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  1. It's not a lot different from any other Krakken issues. When a scene loads, and physics kicks in, if any part of your base ends up clipped into the surface it will tend to go flying. Holding it down tight to the ground can cause this. Having a wide base with many points contacting the surface, or sometimes just dumb luck
  2. it has been explained before. And possibly on the wiki. Keep in mind "supplies" are far more than "food"
  3. oh I am. Just resting from some epic boogie boarding
  4. ok. I'm sitting on the beach with the family so I can't check but iirc you won't make it to minmus with the mk1 capsule alone. But that's usi-ls and not mks.
  5. sounds like you are running both tac-ls and usi-ls. just choose one.
  6. I don't do a manned Minmus mission until I have a larger capsule.
  7. you take that text and save it under your gamedata folder as a Whateverfilenameiwant.cfg modulemanager patches are not directory independent. Just make note of it so in the future if this is included you can remove your old one.
  8. If you actually read, @taniwha is working on a 1.3 release but has been busy with RL. So the operative word is Patience. And from the other post, as I'm going to guess you didn't click through and read, the important bit is: "For everyone interested in updates to their favorite add-ons, please do not pester modders in the add-on thread, modders volunteer their time and requests or inquiries for updates just derail threads and will not make updates come any sooner."
  9. not to chase you around but the modder last posted over a year ago and explained why this mod probably isn't getting updated. And also in general.
  10. seriously? Did you not bother to even read the post just before yours? Borderline rude.
  11. @Stratickus personally I've never tried to deploy a Karibou in an aircraft. The karibou is a perfect platform as a vtol lander.
  12. IIRC @RoverDude has talked about future plans to add large scale ground structures for longer term colonies.
  13. I feel like there was a mod for that once, subterranean structures or something. I even feel like @RoverDude had shown interest in it (I think it had been abandoned). [edit] there is this
  14. parts

    Sounds like you downloaded the source rather than release files. Those would be files that would be compiled into the dll.
  15. parts

    The tank switching etc is a function of Firespitter. Is the Firespitter dll present?