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  1. I don't play ad much anymore so I can't really be sure. I remember a lot of people used SMURFF or something similar. But I am not sure about the scale
  2. @E for Earthling the 45° thing was usually a result of bad normal maps Idk if that is still the case Try moving one of the stock planets around your star and see what happens
  3. let me know if you need help with that
  4. regarding 1.9.1 there was 1 PQS mod added as far as I know, that is used to handle the properties of the new shader but it doesn't add any functionality to the planet other than enabling the new shader
  5. I was able to reproduce the bug and I think I managed to fix it, the fix is already on the master branch of kopernicus and should be included in the 1.9.1 release provided further testing shows that the changes have no collateral effects
  6. forgive me if I ask something you already explained: did you test on a completely stock install except for kopernicus and dependancies?
  7. there are some limitations where looking for the tallest point on a planet: depending on how you decide to scan the planet you might find yourself in a local maximum that is not the absolute maximum, also it is possible that using a grid like pattern to scan the planet, the actual maximum falls in between two points on the grid, which means you miss it by a little. another big limitation is the fact that the method provided by squad is unreliable for the measure of altitude. this is due to the fact that the altitude is not fixed, it can change depending on various factors, like terrain detail and stuff like that. to be honest I am surprised the error is so low, while programming SD I have come across differences of many meters, even tens of meters, between the number provided by the stock method and the actual surface height found at the chosen coordinates also, the altitude you show in the screenshot is not the altitude of the terrain but the altitude of the kerbal, measured somewhere around its center I would guess, so some 0.5 meter above the actual terrain altitude
  8. correction, there will be no update for 1.9.0 now working on 1.9.1 compatibility
  9. Working on it, no ETA yet could be one week or one month, hard to tell
  10. it depends on the save, I would always recommend starting fresh, expecially if you are debugging, however there are some conditions under which you might be able to put kopernicus on an old save and make it work
  11. It's basically impossible to find a bug with 130 mods installed. What you could do is find the minimum amount of mod that causes the bug, then we might be able to find a cause. This bug expecially seems to have very similar symptoms to other bugs that have already been reported on github, however seeing your screenshot it seems to me that this is a different one with similar symptoms
  12. sure, actually the solution is easier than what you would expect. you basically just have to take the current latest release of kopernicus, install it like you would normally, and just play. On ksp 1.8.1
  13. the difference between DXT5 and DXT1 is that the latter lacks an alpha channel you can use DXT5 for everything and the only issue will be that they will take up a bit more space in your hard drive RAM usage will not change because unity will just add an alpha channel to DXT1 textures when loading them for normal maps, you want to use DXT5nm which is better than DXT5 iirc
  14. oh, I can see that... this is weird I will look into it