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  1. My bad I was unclear before. The stayputnik is allowing me to activate SAS where I remember in the past it's given me a message saying that that probe doesn't have it. The description of the part correctly reflects that it shouldn't have SAS but it does turn on. I do also have CTB and Toolbar Controller installed so that could be the culprit. I'll do some tests and see if I'm experiencing the exact same bug as you.
  2. The stayputnik isn't supposed to allow control with UKS. By which I mean, it shouldn't allow me to steer. I have signal so I should be able to activate components and throttle but I shouldn't be able to steer until I get a better probe core. As it stands it is allowing me to steer the vessel, which eliminates a fun challenge that UKS presents in the early game.
  3. I seem to be encountering an issue where the stayputnik does actually have control even though it should not. Not sure what's causing it or if it's an interaction with some other mod. I went looking into the files to see where the tweak actually gets made and, having checked all the MM patches UKS uses, I can't find where the change to make the Stayputnik not have control is actually made. Any chance you could help me out with this? If you need logs or to see my mod list I'll gladly provide them, just let me know. Thanks.
  4. I'm having this issue as well. Very strange. Only affects engines in career mode, and for me it was the juno jet engine that I noticed wasn't working. For now I'll go without it but a fix for this would be great. If there's anything I can provide about my install that would help diagnose the problem, I'll gladly provide it.
  5. Where in the discord might I find the config? Thanks for the info btw.
  6. Has anyone tried visiting these systems with Far Future Technologies engines? Are they good enough to make the trip in less than several centuries?
  7. What kind of maximum range can be achieved with the antennae available in NFE? Would it, say, work for interstellar distances the likes of which I'd use FFT to travel?
  8. Does soon mean a few weeks or a few months? Don't mean to rush or nag at all I'm just wondering if I should hold off on starting a save to wait for this to release. Very excited for this.
  9. Any chance of a compatibility patch for Real Solar System? I'd love to use these two in conjunction with the Earth as the home planet.
  10. Will this only rescale parts from the supported mod packs. If I for instance install Near Future and Far Future Propulsion, which are not listed as supported, will the parts be rescaled?
  11. Any chance Far Future Technologies by Nertea will have it's parts properly situated in this pack?
  12. I wanted to check if this kind of graphical behavior is typical with this mod? It's not game breaking just a little annoying. The picture of the mountains is with sigma dimensions to scale up the systems but the one where the ocean is invisible is with SD removed to ensure that wasn't the cause. Oh and the ocean isn't always invisible but if the camera gets too close (not necessarily even under the surface) then it disappears. Not a huge deal if it can't be fixed but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this.
  13. On the OP you suggest using scaled up systems for better balance with the incredibly powerful engines KSPIE gives us. If we go with a full 10x scale, what do you recommend for improving balance of stock parts? I don't believe KSPIE will work with RO will it? SMURFF does a good job of making rockets have better mass fractions but the engines are still underpowered. Any suggestions for something that will pair well with KSPIE?
  14. I noticed there are upgrades for the Daedalus engine available in the tech tree before the engine itself is available. Is this intended?
  15. I noticed there are upgrades for the Daedalus engine available before the engine itself is available. Is this intended? Edit: I've realized this isn't the right thread for this question. Disregard.
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