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  1. SuicidalInsanity

    [1.5.X] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.3 [update 10/24/2018]

    LatiMacciato, thanks for the head-up, I'll get it fixed. xD-FireStriker: That was more of a general announcement, back from a time when NFE was going through some code refactors, though I can see why it might cause confusion. The NFE patch shipped with the latest M2X update should be up-to-date.
  2. SuicidalInsanity

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    A study in contrasts - a small plane with a big gun that can't turn versus a large plane with small guns that can turn: Round 7, between @sturmhauke's SAI K9 Krakenhound and Bot Maxim's RF-7 Crossbow:
  3. SuicidalInsanity

    [1.4.1] Stockalike Mining Extension [0.97.1 Release 3/27/18] WIP

    Yeah, I discovered that too. Sorry about going dark here, trying to juggle too much stuff at the same time. SMX does have an update in the works that fixes the texture issue as well as a bunch of new stuff, hopefully I can get it done within the next few days.
  4. SuicidalInsanity

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Re: Gunchat - the AI doesn't actually recognize different ranges on the same gun type, it will simply fire all of them if one is in range - you can see it in the Match 6 vid at around 3:51 if you look closely. AI engagement code is fairly simple - Weapons are recognized by type - so all the Browning.50 Wing mounts are a weapon type, all the Browning Gunpods are another weapon type, all the ShKAS are a weapon type, etc, as determined by the weapons 'short name', the name that appears in the BDA weapon GUI. The AI generates a list of all weapon types on the plane, then (for aerial targets) prioritizes weapons with the highest fire rate, then checks to see if they have ammo, then sees if any of the selected weapon is in range. If yes, it then tells [weapon type] to fire, which fires all the weapons of that type.
  5. SuicidalInsanity

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Now for Bot Maxim, who has taken an otherwise adequate interceptor and decided that the ideal armament for air combat is a pair of short-range anti-tank guns. Round 6, between @Noir's Snowpiercer Mk.XI and Bot Maxim's RF-7 Crossbow:
  6. SuicidalInsanity

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Alright, next round, featuring the first of the Bots: Bot Tetra, who is flying what should be an instantly recognizable aircraft with an intent to redeem its reputation. Round 5, between @53miner53's Delta, and Bot Tetra's DUMMY Strikes Back:
  7. SuicidalInsanity

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Did more tinkering with my personal copy of BDAc, and ended up with something that might be of use for in-flight tuning of competition craft: Those of you who are interested my fork of the code's on GitHub. Also got the last two battles of Round 1 recorded, with some surprising results, so expect those shortly.
  8. SuicidalInsanity

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Since we've now seen it (and, I suppose, in the interests of adjudicator transparency), here's the IA-23 Caelus. And since I never got around to it earlier, here's the IA-22 Stribog from last tournament as well.
  9. SuicidalInsanity

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    It was doing a very steep dive at the time; the unplanned landing is likely either from the AI deciding evasion takes priority over pulling up to prevent a crash, or the K9's minimum altitude of 300m wasn't enough. At least the pilot survived?
  10. SuicidalInsanity

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Round 4, between my IA-23 Caelus II and @sturmhauke's SAI K9 Krakenhound, or, 'Any Landing you Walk Away From', an introspective in three acts:
  11. SuicidalInsanity

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    From my experience of BDA AI behavior, both planes then proceed to fly straight until one runs out of fuel/manages to outrun the other by 2.5km The better question is is this the case for both planes on a team, and/or have both sides taken a loss and it's down to 1v1? On one hand, I'm loathe to introduce rules changes mid-tourney, on the other hand, who wants to watch two planes practice parade formation for 10+ minutes? Three ways around this I can think of: A): establish if the lead plane can reasonably be expected to not shake its pursuer - ie both planes have a similar top speed and cannot extend or overtake, and rule in favor of the pursuer on the grounds that if it wasn't for AI derpiness, the pursuer could reasonably be expected to shoot down the lead plane in this scenario, or B) rerun the match, which would likely end with the same final score, unless the craft are really close, ability-wise, but could easily end with running out of close-range ammo again. Option C is I customize the AI engagement code to provide for this exception and allow it to use guns inside min range if no other option is available anymore. Barring the adoption of one of the above, yeah, it would come down to fuel and a fastforwarded section.
  12. SuicidalInsanity

    [1.5.X] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.3 [update 10/24/2018]

    M2X has been updated with an updated MFT patch that should remove any B9 fatal errors. StahnAileron - An ACS blister is something that can be added. In the interim, throw this into a MM patch.cfg
  13. SuicidalInsanity

    A "KSP Loading..." Preview: the Mk2 Lander Can

    Not going to lie, I'm not really satisfied how my mockup turned out - true, it was thrown together in 40 minutes or so - but seeing praise for what I could do much better on just feels weird. I did end up spending more time on it and making a completed part, but the point of this thread is feedback on the official part, not the progress of a user created alternative; If Squad wants to see renders, I'll post one here, but otherwise I'd rather not step on the toes of Squad's art team. I like the idea of pods with integrated lights (even though no other stock pod has them) as seen in Daishi's concept, they'd be undeniably useful on both rovers and landers, especially given the size of the stock Illuminator parts. Echoing Tyko, Mk2 LC conformal radial service bays as a separate part would also open up the ability to use them elsewhere on craft where a radial SB might be useful. It would also sidestep the issue of a roverbody variant mk2 can still having ModulecargoBays defined but lacking a corresponding AnimateGeneric service bay doors anim to link to and Open/Close/ GUI button clutter.
  14. SuicidalInsanity

    What did you do in KSP today?

    It's a personal rework of the Mk2 Lander Can - recently Squad announced a rework of the Mk2 Lander Can for 1.6 that, among other things would have it include an alternate rover body option; The part preview led me to make my own version to use in the interim.
  15. Question for the BDA team: I'm using a custom compile of the BDA plugin for the BAD-T tourney I'm running at the moment that: -Adds ammo gauges that toggle off if infinite ammo is enabled -Adds ammo empty alerts that also respect Infinite ammo -Implements apBulletMod for additional/reduced bullet armor penetration -Makes heat gauge persistent when switching vessels - if a weapon is overheated and you switch vessels, then switch back, the overheated weapon will still have heat gauge -Changes bullet rendering from tracers and slightly less bright tracers to tracers and non-tracers Since I'm uncertain regarding your feelings on unsolicited Pull Requests from non-BDA devs, are some/all above things you'd be interested in and want a PR from my fork of the code?