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  1. I simply need in game this near future engines (my wishlist): 1. SCRAMJETs (3M22 Zircon, Boeing X-51 Waverider) 2. PULSE-JETS (ok its everywere even at some diy garage projects https://youtu.be/_h6D47Lkfcw 3. Pulse detonation rocket engine https://youtu.be/2C4Oj9JTCCI 4. Megawatt class nuclear engine (HE Xn coolant, UCNO isotop propellant) https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ядерная_энергодвигательная_установка_мегаваттного_класса 5. solar/laser sail -------------------- Objects: 1. comets 2. gas clouds 3.soil/viscous surfaces 4. real solar system in galaxy far far away ------------------ Game physics: 1. Life support (food/water/o2) 2. damage system/ repair system 3. underwater/atm pressure 4. ground lift effect/ voxel atm
  2. Man, it just raster prop monitor not working! and creator drop this mod . MOARdV wrote "NOTE: I have stopped developing RasterPropMonitor. v0.30.6 is the last planned release for RasterPropMonitor. I am working on a new IVA immersion mod, MOARdV's Avionics Systems. RPM uses the GPLv3 license, so if you wish to take over development of RPM, please feel free to fork RPM on GitHub." here so looks like RPM in 1.8.1 mostly worked, BUT bugs ! each (not text) indicator show information upside down (or mirrored i dunno) ... all depend like scansat ... vesselview ... but i cant just turn ON ///Hullcam VDS Continued. Hullcam VDS is depended from RPM and it created for RPM... so ok it dead mod like vesselview and scansat mapping untill someone take GPLv3 and "feel free to fork RPM on GitHub"... bugs in RPM looks like here....man, so far it’s better to stay on version 1.7.3 until smart guys like @linuxgurugamer (who have a lot of other work, but whose work we all value immeasurably) or someone else can fix such a RPM mod on which a whole package of mods depends ps: dude, it’s still easy for you, but I’m generally flying in a "tin can" so RPM is means to me be alife
  3. you right . i reinstall this mod and looks OK not any bugs... I don’t understand what it was. but it was definitely in this mod ... maybe some files was damaged
  4. I found such problems in 1.7.3 (the mod is completely incompatible): 1. when the game is restarted (reload), it starts to lag and freezes, does not respond to buttons 2. if you enter the tracking station, exit it, then try to enter the VAB everything freezes 3. the same thing between VAB and hangar I hope they will make a version for 1.7.3. someday, not just for 1.8
  5. maybe i found same problem as cytosine in SCANSAT and post it there maybe it scansat itself...maybe RPM (oh no... creator dropped RPM )
  6. 1.8. looks like a bug. cant switch to kerbin big map (small i see). button not active .and something happened to RPM .monitor just show whitescreen not scansat mini map i return to 1.7.3. (because 1.8 version unplayble) and here is ok maybe not a scan sat problem.. maybe RPM... maybe depended mods.... @linuxgurugamer (think problem linked to depended mod Toolbar Continued maybe Click Through Blocker in 1.8 i use last version)
  7. I do not build spacecraft on the "technologies of the future." But I wondered here whether it is possible to build a single-stage return vehicle on our RD 171 MV. Well, as it were, a kind of shuttle-spacecraft turned out in which engines do not burn out, but only fuel tanks. So, well, like a one-step approach to an orbit with RO and our Russian latest engines is potentially possible and you can even get 5 tons to LEO (okay, let's say 6) if you make it unmanned taking into account the wild overloads of 11 G (but I calculated by the money ... by the weight of the burned fuel and the cost of the tanks ... but it's such a pleasure - comparable to the launch of a one-time Proton and the whopper will be the size of a heavy Falcon). But ok... pics of most kerbalized RSS+RO 1 stage spaceplane. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ps^ also create this model for suborbital flight ( with a tourist rescue system, but honestly the fuel price - I didn’t think so I can’t say how efficient it is to fly on an AL 31 fm and not just on rocket engines) 13G -just a ridiculously sharp maneuver, and so usually everything is fine
  8. Karbalas live on a terrestrial planet with atmosphere and water in the habitable zone. That is, they are a carbon form of life. Their missiles contain fuel and oxidizer, and jet engines use air from the atmosphere. So life support should consist of oxygen (air), food (snacks) and water (moisture) as a minimum. And of course, they must die from overheating or overly long overloads (and not only lose consciousness as it is now) ps: It became uninteresting to play without a life support after the first year in KSP... I don’t remember what version of the game it was then ... TAC-LS kept me in the game till now.
  9. I hope "beyond the original Kerbolar System" I can find the solar system (Real Solar System). maybe like a patch? How do you like this idea? (from where did cucumbers originate on Earth? ) ps: and don’t forget about comets, please! make the game longer, but as good as possible!
  10. Etiquette, licenses ... is any of the mod creators selling anything here? No? Then what is the problem that people fix old game mods? Or do not play in 1.8 because 1.7.3 scatterer is corny more beautiful than any stock innovations in 1.8! Yeah..., throw me rotten tomatoes...., kiss a Squad..., but it's SO! ps: i return my version to 1.7.3. till scattere not updated
  11. Well, for example blackrack was here last time on September 25th. Today is October 19th, so the scatterer can be expected to be "almost never" (in a reasonable perspective for ME and MY vacation), and therefore a number of visual mods that depend. As a user, I see two exits: 1. score on 1.8 and return to 1.7.3, 2. use what is in any way. Total: R-T-V, will you be so kind as to throw a link to your version of the scatterer in a personal message? PLEEEASE!
  12. heh, looks like MORE boosters and more realism at reentry! My old Spaceplanes overheated. Descent window become more narrow and more interesting :)))) ps: but looks like bug :))))
  13. tweakscale give me 2 exception errors but works.... ok... but... better delete .....
  14. I had the same problem, but I solved it by deleting the mods - all USI mods, and "MK2 expansion"
  15. Can't load this mod in 1.8 (hook at tunacocpit loading). if i delete this mod - game loading is ok