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  1. @Tonka Crash what version of VS did you use? I'll have to reinstall it (system reformat) to recompile and release a bug fix.
  2. Quick question, what units are being used for Fairing jettison, it doesn't seem to be KPa or Pa.
  3. Ok -Meanwhile in other news: Crash that happened after a vehicle blew up on the pad and I attempted to "Revert to Vehicle Assembly Building" And here's the log from that same crash (let me know if you want a "crashless" log too)
  4. Just tell me the path and file name, it's been awhile and there are a few files with the ,log extension...
  5. Here's mine (note different "last modified" time?) and it's 8pm here, so it's not the time I unzipped it.
  6. Clicking here results in a direct launch with no build time. (intended?) (of course that's the Making History Expansion giving me 2 launch sites - I *think*)
  7. Well, you could just buy another copy and maybe giver the key to a friend or family member. Personally I gave a key to my grandson, and I have both the KSP store version and the Steam version.
  8. Seemed to work ok for me. The only issue I had was that it won't relinquish control when I click abort.
  9. Stood in a field of short green ladders, apparently... Hooray for v1.4!
  10. As the title says. It seems that the Next/Prev function that's assigned to the TAB key can't be changed (maybe the ONLY key that can't be changed). Or Am I blind? (A real possibility even tho I went over the key binds pages over and over again) If you know where it can be altered, a screenshot would be AWESOME! Extra credit for circles and arrows! TIA.
  11. Unlikely - the camera system was significantly altered in KSP and I don't have the inclination or time to grind my head into a bloody stump to figure it out yet again.
  12. @T-10a, it's actually a standard tank, reskinned using the textures from the Renaissance mod.