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  1. In real life, no space craft is flown by the seat of your pants only. Many situations are such that humans simply cannot be expected to pilot a space craft e.g. due to high g-loading, for instance during ascent. Also the calculations for manoeuvres are almost always calculated by (super-) computers in advance. It is IMHO not something you can do in your head, especially if you haven't a two-body gravity system only. So, now we have a simplified simulation, where you finagle with manoeuvre nodes until you get the desired results. That may be to your liking. Or not. It is my understanding
  2. IMHO, for emerging colonies, only solar power makes sense, if not using some kind of nuclear power generation (fission or fusion). For more established colonies, it would make sense to use some kind of "planetary energy". In my mind, this could avoid having to cope with the intricacies of geothermal power (finding the right spot, drilling, building a heat exchanger) ingame. Instead, one could use a global (or regional) "planetary energy" coefficient, that defines how much energy could be generated from the planet itself. Wind power IMHO is too special, in that it would require a weat
  3. Well, IIRC the core of KSP is more or less still the same as it was years ago - which can only be optimised so far. With KSP2 and using a clean slate, the game should be much more optimised to make use of current hardware. I am no programmer, but what bugs me the most is that KSP is loading ALL the assets into memory, resulting in a high memory load and long loading times until all assets have been loaded, all patches applied etc. I wonder - again: no programmer here - if it were not possible to only load, say the stock parts, visual/gameplay mods and then all further assets are only loaded
  4. I can confirm this. Both lights (the one on the stick and the boxy one) are broken and stuck on the extended position.
  5. Another option is: [1.9-1.10] Throttle Controlled Avionics - Add-on Releases - Kerbal Space Program Forums
  6. I reinstalled KSP after a lengthy hiatus due to other real life stuff recently. When I saw that loading screen (of course I also reinstalled JNSQ...), I was blown away. Currently planning on sending a few probes to the outer planets...
  7. IMHO, KSP (regardless of which version) is about launching rockets into space. Thus space elevators and other alternative means of getting stuff into space have no place in it.
  8. Congrats! Let's wait and see how the drama that call's itself "German vaccination strategy" continues to unfold itself and when healthy middle-aged persons get their shot. Right now, we have big vaccination centers, but hardly enough shots to go around...
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