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  1. StarStreak2109

    NASA CLPS program (and crew lander program?)

    I think this whole endeavour is stillborn. NASA is defining boundaries that are fixed along their lunar orbiting toll booth without acknowledging that there may be better strategies that can be put into place sooner and much safer.
  2. StarStreak2109

    [1.6.X] HabTech2 | Stockalike ISS Parts!

    Those new space station parts look very good! Keep up the good work!
  3. StarStreak2109

    KSP Weekly: The Falcon

    Love the new nav ball features... Revamped models are okay...
  4. StarStreak2109

    [WIP]Duna Direct - Formerly Mars Direct

    Man this is so good. Shame you didn't get your own rover to work, but as has been said above, there are ways... Love the textures!
  5. StarStreak2109

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Further notes on this whole BFR thing, my personal impressions: BFR is still very much an engineering concept only, along with some basic feasibility studies. Much development work will have to go in the spaceframe itself, but more importantly in all the nitty gritty details (ECLSS, EDL, interior design*,...). Let's call basic design. The basic design will definitely bring significant changes to the spaceframe itself as the various components are being developed and integrated into the whole system 'BFR'. Some ideas that float around now will be discarded as being unfeasible, others will be added and so on. After the first test missions, they will need to do a detailed design, which will integrate lessons learned from the testing. Again, with potentional changes, probably mostly under the hood. What I am trying to say is that the BFR which will eventually fly, might look drastically different from what we saw now. Moreover, there are still no current and reliable infos on reusability (did I see tiles on the heat shield???), on costs, on mission profiles, on-orbit refueling, abort systems, you name it. TL;DR: I do not know how far advanced the BFR prototype construction has gone beyond that single part they showed in the presentation, but if they really want to start tests soon, it's gonna be tight. I rather see the first moon mission in 2025 to 2027 at the earliest, especially since so many of the BFR systems are depending on prior experience from Dragon 2 with regards to life support etc. If I were SpaceX, I'd not only look to people like this Japanese chap, who seems pretty willing to pay probably in the range of 150 M$ as venture capital**, but I'd also look at public/other corporate funding to find future customers who are willing to participate in BFR development, probably with the option to introduce features that benefit them as well.
  6. StarStreak2109

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well, he never was a good public speaker. He always stammered a bit, searching for words. There are a couple of things though, that I noticed, which also fits in the recent reports on his "behaviour": He looked quite tired, worn out. Puffy around the eyes, face a bit swollen. That looks to me like a combination of huge workload, not enough sleep and some pretty significant stim intake to compensate, probably combined with too much unhealthy food and drink. At the beginning, he seemed quite anxious, lost for words. Later on it got better, to the brink of boyish behaviour. Stims kicking in? He always had this attitude, that was a bit childish at times, were he jokingly introduced all his wild ideas, like a good nerd. This time I think, it went a bit overboard. He just secured a major portion of his dev funding for BFR and he did not act like it. If I were in his shoes, I'd have felt embarrassed. So yeah, it seems that all the excrements he keeps piling around him recently ("pedo guy" affair, Tesla privatisation (or not), Tesla production / delivery hell, Boring company, hyperloop, ...), slowly but surely gets to him. He'd better be careful not not kill himself with this unhealthy lifestyle. However, all these facts do not diminuish his accomplishments. Looking forward to more BFR developments...
  7. StarStreak2109

    [WIP]Duna Direct - Formerly Mars Direct

    Duh, I almost feel bad for suggesting this. I wish I could help you... But I never touched a 3D modeling program in my life, besides Sketchup once...
  8. And of course, the GSC++ is glitchy when using Rescale, as KKtoSD does not seem to work in the latest version of KSP...
  9. StarStreak2109

    KSP Weekly: Mapping with Magellan

    One thing I would like to add though, which has also been already mentioned above: Please make the explosion of an asteroid impact larger. Maybe also add some way to calculate reentry heating for an asteroid to have it blow up upon entry if conditions are right (just size and speed probably).
  10. StarStreak2109

    KSP Weekly: Mapping with Magellan

    Much improvement! Like it very much! I would love to see that the previously shown revamped parts would be raised to the same level of quality. It is going into the right direction, keep it up!
  11. StarStreak2109

    [WIP]Duna Direct - Formerly Mars Direct

    Mmmh, just a wild thought here: wouldn't it be possible to convert that rover model of yours into one single part? Minus the wheels of course. Plop a small decouple into the rover bay, attach them wheels to the rover body and then the rover to the decoupler. The rover body could have the usual modules like command, reaction wheels plus one or two experiments. But since the most planetary bodies are rather slopy, I'd guess it would be frustrating to have the rover disappear in the ground all the time or have it floating in midair... Again just a suggestion...
  12. StarStreak2109

    [WIP]Duna Direct - Formerly Mars Direct

    If the rover is a static animation, how does it cope with undulating ground? If the ground is sloping up, wouldn't it go underground?
  13. I don't use SRBs as structural members. I use SRBs as SRBs. But I agree with you, engines should have this option, if only as a safety measure against accidental activation. While we're at it, I also would like to have the option to toggle a preset for the thrust limiter on/off. This would be handy for those multicore rockets where the center core throttles down after lift-off and throttles back up after booster sep.