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  1. Try uninstalling and reinstalling these mods. In my case, it helped.
  2. Yes, train is moving as in all pevious versions. It just have a some standing time at station and in tunnel.
  3. Really nice looking parts, but on SSTO it more much dragged than stock parts: APUS parts, launch mass limited to ~55 t. For comparing, the version based on stock-only parts breaking the sound barrier with launch mass 60+ t : and have a more dV on orbit.
  4. @NESD ThankYou! Truly excellent and very promising mod! Especially i love the Kliper cabin. I decide to expand the vehicle dV ability, so here is: It can to load 3 t Lf+Ox from orbit refueling and get 1800+ m/s dV, Return from orbit: Low cost launch system for orbital tours and crew rotation, booster with 9 t LfOx based on Kodiak engine:
  5. It looks really great, thanks, man. Are you have any plans to add some like a oxygen system or snack boxes? P.S. About lifting bodies parts - i vote for keeping, but in new mod (or Knes add-on). Also may be you add the kerbalized Space Rider ? or Adeline ?
  6. Gentlemens, this question has already been discussed many times. Just read all OP for some information. Currently we are not have ability the continue or maintain THIS project due to licensing restrictions, so best solution - is New Kerbin City, totally new. For THIS Kerbin City we can only releasing the patches, for restore working in new KSP builds, or even for new object addition. If You ready - welcome and feel free. :)
  7. Wow, I not sure now... One day i dreamed about this May be will be better if you choose yourself.
  8. @Nivee~ -- of course, yes! What do you want to make?
  9. There is a simpler solution. Need to do just a trench, then cover it with a "roof" - procedural static part with adaptive texturing. Also you can do a totally static tunnel part, with all needing meshes. Unfortunately, I haven't 3D-modelling skill for do this yourself. P.S. Btw, the static with tunnels already implemented in Kerbin City airport.
  10. Sadly, after this update my little lowtech 1-junos SSTO can't reach the orbit... And several other little SSTO too.
  11. @Capital_Asterisk - not bad idea, more natural physics but it will make plane landing more difficult. ROFL
  12. Yeee, I did it! Ultralight stock low-tech SSTO based on only 1 Juno engine! nano J-1 career SSTO Launch mass - 6.9 tonn, dV (LKO) - up to 50 m/s (probably more) Flight:
  13. @Well - wow, cool! I want this pod! Just now