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  1. I build heyapod walkers with legotechnics when i was 11 or so. They worked with motors and gears. bouncy mechs sound funny. I still would wish for a kerbalcon to exist.
  2. Hmm ksp would need two factions to make competition even possible. Basebuilding could also be against "nature" itself (like its now where its against gravity)
  3. Its more about: you could but should you? You can build missiles in vanilla ksp but should you encourage it? It boils down to: should the ksp universe get violent? would that game be RTS like anno ? Singleplayer or multiplayer? Turnbased?
  4. Who siad that kerbals are like the usa? Maybe the drone is just for delivering snacks to donald kerman. (Because the other kerbals find his oudlandish skin color as funny as we do on earth)
  5. many people invented many things just for fun ang giggles in ksp check out n-body physics for ksp (Principia). We have some very bright minds in this community who do things to relax i couldnt even do while fully commiting to them.
  6. I think its because games are about trying out things you arent be able to do in reality. And most people able to play ksp today havent been close to a conflict zone. I accept Stuff like BDarmory as a mod but it would break my heard if kerbals would get officialy send to war.
  7. You havent checked out dmp havent you?
  8. Yes BD Armory is very popular. But should it be in an official game? KSP also addresses children and education. even having a game like that as spinoff could ruin that.
  9. Imagine games that link into each other. Instead of a dlc just adding a new function a game module could add racing to ksp and when you build a car you get that option to go to a race. Are you talking about mariokart levels of racing?
  10. There will be something. They bought KSP a good way trough its lifecycle. Thats why i made this post. So we can speculate and also voice our wishes. I personaly think the aim is to have ksp something like minecraft where the game constantly evolves and mods are its lifeblood. As opposed to the EA model of pumping out new versions every year and having all users migrate. The main problem i see is that ksp isnt as large as minecraft (sadly) and take2 isnt microsoft (but still not small). So they have to do something big to keep new sales to happen (they dont earn from exisitng players not wanting to buy DLCs). Its up to us as a community to give them good idears we can life with and that would make us as happy as they will new users.
  11. " the same as KSP but it's multiplayer and you're making defenses and vehicles for a kerbal civil war " What i especialy like about KSP is that it doesnt need guns, fighting and killing to be entertaining. I usualy direct people who want to kill helpless creatures towards minecraft. :>
  12. Sadly those DL links are dead
  13. Hi, related to my "future" thread: Another question: What kind of spinoff Game would you like to see? (e.g. RTS)
  14. Im open to a new philosphical thread about time and its perception. This isnt it
  15. Yes i did some bugfixing on production but never merged it. You could be doing that if you like (Ill give you acc to a copy). Also $somone could set up a test/dev instance (the machine for it already exists). Interested?
  16. Hi, good point. I mainly do bugfixing because i simply dont have the time to do more than that. But im hopefull that others will implement new features.
  17. Yes i was asking what you NOW think the FUTURE (of KSP) is. In the end everything will be even.
  18. Thank you. Ive to merge the Production code with the one on github. The API shouldnt have changed but i had to patch some things to make it run on newer Linux packet versions.
  19. No i actualy build a testsetup 6 month or so ago. IT consists of a vpn to a server running an reverse proxy and some filter settings. There are also posts of me in the telemacus thread. Im no streamer but i realy want someone to try this in production. Im there if infrastructure is the the problem
  20. I don't know the sales figures or Forum stats but SpaceDock users are only 1/3 to 1/2 of what they where in 2016.