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  1. Thanks, I found that one myself in the meantime. But yeah any update on the situation is welcome!
  2. StarStreak2109

    What sort of KSP player are you?

    Well, I read about KSP in a news article on the net. I thought okay, sounds interesting and forgot about it... Then a few months later I stumbled across a Scott Manley video on YouTube (no idea how that ended up in my playlist) and that kicked me over the edge down that rabbit hole that is the world of KSP. I must have watched every KSP video he ever made including his Reusable Space Program series, Tylo/Eve or Bust! and last but not least KSP Interstellar. So naturally I wanted to do what he did. I also learned a lot from @Felbourn (Bob Fitch), who did awesome KSP series. At some point I found that trying to emulate other guys is not the way to go. Since then I try to find my own way, playing mostly sandbox. Whether it is in 2.5x scale using the fine BDB and Tantares sets (amongst other things) or in 1.0x scale using all sorts of near future / scifi parts packs, my focus is on the engineering side of things. I love building space stations and assembling them in orbit. Lately I have discovered the joys of space planes. Sometimes I tend to meticulously fiddle with parts from dozens of different parts packs until I find the one that perfectly fits my preferences!
  3. StarStreak2109

    KSP Weekly: The Orbiters!

    That's a pretty good idea there!
  4. StarStreak2109

    KSP Weekly: The Orbiters!

    Original helmets with the red, white and blue design. I do not like the noise on the helmets as well. The helmet looks like a Falcon 9 after reentry. So yeah, I suggest, loose the noise on the helmets and keep the RWB design.
  5. StarStreak2109

    KSP Weekly: The Solar Visit

    Already liked your post, but I wanted to expressly thank you for that post. Very useful in this debate. For another thing: why do people use almost exclusively mods?!? I can't speak for anyone but myself. I tend to find mod parts much nicer and more interesting than the stock parts. Having said that, that doesn't mean that I do not use them. I tend to use the small generic parts like struts, structural parts and other smaller parts that do not pop into your eye so much. However when compared to mod engine parts for instance, the current stock engines mostly lack a bit in terms of model quality. It's a shame though, because unless I am using a dedicated pack like BDB, I need some kind of baseline rocket parts pack. This role could be nicely fulfilled by the stock rocket parts. However I prefer the nicer looking, but almost equally old KW rocket engines, over the stock engines. This would change, if the stock engines would be brought up to par with some current models floating around, like Ven's part revamp, or the never officially released Porkjet revamps.
  6. StarStreak2109

    [1.4.X] Dodo Labs - v1.0 - Stockalike Electron

    First!!! This is a very nice looking small rocket you have there! Can't wait to ty it in-game!!!
  7. StarStreak2109

    KSP Weekly: The Solar Visit

    So the argument is, that to some players quality is irrelevant as long as the game runs halfway smoothly... Well, while I would say that I rather have a smooth game than a super-detailed one that melts my computer, this clearly is not the case. Why should we have a bunch of rocket parts that look like they were made out of plastic when we can have some nice looking parts with some effort put into it, that add so much more to the game. The point of many of the criticizers was that with some effort put into the textures we could have a consistent, performant and nice looking texture set. Not that people don't care about the textures, because a) they either don't notice them or b) they have such a lousy computer that they have to turn down their quality slider all the way... Oh and yes, I do watch my models from up close, for instance when I'm EVA'ing or docking or performing other precision manouvers in game. Then bad model quality turns me off. Actually, now that I think about it, that already starts in the VAB...
  8. StarStreak2109

    KSP Weekly: The Solar Visit

    Incoherent rambling and a post being "not good" are two different things tho... And whether a post is good or bad is pretty much in the eye of the beholder...
  9. StarStreak2109

    StarMods: Universal Storage II !

    @Daishi, @Paul Kingtiger and @DMagic: You deserved it! </fanboy mode>
  10. StarStreak2109

    KSP Weekly: The Solar Visit

    Well, if I want to be picky, your post is incoherent rambling. You are not using a single complete sentence, whereas @passinglurker used perfectly fine, grammatically mostly unobjectionable English and what he said, did also make sense. May I suggest, that you dismiss his post as being "incoherent" because either your attention span is not long enough to read and understand his post or because it does not fit your world of "any criticism of Squad is negativism"?!? I do not further want to polarize this discussion, especially since we are wandering off topic.
  11. StarStreak2109

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    But does it need to have all these amenities? Under ideal circumstances, the flight to the ISS is what? 12 hrs? Not much more than two days I guess, right? After all, we're talking about a glorified taxi here. The shuttle IMHO was designed for longer stay in orbit to conduct experiments etc. - a whole different animal. And I think Soyuz originally was also not designed to be solely a taxi to and from LEO, but rather a more multipurpose vehicle. So yeah, while having a space toilet only with a curtain around it may seem like a step back, it would IMHO certainly overkill to add all that additional unneeded weight for more privacy...
  12. StarStreak2109

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I always thought of Soyuz as positively claustrophobic... I comparison to that you can dance a waltz inside Dragon... Well not quite, but it feels like it...
  13. StarStreak2109

    Time for KSP 2.0

    Graphically, the game could use a serious total overhaul, to the point of discussing whether or not a different graphics / game engine might benefit the objective of the game. Besides, what the Unity engine does for the game currently barely scratches the surface of what is possible. I would hope that some day, KSP might look like this example of the Unigine engine: The second point is something I do not get. Well at least I do not see any influx of new people into the dev team. T2 have acquired the IP but what do they do with it now? I do not see the dynamic take off to new horizons which goes along with being part of a financially powerful game studio?!?! But the chance exists - with us not knowing - that they are working on KSP 2.0 behind the scenes already. But I do not have high hopes...
  14. StarStreak2109

    KSP Weekly: The Solar Visit

    So far I have seen no reaction from Squad along the lines of "We appreciate your concerns and [insert further reaction in here]...". So much for two-way comms... Also whilst I have seen some snappy remarks, I have seen no negativity in this or other threads. And also, loving the game and criticizing the developers are not mutually exclusive, as long as it is not along the lines of "You guys are making a crap job of things...". PS: Oh and I hope that if we ever get to a KSP 2.0, I sincerely hope that the models then do not get this plastic "Textures Unlimited" overkill kind of look...
  15. StarStreak2109

    [1.4.5] Near Future Technologies

    As a workaround you can you can enable further compatible KSP versions in CKAN. For this, go to "Settings", then select "Compatible KSP versions". Just enable the relevant KSP version and then click "Save". DISCLAIMER: The warnings displayed in the screenshot above are to be observed at all times. Just remember, pure part packs are probably fine amongst 1.4.x patch versions, as long as any dependencies (part modules) are compatible with the version you are running. Part modules from recent versions may not work as intended (or at all).