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  1. SuicidalInsanity

    Juno Ace Ultimate Free For All

    If you choose to go this route, I've updated my branch of BDAc against the latest official release for 1.6, so there's also the option of staying with the 1.5.1 version, or updating to the 1.6 version if you want BDAc's AP+ HP bug fix.
  2. SuicidalInsanity

    [1.6] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.3.4 [update 10/24/2018]

    Update to M2X, which resolves that issue. Or fix it by going to GameData/Mk2Expansion/Patches/Mk2-USILS.cfg and changing NEEDS: to :NEEDS, or simply deleting the patch outright if you aren't using USILS.
  3. SuicidalInsanity

    Juno Ace Ultimate Free For All

    Took another look at the Fishtank, and you're right, that front gear is the source of it's woes; replacing it with a stock small gear and setting friction to 0 fixes all takeoff issues the plane has; aleksey444, you can grab a fixed version here: IA-31 Fishtank. As for the Simulation tab in FAR... I can give a basic rundown, but it's something I've never actually used, so I can't describe its function in any sort of detail. FAR 101: Addendum Stability Deriv Simulation Once you've run a Data+Stability Derivatives calculation, you get the aircraft's flight stats - properties, longitudinal derivatives, and lateral derivatives. Switching to the Stability sim tab ports the D+S numbers into the sim, and presents you with a subset of those numbers, a graph, and some data inputs. For the longitude sim, these are: init w - downward velocity, in m/s; init u - forward velocity, in m/s; init q - pitch rate, in rad/s; and init theta - pitch attitude, in radians. For the lateral sim, these are: init beta - sideslip angle, in radians; init p - roll rate, in rad/s; init r - yaw rate, in rad/s; and init phi - roll angle, in radians EndTime is how long the sim will run for - i would suggest changing this to ~30 or so to get a better idea of overall stability. dt I don't know, but it appears to change Y-axis graph scale. What the sim panel is used for is determining flight stability in response to deviations from the initial static stability values calculated earlier - the stability deriv panel gives a snapshot of how the aircraft will perform in any one specific state of altitude, speed, and orientation; the sim panel shows how stable the craft is when subject to changing states. when you enter a number into one or more of the initX fields and click the 'Run Simulation' button, you get a graph output with four colored lines , each corresponding to one of the 4 derivatives, that show the change in flight state that the specified deviation. This output will likely be an oscillating waveform. A craft that is stable should have a waveform that damps out and decreases toward a neutral rest state as time increases.. An unstable craft will have a waveform with increasing magnitude and frequency as time increases So if you wanted to, say, see if a plane is stable pitching up 5 degrees from a 1km ASL level cruise at mach 1, you would go to the stability deriv tab, enter in the appropriate flight conditions, then go to the Sim tab and run a simulation with init theta set to 0.0872 (1 radian = ~57.3 deg; 5 deg = pi/36). If you wanted to see how it performs at 2km, you'd have to go back to the stability tab, run another stability calculation, and return to the sim tab to run another sim, etc. For the most part, the vast majority of seeing if an aircraft is stable will be done in via Data+Stability calculations; the Sim tab is mainly there to give an idea if an aircraft's oscillations damp down in flight. It's a tool that's there for those who know how to use it, but is by no means essential for successfully building something in FAR.
  4. Are you using the recompile posted about half-way down this page? While it's stated to be for 1.4.5, it works fine in 1.6, Jericho trumpet and everything. If you aren't, then there are two things breaking the mod for you - 1), the Jericho trumpet module in the original release wasn't compiled for newer versions of KSP, and will cause it to crash on load, and 2), the original release's weapon configs are obsolete and not compatible with post 1.X BDAc releases, and will cause all sorts of NRE errors, breaking all installed BDA parts.
  5. SuicidalInsanity

    Juno Ace Ultimate Free For All

    Ha, whoops, meant Alioth81, not aleksey444; my mistake. Changes in the SI BDAc branch from base BDAc 1.2.3: SteerKi (used to be Pitch Ki, but it's used for both pitch and yaw now) is the user-determined value for Ki, the integral gain in the AI's PID controller, and is used for tuning the system to eliminate errors in the output( in this case, input magnitude to control surfaces); in layman's terms, it's a measure of how aggressively the craft will oscillate on the Pitch/Yaw axis to counter oversteer while coming to a new heading. Less is better if smooth steering is desired, which is why previous BDA contests have had people advising setting it to 0, but doing so will result in initial errors from the AI steering math going uncorrected (translation - your gunfire is missing 20m to the left) - some small amount should be present for more accurate outputs.
  6. SuicidalInsanity

