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  1. A hotfix update has been uploaded ( that fixes the Rontgen Engine FX
  2. A hotfix update has been uploaded (V that fixes the Sievert Engine FX
  3. Odd, they're showing up properly on my end. Latest update has been re-uploaded, see if that fixes it.
  4. Still alive here. Sorry about the delay, and many thanks to Araym for providing support while I was absent. Update 1.6.1 is now up at SpaceDock and GitHub, which fixes/reworks parts with missing textures, as well as some new stuff. Changelog: -KSP 1.12.x update -Part Rework: CLEAVER -New Part: Structural X fuselage -New Part: Structural T Fuselage -New part: Structural L Fuselage -Fixes missing texture on Cyclone Engine -Fixes missing texture on Hurricane Engine -Fixes missing texture on Service Bay -Fixes missing texture on Minotaur SRBs -Fixes missing Testure on Atlas SRB -Fixes missing texture on Linear Aerospike -Fixes missing texture on Service bay -Model Rework: Aligned Docking Port -Model Rework: Inline Docking Port -Model Rework: Stack Docking Port
  5. Alright, been a while, and for that I apologize. Many thanks to Araym and others for helping support the mod in my absence. Update 1.9.1 is (finally) now up, which fixes the various texture issues that KSP 1.1.2 introduced - grab from SpaceDock or GitHub. Changelog: -Part Rework: fixes Aligned Docking port missing texture -Part Rework: fixes shrouded docking port missing texture -Fixes missing texture on Whirligig engine -Fixes missing texture on Vector engine -Fixes missing texture on MATTOCk engine -Fixes missing texture on Mongrel engine -Fixes missing texture on Service bay -Fixes mesh issue on Engine Shroud -Fixes spotlights on SC-TD cockpit
  6. Please fix the mk 2 and mk 3 expansions ! 

  7. Which engines? Mk2/3 use stock texture maps, so if those have been removed/replaced somewhere, the engines will show up as white
  8. Update following the BDA release, grab from Spacedock. Changelog: Updates AA to new BDA bullet/rocket standards -Fixes missing fire sound for the Ho-5 -Fixes MG131z mass -Adds in Incendiary ammo support -Adds Breda-SAFAT AP ammo -Ho-103 now has AP and HE ammo option -MG151/20 now has choice of AP, Incendiary, and HE rounds -Mk 108 now has choice of HE and Incendiary rounds -Most AP, and some HE rounds now have incendiary attribute Bit late, but Jagglebearry, at this point, BDAc-rp is the defacto BDA, and I don't have plans to reverse-port AA to older versions of BDA. That said, if you do need a BDA 1.3.4 compatible version of AA, you can grab it from the original AA thread. -JB182, without more information, I can't help you. Do you have BDA installed? AA requires it to function.
  9. Did you install CommunityResourcePack? It's bundled with M3X and is a dependency.
  10. I'm going to need your KSP.log; it sounds like you either have an incorrect installation or there's a mod conflict somewhere.
  11. Apologies for the wait, M3X 1.6 is now up and available from the usual locations: SpaceDock | GitHub Changelog: - KSP 1.11.x update - New Part: Mk3 Cargo Container - Adds Cargo/Inventory part functionality - Fixes Mk3 Inline Docking Port dragcube - Adds optional MM patch to add stock heat/reactor decay mechanics to Sievert NTJ - Adds optional MM patch to add dual-cycle capability to Sievert NTJ - Adds System Heat compatibility MM patch - Localization fix for Short Truncated Saddletank The new optional patches can be found in M3X-1.6/Extras/Mk3Expansion/patches
  12. Sorry about the delay, and apologies for the inconvenience. M2X V 1.9 is now up, grab it from SpaceDock | GitHub ChangeLog: KSP 1.11.x update -New Part: Mk2 cargo container -Mk2 adapter endcap now has internal model defined -fixes chine texture url issue -Adds Cargo/Inventory part functionality -Adds System Heat compatibility MM patch -Adds optional MM patch to add dual-cycle option to Rontgen Nuclear Jet The dual cycle rontgen patch can be found in M2X-1.9/Extras/Mk2Expansion/patches, and is strictly worse than the dedicated nuclear rocket by design.
  13. Hmm. if it's hanging on the next gun, the usual cause of that is it's trying to parse a bulletType it can't find. if you go to /GameData/AviatorArsenal/BulletDefs/AABulletDefs.cfg, and open the file, do you have a '20x94mmAPTShell' entry, should be 11th down from top? When updating to AA 1.5, was this a 'delete old version and replace', or' copy new version over' installation?
  14. I have no plans to add cockpits. Daniel Prates, are you running BDAc 1.4+? (Link in OP or a few posts above yours) AA 1.5 is incompatible with older versions of BDA.
  15. Yes, its the Me 210/410 tail gun. BDAc 1.4.07 can be found here.
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