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  1. In the old cfg format, creating a new group center was not mandatory; there was such a line in the configuration: GroupCenter = false It looks like the cfg format has now been changed, but compatibility with old configuration files should have been maintained. With KK and earlier everything works as it should. P.S. Btw, the root folder of KK contains two new BIG dll-s that were not there before. (perhaps they are redundant)
  2. Try changing the Kerbal Konstructs version to the previous one. With my game works fine.
  3. Thanks a lot, NESD, it is a nice parts kit. Due to the low airdrag, it was possible to make a compact ssto even with a panther engine! For docking, I no longer use the RCS (if craft have enouch gyro torque), it is more complicated, but with sufficient skill it is quite possible. If anybody haven't such skill, the dockport can be used for refueling (when the fuel tanker is the active ship). Btw, now small intakes can survive reentry from low orbit, if descent was perform less hard (now even non-retractable gear can survive reentry onto ssto, but it is a bit harder).
  4. Light and little 6-seat SSTO with stock and SpikeX (NESD) parts:
  5. Little 6-seat SSTO with stock and SpikeX parts: Reentry: Landing:
  6. Looks like here https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/AirplanePlus/releases/tag/RELEASE%2F26.6.0.2
  7. Read OP again. (also, link to old version: still available)
  8. Yep, in my KSP (1.12.2) Kerbin City with this patch looking as before, and working as launchpads.
  9. Yep, I found it there. Decided to post again, because now we have better resolution and the overlay is almost invisible.
  10. Great mod and fantastic art Thanks a lot for reviving it.
  11. Thank You, really interesting and playable mod. But it can't be done until the Repairbot gets a shining metal ass.
  12. Simple and utilitary vehicle - orbitbus Patern-9 for tourism business in career. Can deliver 9 kerbanauts to Low Kerbin Orvit with 200+ m/s dV left. Launch mass 19.6 t, 1 Panther + 2 Terriers. 35 parts, tech level - Supersonic and before. Made in KSP 1.8.1.
  13. @TheWanderer05 Excellent, I always approve of low-tech practical things that help to perform real tasks in career. Especially if it full reusable.
  14. Single-whiplashed, experimental design SSTO. Can do Mun or Minmus flyby in single launch, or reach to Jeely, Duna, Ike after refueling from orbital station.
  15. @Cheesecake Stock-parts, in principle, can not to be overpowered for stock. They are the stock as it is. They form an overall balance of characteristics, which the developers control, and if some property of a part falls out of the characteristics, it is compensated for by another property. This is how the general technical level of all parts of the KSP is formed and allows them to be harmoniously used in one game, complementing (but not replacing) each other. A rocket similar to Saturn 5 is not required to do the same as Saturn 5, since this is not Earth, but Kerbin. It has its own rules, and the achievement of many goals is simplified to expand the circle of players and increase the fun. But the stock balance creates a common field of rules for all, in which the mechanics and logic of the game work most reliably. At the origins of KSP modding, mods often appeared that had characteristics better than stock ones, and made them unnecessary, but later the modding community recognized this as an unworthy behavior, and most of the surviving mods either have the characteristics of parts according to the stock balance (supplementing the stock set, for example, Missing History), or expanding the stock in areas that it does not cover - historical vehicles, unique parts, components for large orbital stations, future technologies beyond the stock tech tree or means that significantly change gameplay - life support, new resources, colonies, etc. Mods with overpowered parts make it easier to achieve the goals of the game, and in this they come close to cheats, destroying the stock gameplay. Anyway, there are people who like the "easy way", cheats, etc., so they like these mods. But the use of simplifying mods for JNSQ or more complex planetpacks is not entirely clear to me - after all, they are chosen to complicate the game in comparison with the stock, so why simplify the game? Complicate to simplify later ?? Well's mods have always been distinguished by the great beauty of its details and good functionality, and the stock balance for other mods was mostly respected. Luciole is a rare exception, well, let there be at least one, why not? But I played enough of it very quickly, and I see no reason to include it in my career. Imho if a player wants to go through the game in a more difficult way, into JNSQ, he will go through it even with stock parts only, or add life support etc..
  16. @Neebel Imho, this mod overpowered for the stock, because its parts provide much more opportunities with less weight, and appear earlier in the career. This destroys the balance of opening stock parts in a career. But many people like the look of the parts so much that they turn a blind eye to it. Some forum members hinted at this to the author, but he said that he wanted to keep the mod available for JNSQ.
  17. By the way, my calculations show that now, when the mass of kerbal and fuel is determined, the EVA jetpack Isp is 210-211 s. So EVA fuel properties really close to monoprop.
  18. @jfrouleau and @zolotiyeruki, Thanks for create and continue of this excellent mod. Just want to ask, is there a chance to make editing fairing in numbers? This would be a very welcome improvement for many KSP gamers.
  19. Working cylindrical solar panels really exist? Wow, thanks!
  20. Wow, it was hard, I hope You already slammed your hatch shut and filled the cockpit with air.
  21. This patch was initially made for 1.1.2 , so find and install KK for KSP 1.1 , then Kerbin City from Nothke , then patch from this thread.
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