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  1. DId you check the GitHub releases from the link in the OP? (hint, it has the answer).
  2. And mine was rude? You asked. In 4 hours nobody had replied. It's not hard to drop a KSP mod in and test it out. In doing so you could be one of those forum posters who says "Hey I tried this mod and it seems to work" instead of one of the 'does this work?"
  3. I don't think it is all license related. Honestly I'm impressed there are as many people still active modding at all for a game that came out ~4 years ago.
  4. Time is less important than changes. Most of the ratios etc have been pretty well set for years. The Wiki is a community project. Please feel free to update as you play through.
  5. The game is very specific about expecting a part's files to be exactly where they should be.
  6. It's just how CKAN works. In some cases there are mods where the auther never put their mod on ckan but someone else created the file to list it.
  7. It could be argued that anyone that is knowledgeable enough to know how to delete an individual DLL from their modded install, also probably has figured out the proper way to "install" a mod. So in those cases it doesn't really create a problem. The DLL would be useful for those who have no clue how to copy a mod into their gamedata folder, and usually have to be spoonfed how to even find and post their log file.
  8. I would say they discomfort many more people (including mod authors) when they come onto the forums to complain that mod X doesn't work. It takes probably on average 4+ replies to get the relevant information from them only to realize they installed it wrong.
  9. Because KSP mods, especially parts mods are path specific. There are tons of times the people put them in the wrong place, then things don't work, and we waste time helping them troubleshoot it. This often takes many posts and eventually a screenshot of their gamedata folder. And @linuxgurugamer just beat me to it.
  10. Oh yea sorry, I misread your sentence about 1.8 version of MKS.
  11. You can also read through this thread. Lot's of people encounter the same issues. All of the answers are in this thread.
  12. Why not take a look at the current versions and see what their current features are. For example USI-LS is fully configurable in terms of LS and habitation as well as penalties (death or no death).