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  1. I do believe they are fixed. It isn't listed in the image I shared but... The solar array shows a button that says "retract array" or something similar when the EVA kerbal is within a given range. I assume that message is a mistake then.
  2. Is it possible to retract the solar wings of Skylab's ATM (Kane-OCO-PP Solar Panel)? I'm trying to do so with a level 1 engineer on an EVA. A study on Skylab mods for Shuttle use relied upon two solar wings being 'cranked' back manually to secure enough maneuvering space for a shuttle docking. Do I need a higher level engineer or is the manual retract mechanic not available in game. I'm using KSP 1.8.1 with a lot of mods so mod conflicts could be involved.
  3. As an avid user of KSTS I tend to start a mission and then timewarp to its completion. On large construction projects I use high levels of timewarp. If done manually I can easily miss the completion announcement and "overshoot" before getting timewarp back to 1x. Is it possible to have KSTS create an alarm in Kerbal Alarm Clock. This would slow timewarp down intelligently to 1x.
  4. Keep the pointy end towards space!

  5. @Jimbodiah Your MM config works in my 1.8 save. The only thing I needed to change was the CH4/O ratio. In Nertea's methalox configs the ratio is 3:1, not 10:1.
  6. I've exposed some hidden Methalox-loving goodness in some of Nertea's mods and was looking for the relevant fuel type in SSTU myself. (CryoTanks & Near Future Launch Vehicles) I'll keep my eyes open...
  7. The appropriate in-game size for APAS/NDS/IDSS is 0.9375m. I had a discussion with @e of pi back in 2017 regarding the initial intent of the design for ETS' CADS. Therefore CADS is much closer in size and function to the CBM than to the smaller APAS/NDS/IDSS. If CADS/CBM is properly scaled at 0.9375 then you would need to shrink APAS/NDS/IDSS/iLIDS appropriately. Since so much of BDB has APAS at 0.9375 already and that the primary stock docking port size in KSP is 1.25m, I made the assumption that the latter should be the presumed size for CBM/CADS. CBM g
  8. I have transferred such observations to the capsule and returned it. Since it failed to complete I assumed it was because I used the wrong science instrument. I have retrieved science from this instrument before but I forgot what the exact text of that contract was.
  9. In ETS CADS were androgynous versions of the real-life CBM and should have been 1.25m in-game. (Common Androgynous Docking System) I believe the models were originally identical to the APAS used in BDB and have stayed that way. If you look at the gallery images for ETS you'll notice that CADS also differ from APAS in that they have 4 petals instead of 3.
  10. I have a contract "Perform Solar Telescope Mount Observations while docked with Station Beta". I assume this refers to the Kane-OCO Telescope Mount on the station. This station is in LKO under JNSQ. There are three science activities available for this part: EXPERIMENT RESULT "Log Observation Data" "Start Object Tracking" "Take Solar Photography" I tried Googling for this issue but couldn't find anything. A search of the forum for this message was al
  11. Since JNSQ is compatible with 1.8.1 I've started a new save. Unfortunately SSTU isn't ready yet so I'm substituting a kitbash of Nertea's and BDB parts instead. Some of the BDB parts have patches to use CC and some don't. How do you generate new MM configs for the new BDB parts? GitHub referenced a Python script that rebuilds patches automatically but I'm not sure I have my system configured for it. I'm using BDB 1.6.2 for KSP 1.8.1. P.S. In my case I'm looking at the Leo-M-N13C "Matisse" Service Module (known internally as the "bluedog_BigG_CylindricalSM").
  12. I'd like to add that Lockheed's 1979 study of the Power Module recommended the use of the HST's "SSM" service module architecture. I briefly considered making MSFC's Power Module my first part mod project in KSP before I regained my sanity.
  13. I meant that CKAN didn't allow me to install BDB 1.6 on KSP 1.7.3. CKAN thinks BDB 1.6 is only compatible with KSP 1.8.
  14. I'm still on 1.7.3. CKAN didn't upgrade me to BDB 1.6. I was able to force an upgrade. The CKAN metadata should be revised to indicate compatability with KSP 1.7.3 (not just 1.8).
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