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  1. Sigma88

    Sigma Binary

    as @OhioBob the mod has not been abandoned if I receive bug reports on the github repository I am happy to look at those bugs and fix them, however since I have limited free time I am not going to update mods automatically at every ksp patch of course I suggest you to backup your saves before trying any mod on a new version of KSP just to be on the safe side
  2. If you mean SD and Rescale! then 1- SD is required to rescale the system but needs someone to tell it the rescale parameters 2- Rescale! will tell SD which parameters to use so someone could use SD with custom settings (it's pretty easy) alternatively, if they want to use Rescale! then yes, they need both SD and Rescale!
  3. The reason why I haven't updated SR to 1.5.x yet is because I received no bug reports yet. I have very limited free time and I would rather use it to make more mods rather than testing old mods. If you don't want to use SR it's fine, but if you used it and found some bugs you can report them in my github repo.
  4. I haven't abandoned Sigma Dimensions however I only use github now since I got tired of the forums and the comments on my threads were not providing any useful feedback anyways. I haven't received any bug reports for SD in 1.5.whatever so I would expect everything to work fine. if you encounter any issues with SD feel free to contact me on github. PS: I would recommend using "Rescale!" from @Galileo rather than KScale because if I recall correctly KScale was designed for an old version of SD that had a different syntax, which means they probably don't work correctly
  5. Sigma88

    System Rescaling Mod for 1.5

    The mod has not been discontinued, only the forum thread. I haven't updated the mod yet because I didn't have the time to test if it works, and also I have not received any bug reports. I have little free time at the moment, so as long as the mod works fine I won't make an update. As soon as I get bug reports I will look into what is failing, for now I assume everything works fine since nobody complained
  6. you don't need to show the orbit line to target lili, you can get away with just showing the icon that would allow you to target the body but at the same time not having the "ugly" orbit line in the rings
  7. try changing those values I don't know if making them bigger or smaller will help, one of the two
  8. I think what you describe is the result of how ksp switches from PQS space to ScaledSpace the variables involved in this (in the kopernicus cfg) are: ScaledVersion { fadeStart = fadeEnd = } PQS { fadeStart = fadeEnd = } I am not sure how SD handles rescaling them, but I remember that I had some troubles finding a formula that would work well, so it might just need some manual tweaking
  9. Sigma88

    [1.5.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    for anyone who has enjoyed kopernicus and looks forward to new updates I would like to remind that this is completely free content you are getting, so maybe rather than say I want try to say thank you ... also, be patient, and grateful
  10. Bobert is OhioBob Bob is the default KSP Bob or am I mistaken?
  11. I knew we shouldn't have trusted Bill
  12. I don't visit the forums much anymore, if you have problems with my mods you can always open an issue on github, I will be happy to look into it (for a guide on how to make a proper bug report see my signature) and thanks in advance :)
  13. what is the holdup with TR? as for CKAN, my mods are not on CKAN anymore... so either you put TR as dependancy, or you don't put anything as dependancy and let the user install SR manually
  14. The mod works fine, it has no problems as far as I know, and nobody has reported any issue anyways. If by "out of date" you mean it was published a long time ago then yes, it was. But there are no updates needed. (if it ain't broken....) Feel free to ping me on discord if you need help with writing a cfg to make SR and TRR work together There is no reason to prefere the latest sigma skybox over the previous version. Pood's skyboxes are designed to work with v0.2.2 so you can safely use that version The only difference in 0.3.0 is that it uses a new syntax that will allow cross compatibility with TRR, but that requires a change in syntax and that is why it fails with the current pood skybox, (and it is also the reason why changing the file names fixes the issues for you)
  15. Sigma88

    [1.3.1][Plugin] Kronometer v1.3.1-1

    It should be pretty easy to read how the time settings are changed by kronometer. However I don't know if it could break those mods or not. I am happy to help @TriggerAu is interested in adding compatibility