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  1. Ah. That's a bug in my eyesight (combined with some version number indication that I'm not sure I understand). What I was reading as appears to instead be 1:1.3.1 (colon instead of a dot between the first 2 digits). No, I don't understand what that's supposed to indicate. Whatever. :-)
  2. Well, that will be it, then. Scanning back through this thread, I see that the height setting was added with in March 2021. Wonder if the reason CKAN isn't offering you later ones might be if you aren't on the latest version of KSP. Oh, or alternatively, perhaps its because you are, come to think of it. Glancing at the versions tab, I see that Bon Voyage is listed as compatible only with exact versions rather than ranges, and in particular, the latest Bon Voyage version says KSP 1.12.1, without mentioning 1.12.3. I happen to have my CKAN set to accept 1.12.*. BTW, you can tell CKAN to install a specific version regardless of claimed compatibility. Just go to the versions tab for the mod in question. Of course, that doesn't guarantee that the version is compatible, but it does do the install via CKAN instead of manually.
  3. What are the odds that you are on an old version of Bon Voyage? For me, that window with "Automatic dewarp" et al has a "height offset" right below the "toolbar button" part. I seem to recall that got added sometime relatively recently. I suppose another possibility might be the bottom of that window being clipped for UI scale or other reasons.
  4. Community fixes already has a section in the settings window (the one from the pause menu - not the one from the main menu). That would seem like the obvious place, I'd think.
  5. Yeah. I've tended to have CKAN's auto-update turned off for various reasons related to not trying to fix it when it didn't appear broken for me. In fact, in the process of checking to tell you what the current version was, I noticed mine was out of date, though only by one release. Thought I'd better update mine before I suggested that to you. :-) Glad all is good now.
  6. The screenshot doesn't tell me whether or not you did a refresh. It does, however, tell me that you are using an old version of CKAN. CKAN 1.24 is from... let's see... 2018. I don't know whether or not that's related to your problem, but it certainly could be. There's an option in CKAN for updating itself, though I don't know for sure whether or not that will work from that old a version. At any rate, try the refresh first if you haven't.
  7. Installed fine for me using CKAN. Have you done a "refresh" in CKAN? That has it recheck for the latest versions of things. IIRC the refresh is also when it looks to see if you have something manually installed. Using the latest version of CKAN (1.31)? Oh, and I do see a "not indexed" listing for Harmony, but that's for Harmony 1; Harmony 2 says it is incompatible with Harmony 1 (makes sense that you couldn't have both installed) and that Harmony 1 isn't indexed anyway. You should be using Harmony 2 - specifically 2.2.1. I assume you are on KSP 1.12.3? Generally a little skimpy on version number details in your question, so I'm having to make some guesses.
  8. A very minor enhancement request. It would be nice if the window position for newly opened windows would "stick" where the last one was. Seems like it always opens right in the middle of my screen in the way of whatever else I'm wanting to look at. Easy enough for me to move it out of the way, but it's a very minor annoyance having to do that all the time. If it's more than trivial to fix, don't worry about it.
  9. Necro post brought my attention to this thread, which echoes a question I've long had. I see several mods being labelled as "stock-alike" and I've wondered what the heck that means, as I can't much tell the difference between those and ones not so labelled. But then that's likely because I'm not very fluent in what makes an artistic style. :-)
  10. Thanks. That was my suspicion, but nice to have it verified.
  11. Slightly confused about this "RO only - or maybe not" thing still. Using contract configurator 1.30.5 and I notice CKAN told me an update was available. Ok, did the update. Hey! It now says I'm on an RO only version. Came here and I see this comment about the RO only bit being fixed in 2.1, but the 2.1.2 version still seems to have RO only in the title and directs me to the RO page of this forum. I'm guessing all is probably OK, but this leaves me unsure. I wasn't noticing the 1.30.5 version as being obviously broken for me, so for the moment I think I'll revert to it on the theory of not fixing something that doesn't appear to be broken and replacing it with something whose title implies brokenness, even if the thread here implies otherwise. Oh, and in case that isn't obvious, I'm not using RO.
  12. It's not 100% (I always do a quicksave before embarking on a Bon Voyage trip, just in case), but I find that the stabilization option in the MechJeb rover autopilot helps substantially. Mostly it helps keep the rover upright as it falls to the surface. Of course, a long enough fall or various other circumstances can still be fatal, but your odds are substantially better when the rover at least stays approximately upright.
  13. Hey, if you made a ship capable of getting a Kerbal up from Eve's surface to orbit, even if you just barely managed that, you have me beat. I've never managed to get *ANYTHING* from Eve's surface to orbit. I was trying for just a probe core. Needed to get it back to Kerbin for a mod I was using (Progressive Colonization System). If I could get it into orbit, picking it up with a claw on another ship wouldn't have been hard. I saw someone else show how he did that trick, but he made crucial use of parts from the Breaking Ground DLC, which I don't have. I think I've also seen other explanations of how to do it, but they seemed to predate a change in Eve's characteristics that made it harder.
  14. A problem I've occasionally seen before, but this time I captured a log file. The PKS window occasionally disappears when I try to open the progress window. Seems like it has always been when there isn't yet any progress made yet and also none being made. I initially thought something like a 0/0 in calculating the percentage done, but in the log file I see what looks like an infinite loop of exceptions referring to get_TierBeingResearched and EligibleToSkipTier1. I'm guessing that's the data you need, but I'll link the log files just in case. This is my first base in this particular playthrough and it is right after I added the first rocket parts factory, which doesn't yet have enough mechanics to run it (one is about to walk over from a nearby ship). To make these logs, I started the game, used the stock alarm clock to switch to the base in question (mun base 0) as I had available a recent alarm for finishing construction of the rocket parts factory, clicked on the cupcake icon, and then clicked on the progress tab. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n6ongxpba1phbtg/Player.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/b7qks45qykoh4lp/KSP.log?dl=0 Easy enough to work around, as the problem goes away once I start making some actual progress to report in the tab (ata least that's what I recall from when I saw this before; yet to check that in this playthrough, as I stopped to get these logs).
  15. Though posts here are "supposed" to be in English, this does seem helpful and appropriate to the thread, at least with a little help from Google translate, which renders the above as "Hey! If you need someone to translate the mod to Brazilian Portuguese maybe I can translate it to be useful, I'm going for personal use, but I'm not the best translator in the world, but feel free for other people to change and change later... interested, send me an email".
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