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  1. @JadeOfMaar is the one to truly thank. He kept it going longer than I had the stamina to do so.
  2. I apologize, I was the person originally responsible for the Legacy Pack
  3. I removed the 250 unit LF tank from the J-60 because given the performance of the engine it didn't make sense that it had space for a fuel tank AND an engine with THAT performance profile. Further development of OPT solely depends on when/if @K.Yeon returns.
  4. It should already be compatible. Just need to ensure its dependancies are up to date.
  5. No rear doors sorry. And as for stealth for remaining parts, not until @K.Yeon returns and i can get the source textures from him.
  6. Oddly when the wing is vertical and snapping is off you only have to rotate the aileron with arrow keys and it aligns very easily.
  7. Mount wing vertically, turn snapping off then attsch ailerons. Much easier that way
  8. A part can only have a single control point. Once you chose to control from the docking port you could never control from the cockpit again.
  9. At this stage @JadeOfMaar and Myself have no idea with regards to the main pack as @K.Yeon is MIA. Your idea is sound but requires modelling skills that I know I do not have, not sure about Jade though. Would require 2 new models to be made. We can't do a thing without those handy things called logs mate.
  10. 1) spacedock for download. 2) its to make opt more compatible with the Wild Blue Industries mods (life support etc) 3) spacedock for download
  11. Configurable Kontainers does just that
  12. @JadeOfMaar integrate your latest expansion into legacy as a zip for those who want to use your alt configs if you like