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  1. You can just use the github wiki for the info. I imagine it should be the same.
  2. According to open issues, it has been down for awhile. I wouldn't hold your breath. https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/issues/1477
  3. Thank goodness this fact didn't stop everyone from trying to turn their idea into a mod. Or were you thinking that all modders are just bored software developers?
  4. Couldn't you just make a copy of it, save it to your google docs and then be able to gain editing control?
  5. Or i find it easier to just not use ckan. But then again I keep my mod list very small. I don't need that many to have a good time in KSP.
  6. Learning how config files work (which also is basically how modulemanager configs work) is the easiest way to tweak KSP to your liking without having to learn major coding. Keep in mind that making direct changes to USI mod config files will be overwritten when you update. Doing it as a MM config gets around this.
  7. Just look at the CFG file for a docking port. I don't have one open but go to the bottom there is a section for its cargo volume. Put that same entry into the part you want.
  8. Cool. does it need several kerbals to build? It was probably a little OP that the old packrat could be built by one kerbal, but at the same time hopefully it isn't too tedious to get built. Can't wait to try it out.
  9. Pretty sure it happens on April 1st as well.
  10. First, why not ask in the mod thread? That's where you will likely get more traction. Second, probably yes. A screenshot of your gamedata folder would be a good start.
  11. Helps if you point out the relevant rule. These licenses must be made available in both the download file as a readme or license text, and in the location the user downloads from (such as a forum post or a Curse listing). The relevant issue is that the original mod thread does not have any license information posted.
  12. You could also throw it out as a feature request in the paw thread.
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