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  1. So quick question since the release notes on github are sparse. Was this just a recompile or were fixes applied for KIS etc?
  2. True USI fans monitor the github and don't even pay attention to the thread titles.
  3. It's not that they were updated. There were very serious breaking changes made to KAS in particular, the biggest being the removal of the old kas pipes.
  4. They all work in the current release FYI. The only areas with some potential issues are things that rely on KIS/KAS due to the major changes to those mods recently.
  5. Not a huge deal, but since it is still early in development you misspelled Distribution under the folder gamedata\upr\ResourceDistrabution
  6. Not at all. Not every module has a start life support option. Parts that are specifically designed or deemed to be habitation type modules have that option. a capsule is a cramped place to sit. A hitchiker module is a space where you can stretch out.
  7. sounds like a great opening to learn modding! Good luck. There are tons of resources all over the forums on how to get started even if you have had little to no prior experience.
  8. some modules need to be "turned on" for hab to work. I would check that first.
  9. This is from his EPL thread but I'm pretty much sure it holds true for all of the mods he handles
  10. Considering that @AndrewDraws abandoned his mod, took down all downloads, and released it ARR, it is likely not a good idea to publicly upload your copy anywhere.
  11. So i just realized from re-reading your OP that you mentioned all the USI mods. Keep in mind Roverdude is really bad about updating his thread titles, but rest assured if you check github they are up to date.
  12. Yes I'd be interested in what mod you are referencing. I don't know of any of his mods that he has left behind. Now he has taken some mods and integrated them into other mods, but I don't know of any he has abandoned.
  13. There is a long discussion thread in this sub forum on all the LS mods. I'd search and read that. It is a little old but still is relevant
  14. What I generally do (even though I have used MKS for years) when I haven't played in awhile is start a sandbox game and setup the modules at the KSC and play around to get a feel for how everything works together. TAC-LS is unofficially supported. This means there are community made configs for the integration. @RoverDude is not opposed to including said configs, he just doesn't maintain them himself. I haven't used TAC in years, since USI-LS came out so I don't have any idea how well it works these days.