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  1. Yes @DasSkelett and @HebaruSan fixed some upload bugs. Im happy to hear that youre able to use Firefox again.
  2. Thank you. fixed it. (Please try now and report back)
  3. Done Please report any problems here or in the SpaceDock chat.
  4. Hi, today is SpaceDock move day. SpaceDock will be down between 15:00- 17:00 CEST I will keep you updated here.
  5. Im moving services to different servers. In process of getting ready to move SpaceDock it self (short) outages of things like email my occur. I will notify you in advance before moving the site itself. Expect a downtime of about 1-2h for that.
  6. 1.12.3 Added to SpaceDock. Sorry for the delay.
  7. Hi, because of $reasons the annual Chaos Comunication Congress (Europes and the worlds second largest IT Security aka Hacker meetup) will be held digitaly again. In contrast to Physical events tickets are free. You can click yours if you like under: https://tickets.events.ccc.de/RC3-21/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_Communication_Congress
  8. Attention: SpaceDock will be down for Maintanance now! Done!
  9. The Datacenter informed me about a planed maintenance of the storage between 2021-10-06, 07:00 Uhr CEST and 2021-10-06, 16:00 Uhr CEST The downtime itself is only a few minutes.
  10. There are proof of concept Mods published on the Balsa Discord. @godarklight did a bunch of testing with Mods on Balsa.
  11. There are some problems with the Site. Im on it.
  12. most likely a bandwith prolem between you and hetzner. by using a vpn you forced te data to take a different route. Its the internet not the datacenter.
  13. I'm guessing you're talking about the mod boxes and thumbnails? They should include the mod names. If they don't you have a caching issue. Could you post a screenshot?
  14. Downtime for Server Updates 2021-05-30 17:28 Hi SpaceDock users! SpaceDock will be unavailable for about an hour starting 2021-05-31 10:00 UTC to install several fixes and improvements: Eliminate 90% of backend CPU usage by caching templates (faster page loads, possibly) Improve the appearance of mod thumbnails User profile links handled better Ensure notifications are sent to CKAN properly at mod creation
  15. Hi, The Datacenter decided to do maintenance on the Storage backend: https://status.hetzner.com/de/incident/d26588b3-5d74-4f4f-9b91-9c87e5b88209 The site is down till they finish. Im not pleased. Called the datacenter. they look into it why its taking so long. Still waiting for them to find the problem.
  16. Missunderstood your Question: yes you can link whatever you like as long as it isnt against german law or problematic if minors see it. There shouldnt be a reason why some wouldnt work. We test it later and report back. Can you post the Link you used?
  17. Regarding activation: Send me a private message here with your reg email and username on SPaceDock. Ill manualy activate you. Sometimes Mail Providers block to many mails in fear of spam. About renaming Mods: mod names are reflected in links. SpaceDock can route people even with a changed modname but i think that having people click on a link with modname A and route them to a page with mod name B will confuse them and could give the impression that the site was broken. I generaly advise people to make a new mod and link to it from within the description area of the old one.
  18. 1.11.2 Is a thing so pleas update your mods.
  19. Taht downtime i was talking about in my last post: Its within the next 24h and the site will return 404 during downtime
  20. I was just informed by the Datacenter: There will be maintenance on the Router for SpaceDocks main Server. Start: 3. March 2021 03:00:00 CET End: 3. March 2021 03:30:00 CET (estimate) So thats 30 Minutes. Please plan your Mod up/downloads accordingly. Thank you
  21. Note: KSP 1.11.1 is a thing and now on SpaceDock!
  22. Note: 1.11.0 is now added to SpaceDock. Please update your Mods
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