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  1. Hmm. if it's hanging on the next gun, the usual cause of that is it's trying to parse a bulletType it can't find. if you go to /GameData/AviatorArsenal/BulletDefs/AABulletDefs.cfg, and open the file, do you have a '20x94mmAPTShell' entry, should be 11th down from top? When updating to AA 1.5, was this a 'delete old version and replace', or' copy new version over' installation?
  2. I have no plans to add cockpits. Daniel Prates, are you running BDAc 1.4+? (Link in OP or a few posts above yours) AA 1.5 is incompatible with older versions of BDA.
  3. Yes, its the Me 210/410 tail gun. BDAc 1.4.07 can be found here.
  4. Update 1.5 for AA is now up on SpaceDock - this updates AA to use the new bulletdefs standard in BDAc 1.4+ As such, AA 1.5 is incompatible with older BDAs. It also adds a few new toys: From left to right: R4M rocket rack, Ho-3 .50MG, Ho-5 20mm, Ho-155 30mm, MG131z FDL 13mm turret Changelog:
  5. Increase the damage multiplier in the BDArmory Settings window to 200-300%. The main issue with AA damage vs stock BDA damage is a matter of fire rate. So while, say, the Hispano 20mm does about the same damage per shot as the Vulcan, it won't have the same damage per second because the Vulcan is firing 5500 rounds per minute compared to the Hispano's 700.
  6. This has been finally updated. Since I've had little time to model recently, this is mainly a maintenance update to fix code issues and similar v1.8.2 - Grab from SpaceDock | GitHub ChangeLog: -Code changes to eliminate memory leak -Resource flow changed to stock model - no more messing with PAWs and fuel transfers -Modulename changed to prevent issues with FFT's 'ModulePulseEngine' - This will cause existing Orion craft to throw a missing module error. Retire/Recover Orion-equipped vessels before installation -RestockWhitelist updated to fix the command pod issue. -Adds CTT i
  7. No. The patch was integrated as part of the update to 1.4; AAc will natively work with BDAc 1.1+, no patching required.
  8. As one of the people associated with it, I should add that this is a BDAc tournament series that has grown out of Scott Manley's Runway Project rolling BDAc tournament thing. If you've heard of the Runway Project and need more AI planes in your life, or are simply itching for a good quality BDAc competition to end this miserable year with a bang, you could do far worse than Flying Circus. Rounds should be fairly frequent, there will be almost certainly be both FAR and stock aero contests for those favoring either system, and a variety of mods are being considered to add variety to any specific
  9. With tetryds' blessing, I've been given permission to maintain Aviator Arsenal. You can find the new Aviator Arsenal Continued thread here:
  10. Aviator Arsenal (continued) A WW2 aircraft weapons and utilities collection. Aviator Arsenal was a BDAc expansion pack containing some of the most famous WW2 aircraft weapons created by @tetrydsand @VintageXP that has gone un-updated since KSP 1.2, and all credit for this mod should go to them. I am merely a maintainer. Following interest in AA from a few BDAc competitions I've become associated with, I've received tetryd's blessing to maintain this mod and update it to current versions of KSP and BDAc. <<The original thread can be found here>> Every weapon on thi
  11. I'm not dead. This mod is still being worked on, I've just been busy with other stuff lately that's resulted in this getting backburnered. I'll try to have an update that at least fixes known issues up within a week.
  12. Mission Update 4 Y2, D156 - Y10, D1 Culmination With both the ITV and backup ITV in Duna Ike orbit, and both DAVs fueled and functional, all 46 Kerbals currently on Duna can be returned home at any time. @Death EngineeringChallenge complete, score is as follows: Scoring Mission Value is Kerbal days before Y5,D1*2 + Kerbal days on Duna Y5, D1-Y10,D1 -45 kerbals on Duna from Y2, D09 to Y5, D1: (1269 days*45)*2 = 114210 -1 Kerbal on Duna from Y2,D10 to Y5, D1: (1268 days*1)*2 = 2536 Doodnard arrived 1 day after initial colonyfall to pilot the shuttle down
  13. Oof, it's been a while. Mission Update 3: Y2, D14-Y2, D156 Surface Exploration Mission Notes: Both DAVs refueled and ready for use, should they be needed, Shuttle made it down with enough fuel to make orbit, but will need orbital refueling. Any future launches - either the one I have upcoming Y8, or post Y10 outpost upkeep - will be carrying redesigned resourcing hardware as part of the payload Surface samples acquired for Early Mission Prestige / Biome Diversity: 13 I should be able to have a fourth(final?) update up in the next day or so, with scoring and plan for going
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