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  1. Fixed. What we can learn: theres a need for devs looking over the code to catch problems with old code on new module versions. Anyone?
  2. Hi, The site is currently offline. Im working on it
  3. Had a small DNS Problem that caused a bit of downtime. Sorry. (Why does Powerdns add DB columns and not add them in updates?)
  4. Seems like noone wants to come. I will setup one or two computers with ksp and dmp at the event anyways. Makes me a bit sad it isnt what it used to be a few years ago.
  5. Hi, 37c3 is happenign at the end of December. https://events.ccc.de/2023/10/06/37c3-teaser/ Who here wants to join me there? Is there any demand for an KSP aerea with Demo PC and seating like last time? There will be a lot of space nerds (like Ham radio, rocket builders and general computer nerds present) Greetings VITAS P.S. im always happy for any merch to give away on events like these.
  6. Fixed. For everyone wanting to play along: full /boot partitions cause kernel updates to fail in such a way that the machine comes up, has enough networking to not fail heartbeat but not have all the networking to be reachable by end users. Error messages in that case are all over the place and not helfull
  7. Im working on restoring the services.
  8. @Kenobi McCormick You want to find mods you dont know yet? https://spacedock.info/random If you want to filter mods just enter something into search like "part" for parts mods. You can even limit your results by game version. See Advanced search help for more info.
  9. @kerbmario the games Logo Take a look at the game and mod over views https://spacedock.info/ @ShadowDev Good work. Remember it has to both conform to the 16:9 Thumbnail aspect ratio as well as the very wide header on the games mod overview page.
  10. Hi, we want to add thumbnails and header images for games to SpaceDock ( https://spacedock.info/ ) They will be rendered just like Mod thumbnails and header images will ( 16:9 for thumbnails and that wide aspect ratio for headers. One Image for both) For that we need something nice for the KSP 1 & 2 images. It should include the game logo, easy to recognize and not get any lawyers upset. Your work should be as high res as possible ( we also take files with layers e.g. PSD) so we can resize them as needed. We are excited to see what you come up with. Greetings VITAS your friendly SpaceDock admin
  11. SpacheDock update incomming at 14:00 UTC 1h downtime max. Status: done* *see post below
  12. It isnt (anymore?) The newest version has a dll in it.
  13. 1.) people on irc cant take part in discussions that are on discord. 2.) you are forced to accept discords terms to take part 3.) discord is a walled garden 4.) you dont have to register at all on irc 5.) matrix as well as irc is used by people like you that value privacy 6.) matrix and irc dont scan your active tasks on your computer 7.) you can host your own matrix server and use federation so everything is under your control. 8.) irc and matrix dont try to upsell you all the time. 9.) Freedom of choice ...
  14. Hi, as the title says im requesting a link between the discord channels and Matrix ( https://matrix.org ) as well as IRC channels ( e.g. by using matrix bridges https://matrix.org/bridges/ )
  15. Just added to SpaceDock.
  16. you and your browser cache can if you press shift+f5 Kerbal Space Program 2 v0.1.1.0 added to SpaceDock
  17. I hope there wont be any more than one modloader. i don't think it deserves its own subforum. Iam in general a friend of a larger space than to many small spaces to discuss. Maybe tags (and mods setting them) can help filtering threads by type better than subforums can? The other ideas i like very much. I dont have a solution but a problem that might need one: we have all those discussion channels and media (discord times n, forums, irc is still linked,...) how can we better bundle all those discussions and information so it doesnt fly by most people? I also find it hard to inform people about something (even if i run around and post it on all those outlets). No, Thank you.
  18. Thats not my intention. I encourage everyone to not limit themselves. Learn new stuff and make things happen. Also this is a bit off topic here. Youre all welcome to talk about SpaceDock in its thread.
  19. Every mod has the option to include a "mod website" link on its page. Its for the author to decide if they include it.
  20. @Halban I imply that we (thats one person developing and on running the code) dont have any resources to implement those suggestions even if we find them great ideas. I also believe that everyone can learn if he/she wants something to exist.
  21. @Mitokandriafeel free to commit the necessary code to add all the features you dream of
  22. A lot of new ideas and new people joined the KSP community with the release of KSP2 into EA. I do love their new ideas and willingness to contribute as much and as fast as possible. However i do wish some would take time to get to know this amazing group of people and what we have build in the the past years. It would help them to better understand what exists and what is missing as well as how to implement it best. I hope some of you read this and I'm sure i speak for everyone when i say that you're welcome to ask whether or not your idea already exists or about people you can potentially talk to to learn more.
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