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Found 12 results

  1. URL: https://SpaceDock.info FAQ What we are working on now: We decided to split Spacedocks Frontend and backend. VITAS is working on the frontend (including UI rewrite) Darklight is working on the backend. VITAS is working on an improved cdn setup
  2. SpaceDock is the premier mod hosting site for Kerbal Space Program and Kerbal Space Program 2. Download and upload mods for: Kerbal Space Program 2 Kerbal Space Program 1 Site newes and announcements If youre having problems with the Advanced Search help beeing in the way reload your browser cache by pressing Shift+F5 OR Shift+ click reload
  3. **Announcement** I Am Not Going To Develop This Mod Anymore, See Page Two For More Information. And This Thread Has Been Locked As I Requested It. Valentina Kerman Rocket Development And Test Facility Public Development Release V0.6 "Moar Testing" | A Kerbal Konstructs Add-On Official Trailer By @miguelsgamingch or Me 80 > 100 Views from turning Unlisted To Public! Thank You Guys! (Launchpad 1A, Mods Used: FASA Saturn IB Tank And F-1 Engine) Valentina Kerman Rocket Development and Test Facility Was Built In 1991, Used For Rocket Developmet And Testing Rocket's Itself, Renovated In 2012 Everything Happens In The Horizontal Facility, Rockets, Allot Of Rockets. Hello Everyone And Welcome To My First Add-On! Have Been Thinking Of What To Make And Then Kerbal Konstructs Pop Out So Here We Are! This Mod Adds Four New Launchpads In Game, Launchpad 1A, Launchpad 1B, Launchpad 2 And Launchpad 3. Frequently Asked Questions Q:When Is Release? - A: Currently In Development Phase, We Will Reach BETA Once In V1.0 Q:How Do You Make This Stuff? - A: Kerbal Konstructs Tutorial + Review Here: Q:When Are You Gonna Add More Launchpads? - A:Later Versions, There Are Currently Three Launchpad Since V0.4 Launchpad 3 Will Be Out Soon. Q: CKAN Supported? - A: No, Not Yet, I Might Change My Mind But, I Plan On Doing It When In BETA Or Out Of DEV Release. More Photo's (Slightly Outdated) Planned Features: Our Roadmap Is Now Here Known Issues: You May Now Report Issues At The Github Page. No Github Account? What A Shame. *MODS REQUIRED* Now Included With The ZIP File, No Need To Download. Thank You To @Omega482 And @damonvv For The Amazing Mod And Thanks To @Ger_space For Developing The Kerbal Konstructs Mod. *SUGGESTED* Interegated To This Mod *RECOMMNDED* Connects With The Tier 4 Vehicle Assembly Building Engine Mods That You Can Use: Thanks To @Nertea For Those Amazing Mods That I Mention, Cause i use them lol. There Are Allot More That You Can Find ======================DOWNLOAD==================== **Update Schedule** Mod has been discountinued. ********************** Note: Versions Are Tested And Compatible For KSP 1.8 And Above. Below 1.8 Is Not Tested And May Require Another Version Of Kerbals Konstruct , TSC And Omega's Stockalike Strcutures. Primary: Spacedock Secondary: Github Github Downloads: In Total: Changelog: Currently On SpaceDock And Github Now!, CurseForge Coming Soon! ======================DOWNLOAD==================== ==============LICENSE=============== This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. ==============LICENSE=============== CKAN Not Supported.
  4. KSP Mod Analyzer 1.1.1 has been released, with the following new exciting features: Support for SpaceDock, Curse and CKAN repositories Clickable links to mod page, source code repository and forum if available Filter on mod name Many UI improvements 60s cool down period after updating SpaceDock and Curse, to limit network traffic Possiblity to do analysis on mods, e.g. "Mods only available on CKAN", with aggredated metadata CSV export Note! Due to recent changes to the Curse page, "Update Curse" is broken, I'm looking into the problem. In summary, this application gives you a clear overview of all all KSP mods with relevant metadata in one single application. Note that is is not a mod manager like CKAN, but I hope you find it useful anyway :-) Please find download details below the screenshot. Technical details Written in Python 3 using Qt 5 for the UI Source code is available on GitHub Latest release, packaged as a stand-alone application, is available on the release page (Python is not required) Let me know what you think about this application, feedback and improvement ideas are welcome.
