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  1. Someone requested RealPlume-Stock configs a little while ago, try this: I'm not familiar with RP-S, so it may need a little polish here and there; let me know how it works and I can get a final version included with the next M2X update.
  2. @Plecy75: There was a RO config that someone wrote for M2X at one point, but I don't think it's been updated for a few years now. You could try asking in the RO thread, they might know more. @Rodger: All of most the M2X have specular shaders (went through the Unity files and found a few that had diffuse shaders for whatever reason including the service bay there, easy enough to re-export), not sure whats going on there, I'll look into it. @JadeofMaar: Sure, go ahead. For new FX, send me a message with what you want, and I'll see what I can do.
  3. Mk3 reactor WiP: ...I may have gone overboard on the internal detailing.
  4. Doing some part reworks of some of the earlier M2X parts to bring them more in-line with later stuff; feel free to make requests for parts that could use a rework. For now, have a reworked Service Bay: Also figured out how to do stock togglable attach nodes, so the service bay can be used as a service bay now.
  5. No idea. If you can live without window reflections on M2X parts, removing the M2Expansion/Patch/mk2X_Windowshine.cfg would probably work.
  6. Yes, I know. M3X-NFE compatibility patch for latest version of NFE
  7. Again? Try this, this should fix the NFE patch: @SuperRobin6394: Reproduction steps? Is it any M2X part at random, specific parts, specific parts placed after other specific parts, etc?
  8. I have archived versions of M2X on GitHub going back as far as v1.5.1, which was for... KSP 1.03, I think? It's possible it had a RPM HUD back in pre 1.03 days, but that would have been 2+ years ago. You could be remembering using the ASET version of the IVA at some point, you mentioned the HUD deploying and having filters - that sounds like the ASET HUD; the standard RPM one doesn't have those features.
  9. @Rodger: I actually did something like this a little while ago, see Didn't get farther than throwing the source up on Github though. I'm not sure if it had any parts you don't - docking ports, possibly? - but if you want, I can give you the link if you want to loot it for anything that might be useful. Regarding Mk2 Expansion/M3 Expansion stuff, the only textures that aren't stock are either windowglass which shouldn't need modifying or emissives, which shouldn't be modified anyway.
  10. I'm guessing you mean a RPM HUD? The ASET IVA had, and still has one, but to the best I can recall, the HS-X RPM IVA has never had a RPM HUD. You can add one in by going to Mk2Expansion/Spaces/BladePit/Internal_RPM.cfg and inserting the below into the .cfg PROP { name = RasterPropMonitorBasicHUD position = -7.450581E-09,0.3988,-1.2261 rotation = 0,0,0,1 scale = 1,1,1 }
  11. @Trekkie148: I'm going to need your Kerbal Space Program/KSP_Data/Output_log.txt (Kerbal Space Program/KSP_x64_Data/Output_log.txt if using 64 bit) to be able to tell you what's going wrong, but at a guess: do you have CommunityResourcePack installed? if no, that would explain your issue; M2X requires it, and KSP will not load if M2X is installed without CRP. @AlexTheNotSoGreat: I have now; I'm unfamiliar with RP though, so no promises.
  12. Yeah, I see the problem, it's an IVA OverlayMesh issue, it'll be fixed next update. An interim fix would be removing the Mk2Expansion/Spaces/OverlayMasks/ file, though removing it means that the HS-X IVA won't be properly occluded if the external camera view IVA feature is used.
  13. @bjornadri: Yeah, M3X example craft are planned. @Magnavox: First I've heard of radiators making something overheat faster. The cockpit is currently still using the stock shuttle heat values, so i can try buffing the cockpit to have the heat stats of the M2X hypersonic stuff. I'm not entirely sure how re-entry heating is calculated, so there might be some DragCube weirdness going on there as well; fairly easy to investigate/correct, which might also fix the overheat issue.
  14. @Magnavox: Re static thrusts, engine output less than listed thrust seems to be a stock thing; a quick test with the Wheesley (120kN Listed Static Thrust), Whiplash (130kN LST), and Panther (Dry) (85 kN LST) had them producing 110.2 kN, 118.5 kN, and 77.8 kN of static thrust respectively. For your Rontgen performance woes, a large part of it is 5000m alt. on Eve is not a good cruising altitude. For Eve, you really should be flying in the 17,000-20,000m altitude range due to the thickness of the atmosphere, especially at low altitude. The Rontgen is more or less a Turbojet-tier performance engine, so for Kerbin/Laythe its less than ideal for a SSTO, for something like Eve, the usual Eve SSTO caveats apply, though a Rontgen/Sledgehammer AARE combo could probably work; it was primarily intended to offer a decent non-rocket option for flight on non-O2 atmo worlds.
  15. I see the error, one of the IVA window transforms didn't get set to InternalSpace; I suppose an error or two is to be expected from creating an entire IVA from scratch in ~3 hours or so. I've reuploaded an updated version of M2X 1.7.7 that fixes this.