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  1. Update to 1.6.6 Changelog: Download: Guide for the new KAS Flexible corridor: To be compatible with @IgorZs update to KAS 1.0 the flexible corridor now consists of two separate parts. The active part is called "K&K Flexible Corridor" it can now be connected by a Kerbal to any "K&K Docking-Port" or "K&K Corridor Docking-Port". It is not possible anymore to connect two "K&K Flexible Corridor" parts with each other like it used to be before.
  2. It works also without Near Future. However when you have Near Future installed it will use the modules from it. The different sizes were a mistake when designing the parts. I'm currently working on an overhaul of the parts that make them have sizes that allow for better structures (aside from the tree structure thing of course) This will however take a looong time till i have that done...currently i'm not even able to update for 1.5.1. The last image is the exact same structure but highly rotated. The windows on the right image are not showing to the top instead of the left. They are currently only available when LS mod is installed. What do you want to use the water for?
  3. It should work with 1.5.1 without problems. Will try to make a release in the next time hopefully.
  4. Very cool thanks! Will take care of the known issues and send a pre-release to you with the changes
  5. What exactly is your problem? If you see the light problem in another mod, report the bug (best with a screenshot) in the forum thread of the mod that causes the problem. Also link to this thread (or the first post) to help the mod author to solve the bug.
  6. Hmm, from what i see, it should work. What files/folders do you have in the "KerbetrotterLtd" folder? Can you upload the "KSP.log" file from your KSP folder and link it here(or per PM). I'm afraid i have to look into the log to find the cause of the problem
  7. There is no difference between Mac, Windows and Linux. It should work on all systems. This error is most likely due to the mod being installed in the wrong directory. You have put the folder 'KerbetrotterLtd' and the file 'KSPModfileLocalizer.dll' directly into the GameData directory of KSP there not be another GameData folder inside Ksp's GaneData folder or similar. If this does not help, can you post a screenshot of you GameData folder?So we can see of something is wrong there.
  8. Were there drastic changes in Kerbalism again? The greenhouse does have a greenhouse module from Kerbalism. It is added in the file 'KPBS_MM_Kerbalism_Default.cfg' in the 'PlanetaryBaseInc/ModSupport/Configs/Kerbalism/Profiles' folder. Does something with this module not work correctly?
  9. Unfortunatly this is not possible. The internal model is always rendered above the external model, which makes every part of it invisible where the internal model is visible. The windows you see when JSIATP is active are part of the internal model.
  10. Update to 1.2.8 ~Weird Fish~ Changelog: Download: 
  11. Just reevaluated the bug and it seems that nearly everything from the plugin in the latest version is broken. Will fix that ASAP.
  12. Thanks for the report. This is definitely a bug in the plugin. Will take care of that. Since when did you experience this bug?
  13. This is unfortunately not possible. As @Starwaster mentioned, it is a limitation of KER. Will take a look at the staging of the decoupler. It should be howver a Stock functionality that should work out of the box Might change some of the parts in the future to be rotated better. But there have been some reasons why i did not do that in the first place, but i don't remember what those were. The screenshots in the OP already show the parts with normal and specular maps but only the stock shaders. It should show what the users get without additional mods. But you are right, at least one or two screenshots with TU would be beneficial. What additional support for MKS do you have in mind?
  14. I'm afraid that i can't do much about some parts being held off the ground. The flexible corridor is just the hose from the KAS with a different model, all the work of connecting the parts is done by KAS alone. There is nothing i can think of that i can do from my side. I will take a look at the landing legs though, they got more fragile when Squad updated/changed things on the wheels again. Maybe both of your problems are caused by the physics easing of landed crafts. It changed in the last updates and might cause some side effects. I will take a look at KAS 1.0 when i have some time. A flexible version of the corridor might really be a cool idea.
  15. Update to 1.2.7 ~Doppler Effect~ Changelog: Download:  @se5a I have not found the time to find the cause or a fix for your problem. Hopefully there will be one one day.