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  1. [KSP 1.3] Mod Pods

    Found it. It's an incorrectly configured ModuleDeployableAntenna on the Mk3 to 4 Service module.
  2. [KSP 1.3] Mod Pods

    Do ModPods have custom defined Dragcubes? Improperly configured DragCubes can result in (sometimes substantially) more drag, which would adversely affect performance in atmo.
  3. Air Superiority Fighter Competition Continued

    Mmm. I used the Minival since it was midway up the Manned ranking, and you wanted a SW craft for either roster. It's been a while, so it's entirely possible I missed a rule change somewhere that craft have to do the unlimited before manned roster; if so, then yeah, some redesign may be needed.
  4. Air Superiority Fighter Competition Continued

    I think this should work for the manned category, test run it downed the Minival fairly easily: TIE Interceptor.
  5. Mk3 Expansion - [1.3.1] Version 1.4 [1/20/18]

    Yes. Upload as a pull request.
  6. [1.3.1] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.06 [update 1/20/2018]

    With NFE, you're going to need at least a little radiator cooling - the reactor generates 1100kw of heat continuously; the jet will cool up to 1100kW, dependent on throttle setting and engine spool time; at 100% throttle, it will take a few seconds for the jet to get up to 1100kw cooling. Since the reactor and jet generate/dissipate the same amount, they can reach at best equilibrium; any increases in core temp can only be met, not reduced by jet cooling alone. If the jet is left to spool up to 100% on the runway before the reactor is started, core temp should be around the target 3000k. If reactor and jet are started at the same time, the reactor will have a few moments to generate extra heat, so core temp should stabilize at ~3100-3200kw - this is why the Zephyr has that small stock radiator panel on the bottom; it only cools 50kW, but in flight at full throttle, that's still enough to drop core temp to optimal levels. For flying at lower throttle settings though, yeah, the reactor will definitely overheat without sources of additional cooling; 4 stock Radiator Panel (large) attached to the nuclear jet will be able to almost fully cool it on their own and will let the jet operate down to about 10% throttle before the core will slowly begin to overheat.
  7. Mk3 Expansion - [1.3.1] Version 1.4 [1/20/18]

    M3X Update 1.4 has been re-uploaded with a fixed localization file.
  8. No, because that would break things. The pre-beta BDAc patch is only for BDAC 1.0.0, and BDAC 1.0.0 doesn't use the new beta damage values.
  9. [1.3.1] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.06 [update 1/20/2018]

    Mk2 Expansion update 1.8.06 is now up, which fixes the Siddley and turboprop issues; grab it from the usual places.
  10. Mk3 Expansion - [1.3.1] Version 1.4 [1/20/18]

    Urg. It has been far too long since I posted here; apologies. Mk3 Update 1.4 is now up, which brings official 1.3.1 compatibility, localization, new parts, some general rebalancing/tweaking, some minor fixes, a new Manufacturer & flag for easier part searching if co-installed with M2X, and M3X example craft. Grab it from Spacedock or Github. Full changelog:
  11. Wrong. Creating a multi-pitch turret using only ModuleTurret is impossible, yes, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. Here's a dual-tiered 6 barrel Arethusa-style battery I threw together as an experiment. Set up the turret something like this. It doesn't matter how many barrels there are or where they're located on the model or hierarchy. The next step is making use of FXModuleConstrainPosition to slave the barrel assemblies to aimPitch: MODULE { name = FXModuleConstrainPosition matchRotation = true matchPosition = false CONSTRAINFX { targetName = aimPitch moversName = Block1 } CONSTRAINFX { targetName = aimPitch moversName = Block2 } CONSTRAINFX { targetName = aimPitch moversName = Block3 } CONSTRAINFX { targetName = aimPitch moversName = Block4 } CONSTRAINFX { targetName = aimPitch moversName = Block5 } CONSTRAINFX { targetName = aimPitch moversName = Block6 } } The rest of the weapon .cfg is configured as normal.
  12. WW2 BAD-T III - BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    @Van Disaster: Yes. Gun firing rates were taken from real-world stats, so 550 RPM for the Lewis, 800 for the Schwarzlose MG-16, though on reflection, both of those weapons didn't handle synchronization very well and should technically have been mounded in above wing gunpods... They were also being fired in barrage mode, which effectively doubled their rate of fire. @aleksey444: The Airplane Plus engines used in the video have been extensively modified. The configs I'm using can be found here.
  13. [1.3.1] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.06 [update 1/20/2018]

    Not at present for either M2X or M3X. There was AJE support at one point for M2X (1.7.01-pre?), but it got removed for some reason. I think it was due to the AJE patch being kludged together; too many 'best-guess' approximations for Mk2 jets that lacked convenient real-world counterparts to grab stats from, combined with not really knowing what I was doing re: AJE at the time, so it got pulled until it could get fixed, which never happened. I think there was an issue with AJE being unable to handle nuclear thermal jets as well, no idea it that's still true. This is the latest version of the AJE patch I could find. I've corrected part names and added in post-1.7.01 engines, but It's 2 years out of date, so it will need an overhaul, but maybe it can serve as a starting point for someone who knows what they're doing:
  14. WW2 BAD-T III - BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    I think I've gotten part/engine/weapon configs just about finalized.
  15. Air Superiority Fighter Competition Continued

    Whoops, you're right. Fixed.