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  1. Sigma88, first off, big fan of your mod, but I think it's a mistake to not have a forum mod thread for SD. I've known about Sigma Dimensions for a long time and being a fan of rescaled KSP, 6.4x specifically, it's a must have. But with no forum thread for it, how will newer players find it? I imagine you'll answer that it's used by other rescale mods, and that is true, but still, it's a mod and people should be able to get info.

    I'm not a huge user of GitHub, but there didn't seem to be any easy to find documentation that explains what it or your other mods do. You need to have a thread to draw people's attention, and I can't see why the original descriptive OP on the locked thread was removed. At the least, put something up to let people know the mod exists and announce upgrades. Make it clear you can't respond to forum comments and direct them to your GitHub site for support. The more experienced users can answer most of the questions for the newer ones.

  2. Sigma88

    [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.4

    I'm going to address this when I get around to update my mods, I'll need to get in touch with everybody that currently uses SR for skyboxes and get organized with them to change the naming convention to something that can be compatible with TRR
  3. Sigma88

    Sigma Dimensions

    To be clear, I haven't left the forums. I just don't provide support for my mods here, and I don't update the threads anymore. I don't have the time. The only way to get support on my mods is using github (open an issue and wait for a reply)
  4. I didn't stop supporting KK, in fact I just pushed some updates to SD that allows KK to handle altitudes natively. The latest version of KK introduced a way to change the altitude of statics based on the planet's radius. Since SD was conflicting with that I added an option to tell SD to not touch selected statics so that KK modifications are not messed up by SD. I also updated KKtoSD so that it automatically tell SD which of the PQSCity mods come from KK and makes sure SD knows to ignore those. And regarding other issues with how KK repositions statics, I am happy to share my knowledge about rescaling systems so that if KK has some issues they can be fixed. Just open an issue on my github or ping me in a github issue on KK repo (probably the best choice) Also, I'm not sure this feature will be a permanent addition to KK, if it is reverted I will revert KKtoSD so that everything will work again
  5. Sigma88

    Galactic Neighborhood

    I'm not going to update the thread anymore, if you are interested in this (or any of my mods) the only place to find info / get support from now will be
  6. I had to remove the old info because it was outdated. I haven't had time to write new syntax guides, but if you open an issue on github I can help you with what you need
  7. I havent. I will still continue developing my mods regularly, and the updates will keep being released on github as always. I just cut some of the extra stuff because it was becoming a chore to me having to update the forum and twitter and discord, etc... I wasn't enjoying any of those things, so I decided to focus the part of my free time I keep for KSP on what I actually enjoy, which is making mods. github is not the only reliable way to contact me for ksp related stuff. I will still log in the forums every now and then, but rarely
  8. Sigma88

    KSP Weekly: A Jovian Pioneer

    It's not necessarily a matter of what legally can happen or not. is the approach they have towards mods. If I like the approach I will be continue releasing my mods, if I don't I can keep them just for me. I would also like to know what mods are subject to this: because I'm definitely not going to release anything that falls under that category
  9. Sigma88

    KSP Weekly: A Jovian Pioneer

    Keep in mind that it would be a good business decision to encourage modders since they are providing free content that increases the re-playability of the game which in turns means it increases its value. Going against modders only makes sense if the mods can be used to turn players off the game (cheat mods on multiplayer games) anything else is just free content for your game that you don't need to pay.
  10. Sigma88

    KSP Weekly: A Jovian Pioneer

    you can be sarcastic about it, it doesn't change the fact that if I am not sure about what constitutes breaking the terms of agreement I am not going to do anything that might if other modders are fine with doing that more power to them
  11. Sigma88

    KSP Weekly: A Jovian Pioneer

    I don't work like that If there's no word on what is allowed and what is not allowed I'm not going yo risk breaking the terms of agrerment/eula. I can just make mods for my own enjoyment without sharing them on the internet
  12. Sigma88

    KSP Weekly: A Jovian Pioneer

    who should I ask if I have some doubts about what is allowed and what it isn't under the new EULA?
  13. Sigma88

    KSP Weekly: A Jovian Pioneer

    I'm fine with that, I just wanted to make sure it's not against the new terms of agreement that seems a bit less permissive than before. thanks for your reply
  14. Sigma88

    KSP Weekly: A Jovian Pioneer

    I understand that, let me rephrase my question I probably wasn't clear. will a mod that currently allows for suit switching be not allowed to be updated for KSP 1.4 because it would mean potentially bypassing the need of the DLC?
  15. Sigma88

    KSP Weekly: A Jovian Pioneer

    does this mean that if a mod currently allows for suit switching it can't be updated to 1.4 because it would mean potentially bypassing the need of the DLC?