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  1. Some K-inda of stoK arKraft k-arrier build for ya - named "K-omrade Kermatsov" (not a repliKa for enything). Ya wanna fly, land or krash by another perverted method? So , this k-raft for ya may dear fellows (and k-omrades) It have a stock k-atapult and arrestor hooK . It k-an dock with external tanKer to refuel. you K-an find it here https://kerbalx.com/MajorTom/craft ps: soory for my poor english (but I hope you understood my kerbinglish, dear k-omrades) pps: make science, not war!
  2. *MajorTom*

    Liquid Fuel SSTOs

    looks like it just "orbit Kerbin in ssto only with LF"? ps: looks like @Thinking Potato Gamer add no words about lowest part, dV, or something else... no places... so it just K-reative K-onstruction challenge isn't it?
  3. *MajorTom*

    Liquid Fuel SSTOs

    sometimes i like to do apart flight SSTO.... it is usually have 4-5 km dV to distant flight return back redock and landing... so... here for this challenge and peoples i really hate R.A.P.I.E.R.s ...so no rapiers... hypersonic flight on "Whiplash" is better for me... there is no real reason to move atm.engines...intaKes and wings to another planet isn't it? maybe this is the one od good design to ssto (because nothing else but pure fuel/nuKe engine/sol panel) on main mission ps: @sevenperforce :)-
  4. *MajorTom*

    KSP Challenge: " Visiting Duna and Ike"

    @cratercrackerplease give 1 more week...
  5. peoples, is something changed on reentry in 1.3.1? my old 1.1. disigns flying very unstable, drag rotate it around after reentry an so on... pitch 40 degrees? forget it... on 25 degrees drag makes it uncontrollable...
  6. *MajorTom*

    KSP Challenge: " Visiting Duna and Ike"

    @cratercracker 1. about lander whole ship can be lander or lander must be separate part of ship? or we can do it both way? 2. rover can be lander at same time? 3. rover must be manned ?
  7. *MajorTom*

    Do something nobody has done before

    awesome? no just epic!
  8. *MajorTom*

    Do something nobody has done before

    I delay my aircraft carrier project for this SSTO with sliding mk1 (empty tube) custom cargobay. I seems to me no one build this kind micro-sliding-cargobays before (maybe not?) . craft here (sorry russian language there, but i also wanna put .craft at kerbalX in a day or 2) http://spacedock.ru/ksp/sandbox/saves/aircrafts/5683-stokovyy-ssto-przeciwn-wiatr.html
  9. *MajorTom*

    KSPooky Haiku Challenge

    non-Twitter user Val wanna go space Missiles are missing So difficult way today
  10. *MajorTom*

    Do something nobody has done before

    Aircraft carrier pure stock K-atapult (r) for take-off and arrestor hook after landing (build new aircraft carrier, new videos soon) (main speed reduction by hook) epic spaceplane take off from k-arrier with k-atapult, and then orbit Kerbin
  11. *MajorTom*

    KSP Challenge: Brick from Orbit Challenge!

    +1 no problem to make rocket/ssto/spaceplane/shuttle to send something to any planet. but don't have time... really ps: maybe i also land something later ... or even this craft from Eve to Kerbin... but IRL time... pps: i like hypersonic craft... so i try to find time...
  12. *MajorTom*

    KSP Challenge: Brick from Orbit Challenge!

    Ок... not sure about "super", but it is for "impossible" 790kg winged probe core+1battery from orbit to Eve surface (splachdown at 10 m/s... not a problem to land this at 6 m/s) (if i get it right) ------------------------------ ps: and with or Russian fellows we now argue what is this challenge means???? : 1.from orbit of Eve to Eve? 2. from orbit of Eve to Kerbin? 3. What mean suborbital trajectory????????? it is under 70km of Kerbin/90 km of Eve (if it is really Eve landing point)???? or it is any suborbital trajectory????? reentry at 2200m/s and 1000m/s is a great heat difference???? So if .... i fall from Eve to Kerbin I can change suborbital trajectory???? 4. Or challenge is to test our telepathic abilities to verify what it all means??? :))))))
  13. *MajorTom*

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    My "Mounsieur-K" SSTO with variable wing geometry . Stock video ps: .craft file here http://spacedock.ru/ksp/sandbox/saves/aircrafts/5675-mounsieur-k-ssto-izmenyaemaya-geometriya-kryla.html (sorry Russian language but you can find .craft there under video)
  14. *MajorTom*

    KSP Challenge: Brick from Orbit Challenge!

    Badie, what is "probe" in this challenge = 1. probe = probe core = 1 part ??????? 2. or probe means ... device (from several parts = science parts, power supply, landing "legs", probe core, uncoupled decoupler, heat shield, cargo bay, lightsource... ) ????????????????
  15. *MajorTom*

    Smallest SSTO Challenge

    not sure about decoupling of crew cabin before start... but here is my version 5,48 tonn (6,79 with rover), capacity 1, cost 25334 (with rover), i dont use power to fly after reentry (miss click and use 1 point of fuel not even at 1/10 of full power) Score =1* (25334 / (5,477^2) =25334/29,921=846,69 if i get it right way.... or i must *0 and my score is 0 =))))))))))))))))))))))) i really dont know why i take extra fuel... 200 m/s.... but ok i really don't want to decrease it and fly again... and i dont know why i build this kind of very expensive and heavy rover ps:i cut video because its deep night ...time to rest and i only have adsl modem to load it pps: sorry for my poor english.. i really dont understand powered flight after reentry its good or bad? as for me it is not good to take extra fuel to space and back... it is looks like waste of money. what if i have power but not use it because of precision landing?