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  1. about 9 in 10 worker people need green growing things for food. About 12 in 100 are growing food thing worker people. The work of these people has to do with water and land. Geez this isn't easy Let me try something easier. Boat racing is a sport in which boats, or other types of watercraft, race on water. Boat racing powered by oars is recorded as having occurred in ancient Egypt, and it is likely that people have engaged in races involving boats and other water-borne craft for as long as such watercraft have existed.
  2. Huh geez remember this guys? Nostalgia back when people had no idea of the road ahead.
  3. At that point it would be more of a mod than something the devs are likely to add. The more minimal the better.
  4. Squad already made a camera part for the asteroid day mod, but it was really just for science in general and you couldn't see anything. Maybe squad could add a camera that has a gui window like the orbital scanner. One part. It would be like the infared camera part. A camera like on Curiosity or Voyager or any other probe, for that lack of kerbals feeling. You'd get science the same way. Stoney3K makes a good point, with contracts to photograph things like eeloo or a certain biome, but I don't know about easter eggs. There could be a screenshot button on the gui
  5. I saw and yes I meant that and I know it did.
  6. It's 2016. 45 years ago was 1971. This was 2 years after the moon landing, and a DECADE after the first humans in space.
  7. Know what else happened in 1.1? They got rid of antennas.
  8. I must have at least 400,000 hours of game time and am near san pedro, which next to LA.
  9. One word: Orbiter. It's like KSP but more realistic, considering it's based on earth and while it may be a little hard to start, it gets easy fast. I'm into World of Warships, which is like orbiter but with boats with big cannons on them.
  10. Finally! This is what I've always wanted[Citation Needed]! It'll be like having a real life space station. Now to integrate IVA movement, and but a VR headset.
  11. I learned that by using timewarp and hacking gravity you can multiply gravity too. I think I'm first.
  12. If you don't know, Exomars is a mission to, well, Mars, to search for methane, which has something to do with life but I don't know anymore. It has methane sensors so I assume it wants to find some methane. It will deploy a lander and go on to orbit around Mars at 400K above it. It looks like this: Here's some pictures of the launch that just happened: WILL UPDATE SOON It's going to arrive at Mars on Oct. 19, so you know, plan in advance. Watch it live*! *Speed of light delay included
  13. My triad gang friends smuggle a nuke to your game, and liam neeson kills them all looking for his kid. The umpire says you struck out
  14. Oh boy we got us a ranter here! (knock it off before the mods come and give you what for) First off they aren't saying that. You'll get the FULL version later, the BUGGY version is this one they're talking about. I just wish you could read some of the other posts before doing this. This is if you want to report all the bugs to squad. If you're gonna buy it through steam too I don't think KSP is for you. The full KSP experience is playing the game, not crying about how you don't get to play it faster. It's not even play (You'd learn that the hard way), because Experimentals are to report bugs, not so you can play earlier.
  15. I meant "Oh boy!" as in Experimentals? That means 1.1 is closer than ever! I might even be able to get it...
  16. And I quote: The Orbiter Community - Hail Probe! You think I didn't know?
  17. You make it sound like a DLC thing, which is laser-guided illuminati alien unicorns teleporting from the fake moon landing soundstage: It makes people want to hit something for listening to that blast of... yuck. By the way, I run stock, and can do just about anything, including a network of stations, bases, fighterjets (I cite macey dean) and let's not forget Gregorxmun's train. I also remember that guy that said no one really uses mods, and this is a horrible assumption. The modding community is so big for a reason. I guess it would be safe if you didn't assume about everyone so completely so often? This is a fair compromise. Just stick to general discussion.
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