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  1. You can if you like. It was just a rough and unbalanced reactor using the NUK-3 as its base config
  2. When I made the reactor I sent it to @Nils277, he then made an actual model and config for it. In the repo is my config and his model. If you want the TRUE reactor its in KPBS. The repo is TECHNICALLY for personal use but @JadeOfMaar and I use it so we both are up to date with each other's changes.
  3. Not ignored mate. We were dealing with the cargo bay issues. Have you tested the FAR patch with and without the s?
  4. Ahh i was thinking of a different part. The one I was thinking of had holes in the ramp
  5. I could be thinking of a different part. Can you show me a screenshot of the one you are referring to please.
  6. The Avatar tail was NEVER completed. I doesnt open or close, never has.
  7. To unify things a little the main OPT Legacy repo is here feel free to submit pull requests etc. Be aware the Special aparts folder is where @JadeOfMaar and I store parts from other mods that we adapt to our own personal use and will never be included in the mod.
  8. is the latest version of OPT Legacy. For some unknown reason the main OPT doesnt appear on ckan at all
  9. I would love to know what is throwing the module index numbers out
  10. Keep in mind a LOT of the parts in Legacy pack are parts that are either incomplete or retired. @JadeOfMaar and myself do endeavour to keep the parts fully functional but always remember that they are kinda on a 'as is' basis. That being said, this issue may just need its lookup radius increased.
  11. Hey guys a couple of issues to raise. OPT Spaceplane Parts isnt showing up in my search in the repo list yet the legacy pack is (which i never put on ckan to begin with) Also i am noticing that ckan seems to take a good few minutes of 'not responding' every time it encounters an issue. Its taken me 4 hours just to get to the point where it tries to install the mods its downloaded because of the 'not responding' issue. EDIT: Forgot to remove files from the ships thumbs folder.... so ANOTHER 5 odd mins of ckan being unresponsive. I cleared the folder so ckan could install and clicked apply etc. suddenly its deciding it wants to redownload 680Mb of mods that it has ALREADY DOWNLOADED an hour ago EDIT2: all I wanted to do was clean out my game and fly some planes... if I had known it would take THIS long I would have not even bothered with CKAN.
  12. THEORETICALLY, OPT doesnt need the patch per se. All the patch will do is fine tune the aerodynamics on top of what FAR does. Not sure what you mean. EDIT: What I THINK is happening is that because the main pack hasnt been marked for 1.3 by @K.Yeon on spacedock that CKAN thinks its for 1.2.2 only. Just manually install it and you will be fine.
  13. The Phoenix cockpit is similar to that