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  1. What about close to the sun and/or in a certain orbit around the sun (like an asteroid field)?
  2. Exactly EDIT: technically not to all parts, *only* those that have a name (which is usually all of them)
  3. mm patches don't target cfgs, they target nodes. depending on how the patch is applied it may or may not apply to the cloned part. first of all the cloning happens at a certain time, so the part is cloned in the state it is at the moment of cloning. after the cloning, if a patch starts with: @PART it will affect all parts (included the clones) if it specifies the name for example: @PART[fuelTank] it will affect only the original "fuelTank" part and not the clone (since it has a different 'name' ) if it uses some different method like: @PART:HAS[#title[fuelTank]] it might still fail (like in this case) if your cloning process messed up the particular value the patch is looking for bottom line, if you want your cloned part to get all the patches of the original, just clone it at the end using :FINAL (for personal use) or :FOR[zzzzzzYourMod] (if you are releasing it with a mod) on the other hand, if you don't want your part to be affected by any other patch, I don't think there is a way to do that ( @sarbian / @blowfish please correct me if I'm wrong on this last point)
  4. 1. I would suggest you to write a mm patch to change the descriptions of the bodies rather than editing the cfgs themselves just create a cfg with this inside: @Kopernicus:FINAL { @Body[XXX] { @Properties { @description = YYY } } } where XXX is the name of the body, and YYY is the new description (you can add more than one, so that you can change all planets) also, when you have finished them send them over to me, if I like what I see I might be interested in adding them to GN (unless @Galileo wants to write some custom ones himself) 2. you can remove the renamer to get back the old "Kerman" names if you leave the renamer you have 2 options: preserveOriginals = false you will get 6 starting veterans (Galileo / Jade / Bobert / Poody / Raging / Sigma - Gaelan) and the 4 stock veterans will be simple applicants (Jebediah / Bill / Bob / Valentina - Gaelan) preserveOriginals = true you will get 4 starting veterans (Jebediah / Bill / Bob / Valentina - Gaelan) and 6 custom applicants (Galileo / Jade / Bobert / Poody / Raging / Sigma - Gaelan) 3. just don't install Sigma Replacements: Suits and you won't have any issues on that side
  5. there must be something about the standard linux settings that is not compatible with the plugin I use to extract zips then >_>
  6. [WIP][1.3.1] Sigma Replacements

    @Psycho_zs I tested the cfg and it works, since the rotation is game specific there is still the possibility that your game generates a null rotation. I plan to add the ability to Choose a specific rotation in the future, that might help with this issue
  7. [WIP][1.3.1] Sigma Replacements

    it should rotate the skybox regardless of which texture is applied *should* being the key word here :|
  8. [1.3.1] (Almost) Real Solar System (v1.2.1)

    @WillThe84th I am considering adding compatibility for this mod in Galactic Neighborhood usually I ask the planet pack developer to propose a name for the star the pack will get in GN and also to propose a real life star as analogue for this pack I thought it would be nice to name the star "Schedon" or "Skedon" which is greek for "Almost" regarding the star instead, I would like to get a star that fits nicely into the HR diagram of GN stars, so I am looking for specific types of stars. If you are interested I can send you some options when I have an idea of what kind of stars I need now
  9. [WIP][1.3.1] Sigma Replacements

    % is fine let me double check the syntax, I might be remembering it wrong EDIT: the cfg I posted should work, if you are still having troubles I will need you to send me the mm cachefile and output_log.txt file to look at what is happening in your install
  10. [WIP][1.3.1] Sigma Replacements

    the syntax is fine except that you are using @ which is used when editing something, since there are no "SkyBox" nodes that patch will fail what you want to use is: @SigmaReplacements { SkyBox { CubeMap { rotate = true } } }
  11. @MrChumley by any chance did you use some weird setting to compress the archives of Asclepius and Kronkus? I am writing a plugin for GN that installs planet packs from the zip file and it is failing when trying to extract your mods I extracted the files and re-zipped them and it worked fine.
  12. [WIP][1.3.1] Galactic Neighborhood

    If you install only GN what you get is only the base stars, if you also install some of the supported planet packs, GN will generate an extra star for each planet pack and put the planet pack there. If you want all the stars to be generated regardless of whether the corresponding planet pack is installed or not, you can change LoadAllStars to true
  13. Given that SR does not provide reflection I think it wouldn't make much sense. Unless I am missing the purpose of this mod
  14. [WIP][1.3.1] Galactic Neighborhood

    I haven't tried those mods so I wouldn't know. Keep in mind that when you load a new planet pack for the first time kopernicus might need to generate cache files and that will increase loading times/ram usage My suggestion when installing a new planet pack is to run the game once, close it when you reach the main menu and run the game again On the second run you should see lower ram usage. Other than that, maybe the planet pack you are using in gn are using ram more efficiently than the planets provided by those other galaxy mods. Stuff like Kopernicus OnDemand or the use of certain PQSMods can greatly improve ram usage. And even the type of texture (png vs dds) can have big impact on loading times
  15. [WIP][1.3.1] Galactic Neighborhood

    Stars have almost no impact on RAM usage, the worst offenders are planets with a lot of textures. Basically all the ram usage you see using GN comes from the stock game and the planet packs. GN itself adds at most 100mb to the RAM (I have never tested it, but I would be surprised if it was more than 50mb tbh)