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  1. Which engines? Mk2/3 use stock texture maps, so if those have been removed/replaced somewhere, the engines will show up as white
  2. Update following the BDA release, grab from Spacedock. Changelog: Updates AA to new BDA bullet/rocket standards -Fixes missing fire sound for the Ho-5 -Fixes MG131z mass -Adds in Incendiary ammo support -Adds Breda-SAFAT AP ammo -Ho-103 now has AP and HE ammo option -MG151/20 now has choice of AP, Incendiary, and HE rounds -Mk 108 now has choice of HE and Incendiary rounds -Most AP, and some HE rounds now have incendiary attribute Bit late, but Jagglebearry, at this point, BDAc-rp is the defacto BDA, and I don't have plans to reverse-port AA to older versions of BDA. That said, if you do need a BDA 1.3.4 compatible version of AA, you can grab it from the original AA thread. -JB182, without more information, I can't help you. Do you have BDA installed? AA requires it to function.
  3. Did you install CommunityResourcePack? It's bundled with M3X and is a dependency.
  4. I'm going to need your KSP.log; it sounds like you either have an incorrect installation or there's a mod conflict somewhere.
  5. Apologies for the wait, M3X 1.6 is now up and available from the usual locations: SpaceDock | GitHub Changelog: - KSP 1.11.x update - New Part: Mk3 Cargo Container - Adds Cargo/Inventory part functionality - Fixes Mk3 Inline Docking Port dragcube - Adds optional MM patch to add stock heat/reactor decay mechanics to Sievert NTJ - Adds optional MM patch to add dual-cycle capability to Sievert NTJ - Adds System Heat compatibility MM patch - Localization fix for Short Truncated Saddletank The new optional patches can be found in M3X-1.6/Extras/Mk3Expansion/patches
  6. Sorry about the delay, and apologies for the inconvenience. M2X V 1.9 is now up, grab it from SpaceDock | GitHub ChangeLog: KSP 1.11.x update -New Part: Mk2 cargo container -Mk2 adapter endcap now has internal model defined -fixes chine texture url issue -Adds Cargo/Inventory part functionality -Adds System Heat compatibility MM patch -Adds optional MM patch to add dual-cycle option to Rontgen Nuclear Jet The dual cycle rontgen patch can be found in M2X-1.9/Extras/Mk2Expansion/patches, and is strictly worse than the dedicated nuclear rocket by design.
  7. Hmm. if it's hanging on the next gun, the usual cause of that is it's trying to parse a bulletType it can't find. if you go to /GameData/AviatorArsenal/BulletDefs/AABulletDefs.cfg, and open the file, do you have a '20x94mmAPTShell' entry, should be 11th down from top? When updating to AA 1.5, was this a 'delete old version and replace', or' copy new version over' installation?
  8. I have no plans to add cockpits. Daniel Prates, are you running BDAc 1.4+? (Link in OP or a few posts above yours) AA 1.5 is incompatible with older versions of BDA.
  9. Yes, its the Me 210/410 tail gun. BDAc 1.4.07 can be found here.
  10. Update 1.5 for AA is now up on SpaceDock - this updates AA to use the new bulletdefs standard in BDAc 1.4+ As such, AA 1.5 is incompatible with older BDAs. It also adds a few new toys: From left to right: R4M rocket rack, Ho-3 .50MG, Ho-5 20mm, Ho-155 30mm, MG131z FDL 13mm turret Changelog:
  11. Increase the damage multiplier in the BDArmory Settings window to 200-300%. The main issue with AA damage vs stock BDA damage is a matter of fire rate. So while, say, the Hispano 20mm does about the same damage per shot as the Vulcan, it won't have the same damage per second because the Vulcan is firing 5500 rounds per minute compared to the Hispano's 700.
  12. This has been finally updated. Since I've had little time to model recently, this is mainly a maintenance update to fix code issues and similar v1.8.2 - Grab from SpaceDock | GitHub ChangeLog: -Code changes to eliminate memory leak -Resource flow changed to stock model - no more messing with PAWs and fuel transfers -Modulename changed to prevent issues with FFT's 'ModulePulseEngine' - This will cause existing Orion craft to throw a missing module error. Retire/Recover Orion-equipped vessels before installation -RestockWhitelist updated to fix the command pod issue. -Adds CTT integration
  13. No. The patch was integrated as part of the update to 1.4; AAc will natively work with BDAc 1.1+, no patching required.
  14. As one of the people associated with it, I should add that this is a BDAc tournament series that has grown out of Scott Manley's Runway Project rolling BDAc tournament thing. If you've heard of the Runway Project and need more AI planes in your life, or are simply itching for a good quality BDAc competition to end this miserable year with a bang, you could do far worse than Flying Circus. Rounds should be fairly frequent, there will be almost certainly be both FAR and stock aero contests for those favoring either system, and a variety of mods are being considered to add variety to any specific contest. Said contests will also be up to the capricious whim of you, the contestant, with various possible themes/challenges that people can vote on for what they'd like to compete in next. Matches will also be streamed, so none of the long delays waiting for the next update's video of a match.
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