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  1. SuicidalInsanity

    [1.4.X] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.2 [update 7/11/2018]

    M2X has been updated to 1.4.4 on Spacedock/GitHub, should fix your issue. Basically the same as previous 1.4.x version of M2X, with some minor improvements/fixes: --Updated part Specular masks/texturemaps for improved TexturesUnlimited compatibility --Boosted EngineFX particle density, plumes should look a bit better now --Rontgen atmCurve tweaked, should be more usable on Duna now --Example craft no longer contain stock legacy parts --Fixes Banshee/Whirligig unpiloted craft engine activation bug; craft with these engines should no longer take off if the pilot goes EVA
  2. SuicidalInsanity

    [1.4.X] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.2 [update 7/11/2018]

    That sounds like an unwanted interaction with another mod. Without knowing more, best guess is something with RealPlume. If you remove the GameData/Mk2Expansion/Patches/M2X_RealPlumeStock.cfg, does the problem go away?
  3. Mutual confusion, I guess; that's what it sounded like you were suggesting - I thought the whole point was to boost heat levels (via thrust increases) for longer range sidewinder locks. My comment about messing with heatProduction instead was due to thinking that would be a easier way of boosting heat than massively increasing thrust to boost it. Quick test with a hacked Juno with thrust limiter set to 1500 (static thrust 300, effective flight thrust of ~250 KN) gives a heat value of ~3100 at mach 2; limiting it to 200% it hits ~480 heat at mach 1, standard juno is ~370 at mach 1. Panther in AB for comparison are ~2500. Panthers (in AB) boosted to 200% get interesting. Panther at mach 1 is ~4500 heat, panther at mach 2 is ~26000, mach 2.5 is ~60000.
  4. So the idea is a Juno could now have the thrust of a Goliath, but will become gloriously incandescent in doing so? Wouldn't it be simpler to increase engines' heatProduction value, which would maintain standard craft construction metas and performance while making all craft hotter (possibly deincentivizing all afterburners, all the time and/or see a sudden viability of prop craft vs hypersonic darts jousting at each other?) All I can say on this is, regardless of what form the edits take, it would almost certainly be more consistent, accurate, and expedient to do via a MM patch instead.
  5. Comedy option: limit the number of ammo boxes. Sure, you can have 30 Vulcans, but those 650 rounds aren't going to last long. I dunno, as the guilty party for that particular moment of ASC fame (infamy?), and looking fondly back on the reactions the Solarius III caused, while watching the design paradigm shift to cope would be fun, lasers might need some limitation, even in an 'Unlimited' setting.
  6. Alright, not sure if it's ever been used, but as the only (currently) legal weapon mod, Aviator Arsenal is now ported to BDAc 1.2 for those of you crazy enough to use WW2-era weapons in the face of the latest Orkish gunships high-volume direct-fire craft we're starting to see.
  7. N7, AA will not work out of the box with BDAc 1.2 due to fundamental changes in how BDA weapons are configured; BDA is looking for configuration values that simply aren't there and that's the cause of errors. That said, this MM patch should port everything over to the new system and get things running again: Copy the above into a empty .cfg file and save it somewhere inside your GameData directory.
  8. New issue. Trying to tweak bullet damage between a pair of guns, and getting a weird result. At first it seemed like the damage differences were due to differences in velocity and mass of their bullets, but changing it so both guns use the same bulletType as a control test still results in wildly different values. Test done in 1.4.2 with latest 1.2 BDA. Relevant excerpt from the log: LOG 11:23:51.158] [BDArmory]: Armor penetration = 14.14351 | Thickness = 10.02858 [LOG 11:23:51.158] [BDArmory]: Ricochet chance: -0.08976517 [LOG 11:23:51.159] [BDArmory]: mass: 0.0113 caliber: 11 multiplier: 0.0113 velocity: 872.156 penetrationfactor: 1.41032 [LOG 11:23:51.159] [BDArmory]: Ballistic Hitpoints Applied : 45.46 [LOG 11:23:54.899] [BDArmory]: Armor penetration = 14.14452 | Thickness = 10.03086 [LOG 11:23:54.899] [BDArmory]: Ricochet chance: -0.06730862 [LOG 11:23:54.900] [BDArmory]: mass: 0.0113 caliber: 11 multiplier: 0.0113 velocity: 872.2184 penetrationfactor: 1.410101 [LOG 11:23:54.900] [BDArmory]: Ballistic Hitpoints Applied : 9.09 Top round was fired from the first gun and does 45 damage. Bottom bullet is fired from the second gun, and does 9. Both bullets were fired at a stationary target (a vertical wing panel) from the same distance, from the same position. What's going on here?
  9. Question about the BulletConfig apBulletMod value - looking though the thread and wiki, it seems like it hasn't been implemented yet, but some BDbullet configs use it; status? If is has been implemented, in what manner - damage multiplier, distance in mm bullets ignore armor, etc?
  10. Hmm... With the new HP system's tankiness against Vulcan fire it's a pity we can't use the M230 Chaingun locked forward, it has a nice tradeoff of higher damage vs lower range and RoF. Oh well. For the purposes of making sure craft fit on the spawn runways/don't melt your CPU , is there a part/size limit per fighter/per side you'd prefer people to not exceed? Also, I'd advise caution regarding Aviators Arsenal weapons, since it hasn't really been ported to the new BDAc 1.1+ system; the initial port MM patch I wrote for it was more for the beta and really needs to be updated. If there is significant interest in using AA weapons, i can prioritize getting it updated.
  11. SuicidalInsanity

