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  1. Thanks! I never really thought very much about the interior, I just had a big empty space in the front and decided to cram two consoles, some seats and a periscope into it. If you ever manage to destroy something with the flamethrower, I would like to know about it. As far as I know, it's basically a cosmetic feature, as rocket exhaust doesn't seem to be that deadly in KSP. My future designs will hopefully have more functional features. Maybe a personel transport variant, possibly a mobile missile launcher?
  2. I present to you the ARM-01-F Visigoth. It is an armored assault vehicle with a flamethrower as its primary weapon. (Its actually just a rocket motor, but don't tell anyone, Nobody will buy it if they know the truth!) The Visigoth is capable of speeds over 20 m/s on flat terrain, and can survive most serious crashes with minimal damage. It has space for two Kerbals to operate the tank. But enough talk, you came here to SEE the tank, not to read about it! Well, here it is! The vehicle is popular among Kerbal tankers due to the flamethrower's ability to roast hot dogs and marshmallows when on low power. This is the Commander's station inside the tank. The Commander is responsible for driving the tank and monitoring the tank's condition. At left is the periscope used to view outside the tank. At the rear of the cabin is the Gunner's station. The gunner operates the flamethrower and communications systems. With Kerbals inside, the cabin is quite cramped, much like a real tank. The flamethrower can't run any higher than 60% power without flipping the tank over. Speaking of that, to fire the flamethrower, make sure that RCS and SAS are on, and that the legs at the back are extended. If the verniers don't fire automatically, press W and they should. Jeb(standing on track) and Bill pose for photos during a patrol near the KSC. Some things to remember when driving the tank: Don't try and turn while going faster than 10 meters per second, or you risk flipping the tank. Don't fire the flamethrower unless the tank is fully stopped. Be careful when driving up hills, it likes to swerve back and forth Never try to immediately brake the tank, especially when at high speed. Let it slow down a little first, then apply the brake You may want to invert the steering on the wheels. I'm not sure why, but sometimes you have to press S to drive forward and W to go in reverse. A and D are likewise inverted. Other times, the controls are fine. I will fix this if I find out why it happens. That's about all you need to know to operate the Visigoth, you can download yours here: I plan to add other tanks to go along with the Visigoth in the future, if you have any ideas, just let me know!
  3. I always use the Shenzou OM as a docking compartment. It's quite versatile, and looks more like an independent station module than the 1.25 meter Salyut part does.
  4. Hmm, what a peculiar program. I swear though, that guy looks a little bit like Walter White to me.
  5. Behold... The power!!! I actually thought it would be brighter, but the part count on this craft is well over 1000, and I crashed trying to launch this, so I think I'd better stop messing with the lights.
  6. I hope we will get a larger crew cabin in the TKS in place of that cargo bay. It's so small that you can't really put very much in there.
  7. Yeah... I used Infernal Robotics *shuffles feet* I think I will turn down the power on the floodlights a little, but at the same time, I'm going to expirement to see just how bright I can make it! *cackles*
  8. So... Is this still going on? It would be a shame to stop after only one simple satellite!
  9. So, I have improved my R-7 service towers. They now include floodlights and a spacecraft access arm for crewed missions. This would probably cause the rocket to heat up and burst into flames in real life.
  10. I would rather see new IVAs before the PPTS, but seeing as they are on hold until props are complete, this probably won't happen.
  11. I assume LOK will have some sort of fuel cell for power generation?
  12. Canned goods on a space station? I love it! It kind of makes me want to see other things like that in the IVA. Perhaps a box of cereal or a bag of potato chips?
  13. So, when you redo Salyut IVAs, will you make it more realistic ( crew are oriented so the side of the station is the ceiling inside), or will you simply add a bunch of greeble to the inside, like bags and computers and such?
  14. Yes, he has already announced that the two variants of Soyuz panels will be kept.
  15. Yes, 7K-OK docking port and APAS docking port would be nice, but I don't know if they are necessary. We already have the Igla/Kurs port, and Kontakt seems to be in the near future as well. Stock docking ports can already attach to themselves like APAS, and 7K-OK docking ports would have no difference other than appearance, as the game cares not for whether or not the docking ports are intended to allow crew transfer.
  16. But... Soyuz 19 had green and white colored thermal blankets, not white and blue.
  17. Will the docking port without the probe be redone to look like it has a drouge in it? Also, I remember someone saying something about the Igla docking anntena. Will we get one of those too?
  18. It looks like a space bullet! Reminds me of Jules Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon"
  19. I'm not sure how well I like the white stripe on the new Soyuz SM. It jumps out a little too much compared to the rest of the model. A lighter shade of grey would probably be better.
  20. New Instrument Module looks fantastic! I wonder though, if you are revamping Soyuz, are the solar panels getting a makeover as well? I think that they look fine as they are, but it would be cool if maybe you did the 7K-OK solar panels.
  21. So, will the new Soyuz OM have the foward facing docking window like the Soyuz TM?