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  1. Update to 1.2.7 ~Doppler Effect~ Changelog: Download:  @se5a I have not found the time to find the cause or a fix for your problem. Hopefully there will be one one day.
  2. What did not work? Do the parts not show up? All the sites in the first post in this thread work and will provide you with the correct download. If you don't have KSP 1.4.0 or above you should look for the files that support your KSP version. When the parts do not show up you have installed to mod incorrectly. The content of the folder GameData from the download (The folder KerbetrotterLtd and the file KSPModFileLocalizer.dll) have to go into the GameData folder of your KSP installation. There should NOT be a GameData folder inside the GameData folder of KSP
  3. Update to 1.6.5 Changelog: Download: @alexus The iva with JSIATP should work now.
  4. @alexus I don't think that it will look more realistic with just a plain (gray) texture from the inside but will simply significantly increase the complexity of the parts. I simply have no time at all to do such a work at the moment. The IVAs with JSI-ATP should'nt look like the ones you posted. Will try to look at it and fix the bug once i get time.
  5. What you quoted was meant for @krrishtheamazing who had problems with missing parts. It is not simply putting a texture inside. The model would have to be changed with many new triangles to have an inside. I don't see a use in it when there is a plain texture inside compared to opaque windows. You will have tje exact same Problem on all parts, even Stock. Why don't you use JSI Advanced Transparent Pods for transparent windows?
  6. It is working in 1.4.5. This problem is very well known. It happens when you install the mod into the wrong folder. The folder has to be: Kerbal Space Program/GameData/PlanetaryBaseInc All parts with windows have an interior. It is visible when you switch into IVA or have JSI-ATP installed which adds transparend window functionality. You can't just make windows transparend and expect the IVA to be visible. You'd have to add the IVA model via code to be visible. Adding the IVA model to the external model to be always visible is is not really sensible. If you want to have the IVA visible with your own transparent windows, use JSI-ATP or look at it's code to accomplish what you want.
  7. Thanks! If you happen to have a save file before the error occures and the problem can be reproduced reliably, i would be happy to see it to find and hopefully fix the problem. Hmm, changing the adapter to not have the wheels on the same height seems a bit weird to me. What height would you expect? In a way tha the top of the rovers is the same?
  8. rotation1 and rotation2 depict the relative rotation change of the movable part of the hitch in regard to the part before and after the hitch. Depending on the direction of the hitch, either rotation1 or rotation2 changes when the hitch rotates. When the hitches are in default state, they should be (0,0,0,1) What are they in your case? Is the hitch locked or unlocked? (Was it unlocked at some time before?) This is indeed a very hard to find bug. It is the first time this problem is mentionend since this mod was released. Have you secured the payload with extra struts to secure it during atmo break? This might at least mitigate the problem . It should prevent the node itself from bending which might cause a difference between the saved relative orientation and the actual relative orientation. I have nearly no time at the moment to find and solve the cause of this problem...especially as it seems to only rarely occure.
  9. Now that you say it, i'm pretty sure that the other converter are switched to TACLS converter when it is installed. Will take a look at the code and might do this change for the reactor too.
  10. From the version file it should be usable for all versions of KSP 1.4.+ will take a look and try to fix that in the next update. I'm not really sure what how it can be fixed. Since the hitches, and the docking port are using the smallest type of attachnode i suspect that the forces from launching the ship were so high that the attach nodes bend too much. I think some struts might have mitigated that problem. Since the docking hitch saves its original orientation it might be that it tries to bend back against the bend cause by the external forces. I'm sorry to say, but i doubt that your craft can be saved without an engineer.
  11. I heard already about that problem. But there is nothing a know that i can do about it. It is a problem from TAC not recognizing some converter as EC producer. I'm not sure but i think the problem will also occur for fuel cells and reactors from other mods. It would be somehting that has to be added to TAC. And i think it is a lot of work that has to be done.
  12. have you tried the to do the same thing withe the base from KIS/KAS? Does this happen there too? The part uses the very same modules to work exactly like the ones shipped from KIS/KAS. I'm also not quite shure what exactly you meant, so it might be that i misunderstand you, screenshoots might help to illustrate the issue The side docking port of the Lynx is actually able to adjust its height (from the right click menu) to also be able to dock to bases that are lower than the rover:
  13. It is used in the very same way the ground base (or plate?) from KIS/KAS is used. The documentation from KIS/KAS should describe that thoroughly.
  14. No there isn't. The support for Tweakscale is only very limited. Only the corridors can be scaled by it. All other parts (especially the crewed ones) are not really meant to scaled up or down. Which parts did you want to scale?
  15. You are right, thanks for the report. Will be corrected in the next version. The hover engines are not meant to be able to be usable in full speed over difficult terrain. Just like a wheeled rover will likely flip over or worse when passing the same terrain with an equal speed. The maximal hover hight is also acutally 4m The limit for 4m is also due to technical restrictions. All KSC buildings are considered terrain in KSP. So when to rover hovers high enough so that one or more hover engines can get on top of a building in hover mode the rover would immediately flip over. If you really want to hover higher, go into the "GameData/KerbetrotterLtd/FelineUtilityRover/Parts/Engine" folder and open the files "HoverEngine.cfg" and "HoverEngine_rear.cfg" search in both files for the line "maxHoverHeight = 4" and change it to whatever height you want.