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  1. This is very interesting as I dont have this problem Could you state what cloud mod are you using and submit ModuleManager.ConfigCache?
  2. First GIF: Slider that changes max G-Forces the sail experiences Second GIF: Changing between the two modes of the sail: Kerbin as source of force or another vessel Image: Concept Art for a 50m Laser sail that will enable crewed travel thorugh laser highways. You can check it ingame with the information icon in map view or the tracking station
  3. If you look at the parameters of Niko, you will see it's a perfect planet for mining.
  4. The force being applied into the sail will always be the direction is pointing. But keep in mind the force is proportional to the cos(angle) between the Source-Vessel vector and the Pointing vector.
  5. Yes, W A S D I don't think any part of the mod changes the controls
  6. Quick update I've finished all the Art department regarding the UI. The two buttons at the bottom even change color to red when they are ON.
  7. Back to work!

    1. The Minmus Derp
    2. JadeOfMaar


      oh noes! D:

  8. Working on the custom UI for Laser Sails. I still have to learn to make it actually usable, so that will be fun.
  9. Left: Current Vassa, Right: Enhanced Vassa Notable changes: Smoother surface from orbit, darker ocean color, variety of surface shade. Maybe, but it will take a while to fit the old Kevari with the new style
  10. Changed slightly Vassa's Colormap to have colored mountain sides (white) and darker tones in high areas
  11. I've made the Inter-vision symbol the logo for the mod. I'm very busy these weeks, so dont expect any main milestone soon
  12. Congrats on release Protagonist!
  13. 8000x1000 pixels panorama of Nienna, Kevari and Crons.