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  1. @sarbian can you update the link in the OP ?
  2. FYI: this (essential) mod is still working on 1.5.1 I've tested it only on stock engine tho.
  3. I tested only on KSP 1.5.1 Give it a try, if it doesn't work the only thing needed should be to recompile for 1.4.5
  4. This is expected, all settings are now saved in persistent.sfs It shouldn't be necessary but can you try to delete your CrewLight folder and reinstall it ? Didn't do any test with CLS, will take a look. I think it was working with a previous version of CrewLight ?
  5. It's been a long time since I came here and I've missed a few update. Still no big rewrite (soontm) but : Antenna Helper v1.0.5 on GitHub and SpaceDock and CKAN A very big thank you to @Wyzard for taking the time to go through my code and fix a bunch of bug happening in various situation More update are still planned, no ETA
  6. Crew Light v1.17 is up on GitHub, and SpaceDock I can't reproduce this. If you can send me a save with only Electric Light and CrewLight installed where the bug is reproducible I'll look into it.
  7. Hey guys I haven't been on KSP for a while and I'm just starting catching up on the update I missed. @JH4C & @Lisias more consistency about the settings was a good idea, I've take it a bit further : All settings are now within the stock difficulty screen Except for some morse settings that I couldn't squeeze into : To access those you need to enable the "More Morse Settings" and hit accept twice : Now the not cool part : It is, for now, only on KSP 1.4.3 (yes I'm late ) There is a few bug that needs to go away before I release a version for KSP 1.5.1 I can reproduce it. There is another bug in the motion detector function : the sphere that represent the reach of the detector catch the click but it shouldn't. They do turn on ? Anyway I'll look into it
  8. @Gordon Dry thanks again for your report. To summarize : AH fail to initialize, when you start a flight scene the icon never appear and this error appear in the log : issue 39 NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object AntennaHelper.Link..ctor (AntennaHelper.Relay transmitter, AntennaHelper.Relay relay) AntennaHelper.LinkPath.SetLinks () AntennaHelper.LinkPath..ctor (.Vessel v) AntennaHelper.AHFlight.SetRelayList () AntennaHelper.AHFlight+<StartSecond>d__0.MoveNext () UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator enumerator, IntPtr returnValueAddress) AH crash when a new vessel (only relay ?) appear, the icon disappear at the time of the staging event. issue 40 Low fps when there are multiple vessels (relays ?) in physic range. issue 41 1 & 2 will be fixed in the big rewrite I planned to do, will take some time... For 3, again, I don't see what I can do about it, we'll re-test once the re-write is done, see what's what... @Gordon Dry can you confirm that a reload (F5/F9) do solve 1 and 2 ?
  9. Good to hear. If you can, try to reduce the start delay (second slider) until the issue come back, I'll use this value as the default. First slider is not related to this issue, I mentioned it as a way to troubleshoot the 2.5km range thingy.
  10. In my last save, if I remember correctly, for sending probes to Duna I've set 4 relays around the Sun, between Kerbin and Duna. And another (smaller) relay around Duna. No idea which antenna I used tho, it was sometimes ago.... I do have the ground station on tho.
  11. AH can't initialize correctly. For whatever reason the info I needed by AH from the API are not available right at the start of the flight scene so I add a delay of 1 second before it starts (or re-starts if you switch to another vessel), maybe this delay is too low. I haven't run into issue with it but I did my test on an, almost, stock install and I got a beefy cpu. In this version I add a setting to change the delay, try to play with it see how it goes. As for the 2.5km range issue I still don't see where it is coming from, the number of ship in-flight will make an impact, the number of relay will have a bigger impact but not the fact that they're physically loaded or not... That puzzled me... It's more about gameplay than realism, as you said in your first post, once you have access to big enough antenna the commnet system feels pointless, lowering the range make it challenging more longer. Anyway there are as many KSP playstyle as there are KSP players Edit (because of auto-merge thingy...) : Easy : MOAR antenna, not matter which, just MOAR I also like placing relay everywhere, not much interest in doing it if I can already reach the DSN.
  12. Not sure every place is covered with a 100% signal strength, important if you plan on transmitting science. And this is true only if you use the stock range settings, which are, IMHO, very OP. I personally set it between 0.1 and 0.2 (Antenna Helper do account for it )
  13. Li0n

    [WIP] [1.4.x] Dumb Luck 0.2

    Congrats on the release Really like the idea, anything that make Kerbal more unique is a must have in my save. Welcome to modding I guess (I got the same kind of thing while developing CrewLight, forgot to put an RTG and don't understand why the lights refuse to turn on )
  14. Thanks again for the report. If you can give a try at this version. I add what could be a fix and a few line of debug to help understand what's going on. Thanks for that info. Is it reproducible/noticeable on a stock install ? AH shouldn't behave differently with vessel in/out of physic range. Can you try to set the "Flight and MapView Seconds Between GUI Update" (in the settings menu) to 0 ? This should show if the slowdown is from the GUI or the "real" code.