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  1. Ok, that's quite impressive Looks like keeping the lift surfaces near the center of lift is the kkey
  2. As you can see in the image album, about 3/4 of it
  3. That was quite hard ! The roll control of my plane was pretty awful. It's stock Final landing weight: 14.04t Imgur album
  4. I tried it, but I don't have ScanSat link on-board. Is that normal ?
  5. Pizio & Hartmann Co. presents its new Small Regional Jet family, the Seps P&H is back again with another small regional jet, designed to carry passengers with maximum efficiency and comfort. Technical Specifications for the Seps A : 1 pilot and 40 passengers Weight of 18.1 tons Length of 14.1m; Width of 30.3m; Height of 4.6m Fuel capacity of 1100 lf Fuel consumption (cruise) of 0.12 lf/s Range of 2200km Cruise altitude at 8000m (or 26000 feet) Cruise speed at 860km/h (or 240m/s) Take-off speed at 40m/s Price of
  6. That's just a prototype, because it doesn't fit in my custom fairing, but at least i reached 45m/s with it
  7. LK-1 costs 16555 funds and Titan IIIc costs 39376 funds Gemini lander costs 7546 funds and the R7-type costs 40582 funds US costs = 46922 and USSR costs = 57137
  8. Hi ! This is my entry for the third mission, the Mun landing. The first rocket of this mission, a R7-type, carries the lander, inspired by this 1961 study for a Gemini mission to the Moon. The second one is the same rocket I used for my second mission of this challenge, to travel around the Mun: a Titan IIIc carrying a LK-1 spacecraft Link to the mission report
  9. So, this is my entry for the second step of the challenge, the mun orbiter. I decided to use the abandoned soviet LK-1 (1962-1965) project, using a VA capsule as my spacecraft. To launch it to the Mun, I designed an american Titan IIIc rocket. Link to the mission report
  10. I didn't have enough power with 20 Sparks engines I don't use them as air-breathing engines, and they look cool enough for RD-107/108
  11. Hi ! Thanks for the challenge ! This is my entry for the Robotic Mun Exploration. My orbiter, launched from an Atlas Agena D rocket, is based on the US Lunar Orbiter program, but without solar panels (designed before the rule change). My lander, launched from a Molniya (R7) rocket is based on the Luna E-6 (which was used for Luna 4 to Luna 9) platform from the soviet Luna program Link to the orbiter report Link to the lander report
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