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  1. If you mean the Project Rho Atomic Rockets website their forum account is @nyrath.
  2. To those who argue it must be a hard g because the g stands for "graphics" I ask: How do you pronounce "jpeg"? What does the p in jpeg stand for? And finally: Why are you a hypocrite?
  3. Soft G is the only correct answer. I will die on this hill.
  4. Been a fun ride for the past decade with this game. Sad to see development ending but all good things... All the best to the developers and staff, both past and present. Thanks for all your hard work and I hope your next endeavors are as successful as KSP has been.
  5. I feel like everyone missed the "and and" you were pointing out.
  6. The EDU version of KSP uses DRM. Perhaps more understandable in that context as piracy is particularly rampant in edu settings, and not just (or even mostly) by students.
  7. As I recall @vexx32 was the true ringleader of that particular bit of silliness. I miss that guy, hands down the best riddle writer on the forum.
  8. Except for the part where they say I created the Green Iron Crown account. The last post in that thread is a more accurate account even if the poster is a bit of a jerk.
  9. Rumors of my Canadianness are completely unexaggerated.
  10. Hello Red Iron Crown. I just have one question to ask - where did you get your username from?

    Thank you for all the hard moderation work you do.

    1. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      It's more or less an anglicization of my real name. 

      Thanks for your kind words but I've been retired from moderating for some time now. The other fellows are certainly doing a great job keeping the place friendly. 

    2. Dman979


      That's a lie. It feels like you just retired yesterday.

  11. This assumes that telling exactly what happened would paint them in a more favorable light, that is far from obvious. That said, I agree wholeheartedly with Superfluous Horseman. We don't have all the facts, we likely will never have all the facts. Stuff happens. I try not to play politics with gaming. If the game is appealing to me I'll buy it, I don't care what people say about the company. If the game is not appealing I will not buy it, no matter how awesome the company. I think the gaming market in general reacts this way, so if they are concerned about sales by far the best thing they can do is produce the best possible game by whatever means they have.
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