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  1. @Sebra can you post, what the log spam for the Service Module is? It seems that it does not appear in my game. I tried in VAB/SPH and in Game with the "Lynx Utility Bay" and the "Lynx Service Bay" and neither causes a log spam.
  2. Do you have Textures Unlimited installed? It seems that the FUR configuration is not compatible anymore and cannot use textures unlimited. @darthgently and @DefenderX1 can you try to go into the folder GameData/KerbetrotterLtd/FelineUtilityRover/Patches and rename the file TexturesUnlimited.cfg into e.g TexturesUnlimited.disbaled?. This should disable texture unlimited and make at least the texture available again. @DefenderX1 Can you also check if this fixed you problem with the CDT? I
  3. Do you have any mod installed that changes the textures? E.g. Textures Unlimited? I just tested FUR without any other mod and the textures were just fine. Havent tested the parts categiry though, will do once i'm back
  4. Hey all, i wanted to release an update of FUR for KSP 1.10 before going on vacation but did not quite finish everything, so the update has to wait until after the 28.th of July. For all i know FUR seems to run fine with KSP 1.10. If you find any bug, please let me know so i can fix them once i'm back.
  5. Update to 1.6.12 Changelog: Download: Hope this will all work in KSP 1.10. I tested, but there might me something that does not work. If you find something, let me know.
  6. Ah, you are right, will remove it Looks like an oversight from my site. Will work an the appropriate patches.
  7. This is really strange one...have you tried to remove the while mod folder and redownload it? Maybe something with the download went wrong Yhea, this bug is a pretty annoying but hart do find one. I have not been able to reproduce it on my system and thought that a fix in the code did fix at least the message. Will try to run through the code again to find a fix This is weird, will have to take a look at the config files for the contracts to see of something is weird there...
  8. The Planetary Cupola and the Central Hub are Survey Stations Hmm, seems that something went completely wrong and the parts are not loaded at all. Unfortunately the log you shared is empty for me. Almost all of the time i encountered this, the problem was that the parts went into the wrong folder in the KSP installation. Can you re-check this, if there happened an error? From time to time yes, its a problem of KSP from the very beginning. An interaction of parts with the ground are not always peaceful Do you use the legs for placing the bases on the ground or is the bas
  9. Due to a bug in KSP 1.9.0 and 1.9.1 itself KSPedia entries from other mods do not work. We need to wait for a fix in the next KSP
  10. Update to 1.6.11 Changelog: Download: 1. I added a very small MaterialKits storage to the Workshop 2. As far as i know KIS does not support inflatable storage by default. This does not seem to be a feasible idea 3. There actualle were no changes that needed a new translation
  11. Thanks Created a bug report here: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/25153
  12. @DMagic This difference in the log file will definitely have something to do with the update they did in KSP 1.9 In the release note of 1.9.0 we can find: It seems they changed to system so that the KSPedia entries do not clog the RAM all the time, but did not consider/test the KSPedia entries from mods that were created with the latest PartTools
  13. Will add images to the OP when i get some time This is an intended behaviour. The laboratory should be a bit inferior to the Stock one because it is smaller and leighter. Seems that the conversion for OSE Workshop are not added to the ISRU. Will add some (reasonable) converters to it. Will have a look at this
  14. Sorry for the veeery late reply...Do there parts still disappear? They should not vanish when launched. They should work like any other part and not need KIS/KAS and/or Breaking Ground to be usable. Will test this too Do you have any mods instaled that change things about the heat? I was not able to reproduce this bug yet There are patches for MKS which are linked in the first post. I don't know it they are up-to-date however. I do not really use MKS in my playthorughs and simply do not have enough knowledge about the complex game mechanics of MKS Will b
  15. Buenas tardes (hope this is correct ) Thanks, glad to be back, home office does have its benefits sometime. Yeah, we are fortunately all well until now. Hope you and your family too!
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