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  1. Hi, thank you for the offer and sorry for the late reply. I'm currently on vacation and have no direct access to my modding files. At the moment there are 17 texts not translated into brazilian portuguese in the file: https://github.com/Nils277/KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems/blob/master/FOR_RELEASE/GameData/PlanetaryBaseInc/Localization/pt-br.cfg I will write you a PM once im back to discuss the translation process. @VTOL Frog Thanks, yes, they are kinda swapped, will fix this in the next update.
  2. The flexible tube has not been touched or changed since the last big change of KAS years ago. It is however only available when you have KAS installed because it uses its functionality. Do you have it installed?
  3. @Lisias I can understand your concerns, but the CC license expressly defines NonCommercial as; and furthermore, explicidly invalidating the problem about who can use material with the CC-NC: https://wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/NonCommercial_interpretation It is a commercial activity, yes, but it is still not primarily intended for commercial use, which is the key point of the NC clause. In fact the Forum Rules 2.2i already prohibits posts (and therefore also post about mods) that are done primarily for monetary compensation. Therefore any Mod that is not removed because it violates the forum rules should also be in accordance with the NC clause of the CC license. Furthermore, the interpretation of such licenses is not based on the legislative of the country it is used in. The Creative Commons organization is based in the USA, it would make absolutely no sense defining a part of the NC clause when the legislation of the very same country the organization is based in causes the interpretation of the clause to be null and void. If the official interpretation of a copyright license term can be invalidated individually by each countries legislation, there would be absolute chaos. Just imagine what would happen if a country just would decide that there is no such thing as a copyright? Or way worse, that all copyright licenses are invalid and the term "all rights reserved " applies requiring everyone to have an explicid written permit from the original creator?
  4. This is indeed a quite important information that has come up in some threads discussing licenses and also resulted in the following thread: Here it is stated that... So yes, you are correct that the CC license is not recommended for software. On the other side e.g. the Apache Licence 2.0 is primarily intended for software. For my mods i followed the suggestion and licenced the art assets under the CC-BY-NC, while using the Apache License 2.0 for the source code. I think this solution works pretty good. Question is: What happens if someone did use the CC license for the source code? Is this license invalid and would make adaptions/continuations inpossible since then "All rights reserved" would be applied? Not using the CC license for software is rather a recommendation from the creators of the CC license since the license was not developed with software in mind. That could mean that it may grant more (or less) rights to others than the autor originally intendet. However, i do not think that using a CC license for source code would invalidate said license resulting in "All rights reserverd". The Legal Code of e.g. the CC-BY license does not explicidly exclude software. Therefore it should still be valid. Disclaimer: I'm not a laywer nor have i any expertise in law. This is just my personal assesment of the matter. Ps. Following stickied thread also links to the License Selection Guide:
  5. Yes, KPBS does have the flexible tubes that are automatically added when KAS is installed. You should find it in the "Structural" category. The part is called "K&K Flexible Corridor" and looks pretty much like a doubled docking port. To connect them place one of them one each target and use the standard KAS way to connect them.
  6. This indeed sounds strange! Are there any messages or similar when you try to save/ switch/etc? None of this should be interfered with by the rover. It does not even remotely change any behaviour in that regard. There really must be a severe error that cause trouble all over the place. What version of this Mod and KSP are you using? Can you please upload the KSP.log file and link it here after you tried the actions that did not work? The log file should contain information that can give a clue what is going wrong. Do you have any other mods installed that might interfere with this mod? Edit: After you saved the KSP.log file you can try to remove the temporary files created by KSP and ModuleManager and also delete and reinstall FUR. Maybe some of the files was corrupted and causes problems.
  7. The update on ckan is done automatically via SpaceDock. It may take some time (hours to one day) until the new version is adopted by ckan.
  8. Update to 1.6.14 It looks like my changes to add inventories to the crewed parts and let smaller parts be constructed/moved with the new KSP inventory and construction got lost somewhere during the release. This time they are really added for full support for the new features. Changelog: Download:
  9. Update to 1.3.3 ~Pretty Fly (For a Green Guy)~ Well...another day another update. I just discovered a rather critical bug with resource switching, where the maximal amount was not calculated correctly and was therefore (way) too high. Hopefully this will be the last update until KSP 1.12 comes around. Changelog: Download:
  10. Update to 1.3.2 ~Be like Bill Kerman~ Changelog: Download:
  11. As a follow up, i think i took a look at supporting CTT a while back and came to the conclusion that there is actually no need (from my point of view) to change any of the required research nodes for support for CTT, so i'd say FUR is implicidly compatible with CTT without needing a separate config for it. This might have changed since i last looked, so i will verify this in the next days
  12. At the moment there is no support for CTT. I will put this on the list to add though
  13. Hotfix Update to 1.3.1 ~Engineers wanted~ Changelog:
  14. Update to 1.3.0 ~Engineers wanted~ Changelog: Download: Preview of the new switching UI:
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