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  1. I'm currently on the final exams of this semester, so don't expect many mod news. Because I still wanted to show something, please have these sweet posters
  2. By using a laser, the sail will get a force wherever is pointing, and away from where the laser comes from When you want to accelerate, you are applying a force on the sail to get it to the speed you want (or can) When you want to slow down, you are applying a force on the sail opposite to where you are going so you drop your speed EDIT: Dont worry, i eyeballed it in the video. UI will have an information tab with lots of data
  3. It can search for vessels! Time will come for other stars. I have to finish the sails first, as it adds quite a lot of gameplay depth into interstellar travels Update: IT WORKS Voyage to Cercani using Laser Sails (Demonstration of slow down functionallity) Smaller Scale Test (Within Mun's Orbit)
  4. Almost finished porting all previous functionalities. It just needs the Sell button and make it update how many seconds you have when opening the UI
  5. This is a very weird shadows bug that is relatrd either with EVE or Scatterer. It's probably a oversight i had once while configurating stuff. I might be ablr to remove it for next version.
  6. Pkmniako

    KSP Community Rewind 2018

  7. New Niko Comparison between old and new bodies I still yet have to decide if laser generators should be kept at all time on the surface of a planet or can be fired while in space. The first option gives gameplay depth and just nullifies recoil, but the second option gives a lot more options. If I go with the second option, I might make lasers generate thrust just for fun lol
  8. Terea Inner System Sorry, but I'm not responsible of SigmaLoadingScreens development/issues
  9. Render of C4-1 (I'll try to simulate how Nienna looks here ingame because it's amazing)
  10. 500 compressed. It does have OnDemand enabled. It still takes a bit to load (1 minute?). Next version will have even more ondemand loading. Sorry for the inconvinience. Yes. This only adds planets and wont interfere with GPP's planets.