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  1. @Angel-125 when I run my tests should I enable Debug Logging on your mods?
  2. Small correction. I've identified the true nature of the problem. Once I've installed one of @Angel-125's mods into a KSP install, the first time I run the game, the mod works flawlessly. But every time I run KSP after that, that particular mod will NOT work. So Each and every one of your mods works perfectly! Once. Then it won't work unless I reinstall KSP again, from scratch.
  3. EUREKA! I've tracked down and identified a culprit behind my troubles! It's FireSpitter Resource Manager. Apparently it conflicts in a manner similar to Interstellar Fuel Switch Some problems still occur without me installing that particular mod but omitting it seems to resolve at least some of the problems
  4. I go to great lengths to avoid overwriting new with old, but the problem seems to persist. Trying another clean reinstall now. UPDATE: Okay. I started by installing WildBlueTools from here, in a fresh install of KSP. I then installed DSEV from here, making sure NOT to overwrite anything from the WBT install. I run KSP, test the DSEV science lab. Works perfectly. Can manage operations with no trouble. I exit KSP and next I install Pathfinder (sans Buffalo) from here, again taking extra care to NOT overwrite anything. Start KSP again, and suddenly, the Moho and Delta tanks from DSEV can't be reconfigured, and I can no longer manage operations in the D2 science-lab, the D2 habitat, or the D2 centrifuge. I haven't even gotten around to installing MOLE yet and already things broke.
  5. [1.3.1] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    I was trying to reconfigure the parts in the VAB and the button to Reconfigure Storage or to Manage Operations did not exist in the right-click menu
  6. okay I'm doing a clean re-install of KSP, and adding just WBI and MOLE. Will report back whether the problem occurs. UPDATE: Okay, the problem did NOT occur when I just had MOLE installed, BUT! when I installed the other WBI mods like DSEV, Pathfinder, and Buffalo, that's when the problem started occurring. Doing some more experimentation to narrow down possible culprits. UPDATE 2: After deleting ALL WBI mods EXCEPT the bare essentials needed for MOLE, the MOLE parts do NOT regain their functionality.
  7. yes I do have IFS installed. Would that be the source of the problem?
  8. @Angel-125I deleted the WBI folders and reinstalled from scratch, first installing WildBlueTools, then MOLE, then DSEV, then Pathfinder, and then Buffalo. Still have the same issue. As I mentioned in the Pathfinder thread, the problem also affects some of its parts, too. I'm trying it now without Pathfinder or DSEV installed, to see if that makes any difference
  9. [1.3.1] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    I'm having problems with reconfiguring the Ponderosa IHM, Doc, Ranch House, Pipeline Mass Driver, Hacienda IMF, Buckboard, and Mule MLM parts. The Conestoga, the Chuckwagon, and the Buffalo Tundra and Buffalo Wagon modules work fine, however.
  10. I'm having difficulties with MOLE, LDEF, DSEV, and PathFinder not letting me reconfigure some parts. The Mk1 Habitat, Appaloosa, MOLE module, MOLE Botanical Lab, Bigby Orbital Workshop, Coach Logistics Modules, Korona Supply Capsule, Structural Adaptor, all the Titan storage tanks, Titan Adaptor Tank, Slanted Adaptor, LDEF Botany Module, and WB-400 and WB-700 tanks all won't hold anything or let me reconfigure storage or manage operations. The OMS kit, Station Logistics Hub, and LDEF Resource Container let me reconfigure them without problems.
  11. Is there a reason why the Communotron 16 is combinable but the 16-S is not combinable? Is the 16-S supposed to be combinable like the 16?
  12. [1.3.1] RealPlume - Stock [v1.0.1 - 3/12/17]

    @Nhawks17Any leads on the problem with the SDHI LES issue that @drtedastromentioned?
  13. Having a bit of difficulty with the new Hercules landing-gear. It won't extend even in the hangar
  14. [1.3.1] Vessel Viewer Continued

    Recompile fixed the problem. Now works flawlessly.
  15. [1.3.1] Vessel Viewer Continued

    When I try clicking the button to bring up vessel viewer, there's no click sound, and the MFD I tried to bring up Vessel Viewer on goes unresponsive, and won't load anything.