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  1. Kind of quiet here, but this is the script: If you run it in GameData/RealismOverhaul/Engine_Configs it creates two files: engines.csv and engines-testflight.csv it also spits out some warnings if files do not contain the fields it expects. The resulting file allows you to filter in any spreadsheet on: TITLE, ENGINE_TYPE, ENGINE_CONFIG, ENGINE_FUELS, ENGINE_ISP_VAC, ENGINE_ISP_ASL, THROTTLE%, ENGINE_IGNITIONS, MASS, ENGINE_PRESSURE_FED, ENGINE_ULLAGE, RATED_BURNTIME If the engine does not have a testflight configuration, you can still find it in the engines.csv but it will lack a burntime. It can look as pretty as this: https://smallpdf.com/shared#st=c1f5a3de-f077-4a62-b087-9677ceb0b56a&fn=engines-testflight.pdf&ct=1611778145966&tl=share-document&rf=link Enjoy, and it might be cool to integrate it as a github hook so that it auto updates the documentation on the wiki. Known bugs: I had a hard time matching // \/\/* did not work and I don't know why. I am grabbing the first backslash and that is mostly okay.
  2. So there is like; a lot of engines... did anyone make a table of them? i found an old one on redit, but it is outdated. I am thinking about writing a script that creates a csv with useful info, but since I am late to the game: did anyone already do that?
  3. It's a WAC Corporal and the first stage is just a solid booster, it even happens when you detach from the launch clamp. I can create a log and craft file + an install script, but it might be something else. For the fist few sounding rockets its not that important, but I want later rockets to run a bit more sophisticated programs.
  4. Small question: my lock throttle is lost after a stage. PRINT "=========================================". PRINT " STRATOS B7". PRINT "=========================================". PRINT "Waiting for ship to unpack.". WAIT UNTIL ship:unpacked. PRINT "Ship is now unpacked.". PRINT "Locking throttle". SET throt TO 1.0. LOCK throttle TO throt. //set ship:control:pilotmainthrottle to 1. PRINT "Starting countdown:". FROM {local countdown is 5.} UNTIL countdown = 0 STEP {SET countdown to countdown - 1.} DO { PRINT "..." + countdown. WAIT 1. // pauses the script here for 1 second. } // Go PRINT "Igniting booster". STAGE. WAIT 2.9. PRINT "Igniting rocket". STAGE. WAIT 80. PRINT "Decoupling payload". STAGE. I had LOCK throttle TO 1 before made no difference. Throttle goes up but as soon as the booster gets ignited the throttle goes down. I maintain radio connection with the rocket and can use the terminal. It runs the rest of the program, but even if i repeat the statement its not pushing up the slider. Running kOS 1: installed through CKAN on a 1.8.1 RSS/RO/RP-1 install. Update: adding SET ship:control:pilotmainthrottle to 1. did not resolve the issue.
  5. Something is fishy in my install, I get the contracts completed but I am not getting any science points. According to the tutorials I should have a couple of points after reaching the Karman line. The cfg file for the contract says no... perhaps its not all up to date?
  6. Gameplay question, though I might be in the wrong topic for play tips here: my first sounding rocket had a thermometer but I cant transmit the science due to "no hard drive space available" am I missing something? I have a link now and a science core in the procedural thingy. I followed the wiki for the first rocket but am not getting any science from my fruits of labor ;-)
  7. I noticed that my RSS/RO game (1.8.1) is using 2.14 as defined by CKAN. Can/should I update this?
  8. Hmm, it seems to crash my RSS install. Most likely because B9Switch is at 2.16 whereas 2.14 is the 1.8 version. Not sure if I can just force a newer B9 over an older game
  9. Hi, For those who want to pull everything from a script for installing (like using ckan) I've added this to my install script that might be of use to you: # non CKAN stuff function github_load { #location KSP_LOC=`ckan ksp list|grep Kerbal |cut -d " " -f 12-` # get the file curl -L $1 --output archive.zip unzip -n archive.zip "GameData/*" -d "${KSP_LOC}" rm archive.zip } github_load https://github.com/drewcassidy/KSP-Conformal-Decals/releases/download/0.2.7/ConformalDecals_0_2_7.zip
  10. I just realized there is an export option. Is anyone maintaining a “good” list. Meaning I always end up blocking plane parts in the vab an rocket parts in the sph.
  11. Ah ok, at Madrid I reach 3km and get a link. I think I start to understand
  12. Hi, So I tried launching my first sounding rocket from Lelystad, but can;t get a VHF connection to the rocket. After moving to FR Kourou this still didn't work on the telemetry unit. Do I need to go to Florida or am I missing something?
