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  1. Horizon relative SAS is not a thing in stock. Picture shows Mechjeb's Smartass being used in lieu of stock SAS. It would be very useful for planes to have a "maintain angle of attack" button for SAS. Would make long flights way less tedious.
  2. Red Iron Crown

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Why would they want to pretend that? And why are you proud of it to the point of posting publicly about it?
  3. Red Iron Crown

    Dislike Reactions

    There's also the phenomenon of spite downvoting, when a user gets upset with another user for whatever reason and systematically goes through every post of their history and downvotes all of them out of pure malice. An active poster can lose a thousand Internet points just by setting off the wrong person, whether legit or not. While I'm not a big believer in the value or importance of internet points, this sort of thing does make for hard feelings.
  4. Red Iron Crown

    Dislike Reactions

    I cannot imagine a single use for a dislike button that isn't some form of "make the person feel bad about their post". I also cannot imagine that the forum would be improved by making people feel bad about posting.
  5. If you use mods then don't update your game until your mods have caught up. Problem solved, as it has been since modding became possible.
  6. Red Iron Crown

    A farewell is necessary!

    Good luck to you, Badie. I am sure your enthusiasm and positivity will serve you well in your next endeavor.
  7. Red Iron Crown

    KSP memes Megathread

    Thankfully. But for a week or two it was gloriously on point, which is about as much as one can ask from a meme.
  8. YOU'RE ALIVE???

    1. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      AND YOU ARE TOO?! 

    2. ZooNamedGames


      I am also surprised and delighted to see you return RIC, although perhaps without as much of the enthusiasm of Monstah :P . Nevertheless, it's good to see you again and I hope your time away from the forum was a good one.

  9. Red Iron Crown

    KSP Loading... Preview: The Δv per Stage Display

    The best implementation of a visualization for transfer windows I've seen is in the Android game Spaceflight Simulator. Select a target body and it highlights a segment of that body's orbit, a segment that moves along that orbit as the origin body moves. Warp until the target is in the segment and you're good to go. A similar thing is done on the spacecraft's orbit to indicate the proper ejection angle. My description here is not that great, but it's such a good implementation that after seeing it I immediately thought "KSP needs this". Simple and intuitive, with zero information overload. Worth a look if you get a chance.
  10. Red Iron Crown

    KSP Loading... Preview: The Δv per Stage Display

    You literally have all the information to calculate dV by hand from day one, locking the automatic calculation of it behind career unlocks is a terrible idea as it just pushes people back to mods or external tools.
  11. Bang.

    1. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      Sound of a semi truck at a railway crossing? :D

    2. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      Wait, so @Frybert and @Red Iron Crown have made their returns?




  12. Red Iron Crown

    Do any of you actually use the chat?

    Other good topics: - The superiority of the metric system over Imperial measurement. - SpaceX vs NASA, because they're totally competitors. - The fact that both the USS Intrepid and Kennedy Space Center are better tours for aerospace nerds than the NMUSAF in Dayton. They both have shuttles.
  13. Red Iron Crown

    KSP memes Megathread

  14. I disagree. The developers haven't been overly shy about breaking saves when it comes to adding features to the game, even post 1.0. Even the cosmetic part revamp is doing it do a small degree. Neither is life support. Literally everyone with the mildest interest in spaceflight knows that you need to bring air, food and water with you to survive in space. It's is unintuitive that it's ignored in KSP, and would be even more counterintuitive if we needed to worry about psychological well-being while ignoring physical. If what you propose doesn't change the game or add a new system, then what does it do, exactly? If we have to make accommodations on craft to keep the crew happy, won't that mean that craft already in flight will not be able to do so? How is that any less save breaking than adding LS? Can't have life support in the thread title and then say it had nothing to do with life support. One could certainly argue that morale is a part of crew support, indeed several of the LS mods implement some variation of it. Not everyone is willing or able to mod their game. This has never been a valid excuse to not include a feature, or to dismiss someone's suggestion.