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  1. Work on a new patch is in progress, some color tweaks are needed.
  2. Hello, @Ger_space , can you help me with new KK tweaks? In new version color of some Kerbin City's grass textures was changed to more dark. You wrote about the grass editor, but I could not find it and figure out how to adjust the texture colors. Now grass looks like this:
  3. kerbtown Kerbin City was the community project of static content for kerbtown. Btw, Kerbin City already working in my 1.8.1 with new KK, so new Kerbin City patch coming soon.
  4. OMKG ! This thing is over 5 years old, but it looking as a best newest KSP parts! With unprecedented compactness and excellent assembling mechanic! @linuxgurugamer , Gigantic Thank You! (Btw, link to KAS in OP is deprecated )
  5. In SpaceDock writed: " V1.10 Re-compile for KSP 1.7.x (and associated fixes)" It's typo?
  6. @Well Impressive and beautiful work! Hey! We also strongly want to enjoy flying on them!
  7. Wow, it's really needed feature! WHERE that big vote button "MUST BE IN STOCK" ??
  8. @Eskandare - link is incorrect. HERE: Aerospace
  9. I investigated this question in June. Yes, this mod can be easily adapted to KerbinSide Complete (or Continued) compatibility, you just need to move several groups of trees and to remove big hangars. Everyone can do this even manually, through the KK editor menu.
  10. Try uninstalling and reinstalling these mods. In my case, it helped.
  11. Yes, train is moving as in all pevious versions. It just have a some standing time at station and in tunnel.
  12. Really nice looking parts, but on SSTO it more much dragged than stock parts: APUS parts, launch mass limited to ~55 t. For comparing, the version based on stock-only parts breaking the sound barrier with launch mass 60+ t : and have a more dV on orbit.