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  1. CKAN is supported (unless it has had some breaking changes in the last weeks). I would guess that CKAN has made some errors while installing. The command modules etc should be there by default. Try to uninstall KPBS with CKAN and reinstall it. If this does not work, try to install this mod by hand...This way we can see what is causing the errors. If the error persists with CKAN or even with a manuall install then i would need a screenshot of the mods folder and more important the "KSP.log" file from KSP main folder. It should contain the errors that might have caused your problems. Edit: Just another thought: Are you playing in career mode? If yes, are all the nodes and parts unlocked in the tech-tree? When you already have some nodes unlocked and installed the mod afterwards then you have to purchase the parts in the tech-tree individually.
  2. Will be fixed. To be sure, it is just the K&K Workshop right?
  3. I think i might know what the reason is. I guess you have JSI Advanced Transparend Pods installed? I might have forgotten to put some of the Dephtmask models into the right layer. That would be really cool! Thanks!
  4. @Jalaris A good resource for MM patches it the ModuleManager Syntax Site. However i looked at the syntax for deleting and there are only two ways possible, the one you used, deleting the first occurance of a certain module and deleting a module by index, but without naming needed type. The seconds however is very prone to errors when the index of the ModuleResourceHarvester changes when e.g another one is added by a config that supports another mod. But i can change the original EPL.cfg to not add the module when Simple Construction is installed.
  5. @westamastaflash and @Rafael acevedo Thanks for the reports. Will try to fix the MM patches and make a release in the next time. I cannot guarantee this will be before christmas though
  6. @sashan I think the hitch parts (active + passive + docking) already do what you want. You can couple and decouple with them and they are flexible. If you want something like the joint with bellows that can dock and undock, then i have to dissapoint you. As you can see it with the hitch, there need to be three parts to allow docking + flexibility. This is due to a restriction of KSP/Unity, meaning that a part that can dock cannot be flexible. I know that the Claw kinda has both but there must be some additional internal code allowing this that is not available to us modders. At least i have not found a way to allow make this work reliable. If you are happy with the hitch parts doing the job, then you can use the "Lynx Front" part in front of the the hitch as inline control part.
  7. That is because the latest version of KPBS only works with KSP 1.3.1. The version a mod is compatible with is stated on the sites you can download it from. When you have KSP 1.3.0 you have to use version 1.5.5 of this mod.
  8. I never really calculated the volumes of the parts. But the patch for Kerbalism contains the volumes in the PlanetaryBaseInc\ModSupport\Configs\Kerbalism\KPBS_MM_Kerbalism_Habitation.cfg file. I think they were done by @schrema. At least that what was said in the pull request
  9. You are right. Will be corrected in the next version
  10. Hmm....i can't see anything weird in your log file that would explain your problem. What's about the standard fueltanks, do they have the ability to switch between LFO, Liquid Fuel, Mono etc? Will prepare a debug version of the plugin that prints out everything it does...maybe this way the bug can be found. You are right, there is a bug that causes the lights button to only be available when the front light setting is chosen. Will correct that in the future. I have not the slightest idea what you mean by "the vehicle's interfacing". can you elaborate Adapters to what? There are already adapters to add it to a rocket, it's the "Lynx Structural Decoupler". Do you mean that? Do you mean that the chinese translation for the engines is missing? I know that it is missing but i cannot change it, because i can't speak chinese. There are already volunteers that help to translate the texts but they also just have limited time and so far not everything is translated.
  11. No, there are no compatibility problems.
  12. It seems that IFS or SC messes around with the resources or the definition of resources of other mods. Can you send me a log file (the KSP.log one from KSPs main folder) so i can see if this is caused by accident or if not if i can take any countermeasures on my end to prevent this? EDIT: Just tested it out with Simple Contruciton and IFS and the Freight container offers me the options to carry Ore, Metal or MetalOre. So it seems to work as it should for me. There is probably an interaction with yet another mod that causes this. I definitely need the KPS.log file to find out what is happening.
  13. @Mr. Truffles and @kerbalfreak So you say that that the resources (especially EC) deplete on the vessel when the vessel is not active and you timewarp, e.g. when you timewarp at the KSC. BUT it only depletes for TAC-LS, meaning that TAC-LS thinks that the resources are depleted but the resource are still there when you switch to the vessel in question. E.g, TAC-LS says that the vessel/base runs out of food but when you switch to it, the food is still there. Is that right? @kerbalfreak What do you mean by "and even dont save the wastes properly" does this mean that the waste does not only deplete for TAC-LS but is also depleted when you switch to the vessel? I think maybe @JPLRepo can shed some light on the TAC-LS behaviour?
  14. Thanks. I found the reason for the issue and will make a release with a fix for the transfer of depleted fuel soonTM Seems weird. I really sounds like a problem of TAC-LS. Or the system that runs the resources in the background. Even small foating point errors might cause this when run for a longer time.
  15. A science module might be a good idea. Will add one in the future. I'm sorry, but an agroponics module is not really in the scope of this mod. When you have the big LifeSupport Module installed, it alone provides enough supplies for 3 kerbals for 46 days.