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  1. You may not have the research nodes that those items are in unlocked yet since you are in career mode
  2. Unfortunately this mod has been in a maintennance state for over 12 months now as @K.Yeon is mia.
  3. I just have to ask, you list the mod as for 1.7.3 yet certain dependancies don't exist for 1.7.3 as far as I know, how can this be made to work?
  4. Unfortunately no, but when I last heard from @K.Yeon he mentioned he wanted to do body parts that had integrated landing gear.
  5. OPT once had some nice looking gear, I considered readding them when I built the OPT Legacy pack but they needed far more work to fix than I knew how to fix so in the end I left them out.
  6. Can you give more detail please? Like WHERE you are installing it to?
  7. @JadeOfMaar is the one to truly thank. He kept it going longer than I had the stamina to do so.
  8. I apologize, I was the person originally responsible for the Legacy Pack
  9. I removed the 250 unit LF tank from the J-60 because given the performance of the engine it didn't make sense that it had space for a fuel tank AND an engine with THAT performance profile. Further development of OPT solely depends on when/if @K.Yeon returns.
  10. Hey stail i know that you are maintaining the legacy pack for OPT but i noticed it is not on CKAN or on any website for download with game version 1.3.1 i dont know if im the only person with this problem but if you could get back to me that would be great. Thanks

  11. It should already be compatible. Just need to ensure its dependancies are up to date.
  12. No rear doors sorry. And as for stealth for remaining parts, not until @K.Yeon returns and i can get the source textures from him.