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  1. I have one connected, but I don't touch it in KSP. I don't think it even does anything as I haven't mapped it.
  2. I've done a lot since then, so no I can't unfortunately. Next time I'll include that too. What did you mean by "controller" - like Xbox controller or that stock robotics controller that I never use so I don't remember the name?
  3. This is the correct answer, one I set them to pure white I got the lighting I was expecting.
  4. Ok, functions, but not error free... LOG: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApRsS13p52FhmTI7Sk5IpXXy7CH5?e=L7vozs My payload, but the rocket was the stock GPLV3 Craft: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApRsS13p52FhmTOpyCN6qoGcjqbo?e=5yc46P
  5. Found it. The problem occured because the root part was "Rockomax HubMax Multi-Point" and NOT a probe core or capsule. Once I re-rooted the craft so the RC-L01 Remote Guidance Unit was the root part, it worked correctly.
  6. Perhaps a clue - variations of this thousands of times in my log
  7. Anyone else experience this? Stage 1 (well, 6 because KSP counts from the top down...) 5 Liquid Fueled Engines Stage 2 4 SRB and Launch Clamps Hit "LAUNCH": Liquid engines fire up at full throttle. Hit Space to light SRBs and release clamps: Throttle goes to ZERO (should never drop below 33% per settings) Rocket flys with no guidance at all (no deflection of the Pitch Roll Yaw needles) fall over and eventually into the ground. Tried putting all engines and clamps in 1st stage, no good. Tried manual throttle and SAS and I can throttle up and SAS turns on (shouldn't both ignore me?)
  8. I'll give it a try... I take it its not a "known thing" around the community then.
  9. I've been away, probably over a year since I touched KSP. Yesterday I updated the game, and my mods (fairly short list, none of them lights). I started a new save, again. Launched a station, again. Put some lights on it, again. Once in orbit I hit the lights, and while the science lab windows are nice and normal brightness, the illuminator look like candles. I remember them casting a crazy amount of light and looking just ad "lit" as the windows. Did they get nerfed when the new nav and dome and spot lights got added? Is there a way to revert them if so, because right now they are pretty useless. Like inhave to switch them off to know for sure they are on!
  10. Yes, no and yes. :). I'll try that version on the same mission and see how if differs. Thanks!
  11. I have a different problem with Landing Guidance. It simply refuses to work. I'll see warping to braking maneuver but it doesn't warp, I'll start from a stable orbit and select land at target and nothing happens, I try to "help" it along and sometimes that gets things moving but I'm the end it doesn't brake and I crash. I saw a post about a month old saying it was being worked on but before I go the trial and error route, is there a version of MJ that has a work landing guidance in KSP 10.1? It's really the only thing I want it for, targeted landings. I'm assembling a mun base.
  12. I seem to have found weirdness with resource transfers. Docked a craft to a space station. Moved monoprop from one ship tank to a station tank, worked as usual. Tried to move monoprop again after that, from the ship tank to a different tank on the station and nothing... try again from any tank to any tank (intra-ship, intra-station, or between docked craft) and while the buttons go from IN/OUT to STOP as usual, nothing moves.
  13. No I didn't... Fix it that is. Welcome to the world of incomplete testing. It never, ever.... EVER....EVER occurred to me that a piece of code, meant to shed parts in a game with 6 degrees of freedom, wouldn't have it's directional vectors referenced in some way to the part. Nope. The part can have it's mass, force, AND DIRECTION of ejection specified, but that direction is relative to the UNIVERSE... I kept cheating my craft into orbit to test the direction of ejection, and once the panels blew OUT and not sideways thru the craft I thought it was all good. Later in game play I noticed it was still wrong - did some more complete testing, and found out that all I did was make sure the panels would travel Up and Down (relative to the camera in orbit mode) with no regard what so ever to the orientation of the service module. This module is used in many places where it would go unnoticed (engine shrouds for instance) but in the case of the LV-N engine, it can be noticed - and this in fact leads me to recall that this has been the case for a LONG LONG time. Seems rather stupid to me - heightened enormously by my embarrassment at not being more thorough and making assumptions.
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