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  1. From what I understood, Beale's challenge was to insert a fully fueled Block A tank into Kerbin orbit without using cheats. My challenge is to insert an entire N1 rocket into orbit, also fully fueled, as a payload. Of course! What kind of challenge would it be if it weren't? I suppose so, although it seems like it would be easier in normal scaled KSP. Oh well, more bragging rights for you if you do it in RSS! Sorry for taking so long to respond, but like most people, I have a life away from my computer/ phone. I'm not entirely sure that it is possible to complete my challenge, I guess the on
  2. Thanks! The launcher is stock. I set myself limits of only using Tantares and Stock. MechJeb was there, but I only used it for info during the launch. I flew the stack to orbit manually. Now that I have completed this challenge, I challenge someone to fly an entire N1 to orbit in a single launch. Block A, B, and V are all I'm talking about, Block G, D, and LOK/LK are optional.
  3. Beale, I believe you challenged someone to do this. It's beautiful! *Cackles* Forget those floodlight experiments I did a while back, this is the stuff! Words cannot express how surprised I was at the lack of explosions up to this point. Eat your heart out, Beale!! Here's the Block A's final orbit. Is there anything that the Loaf hasn't been photoshopped on?
  4. I understand the procedure to an extent, but how can the fairings detach from the rocket without jettisoning?
  5. How does that abort system work? I normally just have the fairings jettison and the escape tower ignite.
  6. I have experienced some... problems... with the N1. These are on different launch attempts, each connection between stages is reinforced with 8 struts. Meh, at least it's accurate to the real one.
  7. If only I knew how to create textures for 3D models. I would definitely help out with alternate textures if I could!
  8. What alternate textures are currently slated for release? Will we get one with white as its primary color, and blue stripes to complement it? I would post a picture to help get my point across, but I'm using a phone right now.
  9. I once read about a concept to use a Saturn V to send a manned Apollo CSM to Venus for a flyby mission. It probably would have been modified somehow, possibly with Space Shuttle SRBs
  10. Hmm, when I flew on one this summer, The wings seemed to have a high sweep angle, but I guess it was just an optical illusion from sitting inside the plane.
  11. Will we get Block G and Block D (I think those were the ones on the N1/L3, I can't remember) with the N1?
  12. So, here's my Soyuz 4/Soyuz 5 docking mission Liftoff of Soyuz 2 from the Kosmodrome Beautiful picture of booster separation Hey look, I made a Soyuz 7K-OK Orbital Module! It only needs Igla. Nudge, Nudge Rendezvous with Soyuz 3 Docking filmed by a camera on board Soyuz 3 Closer... Almost there... Capture Not really a big problem, but I wasn't able to get both the Kurs antennae and the OM windows to line up. Good thing I only have moderate OCD Crew transfer from Soyuz 2 to Soyuz 3. The Mun is within reach! Unless someone else beats us there, or our rocket explodes when we test it
  13. pTrevTrevs


    I suppose you could right click on the docking ports and disable fuel flow. The only problem that might be associated with this is that you would have to do it on the launchpad. I don't know if you can disable docking port fuel flow in the editor or not.
  14. Why did you use the small tanks to form the main body of the booster? Wouldn't it reduce part count if you used the longer tanks?
  15. You are so lucky. I've always wanted to go to KSC, but every time I suggest it, it gets struck down in favor of vacations to the Midwest. It isn't that far from me either, about a 6 hour drive from southern Alabama. Maybe I'll be able to go down there in 2017 for the SLS launch, if it isn't cancelled before then.
  16. From what I can tell, this is a bug with RealChute. It has happened to me before. To fix it, you can just delete the Tantares file in RealChute. The Tantares chutes will be stock, but they will work well enough.
  17. How did you make the double layered fairing?!? Also, I made a launch tower for the V2. nowhere near as impressive as my R-7 Towers, but then again, the V2 was nowhere near as impressive as the R-7 either:D This one doesn't use any mods besides Tantares itself, but as a consequence, the V2 likes to collide with the tower every now and then.
  18. It looks a little too pointy for Gemini. What size is the bottom node? If it's 1.9 or whatever size the VA is, maybe it would look better with 1.25 meter top node.
  19. The Apollo Service Module carries some batteries, RTGs (a little radiation never hurt anyone.) and a fuel tank
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