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  1. gotcha, @pleroy!!! many thanks for the prompt response, and also the details you shared are very much appreciated! I take the opportunity to congratulate you & the devs again for this beautiful piece of work you have brought forward to all of us!!! eternally grateful! you take the KSP experience to a whole new level!!! <3
  2. hi guys - quick question for all you knowledgeable guys! would there be a way of implementing a full autopilot suite as MechJeb for principia? It deffinitely is waaay out of my league to design & produce such a thing, but I have a modder friend who might be up to the task, and I would like to pitch the idea to him. I would like to know if it'd be feasible before getting him to investigate on the matter. cheers!
  3. [1.2.2] Realism Overhaul v11.5.1 - 06/12/2017

    @JaelethI had the increasing & destructive wobbling effect with clipped Docking Ports and Infernal Robotic's Docking Washers - any chance you have any of these in your rocket? @etheomaI believe these were future plans for the RealISRU mod, but sadly it was never taken up to completion. The current mod is usable if you tweak a few configs (I have provided a few tweaks to the drills & licquefaction arrays at github) but I think the HTP-producing reactions are not included in current configs. You could take-up on the task of adding these configs using the following reactions (quoted on the RealISRU OP): Anthraquinone Process: H2 + O2 → H2O2 HTP-Hydrazine Production: 2 H2O2 + 4 C2H5COCH3 + 4 NH3 → 4 H2O + 4 C2H5COCH3 + 2 N2H4 HTP Decomposition: 2 H2O2 → 2 H2O + O2 I have always dreamed with closed-cycle colonization in Realism Overhaul and I feel this is the missing leg to the awesome RO suite we all know and love. My dream is to arrive at a given world, mine it, live and construct there, only to follow on to the next planet! Sadly, I do not have the skillset to give completeness to RealISRU but boy oh boy do I dream of someone who might be up to the task. Cheers
  4. many thanks for your reply @scimas, I actually did not think of this approach before! I am playing in RSS so I don't think I will have the aforementioned issues -> I will try removing principia and placing my crafts using cheats/Hyperedit and will comment on the results! have a great day and thanks for the help!!!
  5. Hey guys, I have a question for you all savvy Principia players/devs - is there any way to cheat an object into orbit? I am porting my old 1.1.3 Carreer Save which has a lot (A LOT) of hours invested into it, with several crafts, vehicles & infrastructure all across the Solar System and a lot of science points gained and contracts won. I would like to carefully place my most useful/relevant craft in the places they were in 1.1.3 but I noticed 1.2.2 Cheat Menu only gets me to LEO (tried changing orbit parameters with no success) and Hyper Edit does not work - any way to sort this out? Many thanks in advance!
  6. [1.3.0] OPT Space Plane v2.0.1 - updated 29/07/2017

    This mod is awesome!!!! it looks great and the several fuselage types are extremely functional! many thanks!!!! Just leaving the below here in case it's useful for anyone: I intend to use this mod under Realism Overhaul, and was having a mass related issue: the parts did not have the actual mass that was stated in their descriptions, but only a fraction of it (a very small one actually). I read the following post and incorporated basemass = -1 to the OPT_RF.cfg and that fixed it! Many thanks for this beautiful mod!
  7. I am trying this mod for the first time as I just managed to switch from RO RSS RP-0 @ 1.1.3 to the same @ 1.2.2. However, I have been following its development since it came out and it has been blowing my mind ever since (even tho I had never played it!) I just wanted to say THANK YOU! There are people here in these forums that simply amaze me. Many thanks for this and all your efforts
  8. [1.3] Procedural Wings

    Many thanks, thats more than enough to get me started & investigating
  9. Most realistic up to date mod selection

    hi Noel! I also like to play ksp as realistically as possible, so I use the Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul and Realistic Progression Zero mods. I use CKAN to download these, and I also use all the suggested & recomended mods that show up when you select the aforementioned. Lastly, for visual enhancements, I use the Extreme Textures mod (although I also highly recommend RSSVE by Phineas Freak). Hope this helps, feel free to reach out if you have any doubts
  10. Hey guys! hope everyone is having a great day today! I was wondering if there were any tutorials or guides related to re-compiling mods. I had been using a great mod in 1.1.3 that is no longer available for 1.2.2 (ksp version I'm using). The mod owner kindly offered the source code for me to re-compile it for 1.2.2, but I am clueless on how to do it - however I would love to learn! Any tips or directions on how to start my way into doing the aforementioned? Many thanks in advance!
  11. [1.3] Procedural Wings

    Many thanks @01010101lzy!!! I very much appreciate your response! Sadly I wouldn't know how to go about and re-compiling the source code for 1.2.2 - is there any tutorials or useful data I could get in order to learn how to do so? If not I will ask around the forum
  12. [1.3.0] Procedural Parts - Starwaster Branch

    lovely! I will try it out and report back to this group!
  13. [1.3.0] Procedural Parts - Starwaster Branch

    @HebaruSan thanks for your message! I haven't tried, I'm not as experienced in mod handling as I would like to be, but I can certainly try. From what I read in the mod's thread, there seems to be an issue in how the tanks' capacities are calculated.
  14. [1.3.0] Procedural Parts - Starwaster Branch

