevent these crashes. CKAN mod list file; https://www.dropbox.com/s/ipcaoz5184bd01d/vas-mod-pack.ckan?dl=0 Text Mod List: https://pastebin.com/VjCypGac Pastebin won't let me upload the full file. 23MB in size because of the vast amount of errors. https://www.dropbox.com/s/92p6v1exa4nisyu/KSPLog.zip?dl=0
  10. This appears to have fixed the problem. I will test the mod in all scenes real fast to make certain. Yep, appears to be entirely functional. Thanks.
  11. Alright, I've got the logs, I'll upload it to pastebin but here's a clipping of the relevant part that I believe is relevant. [LOG 03:48:15.461] [Adjustable Mod Panel] New value for RealChute: NEVER [EXC 03:48:15.471] IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. AdjustableModPanel.ModPanelComponent.Update () (at <b1075db5085a46c7925fce5ebf31cbc4>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) [LOG 03:48:20.431] [Adjustable Mod Panel] New value for EVEManager: TRACKSTATION [EXC 03:48:20.441] IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. AdjustableModPanel.ModPanelComponent.Update () (at <b1075db5085a46c7925fce5ebf31cbc4>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) I deleted the config file before loading the game and purged all logs prior as well to get completely clean logs. KSP Log File: https://pastebin.com/ZDKLNn2f Appears unrelated to previously installed mods, it seems to be specific ones. Oddly all towards the end of the list too. Everything that has the green dot in KSC is what can't be altered at all. Text List: KCT_NS, EVEManager, Achievements_NS, RealChute, ContractsWindow, SCANsat, TimeControl. Video Clip: https://youtu.be/sw3K-u7AZ8I
  12. I'm having an odd bug that I don't understand whats causing it. This mod adds a new part that is what I added onto my ship, the first time I've ever had this bug. I build the ship, my tanks are all normal and such. I hit Ctrl Z to undo something, or load my ship from save, or launch the ship, and all the tanks get reduced to 9x less storage capacity. Not emptied, but the max capacity goes down 9 times the size making it impossible to launch anything. All I did was a teeny tiny launch pod at the top for a mini satellite. This is before I added all the other ship parts and stuff. My mod list if it helps. https://pastebin.com/tnEJ4VPZ Also a suggestion for this. An option that makes it auto deploy all antenna, and another option to deploy solar panels upon opening the fairing. That way the antenna get auto deployed once it opens up.
  13. I find it odd that this isn't base game as is, in order to stop such incidents from happening and giving modders default access to these things. Not that your mod is bad or anything, I just feel that something like this should be base game by now.
  14. I wish this could completely and entirely replace the base game resource panel so that the button for it doesn't even exist anymore and this one just shows up.
  15. I seem to be having issues getting this to work. It is showing icons in the panels even when I uncheck them. Some disappear when unchecked but others do not. Its like they are permanently stuck. I'm not quite sure why at the moment. I came back from having not been around for over a year and just started mass updating all the mods and such. Still got quite a few issues in other areas as well but yea, my button panels are a complete mess cause I can't hide icons that used to be hidden before I updated this mod. Anything that I had hid before, is unhidable now it seems. I use CKAN to install this, by the way. Mod List: https://pastebin.com/tnEJ4VPZ
  16. Oh, now I think I see what you guys mean.. It must have been because the part didn't default to the proper rotation when I pulled out a new one. For some reason when I pulled out a new one it was rotated like that. If only there were editor visual aids that tell you which side is considered "up". Though honestly, I think that part should have a glass roof too for viewing above. I couldn't tell what was wrong because of the part coming out like that "squashed" version each time for unknown reasons after I attached the first part correctly only rotating it on the one axis to flip it and connect it.
  17. I rotated the hell out of it. Look at he two, you can see it being squashed in the second image. There's no way rotating it will unsquash it.
  18. What about the strange module there at the end that is the same exact module but each time I place it, it has a 90% chance of not matching the port at all and being squashed into a flatter longer version of its self?
  19. Yea I was watching my docking connections and making sure to properly set them. I never tested it out though because they were misaligned by several virtual inches and the other areas of the ship were so far misaligned and distant that docking ports wouldn't have helped at all. I wish each part was the same size, aka all the parts would be stretched to be as long as the longest part which I think is the launch pad, not sure. Storage containers and such would store more as a result. With everything the same exact size, building a station that connects to its self wouldn't be as hard.
  20. I've removed Real Fuels myself, its unplayable. I use almost all Near Future things though, maybe even all. Good quick response though, I thought it'd be a day or two before any response with forums usually being slow. xD
  21. I've been ignoring the urgent error in B9PartSwitch because it wasn't a problem till now. I went to creative mode to test a RealFuel's issue I'm having and the game crashed when I placed a tank. [EXC 19:17:08.744] Exception: Conflict found between ModuleB9PartSwitch (moduleID='fuelSwitch') on part fueltank-75-1 and ModuleFuelTanks - cannot both manage resources on the same part B9PartSwitch.ModuleB9PartSwitch.CheckOtherModules () B9PartSwitch.ModuleB9PartSwitch.Start () Full Log: https://pastebin.com/a7Mx3sfG That happens upon mod loading, I've been ignoring it though. Forgot to add, I'm on latest version of KSP, latest version of CKAN, Latest version of the mod available on CKAN which appears to be 2.4.5 with around 80 mods. I'm not uploading a save because its not save related. I started a new save just now and it crashed the game.
  22. Shame this doesn't fully work with 1.5.1, engine flames are invisible. Also a shame this is unrealistic in terms of Engines, as each engine type gets a max of one ignition which makes them unplayable except as an initial launch. No multiple maneuvers once you get to space, its all one shot one go and then you have to throw away your engine. Real engines don't do that, so it can't be called Real. This just needlessly complicates the game in my opinion, I can't figure out what to use and what to do because every engine has multiple configs and every tank has multiple configs and it confuses the crap out of me having 30 different types of fuels... Just thought I'd provide my thoughts. Just as a point of proof, the engine limitations you impose that are very very very wrong I'll link some things below with a bit of explanation. The ISS has to reboost its altitude many times a year, 10-12 times a year, and from what I heard from a friend is that the ship that docks for a while has 20-30 ignitions for this. This graph will show you that the ISS does in fact lift its altitude nearly once a month. First stage engines only have one ignition, while second stage engines require the rocket to be in acceleration to ignite. But thats just for engines that send you off into orbit, every single engine in your mod has one ignition, a max of 2 is what I've seen. That makes it totally unusable and worthless. How do you perform a maneuver once you get to space? You can't shut down your engine or it permanently dies. You can't time warp to the other side of the planet to boost your PE either because that'd also shut your engine down. A worthless engine. Even my propane heater can self ignite, and does so 2-5 times a day during winter, thats up to 600 times a year, its many years old so thats at least 6,000 times. Sure, its not a ship thruster but it is an ignition. Unfortunately, I can't exactly find nasa grade information here to prove my point on the realism aspect of this but from what I can see with almost everything researched for the level 2 science facility, all engines in your mod max at 1 to 2 ignitions making them unusable. I will likely only see posts that mention me or quote me.
  23. The great and powerful Taniwha has spoken! I'll see if this is on CKAN and try it out, however I'll still have the issue of K&K structures not being able to reach each other cause of all the offsets. xD
  24. CKAN allows me to see suggested mods and required mods and such. I don't need to download 90 zips that all have 38 different versions of Module Manager included in them.
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