    Air Superiority Fighter Competition Continued

    Something like this work? KKRunway Strip Markings Unzip into Gamedata/KerbalKonstructs/Statics. Copy/paste Runway coordinates to the Runway Markings static to snap to alignment with the runway strip.
  12. SuicidalInsanity

    Air Superiority Fighter Competition Continued

    I feel your pain - imagine building whole airbases out of statics instead of runways (the BAD-T arenas took awhile) - but you can save assemblies, at least for packaging and export; though if you mean saving a KK creation so it can be pasted somewhere else, not so sure that can be done - I generally resorted to custom statics at that point. Hmm... are you using the same runway static for all arenas? If so, I could come up with a EZ place (copy/paste parent runway runway coords and it will snap into correct position) runway marker for them.
  13. SuicidalInsanity

    Air Superiority Fighter Competition Continued

    Heh, reminds me of when I started experimenting around AI limitations back in the BAD-T III. Admittedly, my solution was to remove the ground... As for spawn point markers, you totally can clip KK statics into each other, so you could mark the center of the grid squares so you only need to spawn the tool once, rather than once per fight; would also save having to go back to the Space Center to remove it. Just remember to leave colliders on the marker statics off.
  14. SuicidalInsanity

    [1.4.X] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.2 [update 7/11/2018]

    Kennosuke, can confirm the Fans throttling up when EVA, so something weird is definitely going on, no idea why at present though, hopefully it won't be too difficult to fix. dubdubak, the Rontgen is flaming out at Duna because Duna's atmospheres is really, really thin. [not sure if Duna's atm changed at some point, I remember being able to use it there before] I can try tweaking the atmosphereCurve for the engine, but at present it looks like it needs around at least 110g/m3 of atmosphere to run, which means it'll flame out above 2km or so. If you open up Mk2Expansion/Parts/Engines/rontgen/part.cfg and replace atmCurve with key = 0 0.015 0 0.05 key = 0.09871796 0.1360193 1.758196 1.663003 key = 0.349359 0.5615385 1.36889 1.164442 key = 0.6582142 0.7772099 0.4985181 0.4985181 key = 1 1 key = 1.867323 1.531713 0.6131158 0.2955314 key = 11.80769 2.882051 0.06641885 0.08124997 key = 90 10 that should let the Rontgen work over most of Duna, though you may still need to fly around, rather than over, some of the taller mountains.
  15. SuicidalInsanity

    Mk3 Expansion - [1.4.1] Version 1.4.5 [3/22/18]

    Mk3 ramps are on the to-do list. I hadn't considered mk3-mk2 adapter ramps, but I can definitely see the appeal; I'll see what I can do.