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  1. Yes, it was re-uppped. Different file size would be from adding in missing mod configs to some of the patches for some of the parts.
  2. Under manual control, yes, the FCS can hit 280. The FCS has the AI Idle Speed set to 150, which is why it can't accelerate to its full potential during AI control - it hit 150 m/s as the planes extended to competition distance, the turnabout leading into the joust reduces its speed to ~110m/s, and it accelerates to 180-190m/s by the time first shots are fired, at least against the Swift. Against a slower opponent would grant more time to accelerate further. Testing with the Idle Speed set to 200 had the FCS hit ~220-230m/s in the first pass.
  3. Me1_base - what did you use for the emblem on the wings? Modified texture for the Pwing? Or is it a decal mod? Try increasing roll authority and reducing steer damping? The Swift is hitting 255-ish m/s on the opening pass, the FCS Unlocked tops out about 180; the Swift looks to retain energy better and combat speeds vary from ~150 (tailing, extended turns) to ~250 (dives, post-turn acceleration). The FCS varied from ~180 to ~100 - it bleeds energy during maneuvers, but can regain it fairly quickly if given a chance to catch it breath. I can do a flying wing bonus battle. Who/what's the third one though? There's the mine, your Al-23 boomerang, and...? Or were you thinking of the IA-39 that I posted?
  4. (Lower-tier) Rocket engines. Vac-optimized engine, atmo-optimized lifter engine, and a long overdue overhaul of the dual-cycles. Feel free to suggest names, otherwise the vac engine is probably going to get called the Corgi, and I have no idea what to call the other one.
  5. Bad pilots is one way to put it. This contest has brought out all sorts of AI weirdness, between the multiple rammings, flying into debris, the friendly fire kill... Round 2, Match 5, between @Alioth81's AL-18 Swift and @Me1_base's Agravain FCS Unlocked:
  6. Round 2, Match 4, between @Hinden's H-7-7-30+ and @Noir's Blizzard MkV:
  7. The overly long chase in the third bout between the AFC and the L-19 was due to the lead AFC running out of ammo and the second AFC having to play catch up. ... In light of OmegaForce's post and echoing noir's suggestion from earlier in the thread, now that we've seen everything in action, what is everyone's favorite craft, and why?
  8. SME has been updated, and should fix the above issues. Spacedock | Github
  9. Round 2, Match 3, between @dundun92's IV-5 mk.IVa and @Bob_Saget54's Schwalbe Mk XV:
  10. Hi. I got into an issue from a M3X and SME about TweakScale recently, and while (borking the :P ) diagnosing, I realized that the releases for M3X and SME are not pushed into the github!

    There're releases for this year, but they are tagging a commit from 2018.

    The Mk2Expansion has a release for the same day of the current latest for that ones (2019/Apr), and the commits are correctly updated

    So I think you forgot to push the changes to the origin.



    p.s.: I'll withdrawn my patches for these Add'Ons on TweakScale. Yours are (considerably) better than the ones on the distribution!

  11. Round 2, Match 2, between @OmegaForce's A.F.C-12 Cosmic Star Blazer and @Pds314's L-24 Broadhead:
  12. Round 2, Match 1, between @Pds314's L-19 Weird duck and my IA-34 VIII:
  13. Round 1, Match 6, between @OmegaForce's A.F.C-12 Cosmic Star Blazer and @Noir's Blizzard MkV:
  14. Initial attempt I got back on Year 1, day 340, 3:03 with a minimalist design using ions instead of nukes. Total rocket cost ~110k Total mass of the Duna racer is just under 4 tons. The deliberately oversized lifter has ~1k dV spare after circularization, which is used to boost the racer out of Kerbin's immediate gravity well before firing the ions to the tune of ~3500dV for a ~174 day Duna intercept. The Duna Racer has no heatshields as they are far too heavy, so another ~3k dV is spent decelerating prior to entering Duna orbit at Year 1, day 174, hour 3. On an unrelated matter, Stock really needs a larger array style solar panel Val heads down to Duna on what is just about the most minimalist lander possible. 48 minutes later val sets foot on Duna and plants the flag. With extraneous weight ditched, the lander has about 2100-2200 dV left, just enough to get into orbit and intercept the Duna Racer. There isn't enough fuel to match orbits, so that is done via jetpack. An hour 33 minutes after landing val makes it back the the Racer and begins the burn home. Propellant is beginning to get scarce, so a mere 2k dV is used for a 165 day Kerbin intercept. The last ~1900 dV is spent decelerating as much as possible, so the Duna Racer slams into Kerbin's upper atmosphere at a mere ~3500m/s. Solar panels melt long before they have a change to be ripped apart by aero forces, followed by the engines soon after, but not before aerobraking slows the craft enough to be captured in an elliptical orbit around Kerbin. A day later the second aerobraking pass brings the craft suborbital. This is fine. Original plan called for ejecting and using Val's parachute to land, but apparently Xenon tanks provide enough of a crumple zone for a survivable touchdown. Round trip time: 340 days, 3 hours. There's a lot of room for improvement with this design, but that mainly boils down to strapping on more Xenon tanks for extra dV, and commensurately longer ion burns - ion burns with the lightest ship I could make still took ~30-40min per burn, real time. Thank the Kraken for the BetterTimeWarp mod.