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  1. The easiest way to modify planets is kopernicus, however it's still not updated for 1.8.1 We are working on updating it (mostly thomas actually), but there is no ETA Having the image visible from kerbin would be possible, however getting it to glow is more difficult Depending on what image you want, you could use the "glowing" feature from kopernicus expanded. But that will only work on 1.7.3 because it might not get updated to 1.8.1 at all
  2. as @SingABrightSong said, you can keep an eye out for Kopernicus, when Kopernicus will update the SigmaDimensions release should follow pretty quickly
  3. I used to have them in my mods but at a certain point I was getting burned out by the "release chore" that's why I stopped using the forums, version files, and other stuff like that. I don't exclude they might make a comeback in the future, but I wouldn't hold my breath
  4. The latest versions have been compiled against 1.8.1 I haven't tried if they are also compatible with other versions
  5. SigmaReplacements: Description was the only one that needed an update as far as I can tell, but I decided to update them all anyways. I've also added support for the "new" suits introduced with Breaking Grounds, and I've also added a couple of new requirements for the suits now that I am thinking about this, I didn't check if SigmaReplacements: Descriptions is compatible with the breaking ground suits, I'll have to give that a deeper look
  6. the kerbals themselves don't have names, but in my mod I assign names to them in order to get the custom heads and suits to show up in the mainmenu correctly and on a more relevant note, I updated all SigmaReplacements to 1.8.1 if anyone is interested
  7. I have been working on a Kopernicus update that should reduce the amount of bugs with solarpanels, I can't guarantee that's the case here, but it's an option
  8. I like the approach... > Parts are overpowered in KSP, someone should make a mod to fix this. - Should we make the parts less powerful? > Nah, just make THE WHOLE UNIVERSE bigger
  9. I dont know if this might be your issue, The latest version of SD has a bug that has already been solved but I haven't had the time to publish a new release If you go to You will see a warning I recently added with a link to a temporary version that should work Edit: SD is now updated, latest version should work fine
  10. just kopernicus mm and SD on KSP 1.7.3 use Kopernicus 1.7.3-1 MM 4.0.3 and this version of SD
  11. SD is not available for 1.8 yet the latest release for 1.7.3 has a bug, I haven't managed to publish a proper release yet but the fix is already available here
  12. this solution is just a temporary workaround, I am working on a more consistent fix on the Kopernicus repo but that will take a while in the meantime, enjoy your scaled AKR
  13. I think it's satelliteMap rather than satelliteColor
  14. SD still works but I stopped updating the forum thread because it was becoming a pointless time sink you can still find it on github
  15. I will need to install the mod myself to check on this, I will let you know... it might just be an issue with SD moving the KSC to a slightly wrong position do you use Rescale! ? or do you have custom SigmaDimensions settings?