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  1. It may be deprecated (since the KSP 1.3+ localization updates can transparently take care of the strings displayed) but it is going to be a maintenance hell (at least for me): "Earth" will now be identified as "Kerbin" and i would have to make sure that the "Kerbin" patches for EVE and Scatterer do not stomp/get stomped by other mods (like RealExoplanets or even "stock" Scatterer). It would not be possible anymore to cleanly separate patches meant for stock and RSS. As far as i can see from preliminary testing the only thing that this naming change affects is the Main Menu (EVE and Scatterer will correctly apply their effects). But, to create a maintenance hell so that the user will see the pretty effects in a scene that lasts less than 30 seconds is not worth it, at least not for me. Hmm... (last update @ 2018-12-28, 47 days at the time that this post was written)
  2. Color me interested, what configs are exactly "out of date"? Edit: and if they are so "broken" as you say then why you don't open a new issue/pull request in the RSSVE GitHub repository?
  3. You have at least an incorrect version of AJE (probably using CKAN?) so i'd start from there:
  4. You have to make the Google Drive links available to the public.
  5. RealPlume expects different names for the thrust transforms in order to be able to assign different plume types. If the names match then any secondary plume definition (type, size, placement) will always be overridden by the first one, no matter what. In the above engine example, assigning "Kerolox-Lower" to the core engine automatically (and incorrectly) makes the verniers also use that plume, although the verniers should use "Kerolox-Vernier". RealPlume example with a plume setup for a similar engine (note the checks for the different thrust transform names)
  6. Does that mean that only the part config will be removed or the entirety of the engine (models/textures)? Because it is a nice model that RO uses it for some of the stock/cloned engines. On another note: the names of the main and vernier engines of the "Size2MedEngine" (RD-108 alike) are exactly the same ("thrustTransform"). Meaning that it breaks any chance of using different thrust values for the main/verniers or creating correct RealPlume configs (different styles for each nozzle exhaust). Would it be possible to change the names of the vernier thrust transforms?
  7. Can you test in a completely stock KSP installation? Or follow the standard debug practice: remove half of the installed mods, launch game, test. If it passes then install the other half, launch game test. Repeat until you have found the problematic mod combination.
  8. You have installed a version of KSCSwitcher for KSP 1.4.3: Do you use CKAN? That specific version is incorrectly tagged as compatible with KSP 1.3.1. The latest version of KSCSwitcher for KSP 1.3.1 is 0.8.
  9. The current assets have white smoke (an all-around solution for both low and high altitude smoke + a kind of condensation). Contrails cannot really be modeled, as they depend on more parameters than just atmospheric pressure. In any case, the "LREs do not produce smoke" issue has been beaten to death in the past.
  10. LREs do not produce as much smoke as the SRMs so the result that you are seeing is correct.
  11. Phineas Freak

    [1.2.x/1.3.x/1.4.x] SaturnV v1.0.3 d16.07.18

    There is. It is part of the LEM itself. Please take the time and check the RO parts in-game. Also, this discussion is off-topic and should be in the RO thread instead.
  12. Phineas Freak

    [1.2.x/1.3.x/1.4.x] SaturnV v1.0.3 d16.07.18

    @Punch All these parts have been intentionally removed. Do not try to load the stock craft files, they are never going to work as-is. You have to build them yourself (number 1 rule when playing with RO).
  13. Phineas Freak

    [1.2.x/1.3.x/1.4.x] SaturnV v1.0.3 d16.07.18

    What parts are missing?