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  1. Thats not true for the Hover Engines (or at least it should not be). I have tested the engines on every planet with an atmosphere and they worked as they should. Especially duna was where most of my tests were made (aside from kerbin of course)
  2. Hmm, this should not happen. Will take a look at what goes wrong there Hmm, are they set to run completely electrical? I will try this out this week and see what happens and what i have to fix.
  3. Like @Kerbart said, its because these parts are not able to holder kerbals when retracted (which is the default case) therefore they do not count unfortunately. Its the way this contract in managed internall in KSP which cannot be changed for all i know. I did not know that TAC-LS also had special contracts will look at it, but i'm afraid it will use the same mechanic and therefor cannot work with the parts you named. Normally it should. Did you install KPBS after you accepted the contract? KSPs mechanic only accept parts that already installed at the time the contract was accepted.
  4. This is weird. What is the message when you can't transfer a kerbal? Du you have Connected Living Space installed? A screenshot and/or a savegame might help It already should work with 1.7.2 no changes needed.
  5. The Cockpit does not have remote control. There is a slot in the top of the cockpits. There is a control unit place into that slot.
  6. Can't see Breaking Ground on Steam yet, but the "Making History Bundle" just went from 9% discount to 71%discount. Edit: Available NOW!!
  7. Hmm, sounds familiar to me... "What id*ot wrote THAT?!?" *looking at changelog in Git "Oh....."
  8. Do you use landing legs or do you have the base directly on the ground? If you use landing legs, it might be an idea to retract them prior to docking. It is on CKAN, the problem is, that it depends on the mods Community Resource Pack(CRP) and Community Category Kit(CCK). These two mods are not yet listed in CKAN as compatible with KSP 1.7.0. Therefore KPBS also wont appear in the list of compatible mods. If you remove the filter for compatible mods in CKAN, you should be able to find it. As far as i know CRP and CCK work fine with 1.7.0
  9. Hi, that would be really cool! You can make a pull request to GitHub, if you have a GitHub. Or you can upload them to Dropbox or other file uploader. Or you can send the content of the files in a pm, i would recreate the files then
  10. I thinks this happens when you put the decouplers on the rocked with the help of part symmetry. When placed with part symmetry they are all decoupled at the same time. When you just place them on by one without symmetry it should work. Oh, this sounds rather bad. Will try to take a look at it but it will probably not be before monday that i get time to do stuff on KSP. With luck i only need to recompile the plugin to run.
  11. Will be fixed in the next version. Forgot that part when i updated the support for the latest MKS.
  12. Update to 1.2.10 ~Extraterrestrial Life~ Changelog Download:  @Electrocutor Sounds promising that 1.7 will support emissive version of the shader No time to hurry for the configs @infinite_monkey I have not changed anything regarding that aspect. Do you have some mods installed that change the atmosphere or flight model (e.g. FAR?) The hover engines have two modes, on like the jet engines and one with electricity. Have you tried the electric mode of the engines? @FeersumEndjinn I'm really sorry to tell that but i was unable to fix your problem in the save file in a persistent way. It worked in one case for the first load but any subsequent load had the problem again. I'm totally out of ideas and explanations for that...
  13. You can only switch the language of the whole game, the this mod only. If you have steam, right click on KPS, select Settings and then Languages to change the language of KSP. I think you asked that before. The reactor will also work without Near Future Electrics. The speadsheed should be up to date. The amounts are per seconds. And the the resources that can be gathered, i just assumed that the player is able to produces/mine/gather the needed amount of the resources. I think making a self sufficient base has been possible for quite long time. Hydrogen and Uranium are used for the Reactor of KPBS.
  14. Thanks for the info I think there has been a little misunderstanding regarding the config. I did not incorporate your new configs for TU because i thought you wanted to first finish the configs for the missing parts you listed when you posted the config. I think i send you a list of how the separated meshes are now named No luck at all. I tried to play around with the save file, as well as the craft file to find out what is going wrong. I was not able to find out what was causing your problem in the first place and some tries to fix the problem in the save file results in an even greater mess. I will try again to fix the issue at least for your save file, so that you can continue. I cannot guarante though that it will not happen again. Hope i can say more ( or have fixed save file in a few days)