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  1. Nice idea indeed. One silly question: If a ship runs out of battery, all animated part on it won't function?
  2. Experiencing the same issue. To confirm that the issue is not from any other mod, tried the latest KCT on fresh 1.8.1 install with all DLC. The issue was still there. While remembering the button existed until recently, the obvious next step was rolling back until the button reappears. Used the latest version of ClickThroughBlocker, ToolbarController, MagicCore. Changed only KCT mod itself. It didn't take much time as the button reappeared when using KCT So it seems that whatever the change happened between and got rid of the button. I hope
  3. I posted the FR for openGL support long time ago and didn't get any response. So I complied the shader for myself and using since then, completely forgot to share the result. Here's a shader I'm using right now. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnCGI7wKaBjLlccEIqPfTjfaqlIZTQ?e=b3hhXd Download the file and replace the original one in the AssetBundles folder in B9_Aerospace_ProceduralWings. I literally changed nothing, but just clicked a checkbox in PlayerSettings in the Unity editor (I don't remember the option name) and complied the shader as-is. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for the update! The rendering indeed seems nice. However, after the recent update I see endless NullRef exceptions popping up when I click any engines at VAB scene. Attaching it to any node doesn't help. After finding the error persist even in a fresh install with minimal mods, and reverting back to SmokeScreen 2.8.1 solved the issue, I thought the recent update might be the curlpit. Attaching my log file. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnCGI7wKaBjLlccDN0Ko-Jw_g5rt5w?e=rO57uW Replication. 1. Launch KSP(1.7.3 or 1.7.1 with all DLC) with SmokeScreen (2.8.2
  5. Thanks for the great work! It really goes well with big ships or complex robotics parts. I think I found an odd behavior of kerbal on EVA with this mod installed. The kerbal cannot walk or fly straight, and keep falling to the ground. Literally uncontrollable. Removing this mod fix the problem instantly. I'm using mod version 4.0.1 on KSP 1.7. If you have time, please look into this problem. Thanks!
  6. Ah, I see. That explains the problem. So in that context, if I use a part pack which has crew part without internals, the problem will show up again? Must check IVA before installing parts pack for now. Thanks!
  7. I think I found the curlpit. It was a MM patch I googled a while ago to reduce lags in game when launching crewed vessel. // MM-removeinternals.cfg // single patch to delete all INTERNAL from command pods // to alleviate fps problems with animated portraits // NOTE: obviously portraits will be gone, and IVA will no longer be possible // EVA and transfers can still be done by clicking the hatch of pods // // suggestion by NathanKell, initiative by FungusForge, implementation by swjr-swis // // usage: place this text in a file ending with .cfg anywhere in the GameData directory /
  8. @Jake_IV Thanks! @garwel First I found the bug on Mk2 cockpit, then hitchiker container, Mk1 lander pod, and some fighter cockpit from Airplane plus mod(this is the case for the linked log file). I just checked that it happens in Mk1 pod, MK3 pod, and Mk2 landing can, too. And another thing. On the status window, 'Location' of the kerbal is updating well regardless of change/day.
  9. Thank you for new release! This mod really enhances my game experiences. Unfortunately, I've been suffering from possible error related to this mod, recently. In the game console, below message keeps pop up from the beginning of any crewed flight. in KSP 1.6.1 with MakingHistoryDLC with KerbalHealth 1.3.5 or KerbalHealth 1.3.4. What's really happening during the game play is that nothing goes wrong as long as I keep my kerbals inside their vessel. (Destpie the message continues to appear) In status window, Change/day and Time left, Radiation shows numbers as expecte
  10. Hi. Before talking about some errors, thank you very much for maintaining this amazing mod. I think I found some EVA related error. It happens when EVA begins, or entering vessel from EVA. KSP version 1.6.1 wtih MakingHistory dlc. [ERR 13:23:30.645] Exception handling event onVesselCreate in class VesselStatsManager:System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type. at TrackResource.VesselStatsManager.Add (.Vessel v) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at TrackResource.VesselStatsManager.OnVesselCreate (.Vessel Vessel) [0x00000] in <filename unk
  11. It was the BetterTimeWaprConitnued mod, and changing the 'Use LosslessPhysics' option on and off stopped the spamming.
  12. First of all, thank you for maintaining this amazing mod. I found that, when using -force-opengl command to run the game, B9 PW parts are shown in complete black. Without any error message or warning. I've read previous posts and the issue was already reported before, but it still exists. Attaching screenshot. I understand that supporting openGL may not be a priority, but could you plz consider fixing this in future update? Thanks.
  13. Thank you very much for this magnificent mod! I almost forgive to find out the cause of log spam that says "Launcher here(in write): False", which brings awful lagging of my game. Tried to eliminate some suspiscious mods, reset game settings, google for similar problems, but to no vail. But thanks to Your mod, finally I can point out the problem and now I can continue my main save game. Again, thanks for Your fantastic work.
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