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  1. KKtoSD is not needed anymore. KK now automatically keeps all buildings tied together when rescaling. the only thing you need is to use the feature built into SD to tweak how the group are positioned in the final result there's a description of how to use the feature into the README file of SD, just search for PQSCity_Groups
  2. does mechjeb reads the day length from the rotation speed of the planet or from the ksp definition of 1 day (either 6hr or 24hr depending of user settings)?
  3. if you look at the RESCALE! mod from galileo it should have a pre-tested cfg for 10.625 ( If I were you I would stick to that and it should provide you with what you are looking for. if you want to set up your customized rescale you can find all the info in the README and if you still have any specific questions feel free to ping me here some things you should be aware: @OhioBob has done a lot of work on atmospheres, iirc his suggestion was to use something like Atmosphere = 1.025 atmoTopLayer = 1.4 (this is from memory so might be completely wrong) landscape should probably be lowered to something like ~0.5 the most realisting option should be around 0.10/0.15 but gameplay-wise 0.5 looks much nicer
  4. my only doubt with that solution is that while the override returns a planet the "GetLocalStar" returns a star however, if the use cases are working properly, then I would assume it's fine
  5. KKtoSD is no longer required since KK handles groups natively now
  6. I can't remember for sure, but if my code worked fine and the new code doesn't it could be an indication to that effect. However if my code was changed it could be because there was an issue with it, so whoever changed it should look how to make the new code work in your use case Multiple star is always a headache and changing stuff while not testing with multiple stars will usually lead to this kind of issues
  7. the problem with that is earth is much less flat below the sea level, if you only consider above sea level both earth and kerbin go from 0 to about 8 km
  8. Resize is a multiplier on the distance between surface and center of the planet landscape is a multiplier on the distance between surface and sea level so if you have landscape = 1 / Resize they would cancel each other out, and the altitude of the mountains measured from sea level would be the same in the original planet and the rescaled planet. hope this makes sense
  9. if you run into some trouble feel free to ping me
  10. in may 2016 the forum purged thomas for some reason, nothing relevant now
  11. I am happy with the state of the PanelsFix2 (or whatever it's called) branch as of now. I never merged it because some people pointed out stuff that could be changed/improved but I had no time nor patience to go back into the code to implement those. As for the atmosphere issue you mentioned, I'm not sure if it had anything to do with the solar panels, honestly it shouldn't. @prestja if you want to merge that branch I would suggest you to do it on a separate branch of your kopernicus and find someone that is willing to test the issue @OhioBob mentioned. if that issue is not present (how I would expect) you should be able to implement everything into a new release. otherwise give me a shout and I'll try looking what might be going wrong there
  12. SD contains a readme file that explains fairly well all the settings and what they do. for a normal rescale 2.5x you would usually need to change: Resize = 2.5 (this will change the size of the planets) Rescale = 2.5 (this will change the size of the orbits) Atmosphere = whatever (this will change the scale of the atmosphere, I don't know what's best for 2.5x, I guess it depends on your taste) dayLengthMultiplier = you usually want this to be the square root of the Rescale (so in this case ~1.58) SD can also change the gravity, when rescaling SD will keep constant the gravity at surface level of the planet. if you want to change only rhode you might as well just go into its cfg and change the geeASL to 1 (assuming rhode has that value, otherwise just add it in there)