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  1. StarStreak2109

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I saw that in my twitter feed... Quite amazing modelling if you ask me.
  2. StarStreak2109

    Realistic Kerbol System

    Well you should learn a couple of things: Less mods = more quality. Put up a new mod once your first mod meets your quality expectations and is relatively bug free. A picture says more than a thousand words, although a somewhat comprehensive description of the mod is usually helpful too. Pointing people who ask a legitimate question to an equally unhelpful website is not good advertisement for your mod... Just some tips...
  3. StarStreak2109

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    When will you preview the fixed reentry effects?!?
  4. StarStreak2109

    [1.4.3] Near Future Technologies (1.4.3ish)

    Unless I am a complete derb, it is part of Space Station Expansion Redux. Look for the appropriate patch file under "...\GameData\StationPartsExpansionRedux\Patches\SSPXr-StockPartReplacements.cfg", the relevant patch is in line 237ff.
  5. StarStreak2109

    [1.4.3] Near Future Technologies (1.4.3ish)

    Which is IIRC currently on hiatus due to the buggy KSP heat modeling system, leading to random explodifying of the FFT parts. Mind you, I'd like to to see the out and about in KSP 1.4.x, but it might be a while...
  6. StarStreak2109

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Also aren't windows weak spots in the ship's hull? Better have a set of HD cameras outside and corresponding screens in the cabins in lieu of windows... With a decent resolution, you'd hardly notice that they aren't actual windows...
  7. Never made a texture in my life... Well that's not true, I recently removed a NASA logo from the Chaka Orion side fairings. I guess I could have a look at it, if I have the chance.
  8. StarStreak2109

    Adeline concept for Ariane 6

    True, and in case of NASA it also makes perfect sense. In case of ESA, we're talking of a procurement / production process that is spread out over many companies and countries. Now all this wouldn't be so bad, if related decisions would be made on a commercial basis, but effectively they are not... Add to that the (in)famous ESA powers of administration, and you get an apparatus that rivals NASA in sluggishness. Back to the original statement, if there was a European SpaceX analog, I believe this would benefit space utilization and exploration on a global scale as SpaceX had a competitor, with which he had to match launch prices. And the competition would spur innovation on both sides of the Atlantic.
  9. Thanks I know about these and use them regularly. Unfortunately they do not match the BDB level of quality regarding the art work. They fit in better with stock-alike parts... Maybe one could repaint them... Let them have more BDB-alike textures...
  10. That sounds like a bit of work. Although I must admit that I still miss those old school hard fairings.
  11. StarStreak2109

    Adeline concept for Ariane 6

    I don't mind a government funded development process. But the company should be able to select subcontractors on their own and not be told that the engines should be built in Germany, the tanks in France and the guidance systems in Italy (just made that up...), just to satisfy the lobbyists.
  12. StarStreak2109

    Adeline concept for Ariane 6

    No, you misunderstood me. What I am getting at is that IMHO you cannot compare the likes of Arianespace (or ULA for that matter) to companies like SpaceX. Whereas the latter companies are moving into opportunities the market presents, Arianespace and other like them are seemingly virtual appendices to the space agencies, driven by national politics, who tell them where to create value by procurement and production. This was pointed out for instance in the article I quote in an earlier post, where politics dictated that tanks made out of carbon fibres where to be built by a German company, which clearly was not skilled in this kind of carbon fibre product (this kind of production seem to be a strong point of some Italian company). That's what I am getting at: who gets to build what is not governed by expertise, but rather by lobbyism. Companies like SpaceX (or any other medium-sized company for that matter) base procurement / production decisions on financial / technological / entrepreneurial considerations (ideally). In an ideal world, ESA would concentrate on designing missions and payloads for these missions, getting them built and tender launch services. Then it still can be in the best interest of the European nations that these launch services remain in the hands of European launch service providers. But these launch service providers should be able to design, procure and build launch vehicles as is the most efficient way. Only this way prices can come down and innovation take place. Right now the innovation driver are medium-sized companies like SpaceX, with the elephants of the industry tagging along.
  13. StarStreak2109

    Adeline concept for Ariane 6

    With ESA being its prime client and calling the shots on launcher development and where parts are being built....
  14. StarStreak2109

    KSP Weekly: Colonization of Mars

    Shame that it would only work for stock games... Synchronization of my GameData-folders would get a major undertaking...