    I think this is one of the most useful mods out there - many thanks for the maintenance @Starwaster - very much appreciated !!! In line with @Murican_Jeb's comment, I remember the Procedural Parts Extended mod, which introduced elliptical geometry to Procedural Parts - it was awesome! Any chance of bringing this old mod back to life? Many thanks in advance!
  15. [1.3] Procedural Wings

    hi guys! I am having an issue with B9 Procedural Wings and was wondering if anyone could help me :$ I am running the mod in 1.2.2 and I have lost the ability to tweak my wings using the swept-angle defining mode - I am using version 0.40.12 of the B9 Procedural Wings Fork mod, which was automagically installed by CKAN. any ideas what I might be missing to recover the swept-angle feature? also, I noticed the maximum lengths for all parameters are now limited - I used to be able to freely tweak these values without limits - I believe these features came from the following mod - @Crzyrndm @01010101lzy any ideas of what might be happening? EDIT: OK, so I figured out I had been using B9-PWings-Fork-old version v0.3.2H in 1.1.3 which contains the swept-angle feature and the limitless lenghts - any hints on how to make this work under 1.2.2? :$ many thanks in advance!
  16. [1.3] B9 Aerospace | Release 6.3.2 (July 23 2017)

    wrong thread! thanks & sorry to bother @blowfish
  17. Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    if localization efforts are pursued, I extend my offer to provide Eng > Spanish translations
  18. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    @winged quick question for you mate! and first off, many thanks for creating RO configs for the great B9 parts, your effort is greatly appreciated, many many thanks!!! the question I had is the following: how did you come about the engine's masses? I notice you set SABRE M to 8 tonnes, but I found the following working paper quoting the engine's mass at almost half of what you have in the RO configs - https://web.archive.org/web/20140127114808/http://www.reactionengines.co.uk/tech_docs/JBIS_v57_22-32.pdf (Page 31) I want to get to orbit but I don't want to "cheat" my way to it (setting aside the fact I'm using non-existant engines for my planes :$)
  19. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    @winged that is one beautifully looking Skylon !!! I did try initially to replicate Skylon in my quest to get a functioning SSTO spaceplane. I did reach the engine's airbreathing mode maximum velocity (I believe it was Mach 5.6) at circa 26km altitude and switched to closed cycle mode, but remaining delta-v was never enough. I believe my top performing flight reached orbital velocity of 4.5km/s, but that was it. I then moved on to lighter, smaller designs - trying to reduce overall dry mass by replacing tanks with wing area, intended to get 2 birds at once: getting more lift to reduce fuel consumption and reduce total mass by combining tank and wing together. I didn't have a look at editing SABRE's configs yesterday, but I did try one more attempt with my current design and reached an orbital velocity of 6890 m/s - I'm closer than ever and starting to think this is actually possible! EDIT: actually - we should create a RO/RSS SSTO spaceplane challenge, shouldn't we? I bet this would be a longstanding one - at least I know I have been trying to build one for the past year or so !!!
  20. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    @Phineas Freak, ah, lovely, that's exactly what I was looking for, as I think the closed cycle vacuum isp might be understated in the current config. Many many thanks for all your help, I will try it as soon as I get home PS: in case anyone is interested, managed to reach 6.8 km/s orbital velocity with a SSTO spaceplane using 3 x SABRE S + 1 x J2-X - the closest I ever got to a functioning SSTO spaceplane in RO+RSS !!! I'm almost there!!! I will share the craft as soon as I get it to work.
  21. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    @Phineas Freak thanks for your reply, very much appreciated! so if I was to change the engine's ISP I should be editing the thrust/fuel consumption ratio correct?
  22. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    hi guys! hope everyone's doing great today where can I find RO's configs for B9's SABRE engines? I tried looking around the RO folder but couldn't find them! also, would anyone know how to change the engine's ISP? I was reading a bit about SABRE and would like to push the engine's vacuum isp to 460 seconds for a couple tests I'm doing
  23. Hi all! hope you are having a great day! I just wanted to share a cool new interactive feature by NASA that shows all the incidents and close calls ever occurred in human spaceflight! I am still discovering the microsite myself but I can tell you already it is really cool! https://spaceflight.nasa.gov/outreach/SignificantIncidents/index.html Hope you enjoy it!
  24. Realism Overhaul Discussion Thread

    @Munar pilot One Intrepid Spaceplane craft file coming right up! https://www.sendspace.com/file/4icx8m (link will be good for 7 days)
  25. [1.3] Planetary Domes

    Today, I am living up to my promise! I humbly give you Reds Station, a Lunar orbital science outpost and observatory constructed under Real Solar System & Realism Overhaul. The station is a fully equipped orbital science laboratory with a crew capacity of 5. The middle section contains 2 Observatories, and it rotates freely to generate 0.55g of artificial gravity (specs in the imgur album description). It was assembled in low lunar orbit in 4 flights (Command & Rotation Modules, Arm & Observatory 1, Arm & Observatory 2, Propulsion Module) Hope you like it!