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  1. BTW if you want the light globe you can grab the file from the github repo. It is apparently fixed, it's just that there is not a new release with the changes packaged in the download.
  2. browse to the patches folder and find the ctt.cfg
  3. Not odd. There is nothing wrong with pointing people to find the answer. If more people did that, this thread would probably be half the size. Going back 2 pages the "fix" is mentioned at least once for each page. In fact 2-3 pages back you have someone posting that it doesn't work in 1.10 literally one post after someone re-posted the fix. I'd change that to, for some odd reason people just post that it is broken without taking a small amount of time to search the thread for a fix first. Actually there are 2 options. Delete the file or grabbed the fixed file from the
  4. As @HebaruSan said, a key functionality that Firespitter is used for in other mods is tank switching.
  5. If I recall that's been an issue with the Derp parachute for a fairly long time. Not a 1.10 specific issue.
  6. Yea it's a known issue. I haven't looked personally but a page or so back it was mentioned that this is fixed in the latest code ready to be compiled.
  7. Or you could help with the japanese localization... @RoverDude loves pull requests.
  8. Looks like you downloaded the source from github, not the actual release zip file.
  9. Ordinary i would agree except that this mod worked fine in 1.9 and with the exception of the light globe it is also working in 1.10.
  10. You seem to be posting lots of specific mod questions here in discussions. In these cases you will likely get better responses to a specific mod question by posting in that mod's release thread.
  11. Um, Unless I'm mistaken you are asking about a mod that's been essentially abandoned for several years now. Given you did not even give any relevant KSP information its basically impossible to even begin to try and troubleshoot. The seti mods last officially worked with KSP 1.3. If you are trying to use it for anything newer all bets are off. If you are using it with 1.3 you can maybe search the old Seti thread.
  12. I don't recall MKS having EL specific parts. More that some of the MKS parts had EL functions added to them. It's been awhile since I've dealt with MKS + EL. AFAIK the integration is still being maintained by third party contributors. So as long as people still keep those up to date and @RoverDude accepts the pull requests things will still work.
  13. Thats why I'm a proponent of just removing that info from thread subjects, especially if the modder is very busy. Then people can just check the release notes linked in the OP.
  14. And luckily due to the nice efforts of @physius you don't have to go back 14 pages to find the fix. You only have to spend a few seconds reading the post above yours. And actually the light globe fix was mentioned 3 times one page back. Sorry that you missed it.
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