  13. No, this is what I did. It seems to scale okay and weight is in line with the normal science labs: @PART[StnSciKib|StnSciKibJr|StnSciCyclo|StnSciExperiment1|StnSciExperiment2|StnSciExperiment3|StnSciExperiment4|StnSciExperiment5|StnSciExperiment6]:FOR[RealismOverhaul]:NEEDS[StationScience] { %RSSROConfig = True %rescaleFactor = 1.6 %scale = 1.0 @mass *= 2 !MODULE[TweakScale] { } } @PART[StnSciZoo|StnSciSpectro|StnSciLab]:FOR[RealismOverhaul]:NEEDS[StationScience] { %RSSROConfig = True %rescaleFactor = 1.6 %scale = 1.0 @description ^= :$: Contains O2 supply for it's scientists, however there is no food or water allowed in the science facility. Ships with 1 day supply, able to store 30 days.: # @mass = 12.5 MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 750 basemass = -1 type = ServiceModule TANK { name = ElectricCharge amount = 43200 maxAmount = 43200 } TANK { name = Oxygen amount = 2520 maxAmount = 75600 } TANK { name = CarbonDioxide amount = 0 maxAmount = 1200 } TANK { name = LithiumHydroxide amount = 3 maxAmount = 90 } } MODULE:NEEDS[TacLifeSupport] { name = TacGenericConverter converterName = CO2 Scrubber StartActionName = Start CO2 Scrubber StopActionName = Stop CO2 Scrubber tag = Life Support GeneratesHeat = False UseSpecialistBonus = True SpecialistEfficiencyFactor = 0.2 SpecialistBonusBase = 0.05 ExperienceEffect = ConverterSkill EfficiencyBonus = 1 conversionRate = 4.0 // # of people - Figures based on per/person INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = CarbonDioxide Ratio = 0.00589121 } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 0.01 } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = LithiumHydroxide Ratio = 0.0000085683 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = WasteWater Ratio = 0.0000046828 DumpExcess = True } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Waste Ratio = 0.0000257297 DumpExcess = False } } MODULE { name = ModuleGenerator isAlwaysActive = true OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = -0.2 //200W for life support base } } }
  14. Hi, I noticed there is no RO patch for StationScience. Before I give it a go: did anyone make a good one? (before I make a lousy attempt for nothing ;-)
  15. Hi, I noticed there is no RO patch for StationScience. Before I give it a go: did anyone make a good one? (before I make a lousy attempt for nothing ;-)
  16. I've done something similar on 1.11 with the bare minimum. It's buggy but runs, trying to figure out Realism Overhaul, now that is something else ;-)
  17. Sweet! I noticed JanitorsCloset was still on 1.9.0 on CKAN but rather than bugging I can keep an eye on this page. Thanks!
  18. I guess it has something to do with this: SUBTYPE { name = LFOLong title = LFO, Long primaryColor = ResourceColorLiquidFuel secondaryColor = ResourceColorOxidizer descriptionSummary = LFO Wyvern Engine Pod, Long <br> An LFO version, primarily designed for Orbit Maneuvering and/or Propulsive Landing. Balanced so that 4 pods are the equivalent of one Terrier. Each has the same atmosphere curve of a Terrier at 1/4 the thrust. No fuel is carried, so a fuel tank attached to the command pod is needed (Pay attention to cross feed restrictions) descriptionDetail = Isp = (ASL), \n\TWR = (, 4 eng. combined)\n\DOES NOT INCLUDE AN INTERNAL TANK defaultSubtypePriority = 0 allowSwitchInFlight = false addedMass = 0.01 addedCost = 200 // resourcesTweakable = false tankType = LiquidFuel TEXTURE { texture = ArcAerospace/Assets/Engine/ArcAero_Wyvern_EngineLFO_DIF } TRANSFORM { name = B9_scaling scaleOffset = 1.0, 1.0, 1.01 } MODULE { IDENTIFIER { name = ModuleEnginesFX engineID = Mono } DATA { maxThrust = 15 heatProduction = 50 EngineType = LiquidFuel powerEffectName = running_LFO engageEffectName = engage_LFO disengageEffectName = disengage_LFO PROPELLANT { name = LiquidFuel ratio = 0.9 DrawGauge = True } PROPELLANT { name = Oxidizer ratio = 1.1 } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 345 key = 1 85 key = 3 0.001 } } } } However a module with id ModuleEnginesFX does not seem far fetched. I cant spot another error at first glance
  19. I'm seeing an odd error: B9PartSwitch has encountered a serious warning. Initialisation errors on ModuleB9PartSwitch(moduleID='variants') on part ArcAero.Wyvern.Engine subtype 'LFOLong' Could not find matching module Initialisation errors on ModuleB9PartSwitch(moduleID='variants') on part ArcAero.Wyvern.Engine subtype 'LFOShort' Could not find matching module Any thoughts?
  20. soyuz:CKAN macluky$ ckan search --all KerbalConstructionTime --detail Found 1 compatible and 3 incompatible mods matching "KerbalConstructionTime". Matching compatible mods: * KVASS (2.0.2) - KVASS - Kerbal Very Simplified Simulation and Planning by flart - Additional payment for a simulation, and planing is required before a real launch. A simplified KRASH and Kerbal Construction Time alike. No new GUI - used Kerbal Alarm Clock timers Matching incompatible mods: * KerbalConstructionTime (1:1.4.8 - KSP 1.8.0 - 1.10.1) - Kerbal Construction Time by magico13, westamastaflash, linuxgurugamer - Unrapid Planned Assembly * KerbalConstructionTime-173 ( - KSP 1.6.1 - 1.7.3) - Kerbal Construction Time-1.7.3 by linuxgurugamer - Unrapid Planned Assembly * KerbalConstructionTime-RP-0-Config (v0.36 - KSP 0.25 - 0.90) - Kerbal Construction Time RP-0 Config by RP-0 Group - A Kerbal Construction Time configuration meant to be used for RP-0 Interesting, should I read it as follows: its not showing up for 1.9.1 and 1.11 because its not 1.10?
  21. Hi, I have a hard time finding Kerbal Construction Time on CKAN. Can you help me what I am doing wrong? soyuz:CKAN macluky$ ckan compat list Version Actual ----------- ------ True 1.9.1 False soyuz:CKAN macluky$ ckan update Downloading updates... ckan search kct Updated information on 813 compatible modules soyuz:CKAN macluky$ ckan search kct Found 0 compatible mods matching "kct". Also, browsing the source code I noticed that some options have additional arguments which are not listed in the help. Is there a resource that lists all of these? Nevermind, ckan <command> --help does the trick
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