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  1. The Hornet's a decent plane, but it does suffer from lack of Yaw authority (no rudders) and twin ShVAKs is a rather light armament, especially for a twin engine heavy fighter. ... It's the beginning of the end - the Bronze Match for Third place in the Second Tier bracket; Tier 2 Match 7 - between @dundun92's Tallyhawk and @Jeb-head-mug kerman's Hornet:
  2. The final semifinal - Tier 2, Match 6, between @OmegaForce's Thalo and @Jeb-head-mug kerman's Hornet:
  3. @Klapaucius Mountain valley cul-de-sac Fairly certain this is it: And I'll throw in a landmark I've always been fond of: Directions: Head roughly WSW from the Impact Crater.
  4. Tier 2, Match 5, between two twin-engine pusher-puller aircraft - @dundun92's Tallyhawk and @Alioth81's Vulture:
  5. Tier 2, Match 4, between @Jeb-head-mug kerman's Hornet III and @Mr. Peabody's S13 Brighton:
  6. Your guess is as good as mine. And now, time for more AI hijinks: This time Targeting Priorities - Tier 2, Match 3, between @Box of Stardust's Sea Fairy and @OmegaForce's Thalo:
  7. Tier 2 Match 2, between @dundun92's Tallyhawk and @Hinden's Widomaker:
  8. I've found the bug with the service bay not shielding parts, and just updated M3X; it should fix both the service bay issue as well as a few other M3X aero issues that have appeared with 1.8.x.
  9. M2X is now up, which should fix the aero issues people have identified. Grab from SpaceDock | GitHub Changelog: -Adds drag cubes for RCSAS, Aligned Dockingport, and Radial Mounts. These should generate much less drag now -Fixes Sledgehammer AARE compile error -Cockpit lights now uniform color -Fixes R-71 cockpit IVA portraits, kerbals no longer occluded by instrument consoles -Windowshine MM Patch now calls for TextureReplacer instead of the less up-to-date TextureReplacerReplaced
  10. M3X is now up, which mainly fixes aerodrag issues that have come up with KSP 1.8.1 Get from SpaceDock or GitHub Changelog: -Model Rework: Mk3 Decoupler. Now hollow! -Fixes drag cubes for Mk3 Drone core, Mk3 SAS, Mk3 Aligned Docking Port, Mk3 Decoupler, Mk3 Radial Mount -Fixes Mk3 Service Bay not shielding its contents -Fixes Service Bay LF/O missing texture
  11. T2 match 1, between @tetryds N-46 and @Alioth81's AL-25 Vulture:
  12. Now that the semifinals are done, instead of moving on to the finals, first we'll be revisiting those who lost the first round - @tetryds N-46, @Hinden's H-4 Widomaker, @Jeb-head-mug kerman's Endre Er SX 13 Hornet III, @dundun92's Tallyhawk Mk XXIVa, @Box of Stardust's FB-97B-5 Sea Fairy, @Mr. Peabody's S13 Brighton, @OmegaForce's AFC-88 Thalo, and @Alioth81's AL-25 Vulture - with the start of the Second Tier Bracket. The G-Limiter will be disabled for the Second Tier, as many of the planes were defeated by gravity, rather than enemy fire. Since we have 8 new planes in a new tier, like last time, things will kick off with another Battle Royale: Like before, this a for-fun, bonus battle, and has no effect on the standings. Craft performance in the Battle Royale may or may not be indicative of performance in the official bouts.