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  1. The only thing I don't like is that I use dark mode in GitHub. In that case all your beautiful craft diagrams are black text on very dark grey background. I can't see the text. I greatly appreciate transparent backgrounds in images like that. But the text is hard to see. Probably just a "me" problem. Your Wiki is amazing!
  2. I started a new save and got a contract to take pictures with the KH-4 and then return them via re-entry capsule. How do you transfer the pictures to the capsule?
  3. The externals and configs take a lot of effort. IVA’s generally aren’t that high on the priority list for most BDB parts.
  4. CKAN does prompt for removing data files belonging to a mod (so you can leave them if you simply wish to reinstall), but you do this the same way if you did it manually. I don't mean to speak for @linuxgurugamer but I believe he was talking about dependencies. If you install a mod with dependencies, CKAN auto-installs them. If you remove the mod, it remembers to remove the dependencies that are no longer needed. CKAN works in the same way as package management systems for Linux OS installs. Debian uses apt. Other Linux distributions use similar ones. They remove dependency packages when they no longer are needed. For example, all the mods LGG maintains have common dependency packages ("ClickThrough Blocker", "Toolbar Controller", "SpaceTux Library" iirc). If you removed all of LGG's mods, CKAN would automatically default to remove those as well.
  5. Depending upon which craft you want to make with reDIRECT, you could install Artemis Construction Kit (also by @benjee10) instead, which is on CKAN. It has Orion and SLS.
  6. would love to play with those... look great!
  7. I haven't seen that one before but I think David SF Portree mentioned some of that information in his blog about Skylab reuse/refurbishing.
  8. @shakuvendell, @Beccab located the source references for the documents: P.S. I had found them back in 2017 and stored them locally on my system. I forgot where I found them.
  9. @Judicator81I assumed this was a question about what “System Heat” is. If you were asking for more specific information, that’ll come later.
  10. Quick question: How are jumpgates supposed to be assembled? I have ReCoupler installed and built one fully assembled in the VAB. I then cheated it into orbit and it wobbled. Is it likely poor/misaligned RCS placement or ReCoupler's "invisible strut" mechanic isn't aligned itself?
  11. Well, in supercollider experiments there isn't much to start with. In this case... likely very exciting. Storage system should have superconducting magnets or something... with fancy reserve power technobabble.
  12. Like antimatter escaping through a magnetic bottle after time, or hydrogen boiling off?
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