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  1. Hmm, have to look into the config. I think that the Greenhouse should be accessible in Kerbalism
  2. Thanks for the info, will try to update FUR for the latest USI versions.
  3. Thanks! I think that there is a github issue already that some EL configs changed and KPBS is not up to date with the changes. Will take care of that for the next update.
  4. Yes, it should work with KSP 1.6. Will make a new release in the next time with the updated shader for TU (thanks to @Electrocutor) and a recompile for KSP 1.6. If you find any issues, please let me know Thanks, i think the part of the NULL ref you posted already helps. I will take a look at the problem. What mods do you have installed? The drill actually has support for: MKS, Extraplanetary Workshop, Pathfinder, USI-LS and TAC-LS. Do you have any of theses mods installed?
  5. Hmm it should not be available when KIS is not installed. Will take a look if i forgot something Will make a config ready ofter the holiday season When NFE is installed the mod uses it's mechanics. Bit it can also be used as standalone. PS: An update for KSP 1.6.0 will come after the holiday season
  6. Hmm, i did not change anything on the reactor. Can you post a log for it? Maybe there is some error. The greenhouse as well as some other parts produce oxygen. You can use the TAC-LS Spreadsheet linked from the OP to see what you need for which planet Hmm, this should not happen. Maybe some update from KIS changed something. Will have to take a look at that. Can you post a log for the case that there are some other errors?
  7. Thanks for the report, will look into that. Yes it does have CTT integration
  8. Hmm, i should have asked you before making the release if this was a bug or intended. I will change that with the next update of KPBS when KAS has the fix out You can also use a part from KIS that adds a ground plate that is attached to the ground. On that ground plat you can then attach the base. I haven't tried this out though. Maybe there are bugs i don't know of.
  9. There should be no problems with 1.5 1
  10. Update to 1.6.6 Changelog: Download: Guide for the new KAS Flexible corridor: To be compatible with @IgorZs update to KAS 1.0 the flexible corridor now consists of two separate parts. The active part is called "K&K Flexible Corridor" it can now be connected by a Kerbal to any "K&K Docking-Port" or "K&K Corridor Docking-Port". It is not possible anymore to connect two "K&K Flexible Corridor" parts with each other like it used to be before.
  11. It works also without Near Future. However when you have Near Future installed it will use the modules from it. The different sizes were a mistake when designing the parts. I'm currently working on an overhaul of the parts that make them have sizes that allow for better structures (aside from the tree structure thing of course) This will however take a looong time till i have that done...currently i'm not even able to update for 1.5.1. The last image is the exact same structure but highly rotated. The windows on the right image are not showing to the top instead of the left. They are currently only available when LS mod is installed. What do you want to use the water for?
  12. It should work with 1.5.1 without problems. Will try to make a release in the next time hopefully.
  13. Very cool thanks! Will take care of the known issues and send a pre-release to you with the changes
  14. What exactly is your problem? If you see the light problem in another mod, report the bug (best with a screenshot) in the forum thread of the mod that causes the problem. Also link to this thread (or the first post) to help the mod author to solve the bug.
  15. Hmm, from what i see, it should work. What files/folders do you have in the "KerbetrotterLtd" folder? Can you upload the "KSP.log" file from your KSP folder and link it here(or per PM). I'm afraid i have to look into the log to find the cause of the problem