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  1. No sorry, I accidentaly renamed it to ".cfgdisable" Yes, it is supposed to be disabled
  2. 1.0.4 Patch - Celestial Bodies - Started testing EVE Raymarched clouds in Vassa if that version of EVE is installed. - Fixes - Module Manager applying clouds to every single EVE_CLOUDS node, ending up duplicating clouds, has been fixed. - Added template to Ice Giant to add missing settings which lack were breaking the RnD science archive screen.
  3. Can't recreate this on my install. Will respond if I ever get an idea on what could be happening. This is not how it should look. I suspect this could be from either a cloud / planet pack that might be editing all clouds? I would remove those mods one at a time to try to pin-point down which could be causing it. Are other custom planets in your game affected by this?
  4. Been able to test this again. Your description matches the behaviour seen better.
  5. This small oversight should be very easy to fix. On mapview, the camera's speed when it rotates around a planet depends on Latitude. This means when the camera is closer to the poles of the planet, the horizontal speed of the camera drops drastically. Additional Information about the computer used:
  6. 1.0.3 Patch - Story Mode - One signal's range made bigger - Made a clue slightly better - Fixes - Fixed lights from vessels showing up when reading signals I'm going to honest with you. I don't know where to start, the log is 99% spam of the same sentence.
  7. 1.0.2 Patch - Story Mode - Added a pop-out window on new saves to indicate what to do to start the story - Added other pop-outs - Rephrased a clue due to imprecision - Fixes - Lowered the terrain quality of C4-2 to avoid some clipping. Now on new savefiles (Or savefiles that haven't been played with the mod), this little screen will pop out to guide a bit the journey of the players. You can read it now if you want. Don't worry, it's not a spoiler.
  8. The planets have Community Resource Pack resources, but I haven't checked the configurations in a long time
  9. 1.0.1 Patch - Fixes - Fixed (hopefuly) parallax configuration overriding other mod's configurations for the same mod - Made parallax configuration for C2-1 less laggy - Partly removed kopernicus debugging things
  10. You can get there without Warp Drives, in fact, you can get there with stock parts (Though KSP won't like the fact that it takes like 1000 years to get there). You can install high ISP mods like Far Future Technologies to ease the travel there. Laser sails are a early game method of exploring other stars, not the main way to go there. You can use mods like Far Future Technologies, which add engines with brutal ISP ranges, to properly explore them. Because JNSQ doesn't scale the planets, they are just bigger, if you use this mod with it, the new planets will still be stock sized. From what I've been told, JNSQ also uses an older version of scatterer, so be mindful of that!
  11. It's compatible with OPM, as they don't intersect any spheres of influence. Rescale it could work, I'm not very famirialized with it. Part of the code is set to scale with the scale of the universe. I know someone who is trying it in rescale and appears to work so far, but can't say anything more.
  12. Pass over the KSP.log file, but thanks for the heads up. The code that controls the lasers is from 2017, so things might have changed from then to now. I would be delighted if you made a playthrough, but I would recommend you to open with a spoiler warning more than anything. You can also open the video with the drawn part of the trailer if you want though, I think that would still fit. (And in fact, the drawn section originally I wanted to have it play ingame too, but ended up deciding it would be too annoying for people that just want planets) Drop the 3 folders of the .zip inside GameData Yes, you can join it here if you feel better talking through a chat than the forums No
  13. Thank you for those who have been curious about the mod's development through this months. A new forum post has been made for the mod, now including a story mode
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