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  1. @Hajii i bealive somone created a mostly correct zip file of raptors craft it may be a few pages back in this forum thread -JWOC
  2. Just earned my Eagle Scout today
  3. ok cool glad i and the crew of at the computer building thread could help you out
  4. @ISE those specs would work. you could prob even go with a higher end i5 instead of an i7. you wont need the power of an i7 unless your streaming or doing something like video editing. other than that your system look pretty good. i would also recomend posting this in the unoffical computer buying/build thread. i will include a link to it for u KSP Unofficial Official Computer Building/Buying Megathread. (All Questions Acceptable.)
  5. I have tons of stock naval craft on my kerbalX heres is a few https://kerbalx.com/JWOC/Voyager-class-LST https://kerbalx.com/JWOC/Sheaperd-class-VTOL-carrier https://kerbalx.com/JWOC/Collins-class-tracking--comand-ship https://kerbalx.com/JWOC/bluefin-class-replenishment-ship https://kerbalx.com/JWOC/Nimitz-Class-Multi-Purpose-Exploration-Vessel https://kerbalx.com/JWOC/Crippen-class-Recovery-vessel
  6. The docking port and escape tower are mounted to the parachute by a cubic octag structural peice
  7. It's attached to the top node and flipped using the rotate tool
  8. Hey Jon, thanks for the response I made a few helicopters using parts from your helicopter. I will make shure to give you credit -JWOC
  9. so my BOR date is set for march 2nd. my brothers are having theirs the same night too. my mom just erned the silver beaver awarrd. Im also now part of a ventruing crew that my mom has started up
  10. i have finished all the requirements for eagle and I'm now waiting for my eagle scout BOR scheduled tentatively for the 16 of February
  11. @Jon144 You should put this on kerbalX. You craft would get a lot of attention as there aren't many helicopters on kerbalX. On a different note would you be okay with me modifying somethings on it and realeasing it as my own craft? -JWOC
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