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  1. Hmm...i did not really try to make the conversion rates as scientifically accurate as possible, but tried to balance it against the conversion rates from other mods (mainly TAC-LS itself and universal storage). Will take a look at them again and adjust the rates if i find differences between the ratios. To you edit: You are right. Will fix that for the next update. I will have to add the wheel explicidly to the contracts via ModuleManager so that contracts accept the wheels from KPBS. Will do so in the next update. HOWEVER these changes will not affect contracts that are already accepted, only new contracts. The only way for you might be to fiddle with the save file itself and add the wheels there to the correct contract. If you try to do so, make sure to make a backup of the save beforehand. You'd have to add the name "KKAOSS_Landing_Gear2_g" to the names of accepted wheels. Sorry i do not really play around with save files that often and don't know where exactly the change has to be made.
  2. @JonBar I might have found the reason. I actually did one change for the reactor. I changed it so that it does not run/produce EC when the EC is full. So when your EC is full it does not use any Uranium and also does not produce any DepletedFuel. With the already pretty low resource consumption it might appear to be nearly zero. Will change that behaviour in the next updates as it fits better for a nuclear reactor to always run regardless whether EC is needed or not.
  3. @JonBar hmm...will have to check that again. I only made changes to the reactor for Kerbalism and did not change anything related to its default behaviour. Are you using NearFutureElectrical? It also changes the Reactor...maybe i made a mistake there
  4. Update to 1.6.4 Changelog: Download:
  5. Hmm, can you point to what additional changes were made? I'm quite short on time and don't use Kerbalism so some changes might slip through. Findig the additional changes might also take some time for me too.
  6. Take a look here: It is linked to from the original thread of B9 Aerospace and continues the mod. For the future of it, just read the last pages in this thread or ask there. The chances you get an answer to it there are quite high
  7. @PiezPiedPy Thanks for the info there already was a pull request with change on github. Will do an update in a few days.
  8. @Chronos Phantom There are no errors related to KPBS or the absence of the parts in Career or Science mode. Did you install this mod when the TechTree was already (partially) unlocked? In this case the parts that are added to nodes in the TechTree which were already unlocked before KPBS was installed have to be unlocked manually with Funds in the R&D building for each node. This is unfortunately a stock behaviour i cannot change. Edit: Can you please remove the posted LOG from the post? It causes most smartphone- (and also normal) browsers to hang and cause problems.
  9. @TheNosferatu I found the reason for the problem. Will be fixed in the next version.
  10. Will have to take a look, if i can reproduce this problem. Can you upload and post a link the the KSP.log (it is in the same folder as the KSP executable) file? Maybe there are some errors logged. I did not change anything regarding the parts you mentioned for a very long time and they should still be available. Are you playing in career and they are not unlocked yet maybe? Maybe after installing/uninstalling a mod that changes the Tech Tree? Can you upload and post a link the the KSP.log (it is in the same folder as the KSP executable) file? Maybe there is another error that causes the problems.
  11. Hmm, are you using the latest versions if Extraplanetary Launch Pads and this mod? There were some huge changes to version 6.0 of EPL. Will have to take a look again to make sure this mod adapted to all the changes correctly.
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    When you log out and sing in again then there is the option "Sign in anonymously" in the sign in box. If this is checked you are not listed as being online. I think this also means that other users cannot see if you have visited their profile.
  13. Nils277

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    @Val Thanks, will do! Edit: I think i just saw the reason. Looking again at said chat and looking at the top where the persons in the conversation are listed shows me "Deleted Member" now. So it seems that this account has just been deleted.