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  1. Your best bet is to look through the part configs. You can infer from what they need what you can cut etc. Probably all the ports need are the parts and the DLL, as they don't do anything with resources.
  2. You could try making one with a modulmanager config. You won't get any cool animations but it could work from a functionality standpoint.
  3. So you're saying I can actually make a water rocket?
  4. You'd probably do better asking in the actual mod thread. Also, you could read the OP of module manager and make a patch yourself. MM configs are actually pretty easy to figure out.
  5. It has been awhile but IIRC its on the surface of EVE, low solar orbit and eeloo. It is very rare. You can look at the CRP config file where all of the resources are defined.
  6. It was integrated into the karbonite mod. It is not separate anymore.
  7. I would look through @RoverDude's twitch history.
  8. Is this the release thread? Otherwise it would probably be better in add on discussions.
  9. From the wiki So I'm pretty sure you have to be ON the Mun, not orbiting it to accrue kolony rewards.
  10. It is never too late to learn. Tons of resources here and youtube videos. And making parts generally doesn't even require programming experience.
  11. As @CateredCarrot said, you can just add it manually. Other than ending up with more parts the result is the same.
  12. Read back through the thread. There are many replies that explain how to use this drive. It is not easy to master (I never have). It is not like a point click and arrive at your destination drive.
  13. @Havan_IronOak56 there is a wiki on github
  14. Unfortunately when a modder licenses ARR it kind of speaks otherwise unfortunately. Not being in the native format requires the game to have to work harder. I'm sure there is a better technical explanation.