  5. For me, when I try to go on Spacedock, I get a "possible attackers" warning from my browser. I'm using Chrome, but if something real happened to the actual site, someone please tell it to me!
  6. I can't access Spacedock.
  7. EDIT: Since I now know that something like that was actually done but died, I try to figure out why. Original post: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ! I'm only talking about modlists, NOT modpacks. A modlist doesn't contain any modfiles, it's just a text file ! just a disclaimer I don't want so summon any pitchforks or torches. Hello together, As you read in the title I'm looking for a place to collect modlists based on .ckan Files. There was once a Thread like that but I'm not able to find that now but it was dead anyway. (The thread is stickied... I meant the MOD Docket) There is also something similar to that on kerbalx.com KerbalX Modlists but as you see there isn't much that is actually useful. I don't think I'm the only one who would appreciate an easy way to share your modded installs with others and an easy way to get a new experience by playing a modlist from someone else. For example take Bob Fitch's YouTube series. Imagine you could go to a Thread in the forum and download the .ckan file for his installment and play just like him. (That's just an example I don't even know if he is using ckan to manage his installation and I know he's patching his mods to make it fit but why not also allow it to upload the MM file to get the patches to.) Or remember Scott Manley's Interstellar Quest. it's the same just go to a Thread or maybe to SpaceDock and download a .ckan file to install the mods and some MM patches to make them work together. To summarize my thoughts, I'm looking for: a place that collects different modlists based on .ckan files. A nice description what the modlist is all about and the version it was made for. Here what I imagine a entry could/should look like a place that collects MM patches for the modlists or even better in general since searching for compatibility patches for different mods can be painful. Things to be done to make it work (assuming there isn't something like I'm looking for already) get approval by the mod makers since modlists(packs) are a very hot debated topic add the actual version of the mod that needs to be installed in the .ckan file. As far as I know its currently only the name of the mod. being able to install a specific version of a mod via ckan. find a place to hosts the .ckan files. That could be a Thread and links to github, dropbox etc. or even a new category on SpaceDock the same for MM patches. people who like to create and share there modlists/MM patches. people who want to play someone else's modlist/MM patches. Please let me know what you think about that. I imagine it's something a lot of people would like but I could be completely wrong about that. Also while I searched if something like that was already put on the table I was not able to find anything. However if I just missed something please point it out.
  8. Sector 7 Space Laboratories Space Dock 7 Support Package I was planning to use an SSTO named Energy Source for delivery of the mobile fuel tanks but I was arriving with too little fuel. I decided to use Rocketry and chose SpaceTech for this Mission. This craft is working and I now have enough fuel to make rendezvous with lots of fuel remaining for the Space Dock's Fuel Transfers. SpaceTech has a Launch Package of a Mobile Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank and also an array of RCS Tanks designed for Mobile Transporting. While En Route for the Mun I noticed the Atomic Rocket Motors were using more fuel than I expected, so I recommend docking Two Mobile Fuel Tanks in LKO if you are planning to place it in the Mun's Orbit. Space Dock 7 SP SpaceTech Mobile Fuel SpaceTech Mobile RCS Photo Album Space Dock 7 SP Parts: 1894 Mass: 132.985t Mass with Launcher: 1,585.241t Height: 40.5m Width: 45.2m Length: 45.2m SpaceTech Mobile Fuel Parts: 493 Mass: 1,166.143t Height: 50.7m Width: 16.1m Length: 16.8m SpaceTech Mobile RCS Parts: 490 Mass: 1,169.143373t Height: 50.7m Width: 16.1m Length: 16.8m Operations: Space Dock 7 SP At the launch pad engage RCS & SAS, apply full throttle Near 15,000m reduce speed to about 1/8 for the gravity turn then increase speed as needed to complete Orbit. Stage the Launcher when fuel has been depleted and contiune to Orbit using the Atomic Motors. Action Groups: 1-Service Bays 2-Solar Panels 3-Lights 4-Fuel Docking Lights SpaceTech At the launch pad engage RCS & SAS, apply full throttle Near 15,000m reduce speed to about 1/8 for the gravity turn then increase speed as needed to complete Orbit. Stage the first section of the Launcher when fuel has been depleted. Stage the second section of the Launcher when fuel has been depleted, at this time you may or may not be in an Orbit. Decouple Mobile Fuel Tank with or without a pilot, a pilot is needed however you choose to man the craft, by transfer or EVA. Maneuver the craft to the nose of SpaceTech and dock. Continue to complete Orbit.
