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  1. As the title says. It seems that the Next/Prev function that's assigned to the TAB key can't be changed (maybe the ONLY key that can't be changed). Or Am I blind? (A real possibility even tho I went over the key binds pages over and over again) If you know where it can be altered, a screenshot would be AWESOME! Extra credit for circles and arrows! TIA.
  2. Unlikely - the camera system was significantly altered in KSP and I don't have the inclination or time to grind my head into a bloody stump to figure it out yet again.
  3. @T-10a, it's actually a standard tank, reskinned using the textures from the Renaissance mod.
  4. Correct. I use my own names for the parts (the internal names at least) and so you should see 2 "Gemini like" capsules etc. I believe my set has unique decouplers, adaptors, the Big G-LES, and 1205 SRMs with greater gimbal range. This is going to sound rude, but you goofed up something. We need a screenshot of your GameData directory to really help more. And I mean screenshot, not a reply with I put it in GameData, we need to see it.
  5. No. But I would be more then happy to accept submission of any compatibility patches from the community.
  6. I don't *think* so, but to be safe, make a backup of the current trails folder, and persistent save before updating.
  7. I'd put the black tanks in the middle for the ascent, then assemble in orbit... make it less asymmetrical.
  8. The key is thrust through center of mass, the shuttle was an asymmetrical design, and that's why the rear engined on the shuttle are in the angle that they are. Shifting center of mass is why they have a large gimbal range, to keep the center of thrust pointed thru the center of mass. (Remember, main shuttle engines did not fire when the external tank was jettisoned)
  9. Better KSC

    F1 in game Upload image to Get bbcode link from imgur Post bbcode link here or
  10. [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    O rly?
  11. Actually, Does appear to be the most current one...
  12. Based on GitHub, yours appears to be the most up to date "unofficial" maintenance version. So, I've forked it and I intend to add configs for Trails and BDB both of which have Gemini capsules like Tantares, hgr, etc. I'll do a pull request when I'm done.