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  1. You've been asked for more information now by multiple people. Nobody can help you without at least a basic amount of information.
  2. Please read all replies and submit the requested information. Nothing you have posted yet gives enough to make any assessment other than random guesses.
  3. Nope. Insufficient data. You could start with some details, such as a screenshot of your gamedata folder, KSP version, mod versions etc. The bulk of "mod not working" are either using mods not compatible with the version of KSP running, or "installed" wrong. the mod path under gamedata is very particular. You cannot rename folders, or move them around for example. Or another common error is when the zip has a gamedata folder so you end up with a gamedata\gamedata\mod folder issue.
  4. The new version of the packrat (WIP) can be assembled with stock EVA assembly. FYI
  5. that is intended. The point of WOLF is it is kinda "virtualized" so that the part count doesn't kill your game
  6. Gotta love the overly broad, way too open ended questions. Are you talking about making a mod? Do you have any interest in it working with any other existing mods? There are so many variables you are completely leaving out to get any semblance of useful feedback.
  7. No idea. You could start with some useful information, like a picture of your gamedata folder.
  8. I think so. A quick search of the thread would help. And if not it would give you the workaround.
  9. Once or twice. (a quick search of this thread shows 70 hits).
  10. All good. Nice learning moment to realize it's always good to think a second before hitting that submit button. We all make that mistake from time to time. And yes KPBS are nice parts. And as @rmaine mentions they work nicely with MKS so it doesn't have to be an either or.
  11. Good for you. Is there a reason you felt the need to do a drive by comment like this other than to kinda be a jerk?
  12. Well honestly I do and I don't. For me thinking of a supply pack like an MRE is basically a similar level of RP value. It is the reason militaries came up with the 24 hour MRE. It is one pack that contains all the food/water/hygene supplies a soldier in the field needs for one day.
  13. You would probably need to look at the configs. They are all defined under the community resource pack. Each planet would need an appropriate config. It would depend on if the RSS mod already included them. If not you would need to make your own. Here is an example from the github. https://github.com/BobPalmer/CommunityResourcePack/blob/master/FOR_RELEASE/GameData/CommunityResourcePack/ResourceConfigs/Oxygen.cfg As far as LS. One thing to consider is that USI-LS is more like a "packaged" resource, but it is no less complex than TAC. I used to feel the same way you do
  14. I explained it in a reply to you several replies up.
  15. Well then fix your gamedata folder problem and it should work.
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