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  1. These reactors are from Nertea's Near Future Electric mod. You need to install it manually and do not install Dynamic Battery Storage. More information in the Realism Overhaul discord, use the search function there to search for related posts.
  2. Yup, I have installed both Parallax and Parallax Stock Textures! I installed version 1.3.1 via CKAN. Upon launching the game, I see a pop up message saying Parallax has met its dependencies so no errors there as well. EDIT: RESOLVED - RSS Master Branch on github has Parallax configs but latest release version 18.5.0 does not. I was using v18.5.0 of course, via CKAN. My bad.
  3. EDIT: Resolved, see below. Hi First of all, thanks for this awesome mod! I wanted to try it out with RSS but I don't seem to be getting any displacement. I went through this topic and seem to be having the same issues as @TaintedLion and @x170doom but I couldn't figure out how these guys ended up resolving it. I've checked and I have TERRAIN_SHADER_QUALITY = 3 in Settings.cfg; I've tried setting Terrain Detail to High in game (I don't know what's the command name in settings.cfg) but it keeps reverting to "New Text". I think this is related to how RSS' textures work. I am using PRVE-64k as visual mod & KS3P for post-processing - I don't think these have anything to do with it but just in case wanted to mention it. I've checked the log and found no errors or exceptions related - do you think you could help me out figuring this out? I'm attaching KSP.log, settings.cfg and parallaxglobal.cfg - hopefully this helps. https://file.io/vGKDEEpIKUk7 Thanks in advance!
  4. thanks @mwg_test!!! any clue on how to reverse this? I do not have these folders in my GameData but I still cannot see non-RO parts EDIT: resolved, I am using RP-1's Express Install and there is a cfg in its folder that hides the parts. Removing the cfg does what I intended
  5. Hi I haven't played RO in a very long while and I notice it now fully hides non-RO compatible parts. I remember there was a "Where are my parts" section in the github Wiki but I can't find it. I think I remember something about a workaround that had to do with creating an empty folder within the Gamedata folder but I can't recall the specifics. Would you be so kind as to instruct me how to see non-RO parts in the editors? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks so much, that was it! A damned '#' symbol in my install path was the culprit - thanks a million for the prompt response!
  7. Hi! I tried installing RSS for KSP 1.12.3 (3173) and Kopernicus is giving me a lot of Exceptions in the log - would you be so kind as to help me interpret the error? A sample of the errors: I've narrowed my install down to just RSS & its dependencies to isolate the problem. Log here: https://file.io/CevLTK8J7g7L Thanks in advance!
  8. SAMI, start by reading this: https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/wiki/Installing,-reporting-bugs,-and-frequently-asked-questions
  9. Thanks for your prompt response @linuxgurugamer! I reinstalled this and the Editor Extensions mods and it restored the behaviour I was accustomed to - not quite sure what was the issue, probably a corrupt install. Thanks so much for the help!
  10. This mod would previously group parts by Mod under the Filter by Manufacturer section - now I think this has changed and it groups parts by their in-game fictional manufacturer. Is there a way to see parts grouped by Mod?
  11. I'd love a mod that would enable to select starting date and fixing time zone issues! Great idea @Astrion
  12. congratulations on TOTM @Gameslinx, I have been following the development of Parallax and your work is truly mesmerizing! Can't wait to try it out on RSS! Thank you very much for your work!
  13. I would definitely love some support for Real Exoplanets, and looking at CH4, it would be a great addition to potential near-future endgames.
  14. I think duplicating the part, removing the variants and just leaving the double-nozzle one as one separate unique part should do the trick. You could then apply Waterfall plumes to this unique part having only one variant.
  15. SQUAD(or whatever company that developed/supported console) hired people to develop console support, for a profit. If that expected profit is gone, those people are never hired, hence you don't have "additional" capacity to invest into more PC gameplay. I get your "gut feeling" but usually these types of decisions are based on data to support one's claims/conclusions. EDIT: all I'm saying is that one should not assume resource allocation on XXX is detrimental for ZZZ within a business context. EDIT2: food for thought: could it be that actually supporting/maintaining consoles actually *grows* PC business and hence enables the company to procure/allocate more resources into PC development? (i.e. getting more people acquainted with the game, wanting a better experience and moving to PC / marketing wise getting the fanbase growing by making the game reach bigger audiences that can potentially become PC users in the future) I can think of many scenarios where this could be true.
  16. You produce the resources available to develop consoles in hopes of making a profit. If said expected profit is gone (i.e. stop supporting consoles), aforementioned resources are no longer available/do not make economic sense. This is how businesses work.
  17. OP suffers from the fallacy that's usually found around national budgets' discussions. "I can't believe we are spending money on XXX when we could definitely be using it for ZZZ". This argument assumes that any money freed up from XXX can be spent freely on ZZZ, which in practice does not happen. Assuming that resources used to develop/maintain consoles could be directly and seamlessly allocated to PC development is not accurate.
  18. hey @ItsSnowyy! there is a comprehensive Wiki over at the mod's github repository with the information you are after https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/Waterfall/wiki
  19. Sorry @si2504, per the below that's what I thought your issue was, my bad.
  20. Hey @si2504, I might be completely wrong (apologies if I am) but I think the following string determines if a part is shown as compatible with RO: %RSSROConfig = False I think if you change that to True the part should show as compatible with RO.
  21. this is lovely @Icecovery, just lovely! congratulations on the release! I will deffinitely incorporate this into my install! Thanks a million!
  22. Just for reference, I use an i7 9700k @ 5ghz, RTX 2080, 64gb RAM @ 3.2ghz plus the RSS / RO /RP-1 suite + additional mods (approx. 125 total mods including Katniss' Cape, EVO and all the visual candy mods) and I get an average 40 FPS with simple craft and an average 15 FPS with crafts over 100 parts. Usually when I get to orbit I get a 10% increase in FPS but that's it. This has been my experience throughout different KSP and RO/RSS/RP-1 versions. I also had comparable performance with my previous PC (i7 4700k @ 4ghz, GTX 780ti, 32gb RAM DDR3 @ 1.8ghz) so my conclusion is that poor optimization and single-threading are the 2 main culprits for low performance with heavily modded installs. EDIT: the aforementioned is excluding Principia. Using this mod will further impact your performance, significantly. I have to say though I will trade FPS any day of the week to get the mesmerizing physics from Principia, it really is a game-changer.
  23. I think Katniss' Cape Canaveral mod is of obligatory use when EVO is installed to avoid getting the city lights texture at night right over the KSC
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