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  1. Yes, but legend has it if you sacrifice Jebediah with a blade of pure obsidian, under a Mun arch darkened by the shadow of Kerbin, all will be revealed to you by Porkjet himself.
  2. Oh man, a suit revamp! A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. I love the new suits and honestly can't decide between the two. Could we perhaps see the new patterns on the orange veteran suits, if you're keeping those? I also totally agree with what people have already said in regards to the helmet - I feel like the white-with-red helmets are far too iconic to do away with.
  3. I'mma need a craft file...for customs inspections, of course.
  4. You can still use them. 'All Rights Reserved' just means you need to ask for & receive permission first. Now, I do understand you've had some trouble with this concept in the past, but it really isn't that complicated. You simply ask 'yo can I use your stuff? I'll be sure to give you credit.' and they reply with 'sure mate go right ahead' or 'no, I'm afraid it will be used in a way I don't agree with' or something like that.
  5. Is it possible for you to add pictures in some way? It makes it much easier to find the problem. Both pictures from in the game, and of your gamedata folder, are always appreciated. Regardless, a list of what mods you have installed, and a copy of your outputlog.txt would help as well. (Make sure to put the outputlog.txt in a spoiler box here, otherwise it will be several pages long )
  6. It's right there on the floor, in the middle of the big dent.
  7. "Oh, stock KSP already has LFO rockets and tanks, better not install any other rocket packs...." No, no, no. So much wrong in this statement. Where do I begin? From Dictionary.com: Law. an invasion of another's right, to his damage. You are suggesting/threatening license violations, and you have proven that you are more than aware of this. Not only is that morally wrong, as it is stealing an artist's work, but also legally wrong as there is a clear and explicit license, and clear and explicit terms of service on this forum, which you have agreed to as part of a legally binding contract.
  8. You can also make other shuttle variants, like Saturn shuttle, the 'Shuttle Bus,' and Block II (well, soon, anyway)
  9. Here's a playable Shuttle view, do not go on a leash ported-orbiter-mod fake...
  10. this town isn't big enough for the two of us

    1. CaptainPanda


      There can be only one...

  11. I, uh.... I'm flattered. And yes, CWPT should work in 1.3.1, although I've been a little too busy IRL to work on it lately. Today was the first time I've actually played Kerbal on this computer, so hopefully it won't be long before I get back into the swing of things. but y r u using that ripoff fasa lol
  12. Then why do you need an R7? iirc new parts aren't really configured for FAR, but I mean it doesnt have any lifting surfaces so...maybe there's a gap in the collider between the tanks and the stage and a half?
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