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  1. Mission Update 2: Y1, D90 - Y2, D13 -Kerbin departure -Duna arrival -All mission hardware deployed Settle in, this update's a long one. Lots of waiting, followed by lots of frenetic activity, with no good place to split it in two. Mission notes: -Kerbals on Duna: 48 -Arrival date Y2, D9 (day 435) -Main disadvantage so far with an All-in-One approach is everything ends up happening at once. KAC is highly recommended for anyone else thinking of attempting a similar non-distributed outpost plan. -Achievements thus far: Safety *Backup Plan Robustness *Duna Space Station (3 kerbal capacity) *Duna Space Bus (9 seats support 4 crew should trips take 10+ days) *Deep Space transit (the ITV, once refueled, has 5400 dV) Science *Deep Space Lab Advanced Goals *Kerbin Space Station (still where I left it Update 1) *Positive Uplink (4 relay, 1x Ike orbit, 1x Polar orbit) *Advanced Deep Space Transit (Duna>Kerbin ~1.9k dV, Kerbin > Duna ~1.9k dV, ITV has 5.4k dV) Mobility *? >50% crew access to EVA rovers ? (not actually sure about this one, does Full Crew Access to Pressurized Rovers supercede this?) * Full crew IVA Rover access (mobile base seats 48, with additional 2x 2 seat and 2x 10 seat parasite vehicles) *Home is where you park it (entire colony base is mobile) *Contingency plans (Backup Plan, Duna Station, Duna Shuttle, positive Uplink achieved)
  2. I remember trying this back in the day with a 30 0r 40 ton reusable SLV and a gimmick of doing no mission planning whatsoever - I had all the hardware built, but hadn't bothered with fine details like transfer window dates or launch manifest order past SLV 8 or so. Not that it got that far - lag from mult-hundred part vessels held together with too many docking ports saw the attempt die before anything got posted. Always wanted to come back to this though, so, lets try this again (and officially enter the challenge this time): Mods: -None; pure stock SLV: -580 ton NPM -Reusable: yes -Turnaround: 8 years, 72 days Everything a Duna outpost needs. Hopefully. If anything breaks or doesn't work as intended, replacements are a mere 8 years away! The lifter is a horrible kludge of clipped fuel tanks and engines because I was running out of space in the VAB and I needed to fit 44MN of thrust in there somehow. Mission Update 1: Y1, D50 - Y1, D90 Launch 1 -All planned hardware and crew orbited. -Transit to Minmus -Minmus refueling Mission notes: -The AFOH has 48 crew aboard. -In addition to the 7200 LS ore in the Primary Supply Cache, the Duna base and ITV have an additional 1500 LS ore, for a total of 8700/(48*0.04) = 4531.25 days, or enough supplies to last until Y10, D321 (crew launched Y1,D50) -The DAVs can carry 300 units of LS ore each (will need to be transferred from PSC), should they need to be used as backup ITV accommodations.
  3. Typical. I can't be bothered to get around to UV mapping ~2k poly structural fairings for the 10m Orion, but I can be bothered to unwrap a pair of ~12k poly engines? Anyway, here's Project Orion's Nexus booster in all its cyclopean glory: Ignore the placeholder textures, and have a Banana Bob for scale. This thing is ruining my ability to make parts - I'm losing all sense of scale when modeling, it's so stupidly huge. I love it. Now, back to actual Orion bits...
  4. Flares work by generating a 'thermal score', for lack of better phrase, that is a random value between 0.65x and 1.75x of current vessel temperature. Heatseeker targeting code looks to see if there is a flare within the sensor cone, then does some math based on flare current temperature, distance and the detection angle that modifies the thermal score. if the final score is +/- 10% of target vessel temperature, the heatseeker will lock onto the flare. More flares help, true, but being able to get out of the immediate area, be it maneuverability or speed, is still a large part of it, because the engine temp value the flares are being compared to is also modified by detection angle and distance. That, and missiles can only turn so many degrees per second - moving out the space they can reach guarantees a miss.
  5. I won't be providing a full 10m conventional rocket parts lineup, no, since that's out of scope; but I could provide parts for the Project Orion-adjacent launch vehicle developed to get Orions into orbit While most of the USAF designs involved strapping a bunch of Clydesdale-sized SRBs to the sides, a few used a truly Kerbal 'Moar Boosters!' approach - meet the NEXUS Booster: Bottom is 20m. For a sense of scale - the 8 small thrusters on the bottom? Each of those is the size of a LV-T30 Reliant. But if it's 10m rockets you're after, the small tank in the upper right and the toridial plug aerospike are both 10m sized.
  6. No idea about other mods. SpaceY might, I remember it having 7.5m parts, at least. I hadn't considered launch vehicle parts, to be honest, but an engine plate will be among the 10m parts.
  7. Not going to lie, I was not expecting a clean sweep from the Super Spectre.
  8. All right, M2X is now up - SpaceDock | GitHub -Fixes the Banshee door issue -Fixes the RCSAS missing -Fixes the Landing Leg
  9. Okay, I see what happened. The RCSAS fix made it into, but not ( ...!? ). I can get a update with the fix, and the fixes for the Banshee doors and landing leg up tomorrow.
  10. No, it wasn't intentional (not even sure how it happened); a fixed version of the update was re-uploaded yesterday.
  11. Some WiP 10m stuff for 'full-scale' Orion, like the 4000 ton and battleship proposals: Current idea is just provide fairing/aeroshell pieces and players can stuff whatever they want inside (Above pic has 2 8m cargobays and a hollow 10m-7.5m structural fairing, giving something like 1500 cubic meters of usable volume), with maybe a select few 10m parts.
  12. Update 1.8.9 for KSP 1.10.1 is up - SpaceDock | GitHub ChangeLog:
  13. Since two craft per participant are allowed, if you need more entries, I can enter *rolls D6* this as well:
  14. I'm going to treat that as a 3, so looks like I'm entering this. Nice; I can get the least-capable craft in my stable out of the way first. ... I'm going to guess probe cores aren't allowed, since the presence of one would defeat the point of the G-Limiter being enabled
  15. The Saturn engine is a Panther clone included with BDA. Looks like ~120% thrust, ~60% mass, ~20% less fuel consumption. Anyway, got some potential entries ready to go. Apropos of nothing, someone pick a number between 1 and 6.