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  1. .....UPDATED: my monopropelant Duna glider mission and back to Kerbin
  2. Man it's great! i liKe k-reative k-onstruKtion in challenges , not the mission goals.
  3. no cheats = all facilities&ships destructible, heat on/
  4. hi, but what about my landing (video) on page 3 ? stock parts, mass in ker window, no cheats. ...but not in list...
  5. found what game cant calculate impact properly. maybe it is not have time to calculate part by part division and decoupling. so at hi speed it looks like the whole ship at last second calculated as 1 part.
  6. ok, no problem at all
  7. And I did it, not for weight (it is only 380,85 tonn), but for fun... and its VERY K-ompli-Kated to flight and land vertikal k-onstruktion liKe this
  8. looks like I need a crane too..... at this time i cant land this in 1 pcs I try again when find time to do it ps; but just have fun with it =)))))
  9. I really don't understand what sea I must cross (looks like it mean "any"), so just build Mach 3.4 plane that can cross "all" seas+oceans (can do circumnavigation 2 times, but fly in video 1 time... sorry not have any time IRL)
  10. is it normal or just aerodynamics bug? (still have 1.2.2, but looks like it present in 1.3)
  11. really beautiful badge ,thx ! ps: and video for you as gratitude - my old stock submarine (no nukes at this time, but... look for fun ) https://youtu.be/tow9JLN8fsA
  12. it is under video. or here http://my-files.ru/inutnu or here https://files.fm/u/mqwpfczd
  13. My old (2016) millitary spaceplane and hypersonic guided warhead ... but it in RSS/RO .. i test hypersonic reentry heat, and possible heat protective сonstructions in FAR aerodynamic with Mach 20 to 4 interval. I have in mind what extremaly need to build long hypersonic flight warhead (total 11000km flight) to protect against potential anti-missile defense with common level of realism overhaul tech. Also find way to create impty-winged spaceplane to prograde atmosphere reentry (potentialy avoid stress in wings metall, irl no fuel in wings = lower mass and posibility to add ablation sheet in front of wings)
  14. About this mod (you can find all of this par. in video I posted above) : 1. mod cool 2. looks like some glitches in side elements aerodynamic - look at light blue arrows at my video 1;00 - is it in wrong direction? 3. dont find normal connectors for me between Mk2.5 parts and stock Mk1, Mk2, about this: 4. and again not for this mod, but for STOCK 1.2.2 aerodynamic drag calculate wrong for mk2 cargobays . it calculate elements inside closed cargobay, not total weight and drag for closed cargobay. So spaceship with 1 container what weght 5,5 tonn not receive as much air resistance as rover with 50 parts what weight 5 tonns. So 1-st payload go to space, 2-nd payload - no ....because speed in atmosphere not up properly. I dont know maybe this bug solved in 1.3? /just put in my ssto mk2 cargobays something with many elements not connected in node-to-node and you see this/
  15. Sorry, I did not quite understand: "to build a shuttle/winged orbiter or SSTO" "The orbiter must be lifted into space by a Launch System that decouples or un-docks once expended, allowing the Orbiter to land entirely under it's own power." SSTO and decoupled LS? But HOW? is SSTO means single stage to orbit? single = not decoupled engines= not decoupled launch system? I ask about it because I build 2.5. parts +stock ssto what carries 2 part payload (aka 10km/s dv ion deep space manned spaceship). But Is my SSTO (not spaceship) good for this challenge? If good enough I can build video of flight, if not - please tell where is my misunderstanding... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATED video here (sorry some mistakes in description text because did it at deep night...): and i made a better energy system for ion spaceship (but lost 1-2 km dV, now 9 km dV if decouple unnecessary empty xenon tanks at right time Looks like it 55.5 points 50 for flight, 5.5 for 5.5 tonn ion spaceship (i can do heavyer, but dont want in my kerbal space program at this time) craft file here (if someone want it) http://dropmefiles.com/cr1ZB