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  1. Version 0.11 is up, on Github ! @wile1411 thanks for the confirmation. For info the formula for the vertical position look like that : float posY = Screen.height / 2f - toolbarButton.transform.position.y - windowRect.height / 3f; Not very intuitive. Why the toolbarButton.transform.position is not the actual position of the toolbar button ?
  2. @JeffreyCor & @wile1411 Can you test this version. It should fix the map view window, it's now positioned near the button. (I hope so, the code for doing it is not really intuitive).
  3. Yep, that's how it's supposed to work I'm on it, should have a fix today. So this is definitely a culling mask issue. I haven't done anything about it yet, but I know where to start. I'll made more try on that later but I can't have them all on the same orientation : on the 3 rotation axis, 2 need to be constrained to keep the ship "in the circle". I can only play with the un-constrained one, the one that cross the relay and the ship, parallel to the circle surface. I've tried to rotate around this axis so the surface of the circle face the camera, as much as possible due to the others axis constraint but I don't really get how to math the angle on one axis while the vectors used as reference are on a 3d space... How hard can quaternion be ? Well...
  4. Thanks for the report. I guess the window is draw outside of the screen. I've tried, and failed, to draw the window next to the icon, I'll come back to it soon.
  5. Do you mean translate ? If so I like to but not now, the UI is not definitive enough. When the mod is near finished I'll ask for help to translate it, I can do it in french but nothing more on my own.
  6. It does, thanks. A while back a take a quick look at Custom Barn Kit to support it, at the time I haven't add the support for the stock range modifier so I didn't bother too much with CBK. I'll come back to it.
  7. @Gooner if you try my workaround please report how it goes. If it works I add it to the OP.
  8. Hey guys I got an idea for a new feature for Crew Light : light with motion detector. When you walk close to them they turn on ! The inspiration for it came from the hard time I have when trying to right click on a light stashed behind a bunch of battery and mystery goo in a service bay Code wise I think I know how to do it. The dilemma is : so far all the function of Crew Light work without a GUI, but for this one I don't see how I can do without it. In order to minimize the number of button on the right click menu I was thinking about adding a single button that bring a little window with the settings, this window will be centered on the mouse pointer and it will vanish when the pointer moves away. This is the less intrusive way I can think of. As for the settings there would be a slider to change the distance at which the light is triggered and another to choose how long the light stays on when there is no more kerbal in range. I'd like suggestion about this new functionality, specially about how to deal with the UI
  9. Version 0.10 is up, on Github ! @wile1411 The double circle jitter should be fixed, the solution actually come from a thread of yours, thanks to @sarbian. For the mis-oriented circle, at the beginning of your video, I've made a little change on how the circle gets oriented, it may be better but I don't think it will fix it. @Hs.Panda @AlexALX @wile1411 I may have fixed the multiple icon bug, not sure as I never got it. Please report if it's still there.
  10. Thanks for the report. I'll need to take a look at the RSS code to see how they do that. Mod compatibility is something I want to do but it's far from the top of my priority list... In the meantime they're may be a workaround : change the in-game range modifier to match what the RSS patch do. It should give Antenna Helper the right number to work with. No idea what number the antenna system will use, if it applies the in-game range modifier to the number already modified by the RSS patch that won't work... Anyway I add RSS support to my to-do list. This has been already reported by @AlexALX and @wile1411 but I need a way to reproduce it on my install. Did you try to reinstall/re-download Antenna Helper ? Delete the AntennaHelper folder in your GameData folder before doing so.
  11. The flickering come from my code for orienting the circle runs in Update() but the rest of the map view graphic a bit latter. I've reproduce the same kind of flickering you see and I think I know how to get rid of it. Ok. Not sure what I can do about that, I'll focus on re-write the orientation method, we'll see how this issue look then. Did you try ? It should work with any solar system and it gets the real antenna and DSN power according to the game settings. Report how it goes.
  12. @wile1411 thanks for the video. It will take me a little time to process it, a few more info I'd like to have : For the mis-oriented and flickers circles, are they always act like that ? ie if you time-wrap a few days in the future how do they look ? If you can send me a video of the mis-oriented circle at high time-wrap I could tell you if it is the "predictable unpredictable orientation", which is normal. I notice that the connection line between yours vessels are all white, in my game they all show with the color of their signal strength, is it a mod that do that ? For the disappearing circle : can you focus your camera on the sun, rotate it to a top down view (ie look at the sun north pole) and zoom away. As you zoom the circles should disappear, the smaller first. Can you confirm it happens, and is it the issue you mentioned ? Lastly if you can find a way to reproduce those issue on a stock game that would be awesome, way more easy to debug when I can see/interact with the issue directly.
  13. Ok. Not sure what I can do about that, first I should address the unpredictable orientation issue discussed earlier. If I fix it now, if I can, I most likely have to re-fix it when I'll made the better orientation method.
  14. Do you mean completely disappear ? Or beeing drawn underneath ? For the latter I've just tried to drawn relay's circle a few pix higher than the DSN one but that don't change the blending between the two. For the first I think it's a camera culling issue, if you zoom enough all circle disappear, the smaller one first. Another know issue for the list... For the blending issue, the problem come from the shader I use (Unlit/Transparent), I did found a better one in Unity but couldn't get how to access it in KSP.