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  1. So, attach it to the parent-part and NOT to the turboshaft engine? Good to know.
  2. Is there a way, using these parts, to implement coaxial lifting-rotors a-la Sikorsky S-97, or contra-rotating propellers like those on the Supermarine SeaFang?
  3. Will get screenshots momentarily. Just need to build it with the un-tweaked parts to show what I'm on about. Also: shouldn't the Communotron 42 & Communotron 04 antennas be combinable?
  4. I've manually gone into the .cfg files for: Gigan Capsule Gigan Capsule Heat Shield Gigan Capsule Trunk Gigan/Rodan Spacecraft Decoupler Ghidorah Upper Stage Tank Ghidorah Interstage with built-in decoupler Ghidorah Lower Stage tank to rotate them each 270 degrees of roll to make them line up with the transporter/erector and AlphaMensae's launch-tower and crew-access arm. I tweaked the Ghidorah Fairing Adaptor differently. Instead of rotating it 270 degrees 'round the Y axis, I just re-positioned the two fairing attachment nodes at ±1.315 on the Z axis to the same distances from zero on the X axis to allow me to attach the fairing-halves either in dual radial, or in mirror symmetry. That way I can line up the Ghidorah Heavy boosters as Port & Stbd without KSP saying "Command Module Oriented Wrong!"
  5. The Gigan capsule, trunk, heat-shield, and decoupler still need that 90 degree rotation to be oriented correctly.
  6. That is 100% fair. I'm not exactly happy about it but I can't fault you for that decision. In your shoes I'd have made the exact same choice.
  7. @linuxgurugamer Main thing I'd want see on this mod is for the .cfg files that invoke ModuleManager to be adjusted to leave the new stock tanks untouched and only apply this mod's tweaks to the legacy fuel-tank models, allowing us to have the best of both worlds in a single unified package.
  8. Okay cool just wanted to make sure. Also wondered where the command/decoupler combo deploying the Rodan stack ended up?
  9. Was also curious whether the corresponding 90° roll applied to the Ghidorah 9 interstage decoupler/guidance unit combo and the G9 fuel-tanks was intentional or not, too, @damonvv
  10. @damonvv Is there a particular reason why the Gigan capsule and its associated trunk and stage 2 decoupler are all rotated 90 degrees 'round the spacecraft's roll axis when added in the VAB?
  11. The Terrier's engine thrust seems to be offset 8 millimeters along Z axis away from centerline.
  12. I think he's talking about /GameData/SXT/Parts/Rocketry/Control/RCSBoon/part.cfg (part name RCSBoonExt)