    Juno Ace Ultimate Free For All

    Did some poking at the AI and managed to fix this so the AI will still engage planes with KO'ed pilots. -BDAc Compiled for 1.5.1, since that's what the JAU FFA is using, but will work in 1.6 as well. I also implemented and expanded upon the AI tweaks aleksey444 proposed: ...I may have gone a little overboard. All advanced settings are disabled and hidden by default, so they shouldn't impact any currently competing craft, but they're there for personal use outside the context of this competition by those who want to.
  7. SuicidalInsanity

    Juno Ace Ultimate Free For All

    In general, the Fishtank's a not a terrible design, and there are only so many ways of designing a superimposed twin engine airframe; it was more the specific 'why this, instead of something perhaps more sensible? 'design choices present in the Fishtank that I was referring to.
  8. SuicidalInsanity

    Juno Ace Ultimate Free For All

    So. Was running a test battle to do some craft tuning, and apparently the AI will not target opposing craft with GLOC'd pilots, which may be an issue if the plane was, say, doing a banking turn it could continue and orbit indefinably.
  9. Unless you hack the Weapon manager's SmartPickWeapon_EngagementEnvelope code to permit them, no. The vanilla AI will not select rocketpods to use against air targets.
  10. SuicidalInsanity

    Juno Ace Ultimate Free For All

    Yep, veering off the runway issue. Needed bigger vert stabilizer, go figure. Fixed the DL with the corrected version of the plane that can takeoff. That said, if you're trying to get design tips, the Fishtank could stand more as an example of what not to do; short enpennage, so needs a huge tail, if any of the aero surfaces are even slightly out of position of where they currently are, the plane has issues and trouble taking off, the overall airframe would be better suited for engines that weighed more, so the CoM is a bit further forward than ideal, etc. It was mainly an attempt to resurrect rebuild from scratch an old design that sort of ended up morphing into something that looks an English Electric Lightning II, as built by Sukhoi out of spare MiG 21 parts following a game of Telephone for the plans
  11. SuicidalInsanity

    Juno Ace Ultimate Free For All

    Huh. I'll take another look at the Fishtank - is it a decide to veer off to the right and roll over instead of taking off issue? I thought I fixed that - could be I uploaded the wrong version of the plane by mistake.
  12. SuicidalInsanity

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Post-tournament Bonus Match 2, between @dundun92's Tallyhawk mk.XIVb and @Noir's Snowpiercer Mk.XI; Once again, two similar aircraft, both twin engine fighters armed with medium range cannon. Which will prove superior, the fast and accurate 15mm armament, or the slower but more damaging 20mm? -One thing I noticed is the has Tallyhawk never once used its long range ShKAS - it's clipped too deep into the ventral fuselage - which strips the Tallyhawk of the ability to try and get an enemy to break and evade at range, forcing it to weather incoming fire until within range to fire back.
  13. Sent a PR about this, minor error correction with ripplefire code that I forgot to update the initial PR with earlier; apologies. Most users probably won't notice it, but should get fixed at some point.
  14. SuicidalInsanity

    Mk3 Expansion - [KSP 1.6] Version 1.4.7 [10/17/18]

    BGYT - M3X comes with a TweakScale patch, so yes, the ramps are TS compatible. Because TS comes with a (very outdated) M3X patch of its own, you'll want to delete that to prevent it overriding the up-to-date M3X one; the old patch to be deleted can be found in GameData/TweakScale/patches/Mk3X_TweakScale.cfg. RB101 - Firestorm atmo ISP scales with mach, as noted in the bottom of the description, with a max ISP of ~ 800 around mach 3. Since dynamic ISP scaling isn't taken into account when the game displays infocard data in the editor, it lists both modes as being the same.
  15. SuicidalInsanity

    [1.6] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.3.4 [update 10/24/2018]

    Banshee fans use their own intake to prevent wonkiness that might arise by using standard intakes - this way the fans don't get supplied from standard intakes, and standard jets can't get their intake air from the lift fan. At present the fans are fixed, I've experimented with implementing rotating fans a few times but current KSP mirroring results in paired fans having thrust and/or rotation in opposite directions. For now, you'll need Infernal Robotics for fan rotation. I haven't updated M2X or messed about with its NETKAN config, so I don't know why CKAN has chosen to update to an older version.