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  1. Really hope we get a more realistic model. Would be nice for swept wings to actually have an effect.
  2. End of an era. I look forward to the next one. KSP has been such a huge influence on my life, and helped me get through a lot of struggles growing up. I've been a member here since 2012 initially, and have spent so long on these forums making friends who have stuck with me for many years. So a huge thank you to the devs for these past 9 years! - Comrade Jenkens/Frozen_Heart
  3. A huge part of KSPs success is due to being accessible, simple, and easy to learn. Realism overhaul takes all of that away, essentially moving the game out of reach of new buyers and casual players. It should be left as a mod.
  4. Realised it's only electric props so mine won't count, but I got a breathtaking 150m/s.... It was from the last prop challenge which ended up fizzling out. Would be nice to have a LF catagory.
  5. I mean FAR manages a decent enough rough approximation. If the game was designed around building aircraft which will never reach the speed of sound I could understand handwaving it. But any spaceplane in KSP will be dealing with transonic and hypersonic flight, so it would be nice to see some considerations made for designing around it. Hypersonic straight winged biplanes is pretty jarring in the stock game. I'm glad we don't have the souposphere still though. Back when adding nosecones made the craft more draggy.
  6. Wing sweep doing nothing at all is another jarring aspect to it. Apart from changing the CoL, having completely straight wings or heavily swept wings doesn't effect how the plane flies at all.
  7. oof sad to hear it will still be the stock drag model. It's definitely not intuitive at all. I swear it doesn't even do stalling at all.
  8. So the aero system in KSP leaves something to be desired (even with how much better it is now than it once was), and one thing which I'm hoping will change for KSP 2 is a complete overhaul of the aerodynamics system. For example rather than wings acting as flat plates, it would be nice for them to act as airfoils. The difference seems pretty academic until you try building an autogyro in the stock game and find that things don't work how they should. Do people think it's likely that the aero system will get overhauled? Or act in the same way as it does in KSP 1?
  9. I think the inspiration was a combination of the Pillar of Autumn combined with inspiration from another user here who started the warship building craze. Ended up moving into my own style eventually though: Also the physics breaking concepts are great fun to mess with! We noticed kerbals on ladders made an uneven force, and then tried to recreate the effect with parts. The K-Drive was the result.
  10. Don't have my oldest pics from 0.17 anymore sadly. This is the oldest one I have. Not sure which version. 0.18 or 0.19 maybe? Also K-Drives before you whippersnappers thought it was cool!
  11. Wouldn't want any planets removed, but I'd quite like some outer planets added like NovaSilisko wanted to do. Or like the outer planets mod.
  12. I honestly completely disagree. Everyone likes to play slightly differently, and having options to choose from like re-entry heating, comms, life support, etc allows both hardcore and casual players to be catered for. Mods are an awful substitute, as on consoles it's difficult/impossible to get mods, and when they're discontinued the people who were forced to use them to get the settings they wanted are out of luck.
  13. I'd like life support, but done in a very simple and friendly way. Have it as a single resource, and if it runs out the kerbals simply hibernate until restocked. Command pods, storage units, and crew modules can contain it, while larger modules such as biodomes and atmo scrubbers can create it. It's noob friendly which fits with KSP's theme, while also at least showing that life support is a consideration in space.
  14. Even though it's due to a bug, I really hope it stays. It's become an important and famous feature with the community.
  15. Trying to get the designs smaller than before. Thanks to Geschosskopf for the inspiration!
  16. Not played in forever so slapped together an autogyro.
  17. The 1.875m ones will be absolutely perfect for shuttle replicas!
  18. I'd like to see a simple life support system. Single resource, and if you run out your kerbals simply go into hibernation, and will wake up when resupplied.
  19. Omg you're back! That's the real news today!
  20. This is probably my only gripe with KSP 2 so far. It just seems not right that HarvesteR wasn't even informed that it was being made, despite being the one who came up with KSP in the first place. I get that he's not on the team anymore, but it just seems like common decency.
  21. I hope not. Yeah we make military replicas, but at heart KSP is not a military game and should stay that way. Weapons are something I never want to see added at all. This is coming from someone who is involved in the KSP naval battle club too.
  22. One thing which I have really enjoyed about KSP is the fact that the devs have been right here with us the entire time. They will talk with us and take community input into consideration. Most games aren't like this and we have been extremely lucky in that regard. Will the community continue to be important in KSP 2, and will the new devs be as open as they have been in KSP? It would be a shame to lose such a great thing about the development of KSP.
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