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  1. Phineas Freak

    Bug Report (Not Responding, 100% Disk)

    Simply enough: Your log is full of them. So, remove Physics Range Extender and try again.
  2. Phineas Freak

    [1.4.5] Real Solar System v13.1 [03 Sep 2018]

    @Nightside This should be patched either way since RSS uses KSCSwitcher for selecting launch sites.
  3. What exactly is "(Almost) Real Solar System"? I am very sure that it has nothing to with normal RSS...
  4. Phineas Freak

    [1.4.5] Real Solar System v13.1 [03 Sep 2018]

    The installation instructions clearly document the required versions of the dependencies. In this case the installed Scatterer version should be 0.0320b as every release after it has a bug regarding upscaled solar system bodies.
  5. Phineas Freak

    [1.5.0] Procedural Fairings (2018/10/18)

    Nothing. I added it purely for RO in order to make historic replicas easier to recreate, as it was config-side locked and not easily accessible. One could add it as a possible tech upgrade, like the diameter upgrades, making fairings heavier at the start.
  6. Depends on the application. Here, setting up the orbital inclination and axial tilt is easier if you set the ecliptic as the reference point. On the point of the "LAN locking": yes, it should be available since axial tilt is actually defined by both the Right Ascension and Declination angles of the body's north pole.
  7. Fun fact: Principia is still not perfect regarding axial tilt. If you have a spin-stabilized spacecraft (fixed rotational axis) with no means of control (no reaction wheels or RCS) then this axis will be changed upon "SOI" change. This can be just a major annoyance, especially if you absolutely depend upon that spin (e.g. planning a capture using only solid rocket motors). Looks like that this should not be a problem using this plugin!
  8. Once more the KSP modding community proves that nothing is impossible in KSP, it just needs the right "stuff" to make it happen! Kudos to @Dagger!
  9. @Dafni OK, this is a different issue that the one that i had in mind. I jumped into assumptions way too early, sorry for that.
  10. Phineas Freak

    [1.5.0] Procedural Fairings (2018/10/18)

    @ssd21345 PF uses a custom decoupler module for the fairing sides. It is up to the mod creators to check for the existence of such module. GravityTurn has no provisions for it while MJ supports it (if it does not work then i most probably broke the functionality while updating the fairing side code). Very Late Edit: i just did some tests with just MJ and PF. The autostage option correctly discarded the fairing sides as expected.
  11. Since you removed the crew you did change something: the crew count. Apparently you had 10 crew members aboard and their overall mass is not negligible. Yes, it is a stock bug where the mass of a single crew member will add up to the mass of each craft part. Yes, it is a visual-only bug. Yes, it will not appear in the flight scene. No, tampering with any of the configuration files will not fix it.
  12. Steps to mitigate that problem: Temporary remove the crew from your craft. Do everything that you want (check masses, ΔV budget etc). Add the crew back when you are ready to go. Report this KSP 1.2 bug to @SQUAD (maybe they will fix it this time).
  13. Phineas Freak

    [1.5.0] Procedural Fairings (2018/10/18)

    This is how both the fairing side model, texture reference and actual texture file are set up: But anyway, these small textures are required for the correct operation of the fairing sides and this is how KSP has been referencing textures for a long time. No reason to drag it even further. Edit: and what the actual issue/problem is here?
  14. Phineas Freak

    [1.5.0] Procedural Fairings (2018/10/18)

    These small textures are required by KSP in order to be able to reference the main fairing textures that reside in a different directory. And if you take a look at the fairing sides configs you will see that they are referenced. If you need answers for any further question about PF then just ping me.