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  1. A screenshot of your gamedata folder would be a good start.
  2. Not offhand. It isn't in the core CRP mod files. I'd look through the other mods that bundle CRP and see which one has that file.
  3. I'm not sure that it should matter, although in some cases the path definitely matters. I almost always see the modulemanager DLL at the root of gamedata instead of a subfolder.
  4. Amazingly it already works just fine in 1.9.x Did you try? Did you even read back maybe one page on this thread?
  5. I'm meaning that the MKS part may have had configurations based around GC being ground based only. I don't know if it had an update after GC added the ability for orbital construction. Also purely conjecture as I haven't looked myself.
  6. It is possible it is just in need of an update. Back when MKS integrated with GC the GC stood for ground construction. It wasn't until later that orbital construction was added.
  7. I don't think you came off as entitled at all. It may be that we both misunderstood some factors of the situation. I originally was under the impression that you found a bug. IE you found something, tested it and determined it was a bug. In those cases I would add that as a github issue. They don't get lost as they remain right in your face until you do something with them. However if you were not sure if it was a bug and wanted feedback, the forum here is better as it gets more traffic. Hopefully that makes sense.
  8. There is a difference between "getting lost" and "unaddressed". The github issue may not have been addressed in the timeframe you'd prefer, but it will remain there until it is addressed. In this thread once the post rolls off the page it is likely gone as a needle in a haystack. I would imagine @RoverDude has a workflow and goes to the github issues when he is ready to address bugs before the next release. Unless @RoverDude walks away I don't think so. IIRC he made his models ARR due to issues in the past. I believe he also said if he ever walked away from KSP he would release them open source. That being said there are other people these days helping with the USI catalog of mods. If you had the time and ability to help I'm sure you could get access to what you needed. Yes now there is a difference between posting a bug (probably best on github) and wanting to troubleshoot an issue. If you want troubleshooting help here is better since the thread gets more traffic.
  9. Do you have KIS installed? The survey stakes require KIS.
  10. It would probably be better to ask over in the KSPIE thread, as that's where someone who made a patch would probably put it.
  11. Probably because there aren't any parts of the usi model family that use UF4?
  12. yea sorry, I can often be more blunt than necessary.
  13. Probably won't get lost as easily there than here, where that is probably guaranteed.
  14. First, you'd be far better off asking in the MKS thread. I'm a bit rusty has I haven't actually played KSP in awhile, but IIRC you have to do maintenance with an engineer for it to work.
  15. Sorry, that's a lazy copout. The wiki is community maintained. So what does that mean? A bunch of "dummys" took some time, some trial and error, and testing to verify how things worked. And then they created the wiki. That work has been done. There is nothing stopping you from using what information is already there, and playing around to verify that data. From there you could even come up with starter tutorials once you have learned all the parts and how they work. Or you could just sit around and wait for someone else to do it for you I guess. However if you don't like trial and error, and testing and building, why are you playing KSP?