  9. SpaceDock and Curse analyzer Hi, I would like to share a Python project I have been working on, "SpaceDock and Curse analyzer". I started working on this mostly for learning Python, and now I have a version up and running. The idea behind the project is "How to get a list of all mods that are hosted only on Curse but not on SpaceDock?" My preferred mod hosting site is SpaceDock, but I suspected that some mods are only available on Curse. How to get this analyzed in a nice way, and learning Python at the same time? Long story short, here is how it works, and a description of each Python file: get_curse.py - Parses the Curse page and retrieves all mods and store them on disk as a list. I did not find any API for Curse, so it's done with BeautifulSoup and a bit of reg-exp hacking. get_spacedock.py - Using the SpaceDock API to get a list of all mods and storing the list on disk. disk_helper.py - Helper functions to serialize data for storing on disk as well as reading and de-serializing the data from disk (used in the files above). curse_helper.py - Helper functions for parsing Curse spacedock_helper.py - Helper functions for parsing SpaceDock analyse.py - Reads the mod lists from disk for further analysis (e.g. to check which mods are only on Curse). This file is still a work in progress, currently it just list the mods. The files are available on GitHub The serializing to disk is for offloading the web servers, as you can play around with "analyse.py" without causing unnecessary traffic. Please let me know your comments on this project. There is probably a lot of Python code that can be optimized, but bear with me as it's my fist project
  10. HI all, I a very disappointed to see that spacedock still has not reached its funding goals, or even $180 necessary to fully pay for appropriate bandwidth to provide the mods to us all. There are 2830 registered users and who knows how many thousands of unregistered users and yet they have only gathered $129 a month in support???? Is one dollar a month really too much to ask from us? Really!!!, come on guys, this is a team of guys why can we support them, what is wrong with us? What are we a bunch of entitled ungrateful troglodytes? Do we really want to lose SpaceDock just like we lost Kerbal Stuff? Ya I am self interested in that I don't want Spacedock to go way and i feel guilty becuase i did not help Kerbal Stuff. Please help them make this work. And thank them for their hard work while you're at it. PS. I am in no way associated with or part of the SpaceDock team I am just a concerned user. PPS. donate to them here:https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2903335&ty=h PPPS. I hope I am not violating a forum rule with this and that I am in the correct forum. IF so do what you need to do and I will change what needs to be changed.
  11. Hi artists, im looking for someone who could make me a "Space Duck" (the inofficial pet of Jeb) and a Kerbal as 3d model for use on SpaceDock. If possible fully rigged and usable in either 3D Studio Max or Poser. VITAS
  12. Hi, today @katateochi the owner of KerbalX and me had a talk about his plan to include vessel statistics into his vessel hosting site. I told him that i wanted to do a similar thing for DMP a while back and would love to have a "wich mod lincludes part x" search on SpaceDock. I suggested to include CKAN into this, since they distribute metadata. In addation tot he parts stats it would be great to have an image of that part so my idea is to ther have some sort of headless render setup or/and some sort of mod that generates them on players ksp games (as crowdsource campain). EIther way non of us has the time to implement those things but i would be willing to contribute the needed Server resources to make it happen. The reason for posting it here is to ask for opinions, ideas how to implement it and folks who are willing to build such a setup (given that CKAN and the rest involved are ok with it)
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