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  1. Yeah I thought that too, but 'needs must' and all that. The ideal way would be to have 'filler caps' on your vessels that engineers could link up like the fuel pipes in the VAB, but that may be a tricky thing to pull off out of the editor environment.
  2. Okay , in essence not a new idea as many have been asking for stock 'refuelling hoses' for a while, but maybe this is one possible solution. As I understand it a decent looking hose that can be used to link things on the ground can be a bit tricky to get right, so how about a telescopic 'beam' that is radially attached. It would work like a cross between the mining drill and a claw. When an engineer activates it it extends out perpendicular to its mounting, it could look a bit like a multi segmented landing leg. Then if it contacts another object it attaches in the same way as a claw to
  3. Good idea Claw. As for me... I like the new aero and thermal stuff. The f10 thermometers on by default is a good idea, I compare it to having a warning panel on the dashboard. I have heard reports of it being linked to memory leaks, which is certainly feasible, though I haven't encountered any - YET. The new aero seems fine to me in general, I expect a few balance tweaks as things progress, but don't anticipate big changes. I like that it encourages what I am told are 'proper' ascent profiles, though I can't judge how realistic it is overall. That needs someone far better qualified than m
  4. Try balancing a sweeping brush on your finger. With the heavy bit (bristles) at the top and the end of the handle on your finger it's far easier to balance than the other way up. Same principle applies to rockets. (It's no coincide Jeb used to be a janitor).
  5. I like the temperature gauges being on by default, it's like having a warning light on the dashboard. I haven't noticed any memory issues with them myself yet, but any potential issues should be investigated and fixed.
  6. One possible improvement may be to keep the current QA and experimental systems and team structure pretty much as it is. But add in another 'test group', taken from experienced players of varying styles, they are then given (with relevant NDAs of course) a copy to just play with and get general real world 'in play' feedback, in essence a more controlled way of releasing a beta version out to the world so as to reduce the quantity and proportion of unhelpful responses. This could help find some of the balance issues and more obscure 'anomalies' that only seemed to show up in the pre release li
  7. Just think. Only a week ago we were all eagerly watching the website and forum in anticipation of the release, like greedy dogs waiting for their master to open a tin of food. Now after eating not just one, but three, tins in quick succession, some of the dogs are savaging the master for providing a variety they don't like. Some are happily 'humping' the master's leg because they loved it so much. Many are quietly content, and most are a bit confused about whether the last tin is how their food will taste for a while. It's been an eventful week
  8. Okay. A lot of different opinions and preferences have been expressed recently over the 1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2 aero issues). I have read on a few occasions that one of the limitations is due to the size of the planets being quite small, so and as the atmospheres are in scale (more or less) they too are very thin (in height not soupiness). Given that making the planets themselves bigger would probably not be am option would making the atmospheres reach higher altitudes offer the opportunity to achieve a similar effect? If they were higher by say 50% kerbin's would be about 105 km high. Or
  9. Whilst the focus of the game is about space flight and exploration dealing with aerodynamics is a crucial part of it. All spacecraft have to launch through the atmosphere initially and, depending where it's going, may well need to tackle other atmospheres too. For that reason alone the core of the atmospheric simulation needs to be as realistic as possible. Tolerances can, and should, be adjusted to make it playable as a game, but things should still behave in an essentially realistic way when passing through an atmosphere so as not to make mockery of the generally very good space flight si
  10. Having previously done some bug reporting as part of my of job role (expensive commercial sofware, not games) I can say that it's not as easy as it may appear. Spotting a bug, or something that doesn't look right, is the easy part. To be of any real value to the developers you need to analyse what you were doing when it occurred, then taking time to try and recreate the issue, and then document it as fully as possible so that the developers themselves have as much detail as possible so that they can recreate it to analyse and find and fix the causes (not an easy task for volunteers to achiev
  11. Good point, well said. Have some rep!
  12. Ah! Thanks for that. A connection would be cool, but I like the random distribution for each new game.
  13. I just wondered if there nay be a connection between anomaly location and ore abundance. Could the monoliths have been placed, by whoever built them, to act as beacons to guide them to refuelling points? Are the crashed UFOs ships that didn't make it in time? Are the other anomalies relics from earlier civilisations that mark something 'magical' about the ground in that place? tl;dr. Do the anomaly locations coincide with denser ore deposits?
  14. Is it cheating? IMO no. It did look from some of the previews that ore is possibly over abundant, but the only frame of reference we have atm is the intensity of the colours on the images shown. Difficulty slider aside, it may be harder to extract and process than it appears. Maybe the 'default' slider position should be lower, time will tell and that's an easy fix anyway. I am looking forward to the extra game play options it gives me.
  15. By 'working hard' I think Max means "playing the nuts" out of all the new cool stuff. But only for 'science' of course, they are not enjoying it one bit!
  16. Oh yes! As soon as I can. Will retain my 0.90 install and copy my main 'anomaly exploration' save over to check for changes to the ones I found. But will most likely start from scratch with a new one, after playing with the new parts and features in sandbox.
  17. Erm. .. I think you meant to say that it will help to ensure that females will take their place in the space program alongside their male colleagues on an equal opportunities basis.
  18. These puzzles are great. Wish I had time to have a proper go. seems like a 'what can we give Max and Kasper to do to keep them out of they way' type plan to me:) Seriously though great idea. Good job. Well done guys.
  19. Two thoughts. 1. Mares is Spanish for seas (I believe) 2. First picture, if the boosters/tanks represent points on a clock face then #8 is missing. Could that possibly mean 8 and not 11?
  20. I think they should do an automated text editor that fills in all the annoying blank bits between words with K's... KerbalKSpaceKProgram:)
  21. This thread seems like a good idea. Any chance of making it sticky? It would be very handy to have It in one consistent place.
  22. And what date is that? I half expect May 5th due to it being a Mexican holiday and the anniversary of Alan sheppards first flight, and a Tuesday. Or perhaps May 4th, so its out for everyone on tge 5th and squad get the day off ... May the fourth be with you ... ( sorry couldn't resist that old gag).
  23. This is a fair point as quite a bit will change when v1.0 arrives, aerodynamics in particular, so you may have to re learn a few things. That said by buying now you may save a little cash, and you will be more familiar with the UIs for when v1.0 does arrive, as well as having lots of fun while waiting. On balance I still say buy now if you can. Although whenever you buy you won't regret it, above all follow your instincts and enjoy!
  24. Erm. ..54. I watched the apollo missions too. And now I get to 'pretend for real' how cool is that?
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