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  1. "Air augmented rocket" is the concept being described. Atmosphere is used as reaction mass but not combusted, which increases specific impulse.
  2. 6DOF controls have been supported in KSP for a long time, both for camera control and for attitude/translation. It takes some getting used to but is great once you do. Would be hard to justify $260 when a SpaceNavigator is about $100. I suppose bit of a premium for combining it with a conventional mouse is OK, but personally I prefer the devices to be separate.
  3. In your pic the currently active stage has no active engines in it, so...
  4. Thread removed. Reason: NONE. Fear me!
  5. Moved this thread over to Gameplay Questions.
  6. @SamBelanger Thread is eight months old, please watch for the little warning that the thread is quite old when making a post to prevent bumping old threads where the conversation is long dead. Closed.
  7. My guess would be add-on releases, it's by far the most active section of the forum and many people create an account just to ask a question or provide feedback there.
  8. You have to host your images somewhere other than the forum. is popular but by no means the only option. Once hosted get the URL for the image itself (must end in .jpg, .png, .gif, etc) and paste it into a post and it will embed automatically.
  9. My understanding is runway ramps slope downward, not upward. Outside of a few edge cases like STOL carriers and airstrips meant to train for them.
  10. Workaround button removed since this seems to be working now.
  11. You can't check IPs without tracking them. By nature you have to record the IPs to check against.
  12. This was made in 1.0.4, so some things may have changed a bit. It's also pretty difficult to get to orbit in the first place as it struggles to break the sound barrier.
  13. Not particularly. I would recuse myself from moderating a thread in which I'm an active participant as a matter of course.
  14. Being a mod has nothing to do with it. I am a player and community member first, and I think the point I am trying to make about tone of posts is an important one. I am not upset by this at all, it would take far more than that. Not sure how my posts here are not "upstanding" in your eyes, but at any rate I'm not going to avoid sharing my thoughts because I help moderate the forum.