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  1. The problem is the micromanagement in the long run, as @Gargamel notes. You can fudge the numbers for time warp on rails as @mattinoz notes. ("Decrease orbit semi-axis by X meters per orbit/day/hour/etc." Other parameters as wanted, like scaling loss with altitude.) If there was an orbital decay function, it would have to automate station keeping, making engines/RCS and fuel(s) mandatory on any long-term orbital craft. (Space stations, comm sats, survey sats, etc.) With enough things in orbit, you'll be spending (read: wasting) a lot of time with station upkeep without automation. ("Spend
  2. No problem. For all you know, it could have been a simple syntax error or typo. I've had to troubleshoot my MM configs before. Usually, it's me mucking up the match parameters somehow.
  3. Uh... Guess you didn't know, but the setting for clamshell versus confetti fairings is part of the module config for a part. You can do the same thing with a MM config to set that option, no need for a DLL plugin (well, other than MM.) // This MM Config sets some defaults for your fairings so you don't have to all the time. // The FINAL is there because I make all my personalized MM configs run last after all the mod configs. // I figure it makes sure I catch all changes and mod parts that use/apply/edit the same settings I'm modifying. // Probably safe to remove if you wish. @PART[*]:HAS
  4. Ah, right. I forgot about that fact. Been taking that for granted as a given since it's part of the reason you would want to use Trajectories. It's actually Angle of Attack. (Attack is relative to prograde. Attitude would be relative to horizon.) If you're using this in a later version of KSP than the version it was built/tested against officially, something may have broke despite it still "working" superficially. If I recall, the orbit line system in KSP got revamped in 1.4.x while Trajectories is technically only 1.3.x compatible. (Assuming the thread title is accurate.) You can
  5. Those are on purpose to disable those features. I think it was noted in the readme.txt file or something. I remember looking it up to be sure myself.
  6. Correct: Trajectories only accounts for the CURRENT configuration of your craft. There's no option to make predictions for a later stage with a different set-up. (ANY mod that takes staging into account for predictions can get VERY complex. Just ask the MJ or KER devs.) The only thing you can do is launch the craft, cheat it into orbit, do a de-orbit burn, get it to the configuration you need it in, and test the re-entry. (TL;DR: Do a live test.) For atmospheric bodies, Trajectories lets you set a AoA for the duration of re-entry based on I think the stock cut-off altitudes for situation
  7. Then you'll have to tell me exactly what you want accomplished because that patch changes only ONE sound. (Launch something with a KS-25 engine and toggle the engine on and off a few times with JUST RealPlume, my patch, and all necessary dependencies installed. The activation sound should be the quieter stock sound.) This release of the mod is still technically still for KSP v1.4.x. (See title.) Minor updates to KSP have been less likely to break mods, it seems.
  8. Having your own personal folder for mod patches is fine. Well, I'd have to verify that you are in fact saving the file as a CFG and not some other file type by accident. You know what...: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qcst62p1avgmhqz/RealPlumeAudio.cfg?dl=0 Try that link and download. That's the actual file I'm using and as far as I can tell, it works... I think. Honestly, I've been working with jets lately (usually), so I haven't actually been paying much attention to rocket engines and the sounds they make. Lastly, if you could tell me just exactly what it is you want to do again
  9. Anywhere inside the GameData folder should be enough. I did make this for KSP 1.2.x, so some stuff may have changed or it isn't affecting the particular thing you're trying to do. All this patch does is replace the activation sound for engines with the original stock sound. The activation sound was the loudest sound clip used by RealPlume (back then in KSP 1.2.x anyway). Oh, and just to be sure: You did make sure the file extension on it is CFG and not TXT, right? If you're on Windows, it defaults to not displaying the file extension. And NotePad, if you used it, appends .TXT to new files
  10. It only accounts for drag and lift (you can specify AoA) while coasting for predictions. It'll update the prediction in real-time while thrust is engaged. (And the prediction is just what the path will be like if you STOP thrusting at that point. Remember, these are coasting predictions.) It's meant for mainly atmospheric (re-)entry. The normal orbit lines are sufficient for airless worlds. Lastly, I don't think there is any mod that accounts for thrust over time rather than instantaneous point thrust. The closest thing is/was a mod that broke down a long burn into multiple smaller,
  11. Yes. That's a setting within SmokeScreen you can change while in the game. (Particle limit so you don't overload your graphics card.) For individual engines? Not in-game without affecting other engines. HOWEVER, if it's what I think you're thinking of, you CAN replace a particularly loud sound with a stock sound via MM patch. In fact: // Purpose: This MM CFG changes the engage/staging/activation sound for RealPlume. // Commetary: The sound is impressive for launches, but out of place for designs // that rely on different sets of engines that a player turns on/off // as need
  12. Literal balance request: is there any chance we can get a CoMOffset on the XJ-48k Vector engine? They mass 2100 kilos. Two of them on the backend of a Mk2 plane shifts the CoM really far back, making it practically a requirement to either front-load the plane somehow or make it a delta-wing design. (Or anything else to get the CoL behind the D/CoM in a reasonable way.) If yes, I'm currently booting up KSP to test a setting. I'm thinking something in the 2-3 range for offset will work. Will get back with a suggested value later. EDIT: So I tried out an offset of 2.7. Seems like a bit
  13. That used to be the case. At least according to the demo video I saw showcasing a landing on Minmus, I think. I didn't get to use it much as intended like that though. (Especially in conjunction with Vertical Velocity Control.) I wound using it to build hypersonic MK2 VTOL survey planes. There was something oddly satisfying about just flying around Kerbin for a while, landing and hopping site-to-site doing surface science, tehn flying back to a base for landing and recovery. (I used to have Kerbin-Side installed.) And of course there was getting the CoM vs DCOM and thrust balanced JUST right.
  14. Does this support Blizzy's Toolbar? I'm pretty sure it did back in 1.2.x. In 1.5.1 with the latest ToolBar and dependencies, it's stuck in the stock toolbar. Blizzy's doesn't have the option to display it. BTW, it is possible to add a limiter to throttle change speed to help with jet engine response? I know most of the problem is dealing with the spool up/down of jets. Maybe a "Jet Mode" toggle that limits the rate of change in throttle and putting a clamp/limit of max vertical acceleration would help. At the very least, I think it would make it more obvious that player has to be more ca
  15. Chiming in here: In 1.5.1, HLAR seems to be very erratic compared to the last time I used it extensively back in KSP 1.2.x. (I skipped 1.3.x and 1.4.x). The log file doesn't seem to have anything from HLAR mentioned other than loading it. I tried HLAR in a test install with just KSP 1.5.1, Toolbar & ToolbarController, Vertical Velocity Control, AGExt, and ClickTroughBlocker (all latest according to MiniAVC) with a stock-part craft. As soon as HLAR is engaged, you can see the control indicators going nuts, even when the craft perfectly still and vertical. In the air, the craft kinda w
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