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  1. I don't think this mod is works in 1.3.1 Tried it with the newest Kopernicus and Sigma Dimensions release for 1.3.1, does not work. In fact, the game loading screen just skips right through them.. Anyone else experiencing this? Any solutions? Should I just go back to 1.3?
  2. Er... some links tell me that I don't have permission to view such information. Is this just my account having low rep or is it a big conspiracy???
  3. Erm... Is there a reason the Spacedock link directs me to the Ktolemy mod? I skimmed through the last few pages but couldn't see anything related to that. Eh. Maybe I'm not seeing it. I dunno
  4. I recently downloaded KSP 1.2.2 after about three months of not playing the game. Even though I didn't download any mods, whenever I click KSPx64 to play, the 'oops the game crashed' error comes up. This happens about 9 out of 10 times, maybe more. Although I play on a laptop, it usually pulls together enough memory to keep even a simple RSS install going, so the laptop's memory doesn't seem to be the problem. I'll copy over the latest error log here. Could anyone please help?
  5. I've been playing around in 1.2, and it seems that everything is fine except for the ranger landing gears. The 'deploy landing gear' is gone from the ui when I click on it. Other than that, everything works fine. I really loved the movie Interstellar, and this is one of my favorite mods! Thanks for continuously updating the mod.
  6. There seems to be a bug where 'Time Goes Backwards'. This is not related to version change, as far as I've seen. In my career save the game reverts itself. Some vessels are not where they should be, or otherwise disappeared without a trace, some science data is lost, along with any researches in the R&D Center made in the span of time, the dates do not change though. That's the strangest part. It's like the entire thing never happened, My Kerbin Orbital Station disappeared, and the pilot was later marked Dead in the Crew roster. On the other hand, my Munar Research Station also disappeared without a trace, but the crew of three were reported to be alive in the roster, and not assigned to anything. I had 3 Relay Satellites in an orbit quite outside Minmus, but they too disappeared (Does not show up in tracking station as anything). Any debris relating to the missing vessel is also gone. Previously, I made sure that I had researched 'Ion Propulsion' and 'Adv. Science Tech' in the R&D Center. Today they were gone. Perhaps it is the version change breaking my save, but I am no longer sure. There wasn't a version update between yesterday and today. I had made my Munar Station then. The relay satellites were much older, but were affected nontheless. Is anyone else having this problem?
  7. Thanks! The expendable Kerbals have gone to... erm... check the fuel reserves of the space ship!
  8. Sorry to bother you, but what is the purpose of the Kerbal blender (KE-WAITNOSTOP something)? It says in the description that it turns Kerbals into fuel, but I can't find any way of making it work. I've looked in the part cfg file, and it seems that there is no function to the part(unlike drills and whatnot). Is the Kerbal Blender a joke/aesthetic thing? Or am I missing out on something?
  9. The terrain textures near the ksc looks quite stretched, and I am also getting lime green ground colors. I tweaked with planetshine a bit and the color did fade away a bit(ambient light settings) but it's still relatively lime green. Other than that, this is a really fun mod. Cheers! I actually don't know how to upload screenshots to the forums I do have some screenshots of it, though.
  10. On my first minmus landing, the moment Jebediah touched the mint ice cream, the hell kraken struck, and the altitude read 666666, and the screen turned completely black. One other time, I was doing the asteroid intercept in one of the scenarios when my craft merged with the asteroid and became a universal entity, and left the Kerbol system with a speed of about a trillion meters per second. So... Yes. The Kraken exists.
  11. I use the following (which basically kills my laptop_ A mix of EVE and Stock Visual Enhancements Planetshine Distant Object enhancement Scatterer(custom sunflares) Texture Replacer+Windowshine and a Skybox
  12. Never say Ever: And then they lived happily after The Fantastic For: A romance movie(at least it sounds like one) About Tim: A man named Tim can warp through time by standing in any dark enclosed space.
  13. I was actually thinking of 'The Martin' but alas I was too late The Impsons Movie: A heart-moving story of the sons of an imp who goes on a journey of brotherhood. The Evil Dad: Dad is evil. An man: A documentary about the correct usage of articles The Bob: From a mysterious alien landing site, a man named Bob emerges. All-E: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  14. hmm I was about to update the game to 1.1.2 but it was aborted due to an error with 'cygwin' that I know nothing about. Is this something necessary to play 1.1.2? Never happened before...