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  1. Version 1.10 is up ! On SpaceDock and Github The ModuleManager.dll I bundle with this release was build for KSP 1.3, it works good but expect some NyanCat frenzy
  2. Weird, the issue is on CrewLight v1.9 with KSP 1.3.1. To replicate it I'd build a craft with a beacon light. Exist the VAB. Enter it again so the previous craft is auto-loaded then the error appear. I use MonoDevelop to write my plugin, the version that came with Unity 5.4.0p4. I think the only setting I've changed is the output directory.
  3. @KvaNTy thanks for the detailed bug report. I can't reproduce the issues you have in flight, my github repo (DEV branch at least) is up to date with my local source and I don't have enough knowledge about compiling and C# solution option to troubleshoot this... For the ModuleBeaconLightEngine bug in the VAB I got it, I used the Start() method instead of the OnStart(), as it should be for a PartModule. I've updated a fix on the DEV branch and will make a release soon. Here is a dll of CrewLight v1.9, with the fix for the beacon light, for KSP 1.2.2.
  4. @KvaNTy that's good to hear I've reset my GitHub repo/solution option, hopefully I got it right this time. If you want to try to compile it yourself it is on the DEV branch. It make me realize I got the same kind of mess on my RealTimeClock repo too... thanks for the heads up. As for action group I recently found a nice mod that let you add/remove part from them in flight, with less/different option than ActionGroupExtended :
  5. @KvaNTy here is the version 1.9 recompiled for KSP 1.2.2, just the .dll. I don't get those exceptions, tell me if you see them again with the new .dll Mostly likely my fault, when I start using GitHub I must have done something wrong as I realize I got my C# project on two location I'll clean that. For the ModuleBeaconLightEngine I removed it from the project by mistake, it was re-introduced in 1.9. Can't confirm that either. Two things : SunLight is disabled at high time-wrap (10 000, I think) and stock light eats a lot of EC, try again with a RTG Thanks for the interest and tell me how it goes with the new .dll To everyone : CrewLight v1.9 works fine with KSP 1.3.1 as far as I have test. I haven't released a recompiled version yet as I wait on ModuleManager to be officially compatible with KSP 1.3.1
  6. @mihe Yep it's the right one. You can check Real Time Clock, in my sig, it display a clock in all scene (almost). Probably the most simple GUI that can be done . I have a little more complicated GUI in Antenna Helper if it can help.
  7. That should work, I think. You could also try to make your cone a MapObject on its own, I think some method help with positioning things right in the mapView, check the doc. I have no idea if this is possible (or of any interest to what you want) tho...
  8. Coordinate in the mapView works a bit strangely, the camera is always at Vector3(0, 0, 0) and every object gets its position changed when you move/zoom the camera. I guess you need to position your cone relatively to another object and update its position every frame. That puzzled me at first too...
  9. MapObject is the "type" of every object you see in the mapView : celestial body, vessels, orbit line, maneuver node, etc... They always exist, no matter what is selected/focused. Def: // CelestialBody trackedcb; MapObject trackedcbmp onMapEnterEvent: // trackedcb = Planetarium.fetch.Home; trackedcbmp = Planetarium.fetch.Home.MapObject; myConObj.transform.SetParent(trackedcbmp.trf); myConObj.transform.position = trackedcbmp.trf.position; myConObj.transform.localPosition =; update: // myConObj.transform.SetParent(trackedcb.transform); // parenting need to be done just once, not every frame // myConObj.transform.localPosition = trackedcb.transform.localPosition; // with parenting, no need to update the position With this code your cone should be at the center of Kerbin and follow it. It will also rotate with it.
  10. trackedcb is the CelestialBody or the MapObject representing the CelestialBody ? It needs to be the MapObject.
  11. Maybe with "Transform.RotateAround" ? Check/reset position AND localPosition. Make sure your object is on the good layer, 10 for MapView.
  12. Instead of using "ScaledSpace.LocalToScaledSpace()" you can access the transform of the map object of the body/vessel you want : CelestialBody.MapObject.trf or Vessel.mapObject.trf And if you need your object to rotate with the body/vessel you can make it a child of the map object transform. I've made something very similar to what your talking about for the last update of Antenna Helper where I display several circle in the map view representing the range of the DSN antenna. Check this file and this one (the "SetMapMarker" method).
  13. One big new awesome feature today : Graphical display of the antenna range in the map view ! (look way more awesome in live than on screenshot) I've talked about it a few months ago as a more understanding way of displays the range of your antenna, no more incomprehensible big numbers, it's all graphic To activate it go to the map view and click on the Antenna Helper toolbar button The color are the same used in-game (almost) and on the distance / signal strength display in the editor I added in 0.6 : Green : signal between 100% and 75% Yellow : signal strength between 75% and 50% Orange : signal strength between 50% and 25% Red : signal strength between 25% and 0% Now what to expect in this first iteration : it works only for the DSN, the circles will be drawn if you are out of range or connected to a relay but the range they show will be for a direct connection to the DSN It works only on the Map View, for the active vessel It's not ultra precise the circle are 2D object that align to the ship and the planet, they can look strange on a polar orbit with time-wrap as they turn to stay aligned the circle are 4 superposed objects with transparency so the green circle is more opaque than the yellow, which is more opaque than the orange, etc... So what next : make it work for relay too, not only DSN connection (mostly done) make it available in the tracking station in the tracking station, show a list of vessel saved in the editor and show their possible range. I'd like to have a map directly available in the editor but it will be too much trouble, I think maybe, use a different/custom shader for a better handling of the transparency between the circles And everything else on the OP's road-map Release is on GitHub. (works for KSP 1.2.2 to 1.3.1) Enjoy and please report any bugs or suggestion
  14. Real Time Clock 2 v1.5 is now on SpaceDock.
  15. Real Time Clock 2 v1.5 is up, only on GitHub for now, I'll push it on SpaceDock when the 1.3.1 tag will be available. Have fun