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  1. Perhaps the Prop-M could be a deploy-able experiment part. it could be an autonomous soil experiment or a unique 'mini rover experiment' part
  2. Never seen this before...TAKE ALL MY REP! XD p.s. this will make satellite managing 100 times easier, thanks!
  3. Hey @hraban CX-37b apparently doubles as a deep-sea sub....
  4. @k0spwn @GrzesiekB @ImmaStegosaurus! please read forum rule 2.3f EDIT:
  5. @NathanKell am I installing KSC Switcher wrong for 1.2.X ? it isn't working in my 1.2.1 fresh install...
  6. @Jeb Jawkins ahg, this debate again... @Beale is not making a 3-kerbal Soyuz decent module, If you want a 3-kerbal Soyuz use @raidernick's soyuz
  7. nope... @Beale may be the next reply
  8. to quote @VenomousRequiem , wrong. I can foresee @legoclone09 in the future
  9. yay new KTV/HTV textures now its more like a stockalike versine of it's IRL counterpart!
  10. I wish I could support @NathanKell with $$ but I'm broke.
  12. 1.) @rbray89 has not been active for a long time so I would say it may be a while 2.) a mod author will usually announce a new update. 3.) the rule exists so mod authors aren't bombarded by update requests
  13. Wow that is cramped! (p.s shouldn't the kerbal be on his back because of G-forces?)
  14. The Developer(s) have many other mods, Tantares for instance to attend to.
  15. @tygoo7 will you make a falcon 1 [ Ghidorah 1 ] at some point it would be a cool addition to the mod